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Red Flags 101

On this week's episode of the Stuff I don't Like Podcast, I chat with Ashley W. Gillet, author of the highly rated book "Red Flags Run." We give you tips on avoiding the fuckboys in your life and discuss how individuals with high self-esteem can still fall into the trap of dating trash people. Follow Ashley on Instagram @redflagsrun or @ashleywgillet You can also visit Ashley's website: or search for her book on Amazon


Evolution, not resolutions

On this special New Year's Eve edition of the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast I discuss why resolutions are trash. Ditch those unattainable aspirations and reach your goals by taking action each day.


Stay Ready

Guess who's back?! After a wee hiatus, the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast is back with brand new episodes coming to you every Sunday at 9:30pm. In this episode, I discuss the difference between aspiration and preparation and let you know: if you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready.


Rise and Grind

On this week’s episode of “Stuff I Don’t Like,” I chat with screenwriter and illustrator, Kendra Jordan. After years of putting her ambitions on hold, Kendra decided to leave her previous teaching career in order to pursue her dream of writing. If you need some motivation, if you think it’s too late to purse your passions, if you want to laugh and get a word at that same time, then this is the episode for you. Follow Kendra @keshajo on Instagram.



On this week’s episode of the Stuff I Don’t Like Podcast, I chat with Daniel G. Wilson, musician and frontman for the noise-rock band Joncro. Daniel recounts his experiences growing up in Jamaica and Canada and how immersing himself in punk culture allowed him to fully express his artistic vision. For more info on Daniel's band Joncro, visit his website:


Real Talk

On this week's episode, I talk with actress, model, blogger and co-host of the YouTube hit, "African Millenials," Samantina Zenon. We get real about issues like self-hatred in our community and the struggles of growing up as a Haitian immigrant in Boston. Follow Sam @wildsamfierce and search for African Millennials on YouTube.


Yassss Queen

On this week’s episode I talk with the founder of Queens Uplifting Queens, J’nae Simmons. As a professional dancer, she was inspired to create a supportive platform for women to counteract the competitive atmosphere at auditions. In our chat we talk about helping other women, self-care, and where you can find the best ice cream in NYC. Follow @queensupliftingqueens for daily inspiration.


It Goes Down in the DM

If you're looking to slide in the DMs to get a date, I can't help you. If you're looking to use IG to grow your business or to land your dream job/internship, I can help you out. On this episode I share helpful messaging strategies and guidelines that allowed me to successfully land an internship through a DM. It's time to shoot your shot!


A to Gen Z

Although baby boomers like to blame a variety of problems on us "crazy millennials," there's a new generation in town and they're even more effed up than us...Gen Z! On this week's episode I chat with marketing expert and Gen Z-er Sarah Hallal to understand the social and economic habits of kids ages 10-23. She's savvy, smart and will teach you some interesting facts about the youth. She's also too young to know what Oregon Trail is and that makes me feel very old indeed.


Hella Healthy

On this week's episode, I interview award-winning plant-based food blogger, photographer and recipe enthusiast @jessicainthekitchen. Jessica's work has been featured in publications such as BuzzFeed, Essence, Self magazine and other dope places. In this interview, you'll learn how to easily and affordably add more fruits and veggies to our diets, even if you aren't ready to go full-blown vegan. She also gives priceless tips on how to grow your personal brand and glow up in the world of...


Adios Excuses

On this week's episode of the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast I go on a mini rant about why I hate excuses and we can do to stop making them. Let's get our shit together, together! Follow @_stuffidontlike on IG and Twitter.


Love, Actually

On this week’s episode, I have an honest and open dialogue with author and relationship expert Debbie L. London. She explore concepts like do-dependency and mental wellness through the lens of her marriage and divorce. She also offers tips and strategies to avoid red from her latest book. You may think you’re in love, but it’s probably just co-dependency (insert Kanye shrug). Follow Debbie @debbiellondon Visit to get your free logo pin!


Team Issa

I was blessed enough to be pretty damn close to Issa Rae last weekend, as part of AT&T Shape Event at Warner Brothers Studios. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE me some Issa, and often imagine she’s my BFF in my head… In this interview, Issa tells about her rise to success, first through YouTube with her “Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl,” series to the HBO hit “Insecure,” to her upcoming film projects and more. Issa proves that we don’t have to wait for permission from the so-called...


Can't Stop, Won't Stop

No, I didn't personally speak with Diddy a.k.a Puffy, a.k.a Puff Daddy, a.k.a P. Diddy, a.k.a Brother Love. I did however bask in his glowing presence while attending the AT&T Shape Event at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, CA. He imparted his usual Diddy wisdom, and inspired me to go out in the world and do great things. I'm sure he'll do the same for you. Let's go and manifest, y'all.


It's Not Easy Being Green

In the last episode of the Get Yo' Life Series, I speak with sustainability expert and activist, Dominique Drakeford. Although the environmental sustainability space has been gentrified harder than a corner in Brooklyn, Dominique reminds us that indigenous people have long lived in harmony with Mama Earth. She gives us tips and tools to increase environmental responsibility in our every day lives and reminds us that we can be eco-warriors and still look cute AF. Learn more about Dominique at...


Ye vs. The People

Everybody is talking about Kanye so I figured I might as well throw my two cents always I keep it 100% real on my show so my opinion may not match up with popular consent. Check it out and leave a comment!


Put Me In Coach!

The next several episodes are part of the Get Yo' Life! Series on the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast. I'm going to talk to business experts, life coaches, psychologists and more in an effort to get everyone in shape to achieve some shit. The second episode in the series features life coach Alisa J. Green. She offers tips on how to get motivate, preserve your energy, and much more. Just because it's May doesn't mean we can't set some resolutions. In the words of the homie Shia La Boeuf: JUST DO...


Meet the Business Bully

The next several episodes are part of the Get Yo' Life! Series on the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast. I'm going to talk to business experts, life coaches, psychologists and more in an effort to get everyone in shape to achieve some shit. The first episode in the series features best-selling author, motivational speaker, and podcast host Dave Anderson. Dave has showcased his honest and ruthless business teachings in outlets like Ebony Magazine, The Breakfast Club, The Huffington Post and...


Get Yo' Life | Part 1

The next several episodes are part of the Get Yo' Life! Series on the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast. I'm going to talk to business experts, life coaches, psychologists and more in an effort to get everyone in shape to achieve some shit. Just because it's April doesn't mean we cant set some resolutions. This intro to the Get Yo Life! Series is a short little motivational rant to help you set some actionable goals, refine your criteria for success, and make consistency a major key in your life....


Anti-Networking Networking Club

On this episode of the Stuff I Don't Like Podcast, I talk with HR professional and networking extraordinaire, Hila Creme. As a person who hates networking (but also recognizes its' power and importance, especially being a creative), I wanted Hila to share some tips, thoughts, and advice on the subject.