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024 I'm A Professor Of Myself

Drew will now be known as Prof. Drew. We chat about the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon. Also, new scary movies coming out; The Nun and Halloween. We nerd out about Apple TV, Verizon Fios, and the new iPhone Products. We start a new list, 13 Psychology tricks that work on anybody. LIsten! It's a lot of greatness packed into one hour.


023 I want the cake.

This week we chat about: College football More Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise talk and Survivor. Being on the Amazing Race. Show recommendations: Stranger Things and Safe Michael Jackson, Wham, George Michael Deceiving people 15-16


022 I like everyone I know to know how much I know

Well this is episode is interesting. They chat about our FB question about giving in the Starbucks drive thru. We share some responses we received and we share our thoughts and it's a doozy. They also share two more tricks to get people to like you more. They also talk a little bit about white male privilege. Drew doesn't like it when Tony brings that up. Anyway, listen. it's great. As always, you can get a hold of them at FB: Twitter:...


021 I want to be a cool dad!

We. Have. Merch. We have an awesome t-shirt for sale. Only $20! Find out more on our new FB page! This week we chat about Tony wanting to be a cool dad, awkward handshakes, greeting with hugs...side hug or full? Drew goes on a tangent about backpacks and back to school shopping, teens learning money management, online shopping. We finish up talking about 11 & 12 on the "Tricks to getting people to like you" list. Leave a comment please. Let us know how were doing and respond to questions...


020 I'm a genius.

This week we cover a lot of ground. We talk about the possibility of a gay version of The Bachelor and a few thoughts that branched off of that. Bachelor is train wreck, embarrassing our wives. We also cover 8-10 tricks to make people like us. Join us won't you for this nutty ride.