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122 - Dr. Horrible vs. Count Olaf (feat. Brad Bultman)

After a lifetime of work (and one particularly traumatic afternoon at the opening of a homeless shelter), Dr. Horrible has finally secured a position in the unholy halls of the Evil League of Evil... which means that it's all the more perplexing when he shows up at his induction ceremony only to find another Dr. Horrible seated at the table! Turns out that Count Olaf, villainous master of disguise, has temporarily suspended his pursuit of the Baudelaire orphans and is angling for his own...


Extraordinary League 34 - Diamonds in the Rough

The League's search for the fourth gem takes them into a Phyrexian junkyard. The high gray walls around this area hide more than garbage, however, as the League will encounter old enemies, new allies, and come face-to-face with those they thought left behind. Dante tries out a new form of fashion; Mordin begins to expand his horizons; Stitch attempts to become a celestial body; Nico gets both more and less than she expected; and Luna gets the group a sweet new ride. Additional music this...


121 - Freddy Krueger vs. Inception

Boy, Dom Cobb and his crew of dream thieves certainly have their work cut out for them, don't they? Their expedition into the subconsciousness of Robert Fischer will throw all sorts of challenges at them: militarized projections, multiple dream levels, unwanted visits from Cobb's dead wife. The last thing these guys need right now is a murderous undead serial killer who turns dreams into charnelhouses. Oh wait, you mean Freddy Krueger IS there? Well shoot, NOW this story is getting...


Surprise Party 5 - Meddling Kids

Steel yourself for the wildest Surprise Party yet as we tackle the now-seminal horror movie Cabin in the Woods! Our hosts form groups of hapless hormonal teenagers that very quickly find themselves in over their heads as they are pursued by dangerous creatures... and a mysterious organization. Will Kit's party of anime characters outdo Miles's party of super-obscure film characters? Will Claire ever get to see a merman? And will one of our hosts end up the victim of that most terrifying of...


120 - Lucian vs. Angua von Uberwald vs. John Talbain vs. Scott Howard

The third annual Smashtoberfest kicks off with a growl and a howl as four fuzzy fighters fling themselves into a ferocious fracas filled with flying fur, fearsome fangs, and of course, the full moon! Yes, it’s the werewolf war we’ve all been waiting for, a bestial battle between the most legendary of lycanthropes — or at least, our favorites! Lucian, the lycan lord of the Underworld who morphs into a horndog far more often than once per month; Angua von Uberwald, sexy-but-deadly scourge of...


Extraordinary League 33 - Chasing Shadows

Our heroes are really in the thick of things now. Fleeing deeper into Phyrexia, they meet up with another League cell for a chance to catch their breath and plan ahead. What they find is a new ally... and an unconventional way to get to the gem they're after. Mordin teaches the team the wonders of triangulation; Nico creates a new scaly friend; Stitch is the one who throws; Dante spreads the wonders of consent to a new world; and Luna tries to make Phyrexia more handicap accessible. Many...


Collaboratory 5 - A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

Return to the lab with us this week as Claire, Dan, Kit, and Meganbob attempt to build a coherent story out of random characters and plot elements! Things get wild quickly as the core cast includes a woman who's a wolf, a man who's an owl, and a cat who's a people. Mix in story elements from Star Wars, Image Comics, Oscar Wilde, and obscure Australian westerns, and you end up with a tale of adventure, deception, intrigue, and... contact juggling? Seriously, this one is really weird.


119 - Odysseus vs. Cuchulainn vs. Beowulf vs. Sir Lancelot (feat. Matias Tautimez)

Gather round and listen well to a tale most epic, passed down from generation to generation, of four heroes who were bamboozled into partaking in their most mythic adventure yet! Sun Wukong, the infamous Monkey King, has decided that he'd rather flit about various fictional worlds causing mischief, and managed to trick the greatest heroes from Greek, Irish, British, and Scandinavian mythology into taking the hapless monk Tripitaka on a legendary journey to the west. The way is hazardous,...


Surprise Party 4 - An AVALANCHE of Characters

The Shinra Corporation is up to no good, rumors of impending doom are flying like a one-winged angel, and once again, a group of adventurers have come together to save the world. Of course, this is Surprise Party, so there are actually three groups, they're significantly more makeshift than most, and if you thought you knew how the story of Final Fantasy VII goes, the Smash Fiction crew is here to make it go a very, VERY different way! Of course, you don't need to know everything about...


118 - Milo and Otis vs. Homeward Bound (feat. Brad Bultman)

It's once again time for hackles to rise, fur to fly, and Kit to get unreasonably excited about animals as Smash Fiction goes on its very own incredible journey! Cruella DeVille is in the market for some new formal attire and has gotten her evil hands on five of the most iconic cats and dogs of 80s and 90s kids movies. However, thanks in part to the blundering of Cruella's credulous cronies, Horace and Jasper, our adorable fluffy heroes have managed to escape, and now face a daunting...


Extraordinary League 32 - Once More, With Fearing

Times of peace are few, far between, and all too short for our world-hopping heroes. After indulging in some well-earned downtime, the League summons Team Ohana for a new mission... and it quickly becomes clear that this new world is going to be much more dangerous than anything they've encountered before. Stitch helps Lace cultivate a new skill set; Luna seeks redemption; Nico creates a sweet new ride; Dante grotesquely misuses a dessert topping; and Mordin realizes just how much he's...


117 - Hot Fuzz vs. Rush Hour

When an evil crime lord grows powerful enough to make multiple sovereign nations break into a cold sweat, there's really only one thing to do: call in a pair of hilarious but effective buddy cop comedy duos who cook some fools and don't play by the rules! Chief Inspector Lee of the Hong Kong police department is on the case, and still hasn't managed to shake off his partner, Detective James Carter of the LAPD. Rush hour has arrived once again, and Carter and Lee are ready to stop the...


Collaboratory 4 - Semi-Sweet

It's ladies' night down in the lab this week on Smash Metafiction as Claire, Kit, Liz, and Meganbob put their heads together to create a story of mystery, superpowers, and romance unlike any other! An aristocrat, a warrior, a rockstar, and a spirit of mischief come together unexpectedly in a tale of intrigue. Join us for a film that dares to tackle the real questions, like: Just how jacked can a mutated squirrel get? What's the best way to come out to your friends, family, and YouTube...


116 - Nico Minoru vs. Zatanna Zatara (feat. Sharon Schneiderman)

Magical puns and jokes about lighter fluid abound in this week's particularly charming episode of Smash Fiction, as Marvel and DC's respective California fashion-goth word witches do battle in a contest to see who can wave their wand, staff, or weird magic murder arm and make their opponent... disappear! Nico Minoru, the somewhat morally ambiguous member of the Runaways, A-Force, and most importantly, the Extraordinary League, has stolen the Book of Shadows to try and learn more about her...


Extraordinary League 31 - The Doom That Came to the Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom arc comes to a dramatic conclusion as the heroes finally confront the villain responsible for all the destruction and chaos they've faced since stepping foot into this world. But robots and power armor are far from the only threats that the League will have to contend with in their final struggle here, and one of them will have to decide how far they're willing to go to make sure they win. Stitch waxes poetic; Vivian reaches out to an old friend; Nico puts her studies...


3rd Anniversary Special

Well, once again, the Anniversary special is being released a day late, so it's pretty clear that the Smash Fiction Podcast is STILL not getting any better (if anything, based on the matches that have made up the majority of our third year, it's just getting...weird). And yet, here you all are, continuing to listen to this dumb show of ours. We can't thank you enough for that. Really. As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy an hour of Miles, Claire, Kit, Liz, MeganBob, and Dan...


115 - Maui vs. Hercules (feat. Kris Newton)

When the Polynesian trickster god Maui steals the golden apples of the Hesperides and the mighty Olympian demigod known as Hercules is sent to get them back, there's only one way to figure out who would win in a fight. And when you're doing a Smash Fiction match between Disney characters, there's only one guest host to call in: Kris Newton of Gameable and MegaDumbCast! Unfortunately, Kris' attempts at thinking are immediately lost in a sea of yelling, as arguments over animated films about...


Ship Wrecked 2 - Heelies, Hockey, and Heavy Rain

Ship Wrecked is back for a second date, and if you thought dinner was fun, wait till you hear about romantic thrift store shopping! The latest edition of Smash Metafiction's spectacular speed dating game features different characters, new locations, and of course, more wrinkles, as we attempt to find a fictional couple deserving of the title of OTP! Is there a chance these ships are seaworthy, or is the love between, say, 1000-year-old supernatural monsters and shape-changing teenage alien...


114 - Tifa Lockhart vs. Terra Branford vs. Lightning

It’s rare to get a do-over when your world is destroyed, but the alternate-dimension bending and timeline restoration powers of the Chrono Cross promise just that. Serge is ready to pass on his timeline white-out device and three Final Fantasy heroines with post-apocalyptic homes will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI, Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII, and Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII fight it out in the Temporal Vortex using all the magic...


Surprise Party 3 - A Group of Remarkable People

There was an idea (Smash Fiction listeners know this) called the Surprise Party Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkably nerdy idiots who could take the casts of popular stories and replace them with fictional characters from other stories, then compete with each other to see whose party would be the best one at completing the original story. It's a pretty stupid notion, but what the hell, we've done it twice before, might as well do it again! As you may have...