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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!


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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!




#321 - Sins Of The Stepfather - Lemmon Valley, Nevada

This week, in Lemmon Valley, Nevada, when a teenage girl is last seen, riding into the hills on horseback, no one knows what could have happened. No one, except either her stepfather, or maybe two hillbillies, living in a makeshift shack, with crude drawings of dead girls, and women made out of electrical tape. Things quickly unravel, when ripped up pieces of paper are reconstructed by detectives to reveal a diary that uncovers a sick & twisted relationship that could have led to this. It's...

#320 - Nightmare At The Pig Farm - Mio, Michigan

This week, in Mio, Michigan, two long time friends head out from Detroit, to a hunting cabin, deep in the north woods, for weekend of beer drinking, and sitting in the woods. Along the way, they get lost, and end up in several very small town bars, drinking, and angering some locals. When the pair disappear of the face of the earth, police have no clue what happened to them, until a tale of a set of brothers who terrorize the local people, and threaten to feed them to the pigs. Not to...


#319 - Satanic Stupidity - Sanford, Maine

This week, in Sanford, Maine, when a neighborhood girl disappears, then is found, half in a river, covered in sticks & leaves, police interview over one hundred people, in the hopes of getting some kind of clue that may lead them to the killer. Attention quickly focuses on a neighborhood teenager, with a creepy history, a love for girls that wear purple, and a real penchant for Satan, and anything remotely Satanic! He has a history of scaring girls in school, and stealing grapes, but could...

#318 - A Fantasy Of Violence - Tillamook, Oregon

This week, in Tillamook, Oregon, a father surprises his loving & upstanding family with a trip, up the Oregon coast, for a couple of days. This sounds great, until everyone comes up missing. Four of the five family members are found, deep in a National Forest area, but police & FBI don't know if Dad is a victim, or a terribly cold blooded murderer! A nationwide manhunt leads authorities everywhere besides where he actually wasWhen he's caught, he remains polite, but the story he tells is...


#317 - Freebird For Life - Ashdown, Arkansas

This week, in Ashdown, Arkansas, a strange night unfolds, from what seems like a typical Friday night of fish stick eating, and drinking at the local bar, for a mother & teenage son, living in a Texarkana area trailer. The son, a 17 year old dropout, turned welder comes home to a bloody scene, that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie. The police think they have their man, with a married, sometime boyfriend, with blood in his trunk, until everything changes, when a wild note is...

#316 - Writing A Murder Journal - Cochranton, Pennsylvania

This week, in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, three young women navigate through relationships, with some lingering feelings, and resentments between two the women, who used to be in a relationship. Plans are made for everyone to get together, to move on, and be friends, but it all falls apart, when one of them gets reported as a missing person. No one claims to know anything, until a shallow grave is found, and the unbelievably terrible murder is uncovered. The killers end up being proud of the...


#315 - A Dangerously Unpredictable Cannibal - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

This week, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, an unpredictable, and unbelievable scene happens, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving someone without a head, and some other body parts. The even crazier part is that the killer forced a large group of people to helplessly watch as he stabbed, beheaded, and began to eat the victim. When the murderer was taken into custody, he even had a few parts, in his pocket. This leads to a strange outcome in court, but there's no way that person will...


#314 - Ladies Love A Vampire - Washington, North Carolina

This week, in Washington, North Carolina, a very strange scene unfolds, when a man who doesn't seem to have much going for him, except a vampire name, has many women at his disposal, including a wife, and a pair of identical twins. While he lives in a trailer with his wife, and a school bus, with his twins, this odd arrangement doesn't end up working for everyone, and it sends him into a rage. But who will be on who's side? And how does any of this result in bound, gagged people, and "skull...


#313 - Last Man Hanging - Cheswold, Delaware

This week, in Cheswold, Delaware, a man who comes from absolutely awful conditions ends up leading a pretty predicable life of crime. Until one day, when he has a complete breakdown, going on a spree that ends up with a trail of terrorized people, and two dead people, one of which is missing half of a head. Its a horrible, bloody mess. The results are insane courtroom outbursts, misspelled letters to the victims' family, and the possibility of being the last man hanged in the United States!...


#312 - Drowning In Stupidity & Evidence - Fort Smith, Montana

This week, in Fort Smith, Montana, an ambitious, and educated young couple settle into this tiny town, with high hopes. But as things begin to crumble, there are everything from public arguments to assaults with, and over, cookies. One night, one of the couple leaves, and doesn't come home, only to be found, floating face down in the river, with plenty of evidence to show that they didn't just tumble into the water. But will lousy police work, a seeming lack of effort, and some possible...


#311 - Lust, Death, Insanity... And A Potato - Bagdad, Arizona

This week, in Bagdad, Arizona, a man is attacked, in his front yard by a masked assailant, who immediately flees the scene. The only evidence at the scene is a little blood, and some shards of potato, baffling the investigators. His new, young bride thinks that her ex-husband must be the killer, but it turns out, she's been shacking up with a local insane man, who works with her, as a nurse's aide, but claims to be a doctor, lawyer, fighter pilot, and CIA agent, as well. He also claims that...


#310 - The Bloodbath Brothers - Pulaski, Tennessee

This week, in Pulaski, Tennessee, twin brothers, who have been what can only be described as "strange", from a young age, end up involved in a life of crime. Their house becomes a central gathering point, and is called "The Spahn Ranch of Tennessee", as their makeshift Manson clan comes & goes. The house also becomes a center for vicious & bloody murder, including bathtub dismemberments, and backyard cremations. They get away with this, several times, until it all comes crumbling down. The...


#309 - STM Express - Watch My Revenge - Kodiak, Alaska

This week, in Kodiak, Alaska, a very strange little "neighborhood", outside of town is inhabited with some very strange living situations, and all the weirdness that comes with it. Odd marriages, and too many people sharing a hut bring tensions to their peak, after accusations of being a little bit too friendly with a neighbor's spouse. This leads to a crazy showdown, and two very different accounts of what actually happened. Only thing is, one of the stories happens to have many witnesses...


#308 - The Killing Of A Bad Man - Hooksett, New Hampshire

This week, in Hooksett, New Hampshire, a man falls dead, in front of other people, and they think it must be a heart attack, until they find the pool of blood, under him, and a hole in his chest. Was it a hunter's stray bullet, from the nearby woods, or something much more sinister? He turns out to have quite the past, since his mother was burned to death, in the family pig sty. The reality sets in that he wasn't killed by accident, and there are many suspects. Was it an enemy of his brother...


#307 - STM Express - Smart People, Stupid Murder - Barrington, Rhode Island

This week, in Barrington, Rhode Island, a very educated & upright couple become friends with their financial advisor, until red flags start to appear. Red flags, like the family disappearing, and being found two months later, in a shallow grave. But who could have killed this seemingly upstanding family? Well, the main suspect says it was actually the Asian mafia, and that this family wasn't all that it seemed to be. Is that true, or is it just one depraved man, with a bloodlust? It's quite...


#306 - The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

This week, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, an upstanding young family is seemingly set on the right path, with small children, and the husband even running for local office... Until it all falls apart, in a very crazy way. In addition to both parents being on a lot of drugs, the father is absolutely preparing for what he calls "the inevitable zombie apocalypse". Complete with training sessions for the kids, and a plan to survive the inescapable mortal zombie combat, that is sure to come. This whole...


#305 - STM Express - The Swanson Motel Murders - Dickinson, North Dakota

This week, in Dickinson, North Dakota, a grisly, and horrifying scene is found in a small town motel, populated by transient oil workers, and drifters, of all types. The problem is that no one in this tiny police department had ever dealt with a double homicide, and it shows. The case goes cold, after years pass, but eventually FBI agent John Douglas puts a profile together, that matches one of the original suspects, perfectly. When they track this man down, they find out he's definitely...

#304 - For Love Of My Cousin - Beckley, West Virginia

This week, in Beckley, West Virginia, we look at 2 stories, because they were too crazy to pick just one! First, a man with a "history of meanness" takes vengeance & violence to a whole new level, with acts that so brazen, it's like he wants to spend the rest of his life in prison. For the second story, we talk about a murder so horrendous, that's it's hard to believe that it's real. Twelve people are killed, in the most terrible way imaginable, so one teenaged young lady can continue her...

#303 - STM Express - Born To Win - Paragonah, Utah

This week, in Paragonah, Utah, a wild situation unfolds, as a man, who has been in prison for most of his life, and is about to stand trial for murdering a friend, takes some other friends out to rural trailer, so they won't testify against him. A disagreement, and the fear of his friend's knowledge of his guilt leads to a brutal murder, while forcing others to participate in digging a grave, before making one of the strangest declarations, ever, then eating a big murder burger! Once in...


#302 - Too Gruesome To Solve - Columbus, Wisconsin

This week, in Columbus, Wisconsin, when a young man comes home from the night shift at the paper factory, he finds his wife, bludgeoned, strangled, stabbed, and worse. But police don't quite know where to look for suspects, with the husband having a seemingly fine alibi, and this new mother having no real enemies. A small town police force allows the case to go cold, but when it's finally looked at, again, there is a new theory, and suspect, after years of suspicion & gossip being pointed at...