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SoL-Mates #42: Squirm and Dating in the South

Listen as the SoL-Mates kick of Halloween month by plumbing the depths of their fears AND their Southern accents with Squirm! Also, be sure to look for literature regarding our burgeoning Cult of Coily! ALL HAIL THE SPRING! Host segments: sex and sketti; The Birds, but worms; Devori has beef with Mick; mostly water and goo; Gil's Paul/Saul moment; Jeff's worm academy; masturbation trunk. (CW: attempted rape) Be sure to like, rate, share, and subscribe! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and...


SoL-Mates #41: Rocket Attack USA and Consensual Voyeurism

The SoL-Mates have done it again! Through our patented combination of wit and ribald humor, we've turned a mediocre episode into a romp more fun that Joe Don Baker hiding in a closet watching you with your lover. Duck and cover for Rocket Attack U.S.A! Host segments: totally unhelpful apocalypse tips; a long short; totally reliable narrators; sweet, sweet caldera death; hooray for jingoism!; the very best spy boy; go a lot to Russia; Operation LG Mediocre; inappropriate Mr. Rogers. Please...


SoL-Mates #40: The Touch of Satan and Manual Stimulation

For the 40th episode of SoL-Mates, we searched high and low amongst the best experts we could find who were related to us and were currently staying in one of our houses at the time this episode was recorded. That's right! SoL-Mates has a special guest this week while we talk about The Touch of Satan and how silky smooth it is! Host segments: Joe's searing insight into shitty plots; Melissa's magical vagina; Jeff old mansplains wassail; the devil's in the details; Burt Bacharach's Touch of...


SoL-Mates #39: Manhunt in Space and Projectile Dysfunction

In this episode, the SoL-Mates take on MST3K's treatment of the space opera classic (yes, classic) Manhunt in Space! Along the way, everyone learns how they feel about Winky, and Devori and Joe are definitely, wisely childless by choice. cw: rape/sexual assault narratives and suicide Host segments: Vena's little helper; indignant Winky; CAN WE GET A PREDICATE?; Joel Hodgson - Space Ranger?; the sad tale of Scotty; worst matriarchy ever; minor GOT spoilers Please like, share, rate, and...


SoL-Mates #38: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank and Self Love in the Digital Age

We're tackling MST3K favorite Overdrawn at the Memory Bank this week, and you know what that means! PLEDGE BREAKS! But, like, cool pledge breaks. And 100% less Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul, & Mary. Be sure to listen to the end to hear how to win a prize in our very own Review Pledge Drive! If you don't, you're no better than a mangy old baboon. Host Segments: a five-star episode; Teeny Little Super Tattoo; the perils of doppling; Jeff's OATMB fan theories are DEEP; what's the deal with...


SoL-Mates Shorts: Manhattans at the Rocket #9 Lounge

Are you ready for your two favorite mans to talk about their favorite Manhattans? It's a veritable man Manhattan minisode up in here! Joe and Jeff really dig into the spirit of the Rocket #9 Lounge and share their favorite Manhattan recipes, as well as some deep thoughts. (Well -- deep for a Wednesday afternoon.) We also bid farewell to a MST3K legend. Host segments: dueling Manhattans; good vermouth; bring me something fruity; podcast check-in. As always, like, share, rate, and subscribe....


SoL-Mates #37 - Hercules and the Captive Women and Being Respectful of Uranus

The SoL-Mates are bidding a fond farewell to #SummerOfPecs 2018 with Hercules and the Captive Women. What happens when a domesticated Hercules just doesn't want to go adventuring anymore? What happens when you find out your daughter is the only thing standing between you and eternal life? What happens when you manifest your terrible id in the guise of uncanny blonde "ubermensch?" What happens when Joe is dubious about literally every plot point? What happens when Jeff drinks a looooooooot...


SoL-Mates #36: Outlaw of Gor and Light Bondage

Our #SummerOfPecs continues with the greasy, greasy Outlaw (of Gor). If Cabot falls into another dimension without a nerdy sidekick to constantly shriek his name, is he even really there? Host segments: simultaneous ziggurating; Gor-y granddad; Devori and the Trial of the Talker; John "Don't Call it Kink" Norman; Schrodinger's Dune; Jeff's got a thing; Joe's got the vapors. Please be sure to like, share, rate, subscribe on your podcatcher! Follow us on Twitter at @solmatespod and on...


SoL-Mates #35: Hercules Unchained and Doin' it Your Way

We're kicking off our second annual SUMMER OF PECS with the classic Hercules Unchained! We greased up real good and threw some furniture around, so we hope you'll enjoy listening. Host segments: the nutritional merits of "hot dish"; mythology joke!; Steel vs. Reeves; Iole outside the bar at 1:00 AM; great myths of Mediterranean stereotypes; Gypsy love; Devori's tired of Hercules' shit As always, this episode is brought to you by Bill's Beans. Visit and buy at,...


SoL-Mates #34: The Dead Talk Back and Unconventional Living Situations

We've got another LISTENER REQUEST *even more sick guitar licks*! This week, it's The Dead Talk Back. Man are the dead rude. Host Segments: DJ Girl Murderer; Englewood Noir; going full Daltry; MiMi and Jeff's long journey into Jerry; Most Haunted Curtain Rods; Joe Don: The Worst Roomate This episode brought to you by Bill's Beans - check them out at #buythosebeans Like, share, rate, subscribe! Follow us on Twitter @solmatespod, on Facebook at Sol-Mates MST3K podcast, or...


SoL-Mates #33 - Warrior of the Lost World and Clearly Communicating with your Lover

On this week's episode, we tackle a listener request: Warrior of the Lost World! MiMi didn't want to do it, but we made her. Bonus: we were drunk on caffeine, not booze. Host Segments: What's your dream apocalypse?; a loose dad in the studio; spaghetti apocalypse; not getting too carried away with fascist oppression; Pleasance-ville; Warrior of the Love Connection; we still hate Max Keller; Lost World: Warrior-er. Be sure to visit our fine sponsor, Bill's Beans at and remember...


SoL-Mates Shorts: A MiMi-sode and KTMA Cosmic Princess

In a very special short (Devori calls it a MiMi-sode), we find out Devori's been smoking weed, and that they both watched the KTMA episode Cosmic Princess! Also, they both learn something about some important social issue and the audience goes, "awwwww" as a result. Host Segments: the Brian Blessed factor; Caroline Munro redux; when bots are mean; riffs that fall flat; Space in Actual 1999. Please like, share, rate, subscribe! Follow us on Twitter at @solmatespod, on Facebook, or e-mail us...


SoL-Mates #32: Starcrash and Maintaining Your Mechanical Lover

We're dipping back into Season 11 with the already-beloved Starcrash! Listen closely to see if you can tell if we're all wearing pleather bikinis! (Hint: we are.) Sounds of pouring liquor during the Rowsdower Cocktail Hour are complimentary. Host segments: rationing MST3K; Joe judges Stella Star; Devori thinks about things too much; what even is Ackton?; Stella Star is strangely attractive; six degrees of MarJoe Gortner; David Hasselhoff - ender of the Cold War; CSI: UFO; Stella and the...


Sol-Mates #31 - Night of the Blood Beast and Unplanned Pregnancy

In this episode, we learn that whiny pregnant dudes are the worst. Host segments: our own wishing songs; a riffing drought; getting people hooked on MST3K; when dudes get knocked up; Nate's Awesome Space Administration; It's a Wonderful Phone; Wetsy Betsy gets some advice; Don Draper sells the shit out of phones; Muppet Bloodbeast Babies. This episode brought to you by -- #buythosebeans! As always like, share, rate, subscribe. Follow us on Twitter @solmatespod and on...


SoL-Mates #30: Master Ninja II and Recognizing Toxic Relationships

Y'all - we have ninja fatigue this week. Maybe humans weren't meant to watch so much sub-par ninja fare in such a short time. We made it through somehow, but not entirely unscathed. Host segments: "Previously on Sol-Mates"; all chaff, no wheat; MiMi confesses; drenching The Master in faint praise; TV theme crimes; shitty Chekov's gun; PickleFace; Jeff's brazen canning lies; how we feel about improv; Max Keller is Alf; canning Joe Don Baker; no one listens to this podcast; smelling toast;...


SoL-Mates #29 Master Ninja I and Dos and Don'ts for Dating Dudes in Vans

We have only one thing to say to this week - and that's "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bwaaaaaaah." If you can't deduce this episode is about Master Ninja I from that, then you're probably listening to the wrong podcast. Or, it's just a terrible representation of Gypsy-singing. Probably the latter. But to be honest, you probably saw it in the episode title. Host segments: patchouli and self-loathing; say it, Joe; Jeff old-mansplains the Ninja Craze of the late 1900s; inside the mind of a van owner;...


SoL-Mates #28: Soultaker and Persistent Exes

What happens when a night of mild drinking meets up with an MST3K classic? We get mildly drunk and talk about Soooooooooultaker! Host Segments: Old Home Week on the SoL; gettin' dang soul-tooked; the realities of fest-ing; drink disappointment; Devori loves Jager; Jeff has theories and Joe has questions; the Schilling/Scully paradox; Jeff alienates 3/4 of the podcast; MiMi's confessions; Larry Bird is the Personification of Death; MiMi Presents - The South. Please like, share, rate,...


SoL-Mates #27 Operation Double 007 and Confronting Workplace Harrassment

What happens when a bunch of people who are siblings of other people sit down to watch a movie about the sibling of another person? Not much, actually. But we all agree that the fashions are swingin'! It's time for Neil Connery's tour-de-farce (pun intended) in Agent Double 007. Host segments: Devori explains academia; Neil Connery's sibling rivalry; brother from another cocktail; don't say Jeff doesn't have goals; Neil's dream; bland sixties rock; a fistful of Morricones; Jeff should STAY...


SoL-Mates #26: East Meets Watts and Interracial Couples

We venture into the Cinematic Titanic universe with our newest episode! What happens when you combine blaxsploitation films with the martial arts craze of the 70s? Well – in better hands this could have been a damn fine movie. Hear the Sol-Mates dodge casual racism with aplomb! Hear them grow palpably uncomfortable at times! Hear them shill Bill’s Beans because #buythosebeans! CW: some reference to the use of racial slurs on 70s/80s television/ableism Host segments: Bad...


SoL-Mates #25: The Incredible Melting Man and the Dangers of Geriatric Intercourse

We honestly didn't expect to yell at you so much during our Valentine's Day episode, but we learned it from DOCTOR TED NELSON! Host segments: Karma Sutra; Joe v. the Synopsis; art imitates life and movie-making; strategies for escaping a melting man; Jeff's wish list; Nelsons gonna Nelson; Jeff tries to sell you coffee as 2001's Macy Gray for some reason; Steve learns to love himself; Three's Company -- Melted; Incredible Melting Hearts (awwww). Happy Valentine's Day, fellow SoL-Mates! Be...