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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!
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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!




#096 - The Dismount Is The Problem... in Sheridan, Wyoming

This week, in Sheridan, Wyoming, where an upper middle class town is shocked when something causes a man to become enraged, and confront a room mate, leading to physical altercations, and a body ending up under the floor boards! What could have caused such rage? You won't believe it, when you find out! That's just the beginning, as the excuses start, and the waters are muddied. It's a crazy!! Along the way, we find out why the South should be more like the Japanese, that a gallon of...


#095 - Yes, No, I Don't Know... in Oskaloosa, Kansas

This week, in Oskaloosa, Kansas, a young lady disappears, causing a massive search, that only ends when someone comes forward, and admits to murdering her. Only... did he really murder her? Our was it his brother? Or was it him? The investigation swings wildly, finally convicting a cold blooded killer. Or is he? Stick around to the very end for one of the craziest twists we've ever heard!! Along the way, we find out how you can win an actual award for laziness, how inept an entire police...


#094 - Going For His Murder Badge in Petal, Mississippi

This week, in Petal, Mississippi, a vicious, and seemingly senseless attack, and murder rocks a family, while everyone else scrambles to find a motive for the highly unlikely suspect. No one can believe the heartless nature of the whole thing, or the killer's terrible alternate version of events. A crazy story, all around!! Along the way, we find out exactly how big a checkerboard can be, exactly how stupid an excuse for murder can be, and what could be the weakest last meal of all time!!...


#093 - Perverted, Depraved & Mom Approved in Middle Township, New Jersey

This week, in Middle Township, New Jersey, a vague rumor around town, causes a man, and his family to plot, and carry out intense revenge. So intense, that it's some of the most outlandish, brutal, and ridiculous behavior that have ever been discussed on the show. What's even crazier is the other people involved. No description could do this mess justice!! Along the way, we find out that some of New Jersey is actually the south, how a simple home pregnancy test could have changed the...


#092 - The Couple That Kills Together... Blames Each Other in Williamson, Arizona

This week, in Williamson, Arizona, a couple kills, plots & gambles together, but that doesn't mean that they will stay together. When one of them, a career criminal, thinks he has a way to make more money than he could ever dream of... he fails miserably, and decides that a cold blooded murder is much easier. This one is twisted, ending up with quite an unexpected result!! Along the way, we find out that places exist, even when we've never heard of them, that it's always more suspicious...


#091 - A Progression Of Awful Things in Kiowa, Colorado

This week, in Kiowa, Colorado, two young men on the run from the law, find refuge & work with a small town family. This is all fine until there's an argument over money, and a trip out to the local bars. A plan is hatched, but seems to go awry as an unthinkable murder is committed, and the police have to hunt the men down in the next state. It's a crazy ride of a story. Buckle up!! Along the way, we find out if Ru Paul was ever in a rodeo parade, how easy it was to be on the run from the...


#090 - A Closet Full Of Murder in Brentwood, Tennessee

This week, in Brentwood, Tennessee, we check out a case that is incredibly different from the last time we looked at Tennessee, as a couple lives the dream by having their own business, and moving into an affluent suburb, to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that turns into a mess of lies, a closet full of surprises, and one vicious killing. It's a mind bogglingly ridiculous plot!! Along the way, we find out how something as simple as a highway can make a town boom, what could be the...


#089 - Pollinations & Decapitations in Cave Junction, Oregon

This week, in Cave Junction, Oregon, a man with a shady past, and even shadier present lures a younger woman into his awful web. This leads to paranoia, conspiracy theories, and brutal, heartless violence. The excuses are weak, and so is the defense, but just when you think it's all over, a possible surprise from the past surfaces. Don't miss a minute of this one!! Along the way, we find out why a certain parade may not be kid friendly, what the most terrible smell on earth may be, if it's...


#088 - A Chance Encounter in Webster Township, Michigan

This week, in Webster Township, Michigan, a drifter is committing a series of robberies in a rural area, but when a reclusive woman disappears, it's not clear if he's actually the murderer... or if she was even murdered. Once the police get involved, it only gets worse, as this tale spins into craziness. It's a wild one!! Along the way, we find out how exciting it can be to stare at a barn, how much cocaine could possibly be on a farm, and that police dogs have a hard time finding bodies...


#087 - A Bloody Mess in Nitro, West Virginia

This week, in Nitro, West Virginia, a young girl is found, sending the town into a storm of action, and mistakes. The investigation is so much of a mess that it almost overshadowed the complete, and unnecessary brutality of the actual murder. It's a bad person, being pursued by inept people, and it makes for one of the craziest stories that we've ever done!! Along the way, we find out why only horses march in this town's parade, how much evidence can possibly exist before you're...


#086 - The Problem Here Is... in Stanford, Montana

This week, in Stanford, Montana, a family falls apart around the treatment of an elderly stepfather, until murder seems like the only solution. The crime was just plain vicious, and the perpetrators were some of the last people you'd expect to do such a thing... until you find out a little more about them. Not to mention the criminal justice system failing so completely, in this case, that you sort of root for a murderer. It's a wild ride!! Along the way, we find out that people used to...


#085 - Lust, Unexplained Wounds & Weak Excuses in Gainesboro, Tennessee

This week, in Gainesboro, Tennessee, a strange family love love triangle, involving some unlikely participants leads to turbulent relationships, uncomfortable holidays, and eventually murder. The investigation that follows is the definition of inept, and the conclusion will leave you shocked... and laughing!! Along the way, we find out how rural towns get started to begin with, that dating your child's wife can ruin Christmas dinner, and if the evidence isn't in your hands, it must mean...


#084 - Sadistic Isn't Sexually Transmitted in Red Wing, Minnesota

This week, in Red Wing, Minnesota, a relationship that was clearly doomed from the start, deteriorates quickly, and with violent results. What caused this escalation? Jealousy? Unkind Words? Chlamydia? Either way, it's a crazy story that will make you angry... When it's not hilarious!! Along the way, we find out why Minnesota towns might seem more LGBTQ friendly than they actually may be, whether constant violence constitutes a legal pattern, and just how cold blooded you can be & still be...


#083 - Affairs & Stabbings Of The Heart in Essex, Vermont

This week, in Essex, Vermont, a happy marriage somehow turns into deception, affairs, insurance money & a nasty, cold blooded murder! Everything seems to add up to an obvious & disturbing conclusion. Justice seems served... But that's only the beginning. It quickly devolves into a murky & unbelievable situation, with an explosive ending! This is a crazy one!! Along the way, we find out how easy it was to raise a spouse's life insurance benefits, that you can't fight off a stabbing while...


#082 - Sick, Twisted & Extra Stupid in Flora Vista, New Mexico

This week, in Flora Vista, New Mexico, a young woman goes looking for a job in broad daylight, then suddenly vanishes, sending the whole area frantically searching. The tragedy only gets worse from there, when we find out what her last, horrible few minutes must have been like. Plus, jokes!! Along the way, we find out that people used to be willing to fight over paperwork, that 74 degrees is the perfect temperature for a criminal evacuation, and if you get arrested for murder, don't tell...


#081 - Begging For Death in James Island, South Carolina

This week, in James Island, South Carolina, a man seeks retribution for what he feels an death worthy offense, and decides to take matters to the extreme, while making phone calls, and asking people whether he should kill the other man, or let him live. It's an incredible story of brutality, and total disregard for other human beings. Hilarious!! Along the way, we find out why these people think a sand castle is a Christmas decoration, how people can sit back & watch another person be taken...


#080 - Sex, Lies & Duct Tape in Villa Park, Illinois

This week, in Villa Park, Illinois, a web of lies is put together through social media profiles, until the person behind them decides that they want a new life, and the only way to get it was killing the person that they felt stood in the way. It's a crazy, complex tale of a love triangle, insurance money, and identity treachery, that adds up to cold blooded murder, and a lot of laughs!! Along the way, we find out what goes on at a butterfly garden, whether you can be a firefighter, if you...


#079 - Maybe Satan Did It in Dayton, Nevada

This week, in Dayton, Nevada, what seems like an open & shut case gets much more complicated, when the details are really looked at. Was this a bloodthirsty monster, killing for nothing but the thrill? Or was this a case of inexperienced law enforcement officers & prosecutors jumping to conclusions, based on fear & innuendo? Either way, its both infuriating & hilarious!! Along the way, we find out about how scary a "town dance" was in the 1800's, that everyone in small towns used to fear...


#078 - A Blaze Of Glory in Redding, Connecticut

This week, in Redding, Connecticut, a group of young men move into their own place, and everything is great... until a dispute over a small amount of money with the landlord leads to incredible violence & horror, shocking everyone around the affluent & leafy town. It's a double serving of crazy!! Along the way, we find out where Mark Twain died, if punching 12 year olds is ever acceptable & how many days a tenant can be late with rent before you're allowed to go out in a blaze of glory!!...


#077 - Tortured To Elvis in Gretna, Louisiana

This week, in Gretna, Louisiana, a fun night of drinking somehow leads to an understandable argument with the babysitter, that inexplicably turns incredibly violent. It's a nasty, callous murder, and the only thing crazier is what happens when the legal system gets involved. This one is an extra helping of crazy... You've been warned!! Along the way, we find out what music brings older white people to a festival, how two strangers can instantly form a symphony of violence, and just how...