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A shoey, a discussion, another shoey. This podcast is definitely an ill-advised adventure. (Please don't tell our families)

A shoey, a discussion, another shoey. This podcast is definitely an ill-advised adventure. (Please don't tell our families)
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A shoey, a discussion, another shoey. This podcast is definitely an ill-advised adventure. (Please don't tell our families)




Episode 16: Marriage Counselling (ft Leah)

What's up guys, Josh coming at you with another bad description. This is a different take of an episode where we were enticed to get REAL. Get ready to hear some white boy first world complaining from ME, and some actual problems and insights from Jack. Thanks so much for listening, and be ready for part 2 next week! Let us know what you think by DM'ing us on our socials, or by e-mailing Shoutout to zeekybeats for making the beat we used! Link to his insta...


Episode 15: Bot-ulism (ft Jeff & the Discord)

Hey guys, welcome back to another week and another episode of Sole Purpose. This time around we do an unprecedented and poorly coordinated live episode with our discord server. We didn't have the setup to record the peoples' audio, so we mostly just talked about absolute garbage until we got the absolute comedy gold from Bot Mane blessing our eardrums. Enjoy and pleaee follow us on our socials on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. Shoutout to zeekybeats for making the beat we used! Link to...


Episode 14: Redemption Pt 2 (feat. Leah)

Hey guys, we're coming at you with the 2nd part of the Redemption series. Comatose Callum has hit the hay at this point, but Leah is still going strong. In this second act, Leah asks some hard-hitting questions about life, favourites, and TV. Also the end is an absolute mess. Enjoy! Shoutout to zeekybeats for making the beat we used! Link to his insta...


Episode 13: Redemption Pt 1 (feat. Callum & Leah)

Hey guys, welcome to the first part of the REDEMPTION recording. We have both Leah and Callum on to redeem themselves after the infamous losing of their audio (Jack's fault for Callum) for their debut episodes. Some bits, some dark jokes that I mostly had to cut, and some rare low energy from Josh (without being drug-induced). Enjoy this romp, and we'll see you next week for part 2. Shoutout to zeekybeats for making the beat we used! Link to his insta...


Episode 12: Problematic

Hey guys welcome to another compilation of hot garbage audio. Josh is way too rowdy and screeching while Jack is depressed and trying to roll with the punches. Shoutout to zeekybeats for making the beat we used! Link to his insta below. Follow us on the socials FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER


Episode 11: Charles Approved Garbage ft Jeff

Well, lets try this again amirite?? hahah. But for real, sorry for the dreadful release schedule for the last few weeks. Its been a rough few weeks for us audio wise, as well as general motivation on my part. BUT WE ARE BACK, and by all accords maybe even better than ever. JOSH WILL BE RETURNING TO EDITING AFTER THIS EPISODE. So expect some crystal clear not awful audio from here on out, until he breaks his laptop again. HANH FOLLOW THE SOCIALS!!!!!!! DISCORD:...


Episode 10 : Sole Purpose tackles the North Korea Situation ft Chris

SORRY ITS LATE, I (Jack) have been working hard both on podcast and life things so apologies for the late upload. Well, we finally got here, the final episode with Chris. Its been a long three weeks but now its time to listen to the dichotamy of and intellectual conversation between three incredibly un-educated men who drink alcohol from a shoe. Memes ensue and laughs are had, is all I will say. Thanks for listening and bearing with three weeks of one recording session. Check out our...


Episode 9: Colonisation or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the White Man ft Chris

Good morning friends and fans, episode 9 is here and we are once again joined by Chris. This time we talk history, and begin a long as heck talk about politics and drop oursleves into hot water that even editing was hard to get us out of. If you want to see the video of the vaping join our DISCORD for a link. But in any case thank you for listening, theres one final episode to come before we run out of Chris based content. FOLLOW THE SOCIALS DISCORD: Instagram:...


Episode 8 : Thats A Cut ft GRIS

Whats up friends and fans, and welcome to Episode 8 finally featuring GRIS. Apologies for the short episode however expect 8b to be coming out later on in the week, as I (Jack) have a new job and spent my weekend stressing out and Josh was on holiday. Enjoy the dulcid tones of three men who don't know anything about everything attempt to make a podcast worth listening to. I hope you enjoy and I'll see you on the next episode OR on our SOCIALS! YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THEM: Instagram:...


Episode 7 : Too Much Tylenol

AN EPISODE UP ON TIME!? This can't be true. Welcome to what may perhaps be the most zen episode of Sole Purpose to date. We go through the stages of Josh's slow demise as he recovers from his Tylenol binge . We talk music and pose the question of the ages, talk through some injuries and get an overall update on the current state we are in. We do more shoeys and never seem to truly recover so have fun and enjoy people. Hit us up on our socials: INSTAGRAM:...


Episode 6 : Messy (ft CAM) Part 2

Part 2 is HERE. Here is the back half of our recording with Cam. Josh screams over Jack and he finally loses the will to live. We hear stories about Josh's degeneracy through the years and there is 2/3 shoeys coming hot from Jack with a confirmed 7 shoeys for the episode. Hope you enjoy and we'll see you next time. Follow our Socials INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: JOIN...


Episode 5 : Rowdy (ft CAM) PART 1

LATE AS PER USUAL Hello fans, this is the first part to the rowdiest episode of the podcast to date. Josh died shortly after this podcast, Cam was fine and Jack was basically non-existant as he should be. Theres another episode to come along with this one that is even longer. Get ready for two episodes of some ROWDY content that's of course FERDA. PEEP OUR SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:...


Bottom of the Barrel - 6 was more than enough

Welcome to episode 2 of Bottom of the Barrel. A think piece of drunk exclamations of garbage spewed from Jack and some stoned observations from Callum. Here you'll get further insight into why we're probably OK people. SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Join the frickin DISCORD


SP Presents : Bottom of the Barrel - Post Storm Report

This is Bottom of the Barrel, the content that nobody asks for but will still probably listen to. Jack is joined in the UK studio by his friends Chris (Gris) and Callum, with some sneak peaks at some of what went down in episode 4.This is a extra piece of content provided to help soften the blow that the loss of the original episode 4 has caused. We hope you enjoy and if you dont, follow us on our socials to tell us about it: INSTAGRAM:...


Episode 4 : Cop Out

Welcome to the pilot, due to unforseen Jack stupidity the real episode 4 has been lost, however we have decided to release the OG recording of the podcast. We hope you enjoy and there is more and better things to come. Follow the Socials! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Join the Discord!


Episode 3: Jack's Ignorance

Jack is going on a borderline racist tangent, meanwhile Josh tries to rein him in and talk about some discussion topics brought to light by the Discord. Hope y'all enjoy and remember to follow the socials! Much love! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Join the Discord!


Episode 2 : In The Bin

Whats up guys, it's me ya boi. Mr Tin audio. Coming at you with the freshest shoey based Podcast. In this episode we discuss cursed shoes and a lot of other stuff. Tangents GALORE. If you've made it this far into the podcast you may as well stick it out to the end, whenever that may be. Follow our socials: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Discord - message us on...


Episode 1 : Polarising

After being badgered for it, here it is. Episode 1. Join Josh and Jack as they dome some shoeys and talk aboot nothing. Follow us on Instagram : On Facebook : On Twitter : And check out our Discord Server :


Episode 0 : Ferda

Welcome to the much anticipated episode 0. Where Josh and I dome a shoey and give you a little low down. Look out for more episodes every Thursday until we die of shoe poisoning. Follow our Socials Instagram - @solepurposepodcast Facebook - @solepurposepodcast Twitter - @solepurposepod and check out our Discord server -