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Women of the Prehistoric Planet and Light Misogyny

This week we tackle the movie MiMi ACTUALLY wanted to watch - and we really have to ask ourselves why. What's up with Tang? Why is he LIKE that? Could ANYONE understand the admiral -- or were they just going along to keep the peace? WHAT IS GOING ON, MOVIE? (CW - racism, domestic abuse) *Note: we had some minor audio issues in the last 1/3 of the episode or so. Please forgive our mess. We'll do better next time.* Host segments: comic antagonism; then they do it; because time dilation; Joe...


First Spaceship on Venus and Kinky Business Trips

Folks. It turns out this week we watched an episode MiMi wanted to watch, only for her to discover when we started to watch it that she actually wanted to watch another episode. We know why, now. We'll watch the right one next time. We promise. Host segments: God bless Joe; junk drawer trauma; why you do Sumiko like that?; makin' fun of Euro-trash; OMAGHA!; Joe's pro tips; slap Gig Young; getting probed; fapping away. Please be sure to like, share, rate, and subscribe. Find us on Facebook...


Invasion of the Neptune Men and Intimate Chafing

We're tackling a listener DARE this week. Not a request. A DARE. And we say, "Challenge accepted." Well. Devori did. She's not sure the rest of the SoL-Mates like her anymore. Join us as we talk about the mystery that is the not-as-good-as-Prince-of-Space spectacle, Invasion of the Neptune Men. Also, enjoy the extremely graphic IotNM as steak gristle meat-aphor. Host Segments: The power of Newton compels you; longing for Commando Cody; no befriending Pearl; chief/prince hierarchy; Joe's...


Invasion of the Neptune Men and Intimate Chafing

We're tackling a listener DARE this week. Not a request. A DARE. And we say, "Challenge accepted." Well. Devori did. She's not sure the rest of the SoL-Mates like her anymore. Join us as we talk about the mystery that is the not-as-good-as-Prince-of-Space spectacle, Invasion of the Neptune Men. Also, enjoy the extremely graphic IotNM as steak gristle meat-aphor. Host Segments: The power of Newton compels you; longing for Commando Cody; no befriending Pearl; chief/prince hierarchy; Joe's mind...


Devil Fish and Supportive Undergarment Selection

We’re wrapping up a fishy summer with the Mike-era classic, Devil Fish. Just be glad that you don’t see us all wearing our distressingly tiny shorts, but that won’t save you from the bad Italian accents. Perhaps it’s seeing so many Italian men’s hangers that makes this episode extra gross. Or we’re just gross. You decided. Host segments: CSI Martha; potential poon vs. resident poon; going full Bobo; those are balls; barnacle boner; tub death; bad borrower. Please be sure to like, share,...


Killer Fish and Working with Your Significant Other

It’s not quite Shark Week over here at SoL-Mates, but we figured talking about the Gauntlet favorite Killer Fish would be a reasonable facsimile. If you’re so inclined, check out the episode of Suicide Buddies (co-hosted by Hampton Yount himself) discussing Margaux Hemingway’s suicide. Host Segments: Jeff Old-Mansplains Piranha-phobia; trying to fill in all these plot-holes; MiMi’s a robot purist; a Brazillion degrees; gem-stuffed...


Kitten with a Whip and Sadism without the Sex

For our final episode in our “Summer of Mis-Spent Youth,” we tackle perhaps the most baffling of all the teenage criminal movies – Kitten with a Whip. Like David Stratton, we just can’t quit Jody. But we’re more than capable of shouting our advice at him anyway. Listen for a poignant moment when Devori’s soul leaves her body in frustration. (cw: murder, molestation in reference to the plot). Host Segments: Vicky Mendoza Parallel; Kitten ex Machina; Jeff gets real dark; Sex Kitten Castle...


Untamed Youth and Stepdaddy Issues

Wow - Mamie Van Doren has...talents! And we talk about both of them in our episode covering Untamed Youth! What happens when rowdy teens are only mildly rowdy? It should be noted that Joe cut out probably the most scintillating discussion for time - Devori talking about the war between barber-surgeons and physicians. But - it turned out pretty good anyway. (cw: miscarriage, sexual assault, racial slur) Host Segments: #HerToo; we could take a toddler; Jeff has a problem with authority; Joe's...


Teenage Strangler and Putting a Ring On It

This episode ended up a touch longer than normal, but that’s only because we’re such a fan of teenage stranglers. No – people who strangle teenagers. Wait – this is coming out all wrong. *backs out of room* *turns off lights* Strangling semantics; life with Mikey; barf medium; Jeff gets defensive – just like an only child; Devori’s Wide Wide World of Serial Killers; hysterical feedback loops; our content is a good size; MiMi absolutely won’t do that; we have strong opinions about janitors;...


The Beatniks and When Your Friends Can't Stand Your S.O.

This week, we talk about a movie about beatniks that inexplicably has no beatniks in it. Seriously. Not a beatnik to be seen. There’s a crooner. Some juvenile delinquents, maybe. But we didn’t see one beret. Nor did anyone snap. And we watched really carefully. Host segments: You Might Be A Beatnik; do these people have parents?; Tony Travis is The One; dill comma whole; hungover children; Harry’s got a type; aggressively apathetic; arcanejuggzz is a thing.


Jack the Giant Killer and Seizing a Bone

This episode, we're delving into one of our favorite Rifftrax Lives - Jack the Giant Killer! Along the way, we find we just can't help bringing up Samantha Fox...again. Listen as Devori is slowly driven mad by her own childhood existential crises and her fear of 1960s-era Disney animation. You can also audibly hear the moment Jeff is reminded that Birdemic exists. Host segments: the pragmatics of life riffing; a history of Jack the Giant Killer; evil wizard logistics; vs....


The Magic Sword and Knightly Consensual Non-Monogamy

Magical May™ continues with the Bert I. Gordon clunker (or banger, depending on to whom you speak) The Magic Sword. More importantly, this is the episode when we FINALLY explain broasting to Jeff. Host segments: durty Joel; a satchel of Richards; the logic of circulating the tapes; SLP; friend zone; Sybil Wick; The One Where They Pause Riff MVP to Explain Broasting to Jeff. Please remember to like, share, rate, and subscribe. We're on Twitter at @solmatespod and on Facebook at SolMates...


Wizards of the Lost Kingdom and the Needs of Naughty Girls

It's officially Magical May ™ here at SoL-Mates, and we celebrate it by *checks notes* listening to Jeff talk about how much he wants to nail Samantha Fox. Mostly we're just amazed how much we relate to Kor when we come out the other side. Host Segments: The Wizard Chigur; missing David Bowie tracks; manticore padding; we don't get this kingdom; Teddy Fuxpin; Joel holds MST3K in an iron fist; Kor does anything for boobies; tripping balls on gnome wine; prepare to face the wrath of Fat...


Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders and Oedipal Nightmares

The SoL-Mates were reunited for this episode, and it feels soooooo good. Join your favorites and a special guest as they discuss Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders. This one is really a feast for the ears because...well...there's Jello shots. This means there's 100% more mouth-sounds in this episode, and we didn't charge you a penny for them. Host segments: Emo Phillips visits a Renaissance faire; Joe's sex bed; Merlin abides; eminent Romaine; douchecanoe. Please remember to like, share,...


Amazing Colossal Man and Dealing With Inadequacy

AAAAH. WE'RE of this episode. Well, some of us are. What does it mean to be amazing? Colossal? A man? More importantly - how does someone who decides to bull-charge an atom bomb end up being SO WHINY? Host segments: only rich kids get vitamins; The Great Hasting's Rent-Off; save me bomb; Joe goes there; Jeff comes from a long line of broads; Amazing Colossal Man 2: The Raging Nudge; The Barstow Stomper; who's afraid of going hiking in the desert now?; CONTINUING IN THE TRUE...


SoL-Mates #54: Girl in Gold Boots and Unsettling Love Triangles

We're tackling an MST3K classic, and the take-away is WE ALL WANNA BE A DANCER! We dissect the doings of Michele, Buzz, and Critter, and marvel and the discomfort of a love triangle with the oldest greaser WITH THE WORST PLANS EVER. Also, be sure to listen to the end for our #TryPod recommendations. We'd love to hear your recommendations on Twitter or on Facebook - what podcasts make you happy? Host segments: this is a bad plan; Quantum Critter; bringing up Buzz; so shiny; jump cut lore;...


SoL-Mates #53 - The Indestructible Man and Calming a Hysterical Woman

We wanted to talk about hard-boiled detectives, hysterical dames, and the pseudo-scientific origins of the modern Prometheus myth, but mostly we just end up screaming about taquitos. Host segments: not normally Devori's thing; MiMi's all bitter; don't invite The Butcher to your heist; a taquito fancast; two chicks at once; hysterical in the Angry Dome; the problem with serial shorts; very intersectional; banal AND infuriating. Please remember to like, share, rate, and subscribe - find us...


SoL-Mates #52 - Mac and Me and Pretty Nice Alien Anatomy

We’re finally taking on the new classic from Season 12, Mac and Me! We have so many questions that we want to address; What happened to the dad? How could the aliens have been contained in the facility? Is Mac from the moon? Mars? An asteroid? But most importantly, we discuss just would happen if Joe Don Baker was loose in a McDonald’s. A series of liquid and gas-filled bladders, super-human/sub-alien, Jeff tells us what’s the deal with rum; alien-based traumas; Joe as target audience; Jeff...


SoL-Mates #51: Horror of Party Beach and Flirting with Danger

How better to celebrate our last episode of Nuclear Winter than at Party Beach? Surely nothing can go wrong at Party Beach? Right? ...Right? Host segments: Heck's Angels; Scooby-Dooing this shit; sand in your tender bits; My Favorite Ford Fairlane; drunks, teenage girls, and out-of-towners; no boys allowed; Angry Dome presents Carol Clover; tantric rants; Those Were the Days; sometimes a wiener's just a wiener; The RZA ft. Tom Waits. Please find us on social media, and remember to like,...


SoL-Mates #50: Gamera and Penetrating Hard Emotional Shells

First off, we're absolutely thrilled to finally have an episode that doesn't sound like one of us is down a well. Secondly, we're continuing Nuclear Winter with a kaiju who's certainly one of the kaiju - Gamera! On the cutting room floor - a lengthy conversation about whether or not Jeff has seen Fletch, and whether or not Fletch is good. Devori writes the episode descriptions, though - so Fletch is very, very good. Host segments: Good throat meat; Turtle gap year; Gamera isn't here, man;...