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30 - Season Finale Christmas Special

It's the season of giving, and thus we've created a Christmas/New Year special Ep to finish off Season 1. It's a deadset Frankenstein, but it'll happily get you through wherever you're driving this festive period. All your favourite segments + plus a one-off special segment from Gus - plug in, tune out, we'll see you in 2018.


29 - Hiroo Onoda, the Soldier Who Was Still Fighting WWII in 1970 (Live @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney)

Gus has the segments and deals with irresponsible Youtubers, irresponsible gun owners and irresponsible parents in Trainwreck. Following this, we hold a Plebishite to ascertain whether "Poos in the News" should stay as a segment, then after the usual hilarity of "One Star Reservoir" Rig brings us the story of Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier who refused to acknowledge that WWII had ended until 1972, and thus stayed hidden in the Phillipines being a one-man chaos machine.


28 - Clippy the Annoying AF Virtual Assistant (LIVE at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney)

In our first live show of the season, Rig takes the segments and dominates them with a strong combination of poo-centric news and phone-centric sex apps. Gus then follows up with the Shitshow Shpotlight by taking us through a 2-year period at Microsoft that saw the world's most irritating virtual assistant created, which then spawned the weirdest erotic fiction in history. Bottom line? It was all Melinda Gates' fault. Recorded live @ Oxford Art Factory Sydney, December 3rd 2017.


27 - Mango, King of the Pickles (a.k.a. The Biggest Baller in History)

Gus has the segments, after which Rig brings us the story of an 18th/19th century rich f*ckboy who played life faster and looser than anybody else in history. He died at 38, but it's a miracle he lived even that long considering what an utter maniac he was.


26 - The Altamont Speedway Free Concert Sh!tstorm

Rig has the segments and brings FIRE for "Trainwreck Trophy", followed by the divisive segment "Poos in the News". Another round of Uber reviews feature this week in "One Star Reservoir", before Gus reveals what's in the Bain-Marie this week for the Shpotlight - an in-depth rundown on exactly how wrong things went for the 1969 Altamont Free Concert, universally hailed as one of the worst festivals ever held in the history of things. It features both the Rolling Stones and the Hells Angels...


25 - The Potato Chip Enema: What You Don't Know About Fat-Free Chips

We manage to screw the recording sideways by not connecting the mics, and as such the sound quality is not the usual 24k magic you know and love. However, if you can stomach the old school recording, it's a belter - Gus has the segments and takes us through Trainwreck Trophy, Poos in the News and One Star. Rig then regales us with the story of a chemical that big pharma vehemently pushed onto the public as an additive to potato chips , despite it causing cancer, weight gain and being a...


24 - King of the Chavs; The Lotto Winner Who Blew It All

Rig has the segments, and Gus tells us the story of Michael Carroll (a.k.a. King of the Chavs), who won £9.7million in the UK lottery and lost it all within 8 years through a series of incredibly stupid decisions.


23 - The Brinsley Schwarz Publicity Clusterf*ck

Gus has the segments, and Rig tells us the story of 1970s rock band Brinsley Schwarz who attempted an audacious publicity stunt that went delightfully south.


22 - The Gimli Glider: The Plane That Ran Out Of Fuel In Mid-Air

Rig has the segments, then Gus tells us the story of Air Canada Flight 143, which in 1983 through utter human incompetence ran out of fuel at 42000ft and became a 200-tonne glider.


21 - The $520m Hangover

Gus has the segments and takes us through the rollercoaster of 'Trainwreck Trophy' featuring a wedding photographer who coaxed his clients into a fellatio photo on their big day, a local hero trolling a soccer mum group chat and the court case for the Domino's sex couple from a few episodes ago. Following that he under duress complies with the semi-popular segment "Poos in the News", before finishing strong on people's favourite "One Star Reservoir". Finally, Rig takes us into the world of...


20 - The Greatest Conman Ever

In a deluxe 20th ep, Rig has the segments and goes bang with some utter gems, including Rugby league calendars, day-time talk-show hosts, racist soap and some 1-star supermarket reviews. Gus then has the meatier segment and brings to the table the story of Gregor MacGregor, a man whose fabricated luxury island con killed hundreds of people and netted him the equivalent of $1.7billion.


19 - Central Park Zoo Escape Hoax

Gus has the segments and brings you ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott's daughter flipping him the bird over same sex marriage, an ESPN reporter who did his first and last sideline NFL gig, and a firefighter who made a profile pic for his swingers profile at work. Following this, you're treated to an airport Poos in the News and another round of Uber-themed One Star Reservoir. Finally, Rig goes bang with an all-time story about how the New York Herald lost their proverbial minds in 1874 and reported...


18 - The Worst All-You-Can-Eat Promotion In History

Rig has the segments, and winds his way through Trainwreck Trophy, Poos in the News and an epic One Star Reservoir. Gus then brings us the story of Edna Morris and the Red Lobster "Endless Crab" promotion in 2003 that lost a company $400 million and saw it's creator unceremoniously depart the company.


17 - Wendy's And The Fricasseed Finger Chilli Fiasco

Gus has the segments, and despite being about 12 seconds from death manages to live through the episode. Trainwreck Trophy features a cringeworthy Ben Affleck interview, Usher spreading STIs and the couple who had sex in a Domino's. Real high-brow stuff this week. Poos in the News is as it always is, and One Star Reservoir sees us delve into the wonderful world of 1-star Uber passenger reviews. Utter Aladdin's cave. Finally, Rig brings us the story of a woman who found an amputated finger...


16 - Australian Army Vs Australian Emus (The Great Emu War)

Rig has the segments, and dishes up in Trainwreck Trophy a dangerous children's show episode, a guy who got so drunk he didn't realise he'd sold his car overnight, and a racist German politician. He continues with a classic Poos in the News, and the people's favourite, One Star Reservoir. Gus then takes the reins and regales us with the tale of when the Australian Army were defeated by Emus in the 1930s.


15 - The Ad That Cost $700 Million

Gus has the segments, and in a HUGE week for Trainwrecks looks at mistaken identity on Twitter, a local MP who supposedly ordered a 'special massage' and was extorted at knife point, and the contraceptive device that isn't a contraceptive device, the JifTip. Following that, we've got all your regular favourites in Poos in the News and One Star Reservoir, before Rig goes knee deep in Shtorytime and tells the tale of an incredibly thought-out racist advertising campaign that cost a company...


14 - Typhoid Mary, History's Most Infectious Chef

Rig has the segments and covers Tasmania, busted Google Robots and Martin Skrelli in Trainwreck Trophy, a Melbourne bus pooper in Poos in the News, and the usual 24k gold of One Star Reservoir. Following this, Gus dives headfirst into the story of Irish 'chef' and hygiene denier 'Typhoid' Mary Mallon, who infected over 50 people with Typhoid in the early 1900s.


13 - The Schnapps Slaughter

This episode Gus has the segments, and looks at Belgian eggs, Trump tweets and banned Russian Olympians in Trainwreck Trophy, followed by the usual shenanigans of Poos in the News and One Star Reservoir. Following this, Rig drops the story of how two men's taste for Schnapps caused the deaths of thousands of infantrymen in an insane case of mistaken identity in 1778.


12 - Firepower, The Company That Didn't Exist

This episode Rig has the segments, and looks at the Australian Immigration Department, Dominos Pizza and a passport nightmare in Trainwreck Trophy, followed by the usual shenanigans of Poos in the News and One Star Reservoir. Following this, Gus drops the story of Tim Johnston and his 'fuel pill' that robbed people of millions of dollars and sunk the Sydney Kings in 2008.


11 - The Accidental Cannibals

This episode Gus has the segments, and looks at Ashley Madison, the Irish Herald and Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci in 'Trainwreck Trophy', a Manchester woman who attacked a policeman with her butt in 'Poos in the News', and the all-round awesomeness of listener-favourite 'One Star Reservoir'. After this, Rig serves up a piping-hot main course in the form of an 1846 roadtrip across the United States that saw 60 men become cannibals. Oh, and Rig buys an air-horn. Enjoy!