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Poop Particles in Gavin Newsom's Nostril Hair

Sir Chase talks California governor Gavin Newsom and his irritating wife, then he discusses Louis CK, failed feminists, and drowning people in Fruit Loops. It's a rant-tactic episode...or something. Check out Sir Chase's writing and art at Knight Watch Publishing


Throw a Ham at Betty Sue

On this week's episode, Sir Chase discusses the tragedy that is Joe Rogan's dog having more Instagram followers than he will ever have. Then he discusses gender-neutral Santa Claus, snorting foot fungus, and socialist weirdos. Finally, he rants about an overly-sensitive Target shopper and a man in Kentucky who threw a ham in anger. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for writing and art.


Every Time a Bird Poops in Kanye's Eye

On this week's episode, Sir Chase rants about the "So Satisfying" story of Snapchat and how unsatisfying that nonsense is. Then he discusses his drunken paranoia after taking a sip of urine-flavored beer. Finally, he talks foreskin facials, evil peanut eaters, and the top five albums he would take on a deserted island. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for his writing, books, and art.


Fat Bodybuilding

This week, Sir Chase discusses midterm elections, how much he really enjoys paying more taxes, and picking rice out of his daughter's rolls. Then he rants about our university system and several fake papers that were published, and dives into the latest in weird white people news. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for his writing.


A Drugged Out Lizard Bitch Sold Me a House

Sir Chase is back with the horrid tale of an annoying move and the terrible woman who sold him the house. Then he discusses stupid conversations between Jesus and children, and the constant annoyances that are daily holidays (by the way, it's National Pee on Your Cookies Day). Finally, he rants about "mansplaining" and a man who wishes to be considered black due to his 4% ancestry. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing.


The Devil's Triangle

On this week's episode, Sir Chase talks the recent Brett Kavanaugh Hearing and the absurdity of some people. Then he warns people about blindly supporting protests (after all, you don't want to accidently support the Koala Fuckers of America Club) and discloses a frightening story about being stalked by the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Finally, he dives into this week's edition of weird white people news with conspiracy theories and talks about being the Hitler of spider...


How Slutty are the Farm Animals in Pennsylvania

The Absurd Podcast is back! Sir Chase talks about the death of John McCain and the friendship between George W Bush and Michelle Obama. Then he discusses weird white people news, "animal lovers," and he lists the ten worst modern rapper names (with a fun little guessing game). Finally, he rants about Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, and his idea for the future of vape pens. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing and art.


Berkeley is the Dick Crust of Universities

Sir Chase is back to rant and make strange noises! This week, he discusses his daughter's new desire to pelt him with moist, half-chewed food. Then he discusses breastfeeding moms, a recent open house, and West Hollywood's quest to rid the world of Trump's star. Finally, he apologizes to Ryan Reynolds, complains about Emmy Rossum, and gives his take on a pro-abortion scenario. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing, art, and books.


James Gunn and I are Looking for a Spider Genocide

It's time for a new, sweaty episode! Sir Chase discusses his irrational hatred of spiders and his plan to murder them all. Then he discusses the nonsense controversy surrounding director James Gunn. He rants about the new anti-plastic straw policies in California, as well as the return of Trump sticking his nose in the NFL's business. Finally, he talks fake beef patties, that butt nugget of a man Peter Popoff, and his slippery wiener. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's...


Einstein is Racist and Kylie Jenner Can Go Eat Cow Pee

Welcome to a new rant-tastic episode of The Absurd Podcast. Sir Chase discusses the beef he has with Americans who love to endlessly criticize their own country. Then he dives into the controversy surrounding Einstein's "racist" diary, as well as his daughter's well thought out plans to destroy his life and his living room. Finally, he targets drunk middle aged white women at concerts and he almost chokes on his own disappointment as he discusses a gofundme that was set up by Kylie Jenner's...


Political Arguments are the Wet Farts of Life

Sir Chase discusses the re-release of his book Poems from the Weird Kid, and the struggle to make it as an independent artist in literature. Then he rants about the annoying political turmoil that has swept across America recently, and gives some ideas on what to do with all the illegal immigrants (hint: it involves a giant hamster ball and Rosie O'Donnell). Finally, he bad mouths the validity of Father's Day and disses the irritating slut on Little Einsteins. Check out Sir Chase's books...


Thanos was Right

Sir Chase discusses the release of a special edition of his book Poems from the Weird Kid. Then he discusses his disgust of people with terrible exhausts on their cars and his daughter's desires to gag on her own hands. He admits that he sides with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and he wonders why a fat middle aged man would play the recorder while driving. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing and books.


Roseanne is Addicted to Stupidity and Chocolate Milk with Pulp

Sir Chase returns with his thoughts on the Roseanne scandal and the need for certain weirdos to defend her by attacking other comedians. Then he rants about bizarre medical lawsuits, pretend bullying, and the gangster on his street. Finally, he discusses how not to forget your child in a car (Uh...what?), Cocoa Pebbles, and American attitude. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing.


DJ Khaled Would Rather Eat The Punisher

Sir Chase opens this week with the harrowing tale of his failed family movie night. Then he dives into the thing DJ Khaled refuses to eat (what a butt munch). Next, he rants about weirdo pet owners and their feeble attempts to celebrate Mother's Day. Finally, he discusses the idolization of The Punisher, the final So Cal Slayer show, and urban camping. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for more from Sir Chase.


Squeezing Out Farts in the Wild Animal Park

Sir Chase rants about his daughter's rabid behavior and the worst parking lot on Earth. Then he talks about a weird experience he had at jail, and why Once in the Lifetime by Talking Heads is officially a weird song. Finally, he discusses Kanye West, wealthy-ass welfare butt munchers, and scumbags who take up handicapped spots. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing.


Stuffed Crust Teachers

On this week's episode, I talk the dismantling of traditional manhood in America and how much it pisses me off. Then I discuss a teacher who was arrested for having sex with an adult and how much that confuses me, and I provide my thoughts on my daughter's condescending tone while playing peek-a-boo. Finally, my blood boils over some human garbage I saw at the grocery store, stuffed crust pizza, and Facebook morons. If you enjoy the show, leave a review and tell a friend. If you don't, go...


David Hogg Looks Like Himmler’s Left Testicle

Sir Chase talks about urinal splash and buying a new car. Then he shares his distaste for yogurt and rants about David Hogg and his stupid face. Finally, he discusses a frightening Eggo waffle commercial, the band Bobaflex, and his daughter's attempt to drown her father in baby pee. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing.


50 Cent is a Sleepy Boy

Sir Chase talks about annoying gas station experiences, and the latest winner of Compton's Got Talent. Then he discusses some racially-charged remarks by 50 Cent, and he tries to understand why no one seems to think it's a problem. Lastly, he rants about the audacity of idiotic men on the internet, the travesty that is The Hat's cheese prices, and some more bull poop from the Catholic church. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing.


Gluten Free Jesus Tattoos

Sir Chase gives an infuriating update on the recent school shooting in Florida and the cowardice of several people at scene. Then he talks about the state of his penis in this sudden Southern California winter weather and his hatred of heaters. Finally, he gets annoyed by young liberals, bad Jesus tattoos, and gluten free toothpaste. Check out Knight Watch Publishing for Sir Chase's writing and such.


Toxic Masculinity and Shotgun Poops

Sir Chase discusses the recent school shooting in Florida and the willingness of many Americans to be victims these days. Marilyn Manson is his next topic as he dishes on some harassment claims that have come out against the legendary rocker (and how stupid they are). Then he talks about a disgusting baby experience he recently had, and a weird bathroom encounter at a Mexican restaurant. Finally, he discusses support animals, supposed toxic masculinity, and grown ass men listening to Limp...