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Exciting tease!! Hopefully you've missed Alexa and Katie's voices since they've been on a post season 1 break because here's 10 minutes of Alexa talking at you ending with a tease of something coming up that's exciting! Keep up to date with The 98%, get involved in laughter and solidarity, get in touch, or support the podcast at: twitter: @the98percentpod website: email: patreon:


S1E17 - Season Finale - "Sir Tom is off his t*ts"

The curtain falls on Series 1 of The 98%! Katie and Alexa finish off the series by telling a story that happened to them recently that absolutely sums up life in The 98% and the REAL #actorslife Keep your eyes peeled for Series 2 & in the mean time go to to find out more about the podcast and read blogs from Alexa, Katie and listeners of The 98%! Get in contact if you'd like to write a blog for the website and be sure to follow @the98percentpod on twitter for laughs and...


S1E16 - "Life's too short to spend it feeling.......awful!"

"Never give up on your dreams!!!" But at what cost? For the penultimate episode of Series 1 Alexa and Katie talk to this weeks guests about a part of the performing industry that is rarely broadcast - moving on from acting and leaving this crazy, frustrating and unpredictable life behind. What made them decide to stop pursuing performing work, how they did it, what they're doing now and how they feel about their decision. However you're feeling about your journey - this episode is...


S1E15 - "Don't you mean acTRESS?"

Underrepresentation, stereotypical characters, less roles but more people, sexism everywhere from the casting call to the rehearsal room and spending more time worrying about if you're too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too 'plain' or too pretty than you do learning lines for an audition - just a few examples of recurring factors in the life of a female actor...or actress? An episode that's important for both men and women to hear and one very close to Alexa and...


S1E14 - "You just go on the smell"

This episode is a bit over the hour mark but there's so much good stuff in it, particularly towards the end! This week Katie and Alexa speak to award winning director, Matt Holt, about various topics including the actor/director relationship, being on set, self tapes, the audition process through the eyes of a director & lots more! Plus Sir Tom Cat Jones tries to impress Matt through various distractions. What did you think of Matt's insights? Tweet us @the98percentpod or email...


S1E13 - "We need to remember that we are shiny carrots."

A big issue for those in The 98% of actors is working for low or no pay. In this insightful and important episode Alexa and Katie speak to Emmanuel de Lange who is Equity's Industrial Organiser of Low and No Pay about how common this is, whether actors should accept it, how things can and should change and what steps creatives can make to put on a show and pay their performers. Have you ever worked for free, or been asked to? Let us know and tell us your thoughts -


Tipsy Truths Round 2

A bonus episode where Katie and Alexa have drunk 2 bottles of prosecco, which is apparently enough for them to forget (even more so than usual) about the risk of putting your foot it in when talking openly about being an actor. t: @the98percentpod fb: The 98% What's the craziest thing you've ever done in an audition? Let us know!


S1E12 - "What IS a 'pencil'? I WILL GIVE YOU A PEN!"

This week we speak to Michael Cox, one half of Hammond Cox Casting who work on all sorts of projects but are commercial casting extraordinaire’s. Katie and Alexa ask the questions all actors think regarding commercials and lift the veil on a part of the real #actorslife that is usually shrouded in mystery. Why are castings so last minute? Who makes the big decisions? And WHAT THE HECK DOES IT MEAN TO BE PENCILLED?! This is a really informative episode and one you will NOT want to miss if you...


S1E11 - "Twenty of us walking around the room leading with our genitals"

Listen to what happens when Alexa and Katie drink a bottle of prosecco whilst talking about drama school. Need any more enticement than that?! What's the most ridiculous thing you did at drama school? We want to hear it! Twitter: @the98percentpod If you've left us a review, thank you SO much! If you haven't and have been enjoying The 98% we'd love if you could rate, review and subscribe!


S1E10 - "#GotTheFlaps"

It's the 10th episode of The 98%! Katie and Alexa have a 'check in' chat and read out some listener emails that start them off on the sorts of musings and thoughts you must be used to hearing by now! Thank you for all the amazing emails, tweets and reviews of The 98% and sticking with the podcast for 10 whole episodes! Email us about anything 98% life related - no story is too small! Come say hi on twitter! @the98percentpod


Tipsy Truths Round 1

A bonus episode where Katie and Alexa are a bottle of prosecco deep and telling the real happenings behind a day in the life of a jobbing actor - in this case...a last minute commercial casting. If you'd like to hear more tipsy tales let us know and we'll buy in some more £7 own-brand bubbles. t: @the98percentpod fb: The 98% Tell us your stories!


S1E9 - “Oh you do musical theatre? Do you ever want to try REAL acting?”

Chances are most actors first experience of watching and falling in love with theatre was bopping along to a musical. Katie and Alexa talk to this weeks guests about the musical theatre world. What goes on behind the razzle dazzle and how it differs from the ‘straight acting’ scene. Find out everyone’s thoughts on the term “performer”, celebrity casting and the audition process of working in the incredibly impressive world of musical theatre! If you’re enjoying The 98% it would be so...


S1E8 - “Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred headshots”

In this episode Katie and Alexa talk about some stuff they wish they had known when they first entered the professional world of acting after they graduated Drama School. Find out what Katie did at her grad ball that's straight out of a Disney film, why Alexa felt isolated before graduating and why you should stick to your guns when preparing for a Drama School showcase! Send us your experiences of the real #actorslife so we can do a mini episode of reading out listener's stories! It can be...


S1E7 - Auditioning Part 2

In part 2 of the AUDITIONS episode, Alexa and Katie share audition tips that they’ve learnt along the way and their thoughts on the audition process, backed up with more stories (of course!) Plus you get to hear the rest of what Annie Rowe has to say about casting! The 98% will now be coming to you fortnightly so Katie and Alexa can have enough time to bring you more good stuff and helpful guests. Thank you for your support…please subscribe, rate, review and tell other 98 percenters where...


S1E6 - Auditioning Part 1

AUDITIONS - Love them or hate them we all have to do them. In the first half of this episode Alexa and Katie share some funny and ridiculous stories from their audition experiences and then they chat to the lovely and insightful casting director Annie Rowe to hear about the casting process from the other side of the table...Annie's kitchen table to be exact. This episode is a 2 PARTER so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss Part II next week! Email/tweet us your audition stories at...


S1E5 - “We are made of friggin titanium”

“It’s a tough nut to crack isn’t it?” Muggles (non actors) say about the industry. “Yes. Yes it is.” You reply through gritted teeth. This week Katie and Alexa talk about their experiences of having to be resilient and how they got through the times of having an existential crisis in bed at 3am. Plus, you get the inside scoop on some techniques on mental toughness, managing nerves/pressure and how to stay positive from a top performance coach, our special guest! If you’re enjoying The...


Callback Episode 1

As promised in Episode 4, Katie and Alexa read out some inspiring stories from fellow performers. These personal accounts are worthy of their own episode rather than being breezed past in the main episode, so here is The 98%'s first mini bonus episode! Thank you to the amazing people who let us share their story, your words are encouraging, helpful and so moving.


S1E4 - 1 in 3

Mental health difficulties affects 1 in 3 of us in the performing arts industry. Performing artists are twice as likely to attempt suicide, and depression is five times higher than the general population. Awareness about this issue is on the rise but there’s still work to be done to help support people suffering and stop mental illnesses getting worse within our industry. Katie and Alexa talk about their personal struggles, their thoughts and speak to the incredible Annemarie Lewis Thomas,...


S1E3 - "Joey, it's Giselle"

Advice for those looking for one, insight for those who already have one, a Q&A with some that provide helpful answers and personal stories from Alexa and Katie that will either make you laugh or curl your toes in embarrassment. We talk…*dun dun DUUNNN*…AGENTS! Find us on twitter: @the98percentpod Facebook: The 98% And come say hi! We love to hear your stories from being part of The 98%, email us at


S1E2 - The Girls With The Pearl Necklace

This week we talk “resting jobs” (in heavily inverted commas!) We all have them, hate some and love others/find them mildly tolerable. Alexa clears up something that’s been literally keeping her awake at night from Episode 1, Katie explains how caramel lowlights saved her from a jobbing nightmare and we share advice from the many inbetweeny jobs we’ve done, as well as reading a few listener stories! Find us on twitter: @the98percentpod Facebook: The 98% And come say hi! If you’re...