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It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.

It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.


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It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.







Steve and Captain Evil return after Texas’s historic power outages last week. The couple cover a long list of topics that range from Valentine’s Day craps, to why you never change a two-month old baby on a pure white hotel bed – Again, craps.


I can cut the steak in half, boys!

This week we learn that Steve went on a first date with someone other than Captain Evil. Steve was within a two hour ride from a casino, so it was a no brainer to go. Captain Evil talks about her journey trying to get an abs - and win that trip to Croatia The couple answers questions from you guys, the listeners. Link:



Mrs. Dora came to see the new baby and she’s mad. Which is funny, very funny. If you are a parent, you will enjoy these baby vomit stories. If you are not a parent, this will make you never want to have a kid. What we learn from this episode is that if you hear a baby crying on the plane… blame the Treviño’s. Plus can we all agree it’s not selling out, it’s buying in?


Tia Blanca

Steve and Captain Evil fly solo in the home studio for the first time. Spoiler alert, it didn’t go well. The married couple discuss Steve getting "snippy snipped”. Yup. DISCLAIMER: The end of this episode is really, really emotional. Steve dedicates this episode to his amazing Tia Blanca who recently passed. We are not responsible for any tears shed.


Naughty Glasses

It was Steve’s birthday, which means Captain Evil put together four days of making him unhappy. The couple talk about the future of comedy and the potential of a gap in talent because of COVID robbing young talent of exposure. And let’s not forget…naughty shot glasses.


With That Outfit, We Have A Lot To Talk About.

Steve and Captain Evil move the podcast operation to their new home studio. The couple plans to transform this blank slate into a well designed, comfortable space. Each week you’ll get to see the progress and transformation as Renae introduces new items, looks and design elements to the space. The best part may be getting to witness Steve’s pain through this makeover. This week, the design is based around Steve’s birthday.


Eat the doughnut

A new year, a new season and a new baby. Steve and Captain Evil bring in the new year with family, diapers and thongs.


The Birth

Steve & Captain Evil are back behind the mics after taking a week off - to have a baby. Catch up on what life is like in the Treviño household with a brand new baby girl. Will Steve be changing diapers? Spoiler Alert: He will not be.


That’s What She Said

Steve’s in-laws join this week’s podcast and dole out some life lessons. This is Captain Evil’s last episode before giving birth so, what better way to celebrate than playing a game of “That’s What She Said” ?


The 2020 Thanksgiving Episode

This is the very special Thanksgiving episode of Steve & Captain Evil - The Podcast. The couple recored this episode from their home, because Renae is about to “Burst”. Topics include, but are not limited to Steve being a man child, the struggles or going to Vegas for a guys trip and Thanksgivings of yesteryear.


Creating Our Own Path

Steve and Captain Evil are back at Aztec Chevy for another podcast filmed in front of an intimate audience. The couple just got back from Hollywood where they took meetings and had a walk down memory lane. This episode dives deep into Steve and Captain Evil’s mentality of having to create their own path in the entertainment business. Plus Renae is even more pregnant!



This week’s episode was recorded on location at the Aztec Chevrolet car dealership in Beeville, Texas. Steve and Captain Evil talk about their surprise anniversary trip, which included rain, the Queens Gambit and a Yurt. Renae is “very” pregnant and getting close to the due date. The delivery plans have been made and then Steve decided to book a show on the delivery date. Don’t worry! It’s right across the street from the hospital.


Are my clothes where the toilet paper is?

The impossible has happened - Steve goes completely speechless. On this weeks podcast Captain Evil surprises Steve with a gift that brings the show to halt. In a good way. Steve gets a lesson on painting from Grandpa Joe and finds out it doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 40 years-old your father will always be your father.



Steve and Renae get back from a Florida work-cation and discuss the ruined surprise of their anniversary / babymoon. The couple answer the age old question “How much should you tip at a restaurant.” And as always the pair give excellent marriage advice. #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #babymoon Find more episodes of the podcast at Steve Treviño - My Life in Quarantine: Steve’s Tour & Ticket Info:...


19. Captain Evil & Her Employee: The Podcast

Steve’s new comedy special, “My Life In Quarantine”, will be released on Thursday. The Couple show an exclusive clip from the show and the live podcast that followed it. In this week’s episode, we find out Renae went behind Steve’s back to make her son feel loved on his birthday. How dare she? But all is mended when Steve and Captain Evil tell the tale of a stolen Yaris. #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #mylifeinquarantine Find more episodes of the podcast at...


18. How to be a Man, Treviño style

Steve breaks down what every man needs in his pocket to be a real man. Steve explains why he can't stop moving and his anxiety because he's a self-made man. Steve and Renae discuss how their son is struggling with the impending arrival of the new baby. The two chat about the editing of Steve's soon to be released special "My Life In Quarantine" and Steve reveals his insecurities about watching playback of his stand-up. The couple tries to curb their curse words, but what you see is what you...


17. But Did You Die?

It’s crunch time at the Treviño house. Baby #2 is due in less than 3 months, and Steve’s got some landscaping to do. Steve’s Instagram followers are getting worn out by his inability to sit idle. Renae decides not to give Steve DNA test kit, and gets family photos taken without him. We also find out who won the Marine Corps League Pie Challenge, and someone get’s pied in the face. **Also, join Steve tonight (Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020 8:15PM CT) and play Live Queen of Hearts. Pick the same...


16. Never Say No to Playing Ball

Steve explains having to scrap and fight to get to perform in different markets. Renae’s reinforcements come in when Steve’s out of town and start filming their own instructional videos for Steve. Steve shares how he’s ready to raise a daughter to ruin some man’s life, calls BS on Renae’s pumpkin tofu tacos, and loves to ruin tamales. #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #playball Find more episodes of the podcast at Steve’s Tour & Ticket Info:...


15.2. How the Sausage is Made Pt. 2

The behind the scenes stories continue as Steve and Renae share more about filming the latest special. Steve explains how he’s the king of continuity while filming two sets back-to-back, and Renae forgets a cardinal rule of being on camera. Part of the proceeds from this new special, when released, will go directly to Helicopters for Heroes: #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #itwasalladream Find more episodes of the podcast at...


15. How the Sausage is Made Pt. 1

Steve & Captain Evil recap the weekend which they filmed a new comedy special and podcast in front of a live audience. Steve shares his experience going on stage in less than favorable conditions, and Captain Evil lets us know about Steve’s “anger fest” when it comes to a certain Swedish furniture company. The podcast also welcomes a sponsor – Aztec Chevrolet Buick GMC in Beeville, TX (, and they let Steve pick out the most practical car to drive for his...