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Since BeerCan Dan is away on vacation, we thought you might enjoy some Sippin' & Swearin' throwback from the unreleased archives. Sometimes we record a warm up episode. This was our warm up to episode 19 and has never been previously heard outside of Patreon. We talk about fetishes, weird porn, our new executive producer, war, and so much more. We'll be back next week with some brand new laughs. OUR WEBSITE OUR TWITTER OUR INSTAGRAM


Double Standards and Noah Has A New Fetish?

In this episode, BeerCan Dan and Noah talk about how stupid Destination Weddings are and why, renewing your vows, the double standards there are between men and women, and if Noah has a new fetish.... among other tangents. Thanks to #HTNOS for our intro this week. Go check them out and the rest of the NSFW Podcast Network OUR WEBSITE OUR TWITTER OUR INSTAGRAM


Animal Crackers are FREE, Toilet Paper, and Angry Ex Stories

In this episode, Dan and Noah talk about the crazy different methods of wiping, Animal Cracker's new logo, Noah's Ex being on another level of mad, Aerosmith and Trump, and a plane crash in Montana. Check out the NSFW Podcast Network to find other cool shows like ours @NSFWPodcastNetwork OUR WEBSITE OUR TWITTER OUR INSTAGRAM


Stop Wasting Your Life

In this episode Dan and Noah talk about all the time spent wasted doing mundane things, Dane Cook being a creep, San Fan's poop epidemic, and the death penalty. Make sure you check out the NSFW PODCAST NETWORK on Twitter to find more shows like ours. Intro this week by Simmons And Moore Podcast Check their twitter out @SimmonsandMoore Promo this week is These Drunk B's Podcast check their twitter out @TheseDrunkBs OUR WEBSITE OUR TWITTER OUR INSTAGRAM


Pop Culture and Other Randomness

Daniel and Noah are finally back together for a live recording session!! In true Sippin' & Swearin' nature, we didn't talk about a single thing we intended to. In this episode we talk all about pop culture: Our top five comedy movies, if Drake is overrated, how annoying Taylor Swift is, and much more drunk ramblings. Check out all the other shows in the NSFW PODCAST NETWORK OUR WEBSITE OUR TWITTER OUR INSTAGRAM


Russia, Rugrats, and Survival Techniques

Episode 31 is here and we're talking about the Trump/Putin summit in Russia, simpler times watching 90's cartoons, how the All Star Game is pointless, our survival techniques, and more. If this episode gets 200 retweets BeerCan Dan and Noah are getting matching tattoos. Decide our fate! Our featured podcast this week is Bicker Bots Podcast from the NSFW Podcast Network. Check them out on twitter @BickerBots along with all of our other friends on the network. WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM



We actually made it to 30 episodes, can you believe it? Join us as we talk about the TRUE King of LA, the physics of nutting in space, Elon Musk, breaking your dick, and other stuff. Also, Beercan Dan sings a lot in this one. Be a decent human and donate/share this GoFundMe around. Our friends These Drunk B's are trying to raise money for funeral expenses for a friends mom. - DONATE HERE Check out the #HTNOS HERE and all the other podcasts on the NSFWPod Network HERE OUR WEBSITE OUR...



In this weeks episode, Daniel and his brother Chris join in from Oklahoma for a freedom filled Fourth of July episode. We talk about the most American things we've done, the true American pastime, American food (or lack there of), our national anthem, and America colonizing space because whats more American than colonization? WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM



After taking a week off to get our heads right, we're back with a brand new episode for your ear holes. We talk about Rock being dead, Noah's hatred for soccer, politics (obviously), things we hate, and Noah needs advice. Thanks for sticking with us! We love you! WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM


This One Got Away From Us

We started this one out with a list of topics and stories but ended up going off the rails pretty hard. We talk about politicians dying in Mexico, Target's racist Fathers Day card, IHOB, China's social credit system, and which celebrity siblings we'd sleep with. Tweet us what we should pick for next week's beer of the week. Also, we're gonna be doing instagram live sessions on the regular now so be sure you head there and give us a follow. We'll tweet out when we're going live so turn on...


Daniel Is A Beta, Gay Cake, And Bucket Lists

In Episode 26, Daniel and Noah discuss how Daniel is no longer the Alpha Male of his house, gay cake controversy, Miss America, and our bucket lists... we also go off on some random tangents. Just listen. Make sure you guys tweet us your suggestions for Beer of The Week. Also, go check out our friends, These Drunk Bitches!!! WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM


Love Is a Lie And Comedy Is Dead

In this weeks episode, Noah makes a strong case for not believing in "true love", the boys discuss the Roseanne scandal and the limits of comedy and free speech, Daniel tries his best Morgan Freeman impression. Be sure to look for us on our new posting schedule (All explained in the episode) WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM


Disneyland, Guns, Royal Wedding Randomness

In Episode 24, Daniel and Noah explain why they missed a week and talk about Noah's trip to Disneyland, The Royal Wedding, Trump's sex tape, google taking over the world, the ethics of hiding things from your wife, and so much more. WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM PATREON


Zeke The Freak

Since Noah's and Daniel's schedules just didn't match up this week, Noah took the opportunity to sit down and catch up with an old friend. Zeke guest hosts and talks about his love for the podcast, kinky sex, and reminisces about old work stories from our first jobs. Daniel and Noah will be back together next week. WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM PATREON



A Patreon exclusive sneak peek: The Gay Agenda and Midget Strippers. Are you curious about what we post on our PATREON? Well this previously unreleased PATREON exclusive includes Noah's sister talking about living the Vegas lifestyle, the difference between gay dating and straight dating, and how Noah found out she was gay. We're always adding new exclusive content like this on our PATREON PAGE. Head over there to check it out and get even more of Daniel and Noah talking with more of...


Lost in Space on 4/20 With Deaf People

In Episode 22, Daniel and Noah discuss Noah's possible new nickname, how dumb the hype over 4/20 is, celebrity deaths, airplanes falling out of the sky, the starbucks boycott, and the movie A Quiet Place and the argument over subtitles in movie theaters. Tweet us ideas for Noah's new nickname and join the conversation. Head over to OUR WEBSITE to sign up for our newsletter and check out all our merchandise. Become a PATREON MEMBER to get early access to every episode and exclusive bonus...


Penis Enlargement, Racism, and Head Wounds

Episode 21! Daniel's buddy Alex, the CEO of, joins us for an especially hilarious episode. Noah talks about how he got a recent head injury, and we discuss racism...kinda. Send us your WTF stories on Twitter and Instagram or ask us for our drunken advice. Also be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes. Help the show grow by becoming a Patreon Member and get cool perks like early access to new episodes and exclusive bonus content. WEBSITE TWITTER INSTAGRAM PATREON


Are We Famous Yet?

We made it to episode 20, does that mean we're famous now? This episode is just a string of random conversation about viral facebook videos, disabled athletes, and embarrassing stories. Make sure you guys send us your WTF stories or ask for advice on twitter/instagram. Also, leave us a review and rate the show! Website Twitter Instagram Patreon


The Boys Are Back: Drunk Ramblings

Daniel and Noah are finally back together and decided to basically just sit down and ramble about whatever came up. No prepared topics, no agenda, just raw conversation. We talk about childhood, weird fetish porn with fruit loops, spacecrafts falling out of the sky, and our own mortality; among other things ***** Twitter: @SipnSwear Insta: SipnSwear Patreon ***** We love you guys and we have some big things planned in the next few weeks. Help the show grow...


Sister Cousins, Steven Spielberg vs Netflix, Elon Musk Gives no F's

In episode 18, Noah's sister in law tells the most southern story you'll ever hear. We also talk about Steven Spielberg hating on Netflix, Craigslist's reluctancy to stop sex trafficking, and how Elon Musk can literally do anything he wants. ***** Daniel and Noah will be back together next week stronger than ever for a brand new episode of Sippin' & Swearin'. ***** Website Twitter Instagram Patreon