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23. Kids Turned Out Fine (feat. Brotha Man)

Weeeee're baaaaack.... Cordero Wilson (aka Brotha Man) joins Jack & Jarrod for another ep to talk new releases and who the new greats are. I don't feel like typing up any more of a description because I can't remember what we talked about but it's pretty good. Rate, Review, and Subscribe on iTunes and all the chits. Intro: The Coup - Pork & Beef Chief Keef - Uh Uh (feat. Playboi Carti) Nef the Pharoah & 03 Greedo - Choosy Left Brain - Based Freestyle The Coup - Oyahytt A$AP Rocky - Excuse Me...


22. Smooth Operators (feat. Brotha Man)

City boy Cordero Wilson returns to with Jack & Jarrod and talk the new Meek Mill, Cordero learning to unleash his inner Latino, & what the opening credits song would be in the biopics on each of their lives. Plus, Tom Cruise dancing and why we have to stop the trolling, mang.. Rate, Review, & Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts. Follow on instagram: @stickaspodcast @nelsonbergers @ey_rod @corderosaurus Intro: THE CARTERS - "NICE" Meek Mill - "Millidelphia (feat. Swizz Beats)...


21. What's the New AIDS?

This week on Stickas Jack & Jarrod discuss the Hughes Brothers iconic documentary "American Pimp" and the influence pimp culture once had on hip-hop. Before that, the guys get into new releases from NYC MC Westside Gunn, Gorillaz, and gospel-influenced black metal act Zeal & Ardor. Along the way they address previous talks on the greatness of A$AP Rocky's "Testing", the underrated production on "Nasir", pimping during business hours, and if we're reliving the 80's and Trump is the new Regan...


20. Callin' Shots

We back and we back and we back and we back! Episode 20 of Stickas is on as Jack & Jarrod talk about the sudden murder of XXXtentacion and his controversial, sad, and influential life as well as how they nailed their predictions for this year's XXL Freshmen before getting into the topic for this week as Jack introduces Jarrod to the musical cross-section of punk & hip-hop featuring tracks from Show Me the Body, Denzel Curry, & more. Rate, Review, & Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get...


19. Yeezus Wouldn't Tap

We recorded this almost two weeks ago, like right after Ye dropped. I've been in a funk the past month and the show's been bad. This is Jack btw. I type these! Jarrod was outta town last week because he can get booked and I was really depressed and didn't feel like booking a guest. So, we'll be back and more fun next week! ESKETIT!! Intro: Dreezy - "Spar(feat. 6lack & Kodak Black)" Outro: BJ the Chicago Kid - "Church (feat. Chance the Rapper)"


18. Logic Crying: REAL HIP-HOP!! (feat. The Fevere)

Comedian & Hip-Hop scholar Joe LeFevere joins Jack & Jarrod this week to give their initial impressions on the new Pusha T & A$AP Rocky albums (Note: This was recorded before Drake's response track and Push's full-on assault in "Age of Adidon"). Along the way they give some new release recommendations, shout out the new(ish) YBN crew, and wonder what's real about Logic. All that and a dude getting neck in a McDonald's drive-thru on an all-new Stickas. Rate/Review/Subscribe and all that...


17. It's a Cole Cole World

This week on Stickas Jack pleads his case to Jarrod on the issues he has with J. Cole. They discuss the parallels between Cole's and Kendrick's albums, the nature of celebrity, and what it means to be "authentic" in mainstream hip-hop in 2018. It ain't really a funny one this week but boy do we get into it. Follow us on Instagram @StickasPodcast, email us at, and rate/review/subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts. intro: Odd Future - We Got Bitches outro:...


16. Heartbreaks + Setbacks (feat. Cher Lynn)

This week on Stickas Jack & Jarrod are joined by Boston-based comic Cher Lynn for a discussion on Kanye (people aren't talking enough about him!), the separation of art & artist, & what the kids are listening to these days. intro: Bow Wow - Fresh Az I'm Iz outro: VInce Guaraldi - Peppermint Patty


15. SR3MM / TImberlake / Drake v Wayne(feat. Marcus Givan)

This week on Stickas Jack & Jarrod are joined by Marcus Givan for a special ep recorded during this year's Cape Fear Comedy Festival. They get into what qualifies as rap now, the greatness of Timberlake, and Jack gives his first impressions of Rae Sremmurd's epic triple-album SR3MM. Marcus is also shown Trippie Redd's new video and explains the beef between Drake and Wayne. Rate, Review, & Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts and e-mail us at if you got...


13. Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon

We talk about Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon this week. The black karate classic with less karate and more fake MTV VJ segments and awkward sexual tension between the goddess Vanity and the (possibly) on the spectrum Bruce LeRoy (get it!!?). If you haven't watched this classic before, get on it and check your local $5 bin to feel the Rhythm of the Night. Subscribe, Rate, & Review on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts. Reach out to us at if you've got suggestions...


12. (Not) Da Unbreakables (feat. Granger Danger)

Jack and Jarrod are joined by their hip-hop/comedy godfather Brian Granger this week to discuss Three 6 Mafia's "Da Unbreakables" but instead spend most of the show defending Soundcloud rappers, playing YG as a fear tactic, and asking the hard questions about Joe Budden. Show us how woke you are and Rate, Review, and Subscribe on iTunes. intro: Nelly (ft P Diddy & Murphy Lee) - "Shake Ya Tailfeatha" outro: Three 6 Mafia - "Put Cha D in Her Mouth"


09. XXL Freshman Pt. 1 (2007-2012)

09. XXL Freshman Pt. 1 (2007-2012) by Stickas


03. Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Sorry it's up a week late. Had to set-up that Pro account, babies. I'll upload the next ep early. Swear. Jarrod & Jack run through their first record track-by-track with 50 Cent's monumental debut Get Rich or Die Tryin'. The record's impact then and now, the character that is 50, and the destruction of Ja Rule's career are all discussed in this week's Stickas.


02. 2017: Lil This / Lil That (feat. Brotha Man)

Cordero Wilson joins us as we get into our favorite releases of the previous year and the current state of hip-hop aka the hair metal/glam phase it's in the middle of, for better and for worse. Intro/Outro music courtesy of Beats & Coffee


01. Intro (Beat A$S)

This is the world premiere of The Stickas Podcast. This episode you get a feel for your host Jack Nelson and Jarrod Fortune as they discuss very off topics such as anime, action and horror movies and then get back on track with some talk about the Atlanta rap scene. Music by Beats and Coffee