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Episode 49 - Wild Card 4

Ladies and gentlemen, the 4th (and probably last) Wild Card is upon us! It is filled with those hard hitting questions that shake us to our very core and redefine us as human beings going forward. Psych! It's usually filled with dick and poo things, but maybe not. Maybe this time, someone bucked the trend and had us question the ties behind our friendship. Find out today!


Episode 48 - How Did We Survive?

The blessing of youth is not knowing how dangerous the dumb shit you do can be. And we did at lot of dumb / dangerous shit. This episode is a retrospective look at the (at the time) innocuous things we did that we would never do now because we’re older and most likely cowards. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review the show wherever you listen to the show!


One Year Anniversary (Forgot To Mention)

IT’S OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! There are a number of dumb idioms and sayings we could use here to describe the advancement of time but we’re better than that. This week’s topic is a retrospective one titled “Forgot to mention” where we go back through a years worth of topics and pick three episodes we felt we needed to do justice to. We’re happy about our first year and look forward another year of making you laugh. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us...


Episode 46 - Defend It!

Hello again and welcome back to the show. In this weeks episode we do something completely different. We are doing a debate class exercise of defending different things. Can you, on the spot, put together a defending argument for say...wild fires? What about for driving a gas guzzling SUV? We try our best at defending some morally reprehensible things in this weeks episode and we did not enjoy doing it (Tyler especially). Go to for more episode extras. Rate and...


Minisode - Road Trips

There are few things so quintessentially American as a road trip. Apple pie, explosions, over eating are all staples of American life, but no American experience can be so amazing and terrible as a long car rides in a confined space with family or friends. There is freedom in that. There is trauma in that. There are stories in that. These are some of our stories (and by some I mean very little because one of the hosts decided, as a means of moral boosting, that we should all share a 4Loko...


Minisode - Messed up Things We've Seen

We're down but not out! Just so you're not left without us for too long, we chopped and screwed some lost episodes to make a shorter, bite-sized version of our show. They say, "kill your darlings" but we cannibalized ours to cut out all the filler to leave you with the shinning parts of bad episodes. Rate and review us every where you listen to us and tell all you friends.


Episode 45 - T.V. Pitches

Everyone has a movie idea kicking around in their head. Well we have ideas for television shows. Several ideas to be exact and in todays episode we let the world in on them. Some are dumb, some are interesting, some should never be made...ever. Enjoy the trip into our imagination and know that if one of our shows finds it's way onto t.v. we will demand money for our ideas! Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us wherever you are listening to this!


Episode 44 - Y tho? (Fads / Trends We Don't Understand)

Hind sight is 20/20 and it is easy to question and ridicule the fads of our childhood. But some trends arise that are so perplexing and dumb that, as soon as we see them, we have to ask ourselves, "Y tho?". This episode is dedicated to current trends that we don't need time to realize they are stupid. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us wherever you are listening to this!


Episode 43 - Who'd Win In a Fight?

The "my dad could beat up your dad" debate is small potatoes compared to this weeks episode of theoretical slobber knockers. We throw out hypothetical fights that we'd like to see and decide who would come out victorious. Some are silly, some are personal, and some are downright weird. Nothing is held back when it's no holds barred! Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us wherever you are listening to this!


Episode 42 - Favorite Villains

The heroes journey would be boring if it were not for a truly evil villain. Batman would be a man in black spandex, growling at people if it weren't for the Joker. This episode is about our favorite villains in television, film, and anywhere else evil men triumph. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us wherever you listen to us. It helps the show grow and makes us vindicated.


Episode 41 - One Hit Wonders

No one knows why a song becomes a hit more than another. Yes, music and melody play a part but there is that intangible, undefinable thing that makes them memorable-- even if the artist/group fades into obscurity. This episode is all about the one hit wonders that stuck with us and the rest the America as that one great song from a forgotten artist. Go to for more episode extras! Rate, review, and tell all you friends about us!


Episode 40 - Movie Remakes

Hollywood typically tends to go for the sure thing. Remakes are an easy way to prey on peoples' nostalgia while lowering the financial risk by using an already established title. HEY HOLLYWOOD! Here are some movies we think deserve a remake. Pay attention big wig fat cats and get on it. *Spoiler alerts for "Waterworld"* Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us on wherever you listen to us.


Episode 39 - Conspiracy Theories

All hail the Lizard People! Along with the help of ancient aliens and false flag operations we can now fully embrace our digital nanny Alexa as our overlords (we tried to put as many conspiracies in there before our brain started to break). This week we run down our lists for our favorite conspiracy theories. Surprisingly, there were no duplicates. Which goes to show you how many there are out there. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us where you are...


Episode 38 - Ooh La La

What kind of title is that? If you don't know the song name, we're sure you know the lyrics, "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger". This episode is all about those things we wish we knew or wish we could tell our younger selves. It's okay little T's, it's all going to be okay. From fashion choices to life choices, we talk about it all. Go to for episode extras and leave us a message on the episode page! Rate and review us wherever you are...


Episode 37 - Bummers: Or Times When We Were Douches feat. "Taylor?"

To err is human. In this episode we find out we are the most human people alive. This week is dedicated to all the times we have let down or bummed out the people around us. Whether they be friends, family, co-workers: no one can escape our terrible selves. The episode was supposed to be just Talmon and Tyler, but "Taylor" flew back from France just in time to help us this week. What dedication he has to the show to catch a flight back, so as to not miss an episode. What a joy! Go to...


Episode 36 - Wild Card 3

Oh my god, we're back again (if you didn't ready that to the melody of Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" what is wrong with you). We're back for another round of our wild card episode but with something new added into the mix. We get an episode update about "Episode 34 - Fast Food Items" Mr. Chau's. Tyler's questions are so "fire" they bring about a show first improve between Talmon and Taylor. You are in for a treat maybe. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review...


Episode 35 - You're So Petty

No matter how hard we try, we sometimes can’t help but be annoyed by the little things. When something mildly inconveniences us, we like to show an unwarranted amount of sass. This episode is all about those small, inconsequential happenings in our lives that we make WAY too big a deal over. Yes, we are petty but so are you. Go to for more episode extras and let us know what you think in the episode comment section. Rate and review us everywhere!


Episode 34 - Fast Food Items

Remember that one time we went live on Facebook and Instagram during our recording? We don't either. The episode was lost to us and to you...probably for the better to be honest. In this episode, we talk about the fast food items we love. When we all die of various cancers, look to this episode as a map to why. Some might ask why eat this stuff, we say why not get out of our drunken faces! Go to for more episode extras! Rate, review, and tell your friends!


Episode 33 - Pet Peeves

No cap on the tooth paste? Someone left a splash of milk in the container? Did you rent a VHS from your local Blockbuster and it wasn't rewound? We understand. This episode is all about those pet peeves that just urk us. Petty? Maybe. Are we just cranky old men? Perhaps, but everyone has some pet peeves and these are ours. Go to for more episode extras. Rate and review us where ever you listen to our show.


Episode 32 - Our Firsts

When was the first time you got drunk? The first time you got in serious trouble with your parents? What about the first time marijuana may or may not have entered your lungs depending upon the legality in your state? In this episode we talk about different first times that were memorable to us and none of them are the same. We went rogue in this episode and only time will tell if it was a good idea. Go to for more episode extras! Rate and review us on iTunes,...