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Episode 85: Huckabye Baby

Episode 85: Huckabye Baby by Talk360


Episode 84: Separation Nation

Episode 84: Separation Nation by Talk360


Episode 83: Take a Knee to Take a Stand

This week, you’ll hear about Trump making it easier to tell federal employees “you’re fired!”, Kanye and Pusha T’s controversial album cover photo choice, and how 80s Babies are officially the brokest generation. In the 360 topic, Take a Knee to Take a Stand (36:46), Keesa & Djevna talk about NFL’s new policy requiring on-field players and personnel to stand for the national anthem. This new policy stems from the continued protests that started after Colin Kaepernick decided to take knee...


Episode 81: I Know When that Hotline Bling...

Episode 81: I Know When that Hotline Bling... by Talk360


Episode 79: Who Are You to Judge?

Episode 79: Who Are You to Judge? by Talk360


Episode 79: #WakandaForever

Episode 79: #WakandaForever by Talk360


Episode 77: You CAN'T Have Whatever You Like

This week, you’ll find out how Trump is planning to put his money where his mouth is to improve the military, why you should be worried about the Dow hitting record lows, and one veggie’s potential link to cancer. In the 360 topic, “You CAN’T Have Whatever You Like” (37:56), Keesa & Djevna talk Idris Elba’s recent proposal to his 29-year-old girlfriend. Djevna thinks that there’s a reason why age differences of 10+ years are more popular in relationships where men are older, but why? Some...


#360Rewind Innovator's Roundtable with Farrah Belizaire of LiteWork Events

We thought we'd bring back this oldie but goodie! We interviewed Farrah Belizaire (36:27), founder of Litework events, a brand that connects young black professionals of color through various social events. She talked about why it was important to start her brand for people of color in Boston, especially in what can be considered a "racially unfriendly city". It was nice to also learn that her dream of "destination events" came true –she's since had two successful day parties on Martha's...


Episode 75: Everybody Get Your Troll On!

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss the importance of Net Neutrality, an end to protected status for Haitian refugees in the U.S., and the controversial New York Times piece on an American Nazi. In the 360 topic, “Everybody Get Your Troll On!” (34:00), they explore the role that media outlets and social media platforms play in framing important conversations and news stories. Mediums that were once neutral are now plagued with biased reportings, the prevalence of #FakeNews, and an uprising...


Episode 73: A Shot in the Dark

This week, Keesa and Djevna talk about the rogue employee who gave us 11 minutes of Trump-less Twitter and updates on the Mueller investigation and recent Hollywood scandals. In the 360 topic, “A Shot in the Dark” (37:59), they discuss the latest act of domestic terror in the US, a shooting at a small church in Texas. In a world where even houses of worship are targets time and time again, what can we do mitigate the risk of mass shootings in the US. It’s clear that there is a divide...


Episode 72: A Loser’s Guide to Many, Many Great Things

This week, Keesa and Djevna talk domestic terror in Vegas, Russian “Blacktivists” making waves on social media, and how expense policy abuse and personal email use has some WH staff under investigation. In the 360 topic, “A Loser’s Guide to Many, Many Great Things” (36:22), they discuss Trump’s take on leadership and diplomacy. Time and time again, he’s opted for an unconventional style as #TweeterInChief which has proven damaging to his public perception, locally and abroad. When...


Episode 71: Sorry! Not Sorry

Episode 71: Sorry! Not Sorry by Talk360


Episode 70: Goodwill Fronting

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss a possible dream deferred as Trump decides on DACA, militarization of police in a world of increased police brutality, and why researchers are heading to the Caribbean to find a cure. In the 360 topic, “Goodwill Fronting” (36:42), they talk about humanitarian aid organizations taking heat for potential misuse of donations. The Red Cross is just one of many organizations whose integrity is being called to question. How do we navigate the scams to make...


Episode 69: Innovators Roundtable – BREAD Boston

Episode 69: Innovators Roundtable – BREAD Boston by Talk360


Episode 68: Allies or All Lies?

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss Steve Bannon being the 50-leventh person cut from Apprentice: WH Edition, the impending domination of online TV media, and how colleges are getting hip to fewer campus amenities possibly resulting in higher retention rates. In the 360 topic, “Allies or All Lies?” (35:40), they talk about America’s response to the “Free Speech” rhetoric becoming rampant in public spaces. Is the American response of counter-protests too little, too late? Why do people only...


Episode 67: White Tears, Black Fears

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss Trump’s record low approval ratings, TSwift’s day in court, and how Louisiana just can’t catch a break from Mother Nature. In the 360 topic, “White Tears, Black Fears” (28:08), they talk the white supremacist rally turned mayhem in Charlottesville, VA. When free speech sets the stage for physical assault and aggression, should it still be protected? Why do white nationalists feel like they are under attack and need to fight for the preservation of white...


Episode 66: #StayMadAbby

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss the circus that is White House staffing, artificial intelligence outsmarting Facebook researchers, and how smartphones might be the biggest threat to the post-millennial generation. In the 360 topic, “#StayMadAbby” (40:27), they talk about Harvard’s incoming class being majority minority and the firestorm it has caused. The interwebs and the DOJ are concerned that this shift in demographics could be due to discriminatory selection requirements....


Episode 65: Living Single

This week, Keesa and Djevna discuss Queen Bey breaking the internet, Millennials being broke since they’re out of order, and the most recent series of unfortunate events surrounding Trump Jr. and the Trump administration. In the 360 topic, “Living Single” (32:27), they talk about the true meaning of commitment for Millennials in a world that sometimes claims you’re single until you’re married. Stats show marriage is being delayed by millennials, but is that due to circumstance or by...


Episode 63: My President is Wack

This week, Keesa and Djevna are talking 4:44, SCOTUS rulings before summer vacation, and new studies on the perceived innocence of black girls and potential adverse effects of the $15 minimum wage in Seattle. In the 360 topic, “My President is Wack” (35:10), they talk about Donald Trump’s claim that his social media antics are just him being “modern-day presidential.” He thinks he’s giving people what they want from a president in the social media era, so what does it mean the be...


Episode 62: Innovators Roundtable - Financial Advisor, Noah Jones

In this episode, Keesa & Djevna are talking rising healthcare costs, a chance at justice for Flint, Michigan, and the defeat felt by the black community due to the ruling in the Philando Castille case. This week’s 360 Topic is replaced by the fourth edition of the “Innovators Roundtable - Financial Advisor, Noah Jones” (32:47), where they talk to young professionals who are finding innovative & creative ways to make a difference in their communities! Up this week is Noah Jones, financial...