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Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.

Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.
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Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.




S2 E30: Kevin Nealon Discusses SNL, Bad Apartments, Hiking and More!

Dennis is filling in for Larry King at the Ora TV studios where he sits down with comedian Kevin Nealon, whom he talks about how tough it is to go onstage after him. They also discuss performing at "Catch A Rising Star" in the old days, bad New York City apartments, and their SNL paychecks. Kevin talks about his sitcom "Man With A Plan" being renewed for a fourth season and some of the great guests he has had on his YouTube show "Hiking with Kevin". Then, Dennis chats with Christian about...


S2 E29: Musician Alan Parsons, The Magic Castle, Dwight Schrute and more!

Dennis starts off the show chatting with Alan Parsons about his new album, "The Secret", the Magic Castle, his career which included engineering Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and being in the studio for the last two Beatles albums, and fundraiser they did together up in Santa Barbara. Dennis also talks about areas where he believes Trump is doing an effective job and how he believes it's important to him to get things right with China, which Chuck Schumer agrees about. He also...


S2 E28: Victor Davis Hanson on Notre Dame, Trump, Civil War and more!

Dennis talks to Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson, whose latest book is "The Case for Trump" about the symbolism of the Notre Dame fire, the Left's attempted coup of Trump, why people are afraid to show their support for him, the possibility of a civil war, life in the San Francisco Bay Area, the likelihood of Hillary running for President and much more!


S2 E27: Comedian Nick DiPaolo, Trump's Record at the Border, Three Mile Island and More

Dennis eventually connects with comedian Nick DiPaolo to discuss his new special "Breath of Fresh Air", some of the great press he's been getting, including being the number one trending topic on Twitter. He also discusses some of the people he goes after in the special, how he never liked Bill Cosby, how Trump is a better president than he was host of "The Apprentice" and the degree to which he has gotten into some people's kitchen. Dennis also talks to Christian about Joe Biden, Trump's...


S2 E26: Trump’s Tax Returns, Kentucky Derby Controversy, Renaissance Festivals and more!

Dennis talks to Christian about the result of the Kentucky Derby, Trump’s tax returns, the Sultan of Brunei, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Todd, David Horowitz, the Avatar film franchise, jobs at a Renaissance Festival and a deli, great Chefs Grant Achatz, Anthony Bourdain, Magnus Nillson, Gene Kelly and much more!


S2 E25: Paul Stanley of Kiss talks "Backstage Pass"

Paul Stanley of Kiss talks about his new book "Backstage Pass" and the band's "End of the Road" tour, his painting, the familial relationship with bassist Gene Simmons and the importance of some of the musicians that made an impression on him in his youth, including seeing Hendrix perform twice and Zeppelin on tour between the first two albums. Dennis also talks to his co-host Christian Bladt about Michael Cohen heading off to jail, Iran and North Korea, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new...


S2 E24: Cleaning out the Voicemail Box : SNL, Julian Assange, Ernie Bornine and more!

Dennis and Christian clean out the voicemail box at (866)609-RANT, starting with show announcer Fard Muhammad talking about an SNL exhibit in Chicago that leads Dennis to stories about Robert Smigel, Ben Stiller and Bob Odenkirk. There's also voicemails about Julian Assange, television executives, Ernest Borgnine, and from Hollywood legend Howie Lancaster. Plus, there's praise for Dennis, Christian and Lindsey, discussion about Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman, the "Chef's Table"...


S2 E23: Talking Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg, Beto and more with John Nolte of Breitbart

Dennis is joined by Breitbart Senior Editor John Nolte to discuss the recent anti-Semitic cartoon from the New York Times, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo, Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and Beto and the White House Correspondents Dinner. They also discuss Hitchcock and other favorite films. Dennis also talks to Christian about people who live their life in fear of spoilers, Fox News, the cancellation of the Woodstock 50th Anniversary Concert, Beethoven and much more!


S2 E 22: Bernie Sanders is A Flat-Out Bad Guy (with Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire)

Dennis is joined by Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire to talk about speaking at colleges in 2019, Bernie Sanders and voting rights for convicted felons. Then, Dennis discusses the White House Correspondents Dinner, Susan Rice's Netflix deal and whether he has missed the point on Trump. Christian tries to explain to Dennis why "Avengers: Endgame" was so great without giving away any spoilers, your voicemails at 866-509-7268 and more!


S2 E21: Should a White Man Represent Dems in 2020, the Mueller Report, Immigration and more (with Debra Saunders)

Dennis and Christian overcome some technical problems to welcome Las Vegas Review-Journal White House Correspondent Debra Saunders to discuss covering President Trump, immigration, who else might be up to the task of being president, the Mueller report and how collusion is a bogus story. There's also discussion about whether or not a white man should represent Democrats in 2020, the film "Free Solo", Golfer Jean van de Velde, why turtles are so slow, sugar, baseball, your voicemails at...


SS2 E20: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Skiing with Springsteen, Bernie Town Hall, Robert Kraft, "The Meg" and more!

Dennis reminiscences about his terrible New York apartment when he would get stage time at the Comic Strip at 2:30, being at the Final Four with his sons, skiing with Bruce Springsteen and hanging out with Robin Williams. He also talks about watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" for the first time and being impressed by Chris Cuomo's reporting. He gives his thoughts on Fox News hosting a town hall with Bernie Sanders, Michel Avenatti and the news that prosecutors in Florida will...


S2 E19: Julian Assange, Tiger Woods, Cher, Sanctuary Cities and more!

Dennis reacts to the news about the fire at Notre Dame in Paris, discusses the great weekend he had as part of the Turner Classic Movies festival, the triumphant weekend for Tiger Woods, Julian Assange, Cher & Sanctuary Cities, what it must be like when Trump has Pelosi and Schumer over for dinner, Pelosi's public dis of AOC, Writer's Guild members being compelled to fire their agents as part of a contract renegotiation and a man suing his parents for $86,000 for throwing away his porn. He...


S2 E18: AOC, TCM, Pelosi, Jerry Nadler's fat head and more!

Dennis comments on President Trump's indefatigablity, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and William Barr, Hillary's e-mails and great film scores. Plus, an inquiry about AOC's relationship, the upcoming TCM film festival, Kevin Costner and great feedback on the recent Jimmy Connors interview and much more!


S2 E17: Mark Steyn Discusses Kirstjen Nielsen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerry Nadler and much more!

Dennis is joined by author, columnist, broadcaster and raconteur Mark Steyn to discuss their recent tour together and the upcoming Mark Steyn Cruise, which Dennis will be a part of. They also discuss the resignation of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the situation at the border and the Left's reaction to it, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Mueller investigation, Bill Clinton's impeachment hearing, Benghazi, Jerry Nadler and much more! Dennis also talks about an interview he did with Ben...


S2 E 16: Jimmy Connors talks tennis with Dennis

Dennis is joined in studio by his friend, tennis great Jimmy Connors, who talks about his upbringing by his mother and grandmother, both of whom made tennis such an important part of his life. He also talks about the highs and lows of his career, his opponents, rivals and life after tennis


S2 E 15: Dana Carvey talks Jussie Smollett, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Paul McCartney, Greco-Roman Wrestling and more!

Dennis is joined by his friend, SNL great Dana Carvey who brings along The Church Lady, Grumpy Old Man, Paul McCartney doing the news, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas Greco-Roman Wrestling, plus reminiscences about SNL with Dennis, observations about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jussie Smollett, Downton Abbey and much more! Dennis also talks about the SNL after parties and how easily you could tell when you were going to have a bad host on that show. He also talks about Jay Leno, the Rolling...


S2 E14: ...and Jussie for All

Dennis reacts to Jussie Smollett having all charges dropped against him and the ensuing reaction to it, while asking the question as to whether or not he is racist. He also responds to a listener who doesn't like him singing on the show, the concept of "found humor" and grand mal seizures. He also talks about his travels in the Antarctic and in Africa, Malcolm X, Henry V, Harry Reid, Atlas Shrugged, Glengarry Glen Ross and much more!


S2 E 13: Mueller Report Reaction and Special Guest Thomas Sowell

Dennis reacts to the release of the Mueller Report, its vindication of Trump and the Left's handling of it. Then he's joined by the great Thomas Sowell to discuss his latest book, a revised and enlarged edition of "Discrimination and Disparities". Dennis also discusses Michael Avenatti's woes, Comey, Lindsey Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Carl Burnett, Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster and much more.


S2 E12: Trypophobia of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren's Hypocrisy, Chuck Schumer's lifetime in politics and much more!

Dennis comments on how nobody works the area between the White House and a helicopter the way Trump does while weighing in on the feud with Kellyanne Conway's husband George, and what Brit Hume has to say about the whole thing. He also comments on John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and trypohobia, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's desire to abolish the Electoral College. Dennis also chats with Christian about some of his wardrobe choices when he was on SNL, a Mike Wallace book he's...


S2 E11: Betting on Beto, deBasing deBlasio, Avenatti Ankled and more!

Dennis discusses Beto O'Rourke's presidential announcement, the border wall, the possibility of a primary challenge to Ilhan Omar, Sarah Sanders sparring with Jim Acosta, Dick Cheney confronting Mike Pence about the Trump administration's foreign policy, Michael Avenatti cutting ties with Stormy Daniels, Bill DeBlasio, Trump's "Tim Apple" tweet, Tucker Carlson, Justin Trudeau, Ann Coulter, socialism, ISIS, a Catholic school that denied enrollment to the child of a gay couple and the income...