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10: Understudy

With the "Mother of the Year" awards right around the corner, Julia lies to her son, manipulates his emotions, and steals his cell phone to try and win back her husband. Meanwhile, Uma Thurman and her assistant are stuck in Cuba, and Derek has to find a scared bird and/or rabbit to be the understudy for Marilyn. Back in the here and now Ali and Olly discuss whether Ivy might have had more success getting back into the Bombshell cast with the help of a fake mustache and a British accent.


9: Hell On Earth

The angel has landed. Ali and Olly return for the second half of season one in style, as we finally see Ivy take to a Broadway stage back at "Heaven on Earth" and Julia is at last forced to face the music (but not the book, since that's still not finished).


We Just Keep Moving The Line

Ali and Olly check in with an update on our hiatus and when we'll be back for the second half of season one - plus, news of what all your favorite SMASH stars are up to!


8: The Coup

Derek enlists Karen to help discover a Marilyn "for a new generation" - a flawless idea provided that said generation hangs out in abandoned warehouses in Nowhere, Brooklyn and enjoys terrible music and cages. With the workshop over and tensions running high, Ivy reaches the end of the line (the metaphorical one, not the line of prednisone she's snorting), and back in the present Ali and Olly have legitimate concerns about the Cartwright diet plan and Tom's idea of breaking news gently.


7: The Workshop

Well, well, well… it's time for the scarves to come off. As the work-in-progress presentation of the Marilyn musical finally sees the light of day, Julia begins to wonder if having a catastrophic affair that brings emotional stress to your teenage son and potentially destroys both your marriage and career is, in some ways, different to a high school show crush. And the arrival of Bernadette Peters (no, really) as Ivy's mother prompts Ali and Olly to speculate who else may have cameoed in...


6: Chemistry

Son-of-a-rabbi, it's our first special guest! Zach Stecker joins us to talk Big Buck Hunter, bar mitzvahs, and barely believable side effects of prednisone as the workshop presentation of the Marilyn musical draws ever nearer. Back in our dimension, Ali has concerns that she might be being out-jew'd and a visit to WebMD brings the episode grinding to a halt.


5: Let's Be Bad

Trouble is afoot; with Frank stuck out of town and whipped cream just sitting there begging to be sucked off of fingers, Julia's valiant attempts to stop herself cheating on her husband turn out to be futile as Michael drunkenly shows up at her house and endears himself to her teenage son. Meanwhile, Ali tries not to choke to death on cat hair as the recording session heads uptown to Olly's apartment for the first time. But it's all fine because, you guys - it's time for Let's Be Bad!


4: The Cost of Art

You never know where a wolf might crouch, but when Nick Jonas shows up, who honestly cares? As rehearsals kick off for the Marilyn workshop, Eileen resorts to selling her prized possessions to fund it and Ivy's sense of entitlement goes off the charts. Meanwhile, Ali and Olly introduce their line of SMASH-themed party foods and theorize which actress could have played Christian Borle's mother in a later season.


3: Enter Mr. DiMaggio

Lust! Deception! Baby showers! The arrival of Will Chase as Michael Swift triggers the rapid unraveling of Julia's integrity (and scarf collection), and Karen heads home to Iowa for some long overdue TLC and poor karaoke choices. Back in the real world, Ali and Olly reflect on the 72nd Annual Tony Awards and the dangers of Red Bull.


2: The Callback

Having made a total of zero decisions about who to cast since the last episode, the creative team continues putting Karen and Ivy through their paces in some of the most thoroughly rehearsed auditions of all time. Meanwhile, Ali and Olly introduce Rand Corp's new line of pet foods and a perilous Kevin Spacey reference threatens to stop the podcast in its tracks.


1: Pilot

As Tom and Julia get to work creating a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe (under the unlikely influence of assistant and tea drawer advocate Ellis), an unconventional audition process and a cavalcade of strange characters making even stranger choices leave Ali and Olly with a few questions.



Fade in on a girl with a hunger for all things SMASH. Get a sneak peek at our first episode!