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Surprise Party 2 - A Few Hopes

Surprise Party is back, and just in time, because it's a period of civil war and somebody needs to blow up that damn Death Star! Of course, it won't be Princess Leia and her friends on any mercy mission this time -- several fictional characters were beamed to this podcast by Smash Fiction hosts. Claire, Kit, and MeganBob have constructed three parties of new New Hopes, and with Dan as their high-minded Force ghost guide, they will compete in a series of scored contests to see who will be the...


107 - Captain Jack Harkness vs. Captain Jack Sparrow (feat. Hannah Pascoe and Sharon Schneiderman)

Through a complicated series of events that could only have sprung from the sick and convoluted mind of Judge Miles, two of fiction's most adventurous, sex-crazed swashbucklers have found themselves marooned in a seedy criminal port city, and there's only one magical item that can get them out again! Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood's greatest time agent who is, of course, displaced in time, has discovered that the item lies somewhere inside the local crime lord's tower headquarters, and...


Extraordinary League 27 - Veni Vidi Yoshi

Having safely infiltrated Grimgrim Prison, our heroes must now find a way of freeing the Yoshi inmates from their Koopa captors. How long can they keep their true identities a secret before all hell breaks loose? What secret weapons will the Koopas deploy against them? And what exactly is Nico planning to do away from everyone else? Vivian hits the jackpot; Luna REALLY wants to make friends; Nico doesn't quite think things through; Stitch tries a new look; and Dante finds his true...


Extraordinary League 26.5 - A Study in Sugar

Happy April Fool's Day, listeners! Worry not, your regularly-scheduled League episode will be up tomorrow (April 2nd), but we decided to give you a little something extra on this most special of days. So what exactly does an April Fool's League episode sound like? Well, what about a different GM stepping in while Dan becomes a player? What about one of the weirdest League teams this side of Phyrexia? What about a murder mystery... in Candyland? Additional music this episode is "Take a...


106 - Old Han Solo vs. Old Indiana Jones vs. Old Rick Deckard

Nazis. Why'd it have to be Nazis? And on the moon, of all places. When space Nazis kidnap president James Marshall right off his Air Force One, NASA makes use of SCIENCE! to summon three of his look-alikes from alternate universes. From long ago in a galaxy far, far away comes former general, forever smuggler, and first-shooter, Han Solo! Swinging in with a whip and a fedora full of luck is archaeologist, professor, and repeated nuisance to Nazis, Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr! And last...


Collaboratory 2 - Don't You Forget About Me

Smash Metafiction presents the second episode of Collaboratory, in which Claire Mulkerin guides three other Smash Fiction hosts through a collaborative storytelling process using the characters, settings, genres, goals, and MacGuffins they each independently brought to the table, stitched together via the screenwriting steps and structure from the book Save The Cat! In this sophomore effort, a few similarities between story elements don't make things any less fun, as super-strong teenagers...


105 - Ivy Valentine vs. Morrigan Aensland vs. Kitana

A dispute over a minor magical artifact turns into a battle of the dark princesses of fighting games, as whip fetishist and least-dressed Soul Calibur character Ivy Valentine takes on Darkstalker's resident bat-winged succubus, Morrigan Aensland, and the fan-flinging queen of Kombat, Princess Kitana, in the first actual straight-up combat match of Season 3! Will Ivy's use of the Soul Edge be enough to overcome the disadvantages conveyed on her by the basic rules of boob physics? Will...


Extraordinary League 26 - Shell Shock

Some difficulties during recording mean that this episode is a bit shorter than normal, but you still get a giant helping of Mushroom Kingdom action and intrigue! The League (and their new companion) have been found by Koopa Troops--it looks like their quest to free the land from Bowser won't be an easy one. Can the League stand up to some of their weirdest enemies yet? And what ill-advised and hideously impractical plan will they come up with to infiltrate an entire stronghold of these...


104 - Yuri on Ice vs. Blades of Glory (feat. Brad Bultman)

We've got winter sports fever here at Smash Fiction, so we've put together the ultimate showcase of figure skating athleticism for your listening pleasure! Japan's Yuri Katsuki joins with his rival, Russia's Yuri Plisetsky, as the team known as Yuri(s) on Ice--and they had better be prepared to make history, because their opponents are the legendary Americans Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, better known as the Blades of Glory! Men will spin. Ice will be sliced. Same-sex...


Surprise Party 1 - One Fellowship To Rule Them All

It's another episode of Smash Metafiction, featuring the debut of a new experimental game -- Surprise Party! Drawing from fictional characters across the multiverse, the Smash Fiction hosts build their own adventuring parties of fighters, rogues, mages, clerics, and bards (not to mention the dreaded "dumpus") and see whose team can best complete the trials and tribulations of an previously existing story. In the augural episode, Dan guides three cobbled-together character coalitions...


103 - Kirk and Spock vs. Frodo and Sam (feat. Kris Newton and Katrina Ehrnman-Newton)

Well, listeners, it's finally happened. It was inevitable, really. It was clear right from the beginning that one day, these events would occur. Most of us never believed in the prophecy, but here we are. Smash Fiction has finally, officially caught the slashfic bug (MeganBob is actually the disease's primary carrier, so yeah, should have seen that one coming). Not only that, but we've infected the Gameable Podcast with it, as well. Kris and Katrina had no choice but to return to our show...


Extraordinary League 25 - Pipe Dream

Now that the siege on Castle Grayskull has been broken, the League is finally able to catch their breath and begin to rebuild. Old injuries are addressed, new status quos are examined, and threats are flung in every direction. And finally, the League finds a new lead in their struggle against Phyrexia, which leads them to a new world... a very, very strange new world. Stitch plays keep-away; Nico redefines anti-social behavior; Luna hands out swag; Dante looks into some upgrades; and...


102 - The Phantom of the Opera vs. Sweeney Todd (feat. Rafael Medina)

What happens when the Opera Populaire's legendary Phantom and the man known as Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, start killing people simultaneously in a Paris that is now under the steely-eyed watch of the miserable but constantly rules-enforcing Inspector Javert? Why, the most musical episode of Smash Fiction in history, of course! As Todd and the Phantom attempt to avoid the investigative attentions of the good inspector (well, the lawful neutral inspector, at least), all...


Collaboratory 1 - Here There Be Dragons

In the inaugural episode of Smash Metafiction, Claire guides the Smash Fic hosts through a collaborative storytelling exercise that we like to call... Collaboratory. For reasons that are evident over the course of the show. Actually, you get to hear the conversation in which we decide on that name. It's fun times. Each of the hosts shows up with an existing fictional character or archetype, as well as a story element, including genre, setting, goal, and MacGuffin. Then, using...


101 - Orko vs. Rincewind

Son of a...really, magic? Really? All we were trying to do was cast a simple spell to create a podcast episode where two bumbling, no-talent magicians square off in a contest of raw incompetence. But damn, we must have gotten something wrong, because this episode is way too competitive and full of sex jokes, not at all the light-hearted romp we were going for. Oh well. Maybe no one will notice... Anyway, after years of enjoying a total dearth of animated brooms dancing around and flooding...


Extraordinary League 24 - Swords and Sorceresses

The final showdown between the League and Demona has arrived, with the Power of Grayskull hanging in the balance! Can Helena's newfound might help the heroes to stand against Demona and her army of weirdly-themed villains? Who will become the new Sorceress of Grayskull? And what ever happened to those other five characters that were standing guard at Castle Grayskull, anyway? Stitch takes on an army; Mordin puts his newest invention to the test; Dante loses something important; Nico has...



With a mind-melting 100 episodes in the can, it's once again time for Smash Fiction's season finale, the Smash Bash Championship! All six hosts join forces yet again, this time to draft teams of five Season 2 victors. These teams will then be tested in the Lightning Gauntlet -- no fewer than SIX ridiculous Lightning Rounds in a row! The winners of these Lightning Rounds will go on to compete in the Ultimate Smashdown, a final fight to determine the new Smash Fiction champion! Who will...


100 - Yuri Orlov vs. Randall "Memphis" Raines vs. Eddie King vs. Joe vs. Speckles the Mole

100 episodes. Holy shit. We don't entirely know how this happened, but we do know that it wouldn't have happened without all of you. So thank you, from the bottom of all our cockles, and as a small token of our appreciation, please enjoy 80 whole minutes of the six regular Smash Fiction hosts going completely fucking insane, in their own unique ways. You don't actually need to have seen Lord of War, Gone In 60 Seconds, Deadfall, Bangkok Dangerous, or G-Force. You just need love (and...


99 - Prince Zuko vs. Firestar vs. Roy Mustang vs. Chandra Nalaar

Question: For about an hour, why was the Fire Princess' kingdom Armageddon? Answer: THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT! Four fire-themed characters turn up the heat on one another and the advocates deliver some burns of their own in an appropriately aggressive elemental contest. Will Zuko's fire-bending and general moodiness make him a Smash Fiction avatar? Will Kit's tendency to get SUPER close to the mic when she's angry help her defend her beloved Roy Mustang? Will Chandra Nalaar use her...


98 - Revan vs. Galen "Starkiller" Marek (feat. Neal Butler)

With another Star Wars movie upon us, the Smash Fiction crew Force-leaps back into the world of magic mind bullets and dueling space priests, a place where lightsabers clash, lightning flies, and red laser shields turn on and off for, like, no reason! A long time ago (though definitely in the same galaxy) we battled to determine the most powerful lord of the Sith. At some point in our grimy, intricately lived-in future, we will determine the worthiest of the Jedi Masters. But now, in Smash...


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