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Ep. 8: Genji (Overwatch) vs Link (Breath of the Wild) feat. Tyler Malec

This week on Superfights, Josiah finally reveals his true gamer self! He is joined by Chicago comedian, improviser, and writer (as well as fellow gamer) Tyler Malec, as they discuss characters near and dear to their hearts: Genji, the tragic cyborg ninja, vs. Link, the hero of time! Who would win if they fought?? Hot on the tail of E3 and Overwatch's one year anniversary, Josiah and Tyler put their true gamer hats on and discuss all things Overwatch and Legend of Zelda and also somehow get...


Ep. 6: Young Anakin Skywalker vs. Young Luke Skywalker, feat. Mike Gospel

Josiah and his guest this week, Chicago improviser and comedian Mike Gospel, talk for a full 15 minutes before they even mention this week's matchup, because they are two huge nerds with the attention span of small rodents. The nerdy bar keeps getting raised this episode, as they come up with a strangely intriguing story for how a young Anakin Skywalker would meet a young Luke Skywalker, and who would win in the ensuing fight. Here's a hint: it involves clones. WHOA. Told you the nerdy bar...


Ep. 5: Starlord (Chris Pratt) vs. Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) feat. Ben Venable

This matchup may not be made of rice, but it sure is a Chris P. treat! See, that's the joke Josiah, host of this ostensibly comedy podcast, COULD have made, but didn't. Josiah is joined this episode by his (possibly) old(est) friend and traveling musician and missionary, Ben Venable. They discuss who would win in a battle between Starlord and Captain Kirk, the Chris Pratt and Chris Pine versions, respectively. Come for the hunk off between the two hunkiest of space cowboys, and stay for...


Ep. 3: The Tenth Doctor vs. Captain Picard feat. Joel Robinson

Your intrepid host took a little vacation home this week. As such, Josiah is joined by a very special guest: his brother, Joel! This week in the arena, Josiah and Joel break down who would win in a battle of wits between the Tenth Doctor, armed only with his sonic screwdriver and accompanied only by his companion Donna, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, with the entire starship Enterprise and crew at his command. Along the way, the boys come up with some really good fan fiction, Josiah debuts...


Episode 2: The Black Ranger vs. The Blue Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One)

The Black Ranger (Zack Taylor) vs. the Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston). Who would win? The nebbish but brilliant Billy has his work cut out for him against the always positive and ALWAYS dancing Zack in the Superfights Arena this week. Your host Josiah Robinson is joined by Chicago comedian Damon Royster as they pit the arts against the sciences in this fight to the finish. You might actually grow as a person this episode as well, as they get surprisingly deep into topics like race and...


Episode 1: Wolverine vs. The Hulk (Movie Versions)

Wolverine vs. The Hulk. Who would win? Everyone's favorite Canuck battles it out with the Jade Giant this week in the Superfights Arena. Your host Josiah Robinson is joined by improviser Sean Coyle as they discuss what would happen if Wolverine (from the movies) and the Hulk (from the movies) actually fought. Come for the superhero action, stay for the Mark Ruffalo love fest.