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Ep. 110: Can we really suck Carbon (and other bad things) out of the air?

In the last episode, we Simblified climate change (spoiler alert if you haven't heard it: It's real. Climate change, not our episode. Though... That's also real but shockingly less terrible for the world). This week, we look at various techniques that have been discussed for removing carbon from the atmosphere. We've all thought putting a giant vacuum cleaner in public places should do the trick, right? There are several other ways too... And while there's been massive progress, none of them...


Ep. 109: Yep, we're all screwed: The UN Report on Climate Change says so

Enjoy yourselves, we've got till about 2040 for that. After that, says the most comprehensive climate change study yet, we're pretty dang screwed if we can't contain rising temperatures to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. People from Mumbai might scoff at a mere 1.5-degree rise, but unlike cheap engineering colleges, every degree here matters. The Simblified trio breaks things down for you - but now as well as how the world will break down in 2 decades... Yeah, this episode is not...


Ep. 108: This is Snot - a Shortie

The humble booger has been the theme of juvenile jokes (some of which we crack as well), but nasal mucus is quite a fascinating thing. Join your Simblified hosts as they embark on the discovery of... snot. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to make you appear...


Ep. 107: How China is (kinda) taking over the world

While Trump is being a bit of an arse trying to alienate everyone, China is busy making friends. Specifically, it's going out and building ports and roads and stuff everywhere. How nice of them! Or... Is it? China's 'infrastructure diplomacy' comes with a huge terms-and-conditions-apply. The Simblified trio unravel all this on the latest episode, while making several bad jokes along the way. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes...


Ep. 106: Firehose of Falsehoods

Ever wonder why JNU is such a big issue when there is never any proof? Or why so much conversation about Trump's inauguration crowd sizes when obviously the grounds were empty? We live in an era of deception and blatant lying by those in power. In these bleak times, our Simblified trio attempt to understand the new vehicle of the post truth era - Firehosing. We attempt to understand the modus operandi and characteristics of how those in power try to mislead the masses and how we can look...


Ep. 105: Wounds and Healing

in this shortie, your hosts simblify the magical processes by which wounds heal themselves. Excepting of course the wounds that your brain might suffer because of the terrible jokes. But we've tried to keep those to a minimum. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to...


Ep. 104: Oil's Well that Doesn't End Well: What Determines Petrol Prices?

As the petrol price is about to raise its bat to the pavilion as it nears its much-awaited century, Indians must be wondering... Hey, if oil around the world is getting cheaper, why are we paying more? (The more bhakt-oriented among us might argue that this is our way of swimming against the tide). In truth, oil prices worldwide are not as straightforward as your economics professor would like - there's a lot of geopolitics involved. In this rather gassy episode, our Simblified trio break...


Ep. 103: (Visarjan Special Shortie!) Eco-Friendly Ganeshas: What's that all about?

It's submerjan time! The annual festival celebrated in the name of the Hindu pachyderm-headed God, Ganesha involves dunking decorated idols into water bodies. And while it's likely that the average Simblified listener is more likely to be listening to a podcast than throwing Gods into the Sea (good name for a novel!), it's a good time to look at the trend of 'eco-friendly Ganeshas'. Does a more organic idol pollute less? Is this a fringe trend or something sustainable? Join Chuck, Naren and...


Ep. 102: Pride, Simblified - A Look at Section 377 Which is now History

On 6 September, India took a massive step forward when the regressive Section 377 (a law that has its roots in the 14th century!) was scrapped, giving members of the LGBTQ community recognition. It's not the end of the battle, and there's a long way to go before they have other rights the rest of us take for granted - such as unions & marriage - not to mention acceptance by society at large and bigoted uncles on Whatsapp Family groups. The Simblified trio look at the history of the law, and...


Ep. 101: Window Shopping: European Football Transfer Windows Explained

Football (or Soccer as the ingrates across the Atlantic call it) sees some ridiculous amounts of money thrown around. Like PSG paid €198 million (over 1700 crore INR) for Neymar but despite spending the annual GDP of a smallish country for a bloke who can kick a ball somewhat well, they can only make the transfer during a specific window of 3 months - which is the football transfer window. Join the Simblified trio is understanding the quirks of how the transfer window rules work across...


Ep. 100: #Simblified100 the Live Recording feat. Amit Varma and Varun Duggirala

Woohooo! We collectively raise our podcasting bats towards the crowd, who we affectionately call the MBA of Simblified listeners (to recall the collective term). For we have reached our century! To celebrate, we did a live recording at Doolally, Khar on Aug 25! What's more shocking is that people actually turned up to see us make total arses of ourselves! It was a fabulous couple of hours, and you get here is an edited version of the show. We talk about fake news - the history, the...


Ep. 99: How Many Calories Do We Burn Staying Alive?

A surprising amount of energy is spent just keeping the engine of life inside you going. And a fair bit of that is used up just digesting food. Your Simblifiers go into how our body spends this energy, how other creatures spend it, and whether we can have negative calorie foods - that is foods that will use up more energy being digested than they contribute after being digested. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that...


Ep. 53 (Rebroadcast): Grubs Can Be Grub

The podders get together this time for a culinary special. But put away your MasterChef fantasies, this is about gourmet… bugs. Enter the fascinatingly terrifying world of entomophagy - the practice of using insects as food. Listen in to learn about the cultural practices of insect eating, why it can be more nutritious, necessary and even tasty. Find out what your favourite insects taste like and let Chuck ‘bug’ you with an creepy-crawly pun-run. Do give us a shout on Twitter and let Naren...


Ep. 78 (Rebroadcast): The Russian Moscow-rade that was the US Elections!

Hey there! We couldn't make it to the studio this week, so here's an old episode again! Given what L'Orange did in Finland, it's worth re-looking at how the Russians meddled in the US Elections. And given Putin gifted Trump a football that apparently has a chip inside, we might re-re-broadcast this in the future, who knows. For now, enjoy. Even if you haven't been following global politics in the last couple of years, you will know two things: 1. Trump is president (yes, sorry, that...


Ep. 98: Simblifying Mental Health with Zain and Avanti

On this special Simblified episode, Naren and Srikeit talk to Zain Calcuttawala and Avanti Malhotra about their the very relevant and equally misunderstood topic of mental health. We discuss their personal struggles and breakthroughs along with the common misconceptions and taboos surrounding mental health. Also do check out Zain and Avanti's delightfully named podcast 'Marbles Lost and Found' where they have casual yet insightful conversations on mental health issues. You can start...


Ep. 97: Assassins and Hasheesh - What's the Connection?

Join your admittedly ninety pound weakling Simblified hosts as they display some courage and look at Assassins and Hasheesh, and into the legend that the former did the latter before doing their job. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to make you appear smarter...


Ep. 96: Near Death Experiences - What ARE they?

Most of us would have seen death depicted in movies as your spirit leaving your body and going towards a light. Many people who have had near death experiences and have lived to tell the tale report similar experiences. But what are they really? Your intrepid Simblified hosts dive into this dangerous sounding subject to find out The Truth! NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them...


Ep. 95: The FIFA World Cup: History, Trivia and Bad Jokes

In this World Cup special episode, our trio dig into the annals of the tournament's past: Its origins, where it began, why we have the Chinese to thank for even this, and how the word 'soccer' is, shockingly, a British invention. Oh, and there are plenty of fun facts and bad jokes in there also, which is now signature when Chuck has too much time on his hands. Join in to celebrate the joy of the World Cup with us, even if the Dutch and Italians can't. Heh. NEW TO SIMBLIFIED? It's an Indian...


Ep. 94: What's the Procedure to Qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is here! As everyone transforms into armchair football fans, we want to give you an edge by Simblifying the complex qualification process to the most popular event on earth. Hear Chuck, Naren and Srikeit talk about each continent's qualification chances (Asia is the hardest, obviously), the expansion of the World Cup over the years and bust the myth about why India didn't participate when they qualified in 1950 (Did you really think it's because they weren't allowed to...


Ep. 93: About that Yanny-Laurel thing that went viral (aural)?

Audio illusions are an interesting thing. It's when you think your boss said "Wow, amazing job, here's a 15% hike" when what she actually said was, "Holy crap, you're useless. You have 15 minutes to clear out". But apart from that, our brain works in amazing ways to conspire to make us hear and see things that actually don't exist. Fanny-Laurel is one such, and our sagacious hosts take you through several others as well. At the end of this episode, you will question reality, but hey, you...