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26. Table Top RPGs

Tabletop RPGs, still for nerds? We explore this episode, by having a surprisingly in depth discussion on Tabletop roleplaying games and our experiences playing. It's not only the tabletop talk, but Mike gives a 'Have you Seen?' on why we shouldn't be getting off the Netflix Marvel train just yet, with Daredevil Season 3. And to round up the boys get their credit card info scammed out of them. If that's not reason to listen, what is? Do the Questionnaire...


25. Bad Boys For Life

Oh there's gonna be some f*cking tonight! That's a reference. But we flipped it. Anyway, Bad Boys 3 has been announced and Mike got excited and wanted to talk about it. We drunkenly stumble through bad boys 1 and 2, Nath has a rollercoaster Have You Played and a questionnaire from Nath's old school friend. Shall we? Do the Questionnaire online: Contact the...


24. Unpopular Movie Opinions w/ Guest Host Jack

Nath had the flu this week so we bought in good friend Jack as a guest host. Together he and Mike go over some (very) unpopular movie opinions, basically they kick a bunch of universally loved movies... you're gonna need to hear them to believe his thoughts guys. Mike talks about Stanley's blog and they answer questions from an old Uni friend. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


23. Halloween Horror Movie Special

It’s Halloween! Well, nearly…. Mike got his maths wrong so for once the drunks are ahead of the game bringing you a scary halloween horror movie special a week early! The guys go over some of their favourite horror movies whilst Nath talks about a list to die for and they answer the first questionnaire from a fan! Big thanks to Jason for getting in touch, you’re alright mate. Contact the...


22. Spacejam and Mikes Birthday!

One of us is the birthday boy! In this special episode for Mike's 15th birthday we talk a modern masterpiece of basketball cinema with Spacejam! Mike drops some great Michael Jordan facts and Nath gives a killer video game recommendation. As a special treat this week Nath has some questions for Mike which may shock and appall you... or just be super weird. It's a very drunk one, we're so sorry. Contact the...


21. Michael Bay - Hollywood's favourite Director

This time around the Drunks look at the works of Hollywood's go to director, Michael Bay. They discuss everything from his early work with Meatloaf through to current Transformers movies and ask the question, does Michael Bay make a good movie? Also Mike gives a sizzling have you seen on stakes and we try to respond to the mad ramblings of a Scotsman in 'our friends ask us'. Contact the...


20. The Warriors

Episode 20, we made it. To celebrate we're taking you through our favourite thing in the world: The Warriors. We talk through the Walter Hill classic from '79 and Rockstar's fantastic video game adaptation from 2005. We did hit some technical difficulties during have you seen so please excuse the brief 'wander' through it but listen out for Mike having an epiphany whilst answering this weeks questions from good friend and social media personality Esther Wyse. Join us as we drink for your...


19. Rockstar Games

This week we don't talk about the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. We meant to, but got sidetracked down memory lane looking at a history or Rockstar and our favourite games by them. Nath tries his hand at another rom com for have you seen and we get meta in our answers for this weeks questionnaire from Adz! Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


18. The Punisher - Who does it best?

We're here to punish your ears once again as we take on one of our favourite anti-heroes, The Punisher! We ask who played him best and what's the best representation of the character so far? Thrown into that mix Mike talks about a heartfelt Have You Seen and we answer questions from good friend Anika, with literally no memory of our answers! Also someone threw up. Contact the...


17. That 70's show, where are they now?

Man we miss the 70's, wasn't it a great time to be alive? The drunks both watched That 70's Show religiously as teenagers so this time round They thought they'd talk some of their favourite moments and catch up with what the cast have been up to since! Nath also talks about some lime and they answer questions from friend of friend Niamph. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


16. Mrs Doubtfire & Coyote Ugly

Mrs Doubtfire and Coyote Ugly, two classic films right? Nath had never seen either so this week Mike made him watch both and the drunks get down to reviewing two masterpieces of modern cinema! Mike tells us about his watch ending and we answer possibly the best questions yet from our friend Emily! Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


15. E3 Round Up

So in true Drunks fashion, we decided to give our thoughts on something 2 weeks after everyone else has! This week we talk about E3, best and worst conferences and what games we're hyped for. Mike talks about some little nightmares and we answer questions from our friend Jack! Plus a brief surprise appearance from Nath's girlfriend! Turns out she is real... Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


14. What is Fortnite?

Battle royale games, you can't get away from them! Even on this podcast as The Drunks take a closer look at Fortnite and give their drunk ass opinions no one asked for. Not only that but Nath talks about a spicy Have You Seen whilst Mike struggles to read questions from an overly "excited" questionnaire. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


13. Films From our Childhoods

We've got an oldie but a goldie for you guys this week as Nath was off at the resort getting his butthole bleached so we couldn't record. We go down memory lane and talk about some of our favourite films from our younger years. Mike talks about a pretty relevantly titled have you seen and Joe returns from the dead with a questionnaire! Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


12.Movie Soundtracks We Think are Badass

So we actually had a request this week, someone asked us to talk about our favourite movie here they are. We ramble on about some we think are corkers, Mike gives the latest on Ray Romano's last movie. Then shit gets really dark, as we're questioned on dog track fixing and Peter Rabbit's second life as a drug smuggler. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


11. Infinity War Review

Thanos, we're coming for you! Equipped with their infinity alcopops the drunks take on reviewing Infinity War in this spoilerific Avengers episode. Also, Nath gets nostalgic with an indie game and Mike struggles to drink alcohol designed for teenage girls!


10. Isle Of Dogs Review

Isle of dogs? Has someone been drinking? Oh wait, yeah we have. This week the guys get drunk and review Wes Anderson’s latest quirkbuster Isle of Dogs. Mike talks about an 80’s classic not from the 80’s and they round up by talking through Unicorn birthing patterns. All whilst repeating the same jokes they always say. Yeah, that’s right, 10 episodes and we’re out of material… Spoilers between 37:10 and 45:10. Contact the...


9. Die Hard Trilogy ft fellow drunk Joe

We know change can be scary but this episode we introduce honorary guest drunk Joe. He schools us about Youtube show 'The Big Les Show' before we all try really hard to shout about the die hard franchise. Get ready for our drunkest one yet. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook:


8. How The Walking Dead Broke Nath's Heart

So this week the guys briefly discuss black panther, Mike talks about a message from a king and then Nath goes on an almighty rant about everything wrong with the walking dead. Once the tears have dried up we answer some questions from our old friend Grace (not the racist one). Expect lots of shouting and some terrible mickey mouse impressions. Major spoilers for all of the walking dead throughout. Contact the...


7. Online Streaming services - How many would you pay for?

Taking the advice of their couples therapist, Nath and Mike haven't been able to record an episode this week, so we give you one from the vaults. Recorded last year, the guys talk about the ever growing market of online streaming services, Nath suggests a game about rimming and they get asked about the ultimate scenario, Mike's mum Vs Nath's. Contact the show: Twitter: Facebook: