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A horrifying and hilarious podcast! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.


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A horrifying and hilarious podcast! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.






The Radium Girls

You know how big companies are evil and terrible to their employees? Well, this is not a new phenomenon. Join us as we learn about the Radium Girls. These women got good jobs helping out with the war effort except (big surprise) it was terrible. I know everything is awful right now and it is gonna get way worse but I am reasonably sure your bones don't glow. I hope?


The Lancashire Witches

America learned so many of its terrible traits from England. One of them was the concept of: call a bunch of women witches and see what happens (nothing good). We had Salem. But 80 years earlier, England had Lancashire. So sit back with some Yorkshire Tea and drink up the story of religion, politics and a bunch of hateful idiots!


Mary Vincent

This show has a lot of terrible things in it. That's kind of our thing. And the story of Mary Vincent and what the scum of the Earth, Lawrence Singleton, did to her is terrible. But this story is more that terrible. It is downright inspiring. And when you hear it you will be amazed. Join us with our special guest Jenn Martinelli!!!!!! as we tell you what Mary Vincent did, and, sadly, what Roxanne Hayes could not.


The Yuba County Five - Part Two

The most mysterious case we have done in a while concludes this week with part two of the Yuba City Five. I have been thinking about this case for weeks and I am no closer to a solution than I was when we started. If you didn't listen to part one, go back and listen to that first. I promise you that you will be as fascinated and baffling as we are. Then come join us here for the conclusion!


The Yuba County Five

This case is the most baffling set of events we have covered in quite a while. Five men go to a basketball game and never come home. Seems like it is straightforward but oh my goodness it is anything but that. This is part one of two but honestly it could probably be one of fifty because there are so many things that could have happened but nobody knows what actually did happen. Well, one guy might. You'll see! Join us for the Yuba County Five!


The Michigan Dogman

It's like a night watchman can't even patrol the manufacturing plant they work for without encountering a dog man. Night Watchmen, a local politician in another state, three girls near the woods, all of them running into a scary dogman. Join us as we get to the bottom of the case of the Michigan Dogman. And we even remembered to attach the pictures!


The Hinterkaifeck Murders

This week, special guest Hannah Selector and Acadia investigate the Hinterkaifeck Murders. Almost exactly 100 years ago, en extended family on a small German farm were found dead. Who did it? Well, there were weird things in the lead up to the crime, and the aftermath had plenty of suspects. But, at the end of the day, Hannah and Acadia may have solved it with magic!


Al Kite

We do a lot of stories about upsetting topics. But this one? This one? This one has to be one of the most senseless, terrible things we have covered in a while. Not that it will make you mistrust everyone you know and will ever know in the future...oh, wait, it just might! The story of Al Kite is like nothing you have heard before. Join us.


Pedro Lopez - The Monster of the Andes

Pedro Lopez spent the 1970s in Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. Over that time span he sexually abused and murdered more than 100 little girls. The only thing more chilling than the crimes of this guy is what ended up happening with him. Seriously you will not believe how this story ends. Join us as we bring you the Monster of the Andes.


Sally Horner - The Real Life Lolita

You probably know that Lolita is a book by Vladimir Nabokov about a pervert perving on a child. But you might not have known that there was a real case that may have inspired the author. The story of Sally Horner is complicated and tragic and should make you think twice before opening your yap about the "good old days". Nothing was good for Sally and it all went on for far too long.


Christopher Porco

Sometimes criminals are sociopathic monsters, and Christopher Porco defintely is one. But he is also a complete frigging idiot which makes this the perfect end for Season Six. My goal is to lure you into a false sense of security so hopefully it works! Enjoy!


The Worst Year in History - 536 CE

Next time you are complaining about how terrible everything is, think about this show and consider what it was like to live in the year 536 and immediately after. Not good. But...that has nothing to do with your sitch so complain all you want. Don't let someone tell you that someone else's circumstances minimize your own!


Pauline Dakin

So if when you were a kid you had to move all the time and worry about assassins and your mom pulled you out of school in the middle of the day to hide from kidnappers would you find it exciting? I ask because that is exactly what happened to Pauline Dakin growing up. The story of what she went thorough is crazy and you have to hear it to believe it!


Elma Sands - The Manhattan Well Murder

Take a young couple who might be in love, the bustling city of Manhattan, and a mystery and you have a good story. Make the year 1799, add Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and add a liberal serving of the first recorded murder trial transcript in the history of the United States and you have a GREAT story! Join as as we tell the tale of Gulielma "Elma" Sands and Levi Weeks.


The Disappearance of Larry Griffin

We take the letter carrier who gives us our bills and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for granted, but back in 1929, Larry Griffin, the postman for Stradbally, Ireland, got taken in a very different way. Join us for the tale of how some townies ruined the Christmas of a genteel (and drunk) civil servant!



The glory that is elephants is really something to behold. They are smart, empathetic, and sometimes deadly! Join us as we look into why elephants kill, who they kill, and get all judgey about whether or not the killings are justified. The whales of the land are ready to be explored!


The Anasazi Part 2

We wrap up Native American Heritage Month with the second half of the story of the people in the Southwest who built an amazing society and then just sort of melted away. Where did they go? Well that's what we are going to try to find out in the conclusion to our coverage of The Anasazi.


The Anasazi Part 1

There are wonders within the boundaries of what is now the United States that way too many people don't know about. Continuing our dedication to Native American History Month we present the first part of the people that are known by some as the Anasazi. Also, we learn what happens when a cowpoke decides poking cows is not as fun as being an amateur archeologist. Join us!


The Serpent Mound

The indigenous people of what is now called Ohio decided to make themselves a monument and we're gonna talk about it. The location is the largest effigy mound in the world and we will be sure to explain what an effigy mound is right near the beginning (sort of) so you aren't lost!


Rebecca Zahau

Sometimes the official story seems mighty sus. This week, Acadia and Shooey take a look at the case of Rebecca Zahau, who was declared a suicide and the facts of the case seem to point to the absolute opposite of that. Come with us to sunny San Deigo as we dig into this sad story.