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Ep. 84: Sona Kitna Sona Hai

Angry, disgruntled, troublesome teenagers need more discipline, right? Wrong! Your Simblified hosts find that the culprit is, simbly, lack of sleep. Join Chuck, Naren and Srikeit as they go into the adolescents’ need for extra sleep and how devastating it can be for them if they don’t get their zzzs NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in language you can understand, often...


Ep. 83: Everything about Hawking (Except the science!)

The world lost a brilliant scientist - Dr Stephen Hawking - recently. More than that, the world lost a wonderful personality, someone with a wicked sense of humour, and someone who probably was the biggest icon for science after Al himself. And since the maximum science that the three Simblifieders know between them is 'don't put foil in microwave', we decided to turn a bug into a feature and look at the non-science side of the man. How he lived with ALS, how he continued to be a fun fellow,...


Ep. 82: She Smells Sea Smells

Did you, like us, believe that the bracing smell of the sea was Ozone? It turns out that it's not. What it is is interesting though, join Naren as he handles the Simblified ship alone in the absence of Chuck and Srikeit and schools us all in the illicit affairs of the Ozone (quite literally), on this episode of Simblified Shortie (a format where we explore profound questions in about 15 -20 minutes). NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West -...


Ep. 25: Rebroadcast: All you need(ed) to know about the Brexit

This week, Brexit finally looked like it would happen. This comes after a couple of years of it being the sitcom of global politics aided by Bam-Bam lookalike Boris Johnson (John Oliver's words, not ours). So we thought we'd rebroadcast an old episode, which we recorded way back in 2016 (yes, that's 'way back' now) in the aftermath of the shock verdict of the UK to leave the EU (you know, after which everyone Googled 'what is EU'). Looking back now, that moment was poignant - it was the...


Ep. 81: On the matter of Tamatar (juice)

There are many things synonymous with air travel - long security checks, the wonder of flight, praying you don't get a baby next to you, and of course - tomato juice. We'll bet you haven't even seen tomato juice outside of a flight. The drink is very popular on flights for a variety of reasons, and we explore why, in a Simblified Shortie (a format where we explore profound questions in less than 15 minutes). NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad...


Ep. 80: Simblifying the Indian Comedy Scene: With Daniel Fernandes & Abish Mathew

From a niche art form struggling to fill seats a few years ago, to now, where everyone who's heard of George Carlin rushes to open mics. It's been one heck of a journey for Indian comedy. The guys at Simblified speak to two veterans from the scene: Stand-up comedian Daniel Fernandes and he-does-it-all guy Abish Mathew, to talk about how the scene has grown, what aspiring comics should keep in mind, what the business of comedy is like, and more. Along the way, there are fascinating...


Ep. 79: Yawn. How interesting!

'tis the return of Simblified Shorties - where we look to answer a random question in around 10 minutes. (yay, more Simblified!) This week: There is more to that universally accepted expression of boredom, yawning, than meets the eye (or mouth?). Join your hosts Naren and Chuck as they go into the curious phenomenon that yawning is. Including how they're is linked to orgasms (yawns, not your hosts)! There. Got your attention, didn't we? ... Simblified is an Indian podcast brought to you...


Ep. 78: The Russian Moscow-rade that was the US Elections!

Even if you haven't been following global politics in the last couple of years, you will know two things: 1. Trump is president (yes, sorry, that was not a bad dream) 2. Russia poked its nose in the elections This week, the intrepid hosts of your favourite Malad-based podcast risk their lives as they do investigative journalism, deep into the Wikipedia article called 'Russian interference in the 2016 US Elections' to bring you this lowdown as to what actually happened, and importantly,...


Ep. 77: The Tea Totaller: Ajit Bhaskar tells us all about being a 'Tea scientist'

What happens when three Pun lovers who run a podcast meet their spiritual Punning guru? That's right, a conversation on how to make tea. Ajit Bhaskar, whose puns on Twitter (@ajit_bhaskar) resulted in him being honoured with a unit (the worst Simblified pun is only. 6 Ajits), and whose incredible cooking skills have made many drool over at Instagram (@macroajit), is actually a PhD who now is a food scientist. He joins the Simblified crew for a fascinating chat on what happens behind the...


Ep. 76: A CES-spool of Gadgets, Technology and Needless IOT Things

Ah, Consumer Electronics Show. The annual excuse for tech companies to create new products we didn't know we needed, and to put semiconductors into places they really don't need to be. Join Chuck and Naren as they talk about what went down at the world's most anticipated tech expo. Your hunt for a wifi-connected toilet seat ends here! Simblified is an Indian podcast brought to you by three fine young gentlemen - Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Srikeit (@srikeit) and Naren (@shenoyn). Say hello to...


Ep. 75: A look back at 2017 - Part 3: A.I, #metoo and Climate Change

Like Lord of the Rings & The Matrix, all good things must come to an ending in their third part. So we end our depressing trilogy of the 2017 rewind with a look at how artificial intelligence made some interesting leaps over the year. Then, we look at how a sleazeball named Harvey was the best thing to happen to feminism since it got the whole world talking. And then, we round up our talking about depressing matters with cheerful news - none of it really matters, because climate change...


Ep. 74: A look back at 2017 Part 2: Of Covfefes and Cows

In 2017, palmistry became a legit thing in India, because one could tell how smart you were by checking how far your face was implanted into your face. Yeah, it wasn't a particularly pleasant 2017 if you were: 1. In India 2. Were not dispossessed to waving non-football orange flags 3. Reasonably smart Chuck, Naren and Srikeit look through a grim year in the country and discuss the effects of the trio of GST, Aadhaar and Demonetization and the larger ramifications for the country, not...


Ep. 73: A look back at 2017, Part 1: What's left when the world went right (and how India's doing)

Happy new year folks! Before you leap into the chasm that is 2018, we have have a Simblified reminder trilogy of the WTF that was 2017. Join Chuck and Srikeit as we revisit the opening third of 2017 which included Trump's inauguration, Serena Williams' incredible Aus Open win, ISRO's launches, Dutch and British politics and many more milestones of the year. We know your new year's resolution is to listen to more podcasts so this is the best place to start! You can listen to this show...


Ep. 72: Being Happy (no really)

We've finally asked it - what makes us happy? Turns out it's not a new Iron Maiden album, a Liverpool victory or favourable GST rates (respectively for hosts), but just a bunch of chemicals. That's right, everything that we think makes us happy boils down to 7 fluids sloshing around in our heads. Naren has taken the effort to do a crash course on said chemicals and tells you how you can elevate them and generally feel happier: Some will come via sex, some via music, some via exercise. To...


Ep. 71: What goes behind Mood Indigo?

Every year, thousands... Lakhs, actually, of people look forward to IIT Bombay's annual cultural festival in December, Mood Indigo. It's a massive show that sees engineering students (and then some) from all over briefly forgetting Fermat and Mass Transfer and focusing on rock shows, events and informals. As one can imagine, pulling off an event of such scale is a huge process that starts way back in April itself. Simblified speaks to Karan and Chaitanya from the current Mood Indigo...


Ep. 45: Rebroadcast: A Chat About NH7 Weekender with OML's Vijay Nair

With the country's most anticipated music festival coming up in a couple of weeks (Dec 8-10), we thought now would be the perfect time to re-broadcast an episode we did this time last year: An interview with Vijay Nair of OML Entertainment, the company that runs the NH7 Weekender. It's a fascinating conversation that talks about what it takes to put together a music festival and the independent music scene. There are hilarious anecdotes from Vijay's earlier days when he used to manage...


Ep. 70:Exploring LIGO Land (And Gravitational Waves) with @SandyGrains

Suddenly, everyone seems excited about gravitational waves. Wait, wasn't this a fad a couple of years ago? Well, yes, but some more stuff has happened which warrants a re-look. G-Waves could fundamentally change the way we look at the universe. Or rather, hear it. What's more, we've got someone way smarter than ourselves (not a tall ask, actually) in the form of science writer, Sandhya Ramesh aka @sandygrains. Join Srikeit, Chuck and Sandy as they celebrate the presence of gravitational...


Ep. 69: The World is (North) Korea-lly screwed!

We discuss the the crazy dictatorship that is North Korea, home to the Little Rocketman that could and a whole bunch of bizarre and scary laws. We delve into why Korea got this way, what's their beef with the US and why they're treating non-proliferation norms like Delhites treated the cracker. Tune in to hear why poop theft is a big deal in North Korea and why Kim Jong-Un's temper may be because he's having a bad trip. And if the nukes have already launched by the time you get this and...


Ep. 68: Living Cities

On this episode of Simblified, Naren and Srikeit (minus an absconding Chuck) talk about cities. The ecosystems that develop within our cities, how city planning may actually be detrimental and what the cost of 'free' parking really is. Plus the usual terrible humour you've come to love. Follow Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Naren (@shenoyn) and Srikeit (@Srikeit) for a good 'ol English cuppa-whatever-was-in-the-IVM-fridge. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcast App...


Ep. 67: Everything You Wanted to Know About Berklee School of Music but Didn't Know Whom to Ask

This week, we have a guest on the show (and Simblified listener!) Ashvala Vinay (, who recently graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. He tells us what the school is all about, what type of courses happen there, what the prospects are like and totally geeks out on some music terms. The usual smattering of what we call 'humour' makes its way into what is otherwise an uncharacteristically classy show. Follow Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Naren...


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