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35- A Special Kind of Evil: Colonial Parkway Serial KIllings, Blaine Pardoe & Victoria Hester

On this episode, we have special guests Blaine Pardoe & Victoria Hester on to discuss their book A Special Kind of Evil: The Colonial Parkway Serial Killings. In the 1980s, a killer stalked the Colonial Parkway resulting in 8 murders. Pardoe & Hester deep dive on the killings; shedding new light, possible leads and ultimately hopefully leading to a the killer apprehended. Produced by Elaine. Clip: WAVY TV, Oct 12, 2016. For entertainment purposes only. Book: A Special Kind of Evil: The...


34- Classic. Marie from Real Housewives of Dalls

(Previously Released) On this episode, we revisit the episode from Wine & Shout Podcast project (before this one) that was recorded during season 1 of Real Housewives of Dallas. Marie, a “Friend Of” came on to discuss her business, her life & the infamous night when the cameras were off. She was very gracious and eloquent; and definitely no shade to Leanne (for some reason feel like that needs to be thrown in just in case. Yes I am scared). Producer: Elaine Follow us on Sip & Shine...


33- Classic. Serial Killer Victim & Prison Ministry

(Previously Released) Another classic remixed episode. Robert’s godmother was murdered by a serial killer. He spent his life trying to honor her life & not glorify the killer. Robert went on to serve in prison ministry and talked about releasing the anger he had from childhood. Produced by Elaine Follow us on Sip & Shine Podcast For bonus content: To Support Trades of...


32- Classic. ID Channel Actress

(Previously Released Episode) On this episode we have a former Private Eye (is that how you write it?!) that became an actress. Guess where many of her roles were? On ID Channel! You may recognize Randi Sloane on one of her shows (my favorite is A Crime To Remember). We talk her favorite true crime cases here. Produced by Elaine Follow us on Sip & Shine Podcast For bonus content:...


31- Classic. Justice for Jody

On this previously released episode, we talk with the sisters of Jody LeCornu. Her murder is still unsolved. In the early morning hours of March 2, 1996, while sitting in her Honda Civic, she was shot through the back. With DNA evidence, video and eye witnesses: why is this case still unsovled? Special Guest: Carolyn Hendler, legal analyst Produced by Elaine Follow us on Sip & Shine Podcast


30- Southern Charm with Mary-Payne Gilbert

On this episode, we are joined by Mary-Payne Gilbert. She has appeared on Pink Shade with Erin Martin and now she is launching her own podcast, coming soon: Payne In The Pod. We discuss Real Housewives of Potomac as well as Southern Charm Savannah. It’s a fun deep dive- into the returning franchise of scandal, southern values and hot mess reality tv watching. Follow us on Sip & Shine Podcast


29- Kim from People Are Wild Podcast

Kim from People Are Wild Podcast is joining today on the show- talking all things medical: tv shows, stories and tinder dating tips. Produced by Elaine Follow us on S [...]


28- Celebrity Blind Gossip Items with Jodie, Realitv Podcast

On this episode we have my co-host from Moms on the Rocks guesting- Jodie. She has her own successful podcast Realitv Podcast. We get a chance to play a guessing game of celebrity blind gossip items. But first! We share a clip of Carole from Real Housewives of New York. We also talk about the mental hospital that Zelda Fitzgerald and Rosemary Kennedy was a patient in. Lastly, we also discuss two missing cases we hope to see solved. Check out Forgotten News Podcast- Carrie was a guest...


27- Lifetime’s Love At First Flight with Stephanie Johnson

On this episode of Sip & Shine Podcast, we are joined by Lifetime TV’s Love At First Flight Stephanie Johnson. This reality show featured couples who had to travel together for 30 days, complete challenges and then decide whether to get engaged at the end of the trip or not. We also feature a sample of Danny Pellegrino’s Cameo Video (I actually ordered it for myself- I know, major dork). Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino is my current podcast crush. Follow us on Sip & Shine Podcast...


26- Classic. Children of God Cult

(Previously Released Episode) Originally the concepts of the Children of God cult was based on “spiritual revolution and happiness” it would later result in child abuse and tearing families apart. River Phoenix and Rose McGowan were children whose parents were followers. The Children of God cult is a very sad part of religious history and there are unnumber numbers of individuals who have grown up in teh group (screap across the globe in seclusion) that were impacted by not having a choice...


25- Sister Wives, Big Love & Warren Jeffs with Realitv Podcast (Part 2)

On this 2nd installment we talk to Jodie from Realitv Podcast about TLC’s Sister Wives, HBO’s Big Love (RIP Bill Paxton and his butt) and the grand daddy of polygamy Warren Jeffs (ewww). Special Announcement: Come join us in May when we launch Moms On The Rocks Podcast. We discuss being moms, marriages, divorce, friendships, career crisis and everything in be [...]


Special Annoucement: Moms on The Rocks

Special Announcement: Carrie is teaming up with Jodie from Realitv Podcast to talk all things moms, adulting, relationships & careers. Oh, did we mention we enjoy a good reality tv or book? We are two moms from the East Coast and Midwest that have a unique or at least relatable perspective. Coming in May!


24- Sister Wives, Big Love & Warren Jeffs with Realitv Podcast (Part 1)

On this 1st (of 2) installments we talk to Jodie from Realitv Podcast about TLC’s Sister Wives, HBO’s Big Love (RIP Bill Paxton and his butt) and the grand daddy of polygamy Warren Jeffs (ewww). Special Announcement: Come join us in May when we launch Moms On The Rocks Podcast. We discuss being moms, marriages, divorce, friendships, career crisis and everything in between. To Find Jodie: Instagram Twitter or join her Orchard of Snark...


23- Moms & Murder and The Kidnapping of Barbara Mackle

In 1968, Barbara Mackle was kidnapped for ransom. On this episode of Sip & Shine Podcast, Moms & Murder guest co-host to discuss this strange case that led to the heiress to be buried alive for 83 hours. Follow Moms and Murder on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @momsandmurder. Listen to their podcast where you find this podcast! Many thanks to Mandy and Melissa for their appearance. Follow Sip & Shine Podcast on Instagram Follow Sip & Shine Podcast on...


22- Zodiac Maybe. Southern Charm.

On this episode of Sip & Shine, we give a peak onto the recaps we feature on concerning Southern Charm…yet with a scandal twist. We give our take of what went down and then feature episodes from history- from Bugsy Siegal to missing Michael Rockefeller to a Gentleman Pirate. Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Facebook Groups...


21- History of Fingerprint Forensics. Stagger Lee. FBI Most Wanted Top Ten Women. Bunkie from Empire

On this episode, Carrie talks about the origins of fingerprint evidence in the UK. Did you know the R&B anthem Stagger Lee was based on a true story? FBI has featured 100s of men, and only a handful of women. Lastly, we feature Bunkie from the show Empire and the opportunities that have come his way. #ladypodsquad love: Realitv Podcast, check out Jodie with her snarky recaps! Follow Instagram: Follow Facebook: Follow Twitter:...


20- The Murder of Milly Dowler, Early Death of Jean Harlow and the Ohio Prison Fire

On this episode of Sip, we talk about the sad death of Milly Dowler and the subsequent UK press hacking scandal involving the school girl’s voicemails. Jean Harlow was a classic Hollywood actress who died an early death at 26. Lastly, the Ohio Prison fire of 1930 that ended in tragedy. Check out the Brodette Nation Podcast- a podcast about “women embracing our differences, encouraging each other to be the awesome boss ladies we are and building the next generation of leaders.” Follow on...


19- Classic. Embracing Polyamory Love

(Previously Released Episode) On this episode, we posted an interview with a woman who lives the polyamory lifestyle from our WIne & Shout Podcast days. She explains how she discovered it- and what it is like to live the life of loving more than one person. Follow us on Follow us on Follow us on Also, check out for personal essays and more interesting...


Marias Massacre: Sip of History (Youtube Channel Bonus)

From our YouTube Channel, here is the audio for the Marias Massacre. In January 1870, a friendly band of Native Americans was murdered in the Montana Territory by the US Army. Over 200 men, women and children were struck down in cold blood. The remaining women and children were taken hostage, only to be abandoned without any supplies when it was discovered they had smallpox. To see the images from this episode, check out our Youtube Channel! Follow us on Twitter:...


18- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Best Forevers Podcast. Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab Deaths

On this podcast, we welcome in the New Year gushing over The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Amazon Prime television show (we heard about it through Jen Kirkman- who should get way more credit). We feature a promo by the Best Forevers Podcast- our bestie sister podcast. We talk extensively on the 6 deaths of the Dr. Drew Rehab Television show- is this reflective of modern day statistics or Hollywood exploitation? Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:...