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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!


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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!




#212 - Horses Of A Feather - Dean, Texas

This week, in Dean, Texas, a man who seemingly has it all, ends up having less life than he would have ultimately have liked to have, but who is responsible? The not so happy wife? Her best friend & husband's assistant? The kids? His business partner? Luckily for police, some very fortuitous breaks come their way, and a picture of a cold blooded, planned out, and absolutely diabolical plot emerges. Will anyone pay the price? Along the way, we find out that dirt can be expensive, that...


#211 - Frozen Blood Puddles & Banana Liqueur - Ely, Minnesota

This week, in Ely, Minnesota, a frozen puddle of blood opens up a mystery that turns out to be way more complicated than anyone could expect. A friendly night of partying among what seems to be strangers, turns into an attack that seems to really be personal, but is it? Or just a weird impulse that turns both hideous, and deadly? This one has all kinds of mystery, and brutality!! Along the way, we find out that towns are named for all kinds of weird reasons, that banana liqueur is never a...


#210 - A Secret In Every Hole - Hartland, Maine

This week, in Hartland, Maine, what seems like a simple missing person, turns out to be much more, after an unexpected visit to the local police station by a person with a wild story to tell sends everyone out on a hunt for a body. What they end up finding blows everybody's minds, including the town, the police, and probably even the dogs that assisted in the search. Things somehow gets even more crazy from there, as this unfolds into one of the oddest tales we've told! Along the way, we...


#209 - You Want One Of Her Bones? - Whiteside, Tennessee

This week, in Whiteside, Tennessee, we head to the backwoods to follow the tale of an absolutely horrible killer, and some very odd side characters, including a man who currently lives in a tent, deep in the trees, while hiding from police. The inevitable murder is a callous, and horrible act, that definitely didn't need to happen, but to one depraved person, it apparently did! Along the way, we find out every holler has its own strange culture, that it's a bad sign when your teenager leaves...


#208 - Two Dead, One Missing - Houston, Delaware

This week, in Houston, Delaware, a 911 call from an extremely unlikely source reveals a brutal & awful scene, with very little evidence, and one, very important thing missing. Investigators, including the FBI, are baffled, until a very creative technique gives a glimmer of hope. Luckily, this leads to the culprits, and one of the strangest, most insane tales ever told! Along the way, we find out that no one knows anything about Delaware, that you can't just claim a baby as your own, and that...


#207 - Mr. Hot Tub - Ross Township, Pennsylvania

This week, in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, a man with a tragic past finds a new life, only to have it taken away, once again? Or is he the one responsible? Things become a bit more clear when we find out that the terrible, and seemingly accidental death has actually happened before. In exactly the same way. Will he get away with it twice?? Along the way, we find out that Pittsburgh loves good food, that it's almost impossible to drown in the tub, without any water, and that you can sometimes...


#206 - Why Charles Manson Wasn't In "Friends" - Moses Lake, Washington

This week, in Moses Lake, Washington, the dynamic in a group of young friends becomes very weird, when everyone decides to live in a one room apartment together. The problem is, some are runaways, one is pregnant, some are just plain dumb, and one claims to be a 19 year old Mafia hitman & high Satanic priest, named "Shadowlord". This all leads to a disturbingly brutal crime & even more inept cover up! Along the way, we find out that not all of Washington state is rainy, that teenagers can...


#205 - The Disappearing Cheerleader in Hanover Township, New Jersey

This week, in Hanover Township, New Jersey, a bright, popular cheerleader disappears from the mall parking lot, leaving her car keys still in the ignition. This causes widespread fear, until another young woman is attacked, then it turns into complete panic. Who would do such horrible things? A very horrible person, of course. And how this person ends up getting caught is one for the ages! Along the way, we find out that it's very easy to start a UFO hoax, that maybe when someone who kills 2...


204 - What EXACTLY Happened Here? in Clinton, North Carolina

This week, in Clinton, North Carolina, where a storybook small town couple make a nice little life for themselves... or so it seemed. Under the surface of community & church, were secrets that nobody wanted to have come out in the open. Multiple plots, from all sides leads to one deadly night. But who was killed? And who did it? This one is wild! Along the way, we find out that a little Sylvia goes a long way, that George Thorogood has a secret life, singing hateful religious songs, and that...


BONUS! - Small Town Murder Express ep 1 - Front Porch Sunbathing & Missing Cows

This week, on a special Bonus episode, we give you "Small Town Murder Express", where we'll look at some crazy cases, and get right to Shutting Up & Giving You Murder! We check out a murder in East Amwell Township, New Jersey, where a 17 year old girl disappears from her own from porch on a lazy summer day. Where was she last seen? Going out with a strange man to chase down a loose cow... Only bad things could come of that situation. But is it true? Did something terrible happen, or was it...


#203 - Love Thy Neighbor in Hampton, New Hampshire

This week, in Hampton, New Hampshire, a surprise knock at the door isn't a friendly neighbor, bringing cookies, but is instead, a shadowy figure, with murder on the mind. Everyone is shocked when the truth comes out, as the murderer is one of the last people anyone would suspect... Until you do a little digging into his background. There's craziness, ninja weaponry, and one of the strangest motives ever! Along the way, we find out not all beaches are created equal, that you never can tell...


#202 - A Very Murderous Christmas in Barnesville, Georgia

This week, in Barnesville, Georgia, a gruesome Christmas Eve discovery has investigators processing a crime scene & doing autopsies on Christmas morning. What they find is equally obvious & absurd. A thin plot, somehow covered up for longer than it should have been, but questions still remain. At least we got a new Christmas song out of it! Along the way, we find out that Georgia never forgets, that 9 months pregnant women can apparently be very dangerous, and that a decomposing corpse is...


#201 - A Mystery Deepens in Gormania, West Virginia

This week, in Gormania, West Virginia, a young woman runs out the door, after receiving a mysterious phone call, never to be seen again. A full on posse is organized, as well as the FBI, State, & local police, as a maximum effort is made to find this woman, hopefully alive. Everyone is the tiny town is a suspect, but will the case ever go down? Along the way, we find out that mountain people are really into pageants, that maybe you should go to the police academy before being given a badge,...


#200 - Possessed By Stupidity in Brownstown Township, Michigan

This week, in Brownstown Township, Michigan, a seemingly normal situation spins very quickly out of control, when a person begins to believe that other people may be possessed by demons... and we all know there's only one way to get rid of the demons, and that's murder! This truly bizarre tale gets even weirder with the post-murder behavior, and belief that 32 stab wounds shouldn't be fatal! Along the way, we find out that Bret Michaels has a lot of songs about flowers, that someone,...


#199 - Hello, I'm My Sister... in Anniston, Alabama

This week, in Anniston, Alabama, for the first time, we are doing a second case from a town! Why? Because the case is just that wild. So wild, that it involves mysterious illnesses, suddenly appearing twin sisters, and an armless best friend. A twisted mystery that seems solved, only to end up being even more of a mystery, before a very final ending! Absolutely nuts! Along the way, we find out Anniston is still pretty awful, that when everyone gets the same illness, it might not be THAT...


#198 - A Ted Bundy On The Rise in Needham, Massachusetts

This week, in Needham, Massachusetts, a mysterious death in the Boston suburbs turns out to be not as mysterious as originally thought, but is instead, much more twisted. A young man with excruciating similarities to Ted Bundy unleashes his darkest fantasies, but will insist on his innocence. What was found in his home was just disturbing & the main question we have is, how many more are there?? Along the way, we find out craft festivals sound boring, that there are certain signs that a...


#197 - No Good Deed... in Golden Valley, Arizona

This week, in Golden Valley, Arizona, a very nice gesture leads to some not very nice murder. Actually, it's vicious, nasty murders that make very little sense, and that's only the start. We can't say "why??" quite enough during this episode, as the brutality is just so out of proportion. And can a 14 year old girl really be part of a couple of adult's murder plan? This one will keep you head shaking, for a while! Along the way, we find out moonshine & chili are probably bad to eat & drink,...


#196 - A Man Named "Hillbilly" in Fruitville, Florida

This week, in Fruitville, Florida, where a body is found in a drainage ditch, with its skull caved in. A peek into their life reveals a person that more people wanted dead, than liked them. At first the culprit seems clear, but the addition of extra witnesses & suspects confuse everything. This story is a crazy, wild ride, from start to finish! Along the way, we find out that you can hug goats, that when everyone you know wants you dead... maybe it's you, and that "a round face" might not be...


#195 - The Head Of The Serpent in Lafayette, Indiana

This week, in Lafayette, Indiana, a terrible, hideous murder makes investigators look in the wrong place, for a minute, before the culprit becomes very obvious. A person as deranged as anyone we've ever talked about, turns out to have their own twisted belief system that causes delusions of epic proportions. The murder is absolutely crazy, and the explanation is even more insane! Along the way, we find out that about the Feast of the Hunter's Moon, that you can't judge a librarian by their...


#194 - A Real Life Halloween Monster in Sutherland, Nebraska

This week, in Sutherland, Nebraska, where right before Halloween, a quiet, rural area is sent into a panic, when a news broadcast breaks in on the regularly scheduled show to tell residents to stay in their homes, lock their doors & load their guns, because there is a maniac on the loose! It turns out to be worse than anyone could've imagined, as the scene of the crime is as horrific as possible. Everyone finds out that monsters can be real! Along the way, we find out that you never know...