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Ready To Cuff

Jess and Tony are back and this week they talk about the seriousness of cuffing season with guest Joshua! Jess is quite fascinated by the lengths Joshua has gone in preparation for cuffing season and had to share after getting pedicures together. Joshua and Tony share 22 rules of dating wrote up by a crazy girlfriend. Thanks for listening and keep singling!


Such a Tease

Jess and Tony are back and this week they're talking about teasing! Why are girls such little teases? Tony's friend brags to them about all the boys she's playing when she's not even interested in any of them! Tony says girls just like attention, he's probably right but who doesn't like attention? These poor suckers. Tony has a new love interest that he's not taking about,per usual. Thanks for listening and keep singling!



Jess and Tony are back this week and updating ya'll on some new dating terms. Do they offer stop! Jess is begging for it to end. Are you being kittenfished or is someone stashing you? They are here to help! Jess just loves modern dating, nothing like being zombied. Thanks for listening, grab some popcorn and keep singling!



Jess and Tony aren't just back this week with a new podcast so is cuffing season! PSA to be careful out there before you get cuffed up for the winter. This weeks podcast is about Whore A-Scopes or as Jess would correct it, Horoscopes. Jess tries to read the best zodiac signs that are great to date and ones you should stay away from. Tony tries to get us all confused with the new zodiac sign that is now in place changing all of our lives for better or worse. Thanks for listening and keep...


Weddings And One Night Stands

Jess and Tony are back with their 70th episode!! This week they talk all about one night stands with guest Devon! Todays episode gives you seven reasons to have a one night stand. Yes you read that right, seven reasons TO have one! Sometimes you just need to go out and do it. Devin is newly single and out there to mingle. Jess talks all about her trip to the wedding that she nearly missed and her first blind date. Thanks for listening and keep singling!



Jess and Tony are back to talk about SAD: Single Awareness Day. Tony finally realizes that Jess is a good mother and will again be a good wife one day, until Jess tells the story about her pouring a beer on a hooker on Valentine’s Day. Anyway Jess and Tony both agree loyalty and trust along with communication are keys to any healthy relationship. If anyone is loyal, it’s def Jess. Thanks for listening and keep Singling!


Cuddle Me

Happy Valentine’s Day from Singling Podcast! Jess and Tony are excited to make it to one year! Yay thanks for listening! Jess talks about her trip to Boston and lack of love interest on Valentine’s Day. Guest George is back with his savage self to talk about the importance of snuggling. Jess disagrees and says snuggles makes things complicated. Tony weighs in on snuggling after hooking up. Keep things simple and keep Singling!


The Fake-Up

Jess and Tony’s 44th episode with guest Kevin is The Fake-Up. You know the fake break up that couples do all too often. One minute your friend calls you crying that her and her man broke up to only find out 30 minutes later they are back on. Jess calls it the bounce back. Tony finally tells a story of his own and Jess talks about her running over a bicycle. Yes a bicycle. Thanks for listening, keep Singling!


The Love Letter

Jess and Tony think it’s a great idea to split a tide pod while recording the newest episode ‘The Love Letter’ hoping to get some listeners. Luckily they live to tell the story. Jess is counseling some new people while Tony disagrees with all of her advice per usual. This episode talks about the fight for love. Stop taking people for granted. If you love someone scream it from the rooftops. Tomorrow might be too late. If you’re too late just embrace the single life. Thanks for listening...


Flying High

Jess and Tony are Flying High on their newest episode talking all about their flight around San Diego. The pilot claimed they are the best flight crew ever, even Jess who’s deathly afraid of heights and only screamed a few times. Jess shares a new organic dating tactic to get digits. It’s only going to cost her thirty grand. Most expensive digits ever. Tony is not impressed. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


Married at First Sight

Jess and Tony are back and both in agreements that the single life is the best life. With sad news about being ghosted again,Jess now has Ghostbusters on speed dial. Love hurts, stay single! Jess gets a question from an active listener about a show ‘Married at First Site’ causing Jess to start sweating, again. Marriage is for life, unless you’re divorced like 50% of us. Thanks for listening and keep Singling!


Love Actually

Happy New Year from the Singling Podcast! Jess and Tony are so excited to be back after the holidays. With their producer Craig they talk about Love Actually. What actually is love? That butterfly feeling, sick to your stomach, can’t stop thinking about someone kind of love. New Year, New least that’s what Tony thinks. Although Jess is struggling with a Flighty guy once again there’s something different this time around, tune in to find out what it is. Thanks for listening and...


Should I Stay or Should I Go

Singling Podcast is back with an update on Over or Overreacting. Is Jess being a psycho or is she a psychic? Jess and Tony breakdown the part in the relationship where you are in or you are out. Is there even a mid between? Dating is hard, let’s all just embrace the single life. Thanks for listening and keep singling!


Over or Overreacting

Jess and Tony are back for Season 3! This episode will bring you right up to date in the life of Jess and talk about communication in a relationship. Jess always says communication is number 1. Is trouble in Paradise? Tony is wondering if it’s over or if she’s overreacting. Tune in and give us your feedback at Thanks for listening and keep Singling!


Power Tools

Jess and Tony talk about sex! Are you one of those couples that has a code word for sexy time? Jess and Tony break down some classics that basically sounds like they are building a house. Why do so many sex names have to do with power tools? Screw that! Jess thinks it’s aggressive! Thanks for listening and keep Singling!


Dear John

Jess and Tony are back to talk about Dear John letters to all of Jess’s lingering men. Jess is breaking hearts and taking names on this episode. They also talk about the 5 love languages and how your love language can make or break a relationship. Tony is no longer gluten free just on a low carb diet - check out the air fryers on our website at Thanks for listening and keep singing!


Love or Lust

Jess and Tony are back after a spooky break for Halloween to talk about Love or Lust. They have so much to cover! Jess gives an update on the race and finally chooses a winner to cuff up with for the winter. Tony fires up the air fryer and blows Jess away with the outcome of crispy food. He is finally off gluten free making Jess super happy. Thanks for listening and keep Singling!


Connections AF

Jess and Tony bring back Lexy for an update on her latest “connection”. Time to DTR. Jess wasn’t ghosted after all and clearly needs help in the dating arena. She likewise thinks she has this thing called a “connection” and hates it! Dating is hard. All the while Tony is still gluten free and hasn’t used his air fryer.


To Ghost Or Not To Ghost

Singling is back this week to talk about ghosting and gluten free. Tony is apparently gluten free now and is really excited to talk about it. More beer for Jess who needs it because she was ghosted (again) - just in time for Halloween! Tony explains why ghosting is a thing and why it's good while Jess argues that the best approve is the fade away.


Are guys or girls more sensitive?

Who is more needy when it comes to relationships? Jess and Tony breakdown who is the most sensitive, guys or girls. Jess thinks guys are the ones who pout more and don't talk about their "feelings" while Tony thinks girls are clearly more sensitive. They both agree girls are the crazy ones. Thanks for listening!