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Talk Nerdy To Me is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, and busting balls, all blended together in podcast form.

Talk Nerdy To Me is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, and busting balls, all blended together in podcast form.
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Talk Nerdy To Me is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, and busting balls, all blended together in podcast form.








From The ScareFest Show Floor

We spent some quality time roaming the show floor of The ScareFest! We talk about our favorite parts of the show, and what we would like to see in future shows! We also poll the audience to find out what is on their favorite movies to watch during the Halloween season list! Plus a whole lot more!


They Bang In The Comics, Too

This week's episode has all your nerd bases covered! Straight out of the gate we talk about movies that were saved by the third act! Then we roll into where you can see us live next, Captain Chris updates everyone on the Fantasy Movie League and the NFL wagers! On the full version, which is unlocked on our Patreon page, we come clean and give our nerd confessions! And we take it home by pitching the next season of a cancelled TV show! All that plus so much more! For more information how you...


Fight Me

This week's show is off to a fast start and never lets up! On the free version, we talk about our favorite home video special editions, Captain Chris lays down the gauntlet for the NFL season, and a little more! To hear the full episode, where we talk about the times we enjoyed recasts, and in a segment sure to get some hate mail, we give our unpopular opinions, plus so much more, visit our Patreon page at! For less than a buck an episode you can hear...


Three Weeks Of Topics In Ten Minutes

This week we only have 3 official topics, but we cover so much we had to go into overtime! We break down some Avengers rumors, talk about how behind the scenes knowledge impacts our view of movies, and heap some praise on John Carpenter! All that plus talk about Funko, how Julian feels about bald chicks, and so much more! To continue to hear full episodes and get access to live streams, bonus episodes, monthly Q&A's, opportunities to be on the show, and more, visit our Patreon page!...


It's Funnier When You Have To Explain It

This week's episode starts off with the best intentions of staying on topic, but it doesn't take long to get side tracked. We jump right in to who should step in and direct Bond 25. We also talk about our movie traditions and make our case for the preservation of physical media. All that plus so much more! Don't forget to visit our Patreon page to make sure you don't miss out on all the extra content!


It Has Dungeons AND Dragons!

This week we go overtime as we try to figure out the appeal of Dungeons & Dragons, we talk about our biggest gaming disappointments, and we try to get to the bottom of why movies based on video games seem to struggle so much! All that plus a whole lot more!


Is It Just Us Or...

This week's episode is another episode full of hot takes as we talk Hulk Hogan, Batwoman, and we tear down tropes we find annoying. Plus we ask, "Is It Just Us... or is Tobe Hooper Overrated?" plus a whole lot more!!


Reccomend It To Me

This week we are full of opinions and recommendations! But what else is new, right? If you're looking for good board games, downloadable video games, or documentaries, this week's episode is for you! Plus we give you a Gen Con preview, and break down the future of Talk Nerdy To Me as we know it! All that plus a whole lot more!


I'm The Captain Now

Captain Chris is on special assignment this week, so everyone's ears get a break from all the promotional talk. Instead, this week hear Obi-Jon, Julian, and Cohron discuss James Gunn being fired, DC movies turning the corner, and MUCH more!


Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

This week we put on our hard hats, strap on our tool belts, and start fixing! We play a little game of "Fix A Franchise", doing our best to turn around the sinking ship of the Alien franchise. Then we roll up our sleeves, draw some power from the Morphing Grid and try to bring Power Rangers back to the spandex wearing, kung fu kicking, dino zord riding high that it once enjoyed. Can we fix them? We'll at least give it our best shot!


Reunited And It Feels So Good

Our all new episode is jam packed this week as we lead off with all new Jail Mail! We also introduce a new contest, talk about what we're hoping to pick up on Prime Day, making small fixes to make things better, and trying to decide which TV show had the best secondary characters! All that plus a sneak peek at our upcoming live shows and a whole lot more!


You Yell Tournament...

This week we celebrate all things America with a tournament! We start and finish the Summer Shark Movie Tournament all in this episode! Plus we talk about our favorite patriotic movies to help get you in the mood to grill out and shoot off some fireworks! All that plus a whole lot more!


The M Word

The Doc joins us for this week's episode, which is two full hours, and we talk about everything from Game of Thrones to They Live! We talk about what fictional worlds we would like to live out our lives, we recast movie roles, do some fantasy casting of our own, and play editor with deleted scenes that should have stayed in the movie! All that plus information on our live tour and a whole lot more!


Jeeeeettttt Jaguar!!!!

Engineer Paul Frankie steps in to guest host this week's full episode! We have a Jail Mail update, we talk the best and worst fictional bosses, break down our favorite and least favorite robots, and dream about which post-apocalyptic worlds in which we would thrive! All that plus so much more!


Captain Chris Returns

This week we have a full show, going over two hours! We're giving you our top E3 picks, we talk about movies that we are sad bombed, and we talk about our favorite audio books! If that wasn't enough, we also have an update on our next live show(s), and give you a little tease about next week's show! All that plus so much more!


"Frankie Likes Robots"

It's the best of the B-Team this week as Commander Scott and engineer Paul Frankie stop by to fill in. They discuss strange TV episodes, what comics you should be reading, and MUCH more!


With Surprisingly Little Resistance

We're one nerd short this week, with Julian still on special assignment. But we aren't letting that stop us from having a full show! We have a brand new entry into Jail Mail to start us off! We also talk about unnecessary sequels, and we pick the made up jobs we really wish were real! All that plus a whole lot more!


Beer For My Cohron

Julian is still on special assignment, so Commander Scott joins us to talk about our favorite easter eggs, what characters that have never had a movie or tv show that we would love to see on screen, sequels we liked better than the originals, and our favorite opening scenes of all time! All that plus so much more!


Even Steve Guttenberg Passed

We're all new this week asking the hard hitting questions! We talk who we do and don't want to see in MCU Phase 4, we celebrate the time we took a chance on games and movies, and we talk to Gary Morgenstein who answers all of our Sharknado questions! Plus a whole lot more!


Wookies Are Not Inventions

This week's all new episode has so much content, we had to stretch it to almost two and a half hours! Engineer Paul Frankie is our guest host! We have some Jail Mail to catch up on, we pick our favorite Made For TV movies, pick fictional foods and drinks we wish were real, we play a game of "It's Just Not For Me", and we read out our wishlists of science fiction gadgets we wish were real things! All that plus so much more!