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Space, dude. It's, like, real. Whoa. New York City stand-up comedians Danny Palmer and Zach McGovern are blown away by what's going on in space. Does anyone even understand this shi*?! We certainly don't. But we love it. And we love to talk about it. Listen in as we boil space down into regular people language and crack jokes and, like, chill. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter too: @ZachMcGovern and @DannyPalmerNYC Sick, dude.

Space, dude. It's, like, real. Whoa. New York City stand-up comedians Danny Palmer and Zach McGovern are blown away by what's going on in space. Does anyone even understand this shi*?! We certainly don't. But we love it. And we love to talk about it. Listen in as we boil space down into regular people language and crack jokes and, like, chill. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter too: @ZachMcGovern and @DannyPalmerNYC Sick, dude.
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Space, dude. It's, like, real. Whoa. New York City stand-up comedians Danny Palmer and Zach McGovern are blown away by what's going on in space. Does anyone even understand this shi*?! We certainly don't. But we love it. And we love to talk about it. Listen in as we boil space down into regular people language and crack jokes and, like, chill. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter too: @ZachMcGovern and @DannyPalmerNYC Sick, dude.






Ep 28! SpaceX Wants To Put 42,000 Satellites In Orbit. Dude, Like, Don't Do That!

Someone legit brought Danny flowers during the recording of this episode. That's pretty legit. Do they have flowers in Space? They do not. One year on Neptune is like a super long time. There's also some mad expensive asteroids up there too man. If you snagged one and brought it to Earth you'd be super rich. These and other topics are discussed on this, the 28th episode of our Space Pod. Greetings, Space Cult members. We gotta be careful with how many satellites we put into orbit! It can...


Ep 27! The Heliopause Blows Our F***king Minds. Like, What Is Going On Out There?

Will Danny and Zach's friendship last longer than Voyager's just begun interstellar journey? That would be...impossible. Voyager I and II are going to outlive everyone on this planet by a goddamn country mile. Voyager I and II continue to do insane shi*, man. They went through the heliopause! What, you might ask, is the heliopause? Tune in, Space Cult members! Spaceeeeeee


Ep 26! Halloween Hangover....In Space!

How bad would a hangover on the International Space Station be? Gonna go out on a limb and say pretty bad. A lot of sharp, crisp corners aren't what you need in that dark hour. Welcome to November, Space Cult members. Is that the term we're going with? Space Cult? Seems innocuous yet alluring. Kind of like Space itself. People have written some beautiful thoughts about Space (capitalized for effect). Even back in the 1700's people were writing books about it and enjoying how it expanded...


Ep 25! Presented By Your Favorite Carbon/Cum Based Life Forms, Zach And Danny. How Long Till We Can All Party On Mars?!

Space! This is a primarily cum based podcast. We are cum based lifeforms (not carbon). This is not the Drunk Pod ep, but we did record one recently. But, you know...this one is probably significantly better due to us not being drunk lol. Let's party on Mars, like, ASAP. With other certainty perfectionists.


Ep 24: F**k You, Space!

What Happens If You Go Into Space Without A Space Suit On? Do You Explode? These are the kinds of questions we ask on our sick Space podcast. And the answer is: We're not sure. But it's fun to think about stuff. Should we change the name of the pod to F**k You, Space? Whoaaaaa.


Ep 23! Danny And Zach Review Some Explosive Feedback, Consider Renaming The Pod, And Dude They Found 20 New Moons On Saturn!

Whoa. Should we change the name of this pod to F*ck You Space! ? lol Listener feedback can be A LOT to handle. We're getting there. Communication satellites are wayyyyy the f above the Earth dude. Like, it's far.


Ep 22! This Dog Visitor We Had Tried to F**k A Toy Dinosaur. Like Chill With That. Plus Blink 182 Badass Alien Researcher Tom DeLonge.

Whoa. Zach's scooter malfunctioned and he flipped over the handlebars on the Williamsburg Bridge. Yikes. He's okay though. Unfortunately. Zach does really well at space quizzes. Kid's smart. How much space does the sun, planets, and moons take up in the solar system? It's an insanely small amount. Also, we're getting bombarded with Mars rocks every year. Like, BOMBARDED. Plus Blink 182's Tom DeLonge has advanced our knowledge of the universe. Pretty sick. Inspiring, we would argue. Space!


Ep 21! Our Space Pod Has Reached Drinking Age! On Facebook Live, To Boot. Whoa. Plus We Take A Test To See If You're A Psychopath (lol) And More Space Quizzes!

Whoa, dude. Pretty sick. 21 episodes about's out there man. It's real. For some reason unrelated to Space Danny and Zach start to take the Hare Psychopathy Checklist lol. Danny has his suspicions... Also the Space Quizzes this week are pretty sick. Lot of stuff to learn about what's going on out there. We also talk about different types of stars, neighboring galaxies, dark energy, dark matter, and The Price Is Right. Oh, and Comet Peeping Toms. Space!


Ep 20! Should We, Like, Build A Tube To The Moon? Would That Be Super Sick? Plus People Are Pissed About A Giant Telescope In Hawaii.

Whoa! 20 episodes! That's like twice as many as ten! This one is pretty lit. We talk about mean teachers we had in high school, weird shi* Zach thinks is funny, building a tube to the moon, I don't know man how many of these things do I have to type? Is anyone reading these descriptions anyway? I'm gonna stop typing this and go watch a movie. Links for further...


Ep 19! Dude, They're Like Practicing Living In Space On The Bottom Of The Ocean By Key Largo. Plus Some Shi* About Aliens And Galaxies!

Zach and Danny are reunited in joy! Check out Ep 19! We'll put more notes later! lol Spaceeeeeeee


Crime In Space: The Anne McClain Story—Part II with Ricky Velez

This week we were honored to have incredible comic Ricky Velez for part 2 of our Crime In Space series. Tune in! He’s funny as fuck. Instagram: @rickyvelez


Crime In Space: The Anne McClain Story—Part I

Welcome to Ep 17! CRIME IN SPACE This is the first of an ongoing mini series on Space: What the F**k, Dude?! (Cue dramatic music) Whoa! We've created our own sub genre with the genre of NSFW Astronomy Podcasts (a genre we, like, created). Listen in to the real life, current crime drama involving a US astronaut on the International Space Station. Not even joking. You can check it out for yourself below. But more importantly, check out our first Crime in Space episode! We think it's pretty...


The Sweet 16 Episode. Dude, Sick. We Made It. Space Quizzes, Elliptical Galaxies, Hot Constellations, And Like Are We A Computer Simulation?

How many kitchen appliances would Zach have sex with and, more directly, which ones? These and other pressing questions (some involving Space) are covered in our Molly Ringwald episode. Episode 16! It would probably be Ep 18 or 19 if we weren't too stupid to lose entire episodes due to audio issues lol. One day we'll be in a studio. ONE DAY. But it's fun to record in someone's apartment too. It's like chill and lit simultaneously. See how many Space Quiz questions you can get right! Pretty...


Ep 15! Zach and Danny Are Back Together Gazing At The Stars And Each Other. Danny Just Wrote That To Make Zach Mad lol.

Danny and Zach are back! No "Mash Up" aka our schedules didn't align this week! This week is a REAL f*ckin' pod yo. And you guys, honestly--we're learning more about Space. We're, like, learning shi*. Take that, all you feedback haters! Saying we're dumb and don't know anything about Space! Okay, fine, point taken--but WE'RE LEARNING. We know that hydrogen is the lightest element. And helium makes up around 10% of the far reaches of the universe. Whoa, what? It's true dude. This week we...


Ep 14! The Mash Up. Danny Provides A Scintillating Half Hour of Space Commentary Followed By Zach's Rebuttal. Nice.

UPDATE: This episode has been updated to include Zach's portion! Updated on 8/11/19. Sickkkkkkkkkk dude. Whoa! More crazy shi* is going on in space, you guys. Some insane planet way out there is doing some insane shi*. Meanwhile journalists love to write fear mongering stories about what if an asteroid hit Earth? Don't worry, Space Cult Members, it's mad unlikely. Plus life advice and more shi*t talk! Who doesn't love some good smack talk? Many people. But not our listeners!


Ep 13! Mars Might Have Had, Like, Giant Tsunamis. Also, The Moon Is F*cking With Our Shi* And Sleep Deprived Zach Is Irritable.

The name of our Podcast is not "I Forgot" as a comedy emcee recently stated when introducing Zach onstage. Lol. It's about Spaceeeee. Zach learned a bunch of shi* about how the Moon affects Earth and vice versa. They're, like interacting. Way back in the day Mars might have had giant oceans and then them oceans got smashed into by a meteor and then THAT f*cking meteor made giant tsunamis! Can you imagine seeing that happen from a spacecraft nearby!? That would be insane. I don't know...


Ep 12! What If We Turn This Podcast Into A Moon Cult? Whoa. Mankind Has Left A Bunch Of Weird Stuff Up There. Also, By Reading This You're Now In Our Moon Cult. Welcome.

Did y'all do weird shi* in high school? Zach and I certainly did. Were they related to space? Not necessarily. We have like 3 Space Quizzes in this Ep! Space quizzes are super fun you should try them. That would be pretty sick if the moon was heavily colonized and you could watch the people on it through a telescope like a reality show. Mankind has left like, so much stuff on the moon! Not cool, bros. Take your shi* back home to Earth with you! We discuss the range of objects and gross...


Ep 11! We Got Screwed By Technology Last Week But We're Back, Baby! Also It's 50 Years Since The Moon Landing!

Welp, last week we got hosed by podcast technology and it didn't save our episode which was, in a word, INFURIATING. But anyways. We fixed it! Neil Armstrong landed on the moon 50 years ago. Pretty sick. There may be a way to create our own atmosphere on Mars and we could like LIVE THERE. Like, legitimately. Sorry we scream at the audience in this one for a minute lol. Is it okay to call our listeners Space Sluts? This woman sitting here while I'm typing this says it's fine. It's non...


Ep 10! There Could Be Life On Saturn's Moon Enceladus. Whoa. Plus, Zach Talked To Madonna.

Space Pod Ep 10! Comedy show emcees have a hard time remembering the name of our podcast when they introduce us, lol. What if there's life in outer space but it's just like boring sea life? Amoebas and shi* like that. Let's hope not. Zach takes a brief call from his Mom during the pod recording. Annoying. If all mass has gravity, does all gravity have mass? Uh, what? Should we keep exploring the universe or just get high and have sex with people? No one knows. What if Jupiter was WAY...


Episode 9! Are Aliens Communicating Using, Like, A Gas? What Giant Thing Smashed Into The Moon? Also, Zach Got Mad At Danny For Thinking An Article Was Kinda Boring lol.

Could certain gases indicate there's life on other planets? Will this discussion lead to a giant argument between Danny and Zach? Only the latter can be confirmed with certainty. Did a giant crater the size of Hawaii's largest island once crash into the Moon? Leaving a giant mass of metal beneath the surface? It's likely. Does anyone know anything? I used to think women's periods could synch up but apparently that's not true. Space, man. The period thing is related to Space because the...