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Hello and welcome to the SoapyRao show! A podcast filled with weekly rants, introspection, conversations with cool people about anything and everything and an overall fun place to be! Presented by standup comedian Sundeep Rao (AKA SoapyRao).

Hello and welcome to the SoapyRao show! A podcast filled with weekly rants, introspection, conversations with cool people about anything and everything and an overall fun place to be! Presented by standup comedian Sundeep Rao (AKA SoapyRao).




Hello and welcome to the SoapyRao show! A podcast filled with weekly rants, introspection, conversations with cool people about anything and everything and an overall fun place to be! Presented by standup comedian Sundeep Rao (AKA SoapyRao).






SoapyRao show ft. Varun Ravindra

Varun Ravindra is the Chief Conservator at Vanantara, a forest community on the outskirts of Bengaluru, bordering Tamil Nadu. Over the past 10 years he's helped afforest over 250 acres of impoverished land into self sustaining ecosystems. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, he's now dedicated his life to rejuvenating soils, planting forests and fostering a greater sense of awareness and wonder for the natural world. More details about Vanantara at


SoapyRao show ft. Scott Capurro

Scott Capurro was reared in San Francisco. At age 3, he swam the English Channel. Since 1993, he’s avoided AIDS by telling unsavoury jokes in every English speaking country. Scott is trusting and thus surrounded by duplicity, yet he continues challenging himself, because he’s physically challenged and emotionally unavailable, aka married. Scott has appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire, where, effortlessly, he played a homosexual; and Star Wars: Phantom Menace, where, breathlessly, he wore a body...


SoapyRao show ft. Peter Sage

Peter Sage is a well-known international serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and expert in human behaviour. He is a highly sought-after speaker and coach and has spoken on five continents, sharing the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and President Bill Clinton. In 2013 he was awarded the distinguished Brand Laureate Award from the Asian Pacific Brands Foundation for extraordinary individuals. Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton & Tiger Woods....


SoapyRao show ft. Albert Nerenberg

Albert Nerenberg is an acclaimed director, hypnotist, and one of the world’s top experts on laughing. Nerenberg directed “Laughology”, the first feature documentary about laughter for CTV, and developed his own laughter exercise technique called Laughercize. He was recently named “Laughter Ambassador” by Madan Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga movement. Nerenberg’s TEDx presentation “Is Hypnosis Fake?” is one of the most-watched demonstrations of hypnosis to date.


SoapyRao show ft. Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist whose research specialized in understanding how our brain creates our perception of reality. Dr. Jill is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey (published in 2008 by Viking Penguin), which is still often the #1 book about STROKE sold in the Amazon marketplace. In addition, her second book WHOLE BRAIN LIVING: The Anatomy of Choice and the Four...


SoapyRao show ft.Sabby BG

SabbyBG is an Indo-Canadian Influencer & Founder of "The SabbyBG Show", the No #1 North American-based Online Entertainment Show targetting people of Indian diaspora from all over the world. "The SabbyBG Show" has seen exponential growth in the last few years, with over a quarter-million Subscribers on YouTube and a highly engaged audience on all other Social Platforms. Sabby has become a known face within the NRI and Indian Community serving his fans with Consistent, Congruent &...


SoapyRao show ft.Raman Mangalorkar

Raman Mangalorkar started his career at A.T. Kearney, a leading management consulting firm. Post his management consulting career, he spent some time in the private equity space and then was the CEO of a large hypermarket retailer where he was brought in to lead the company’s turnaround. Raman has helped numerous companies get healthier and chose to use his experience as a meta researcher and a data synthesizer to focus on improving his own health. Although not a doctor or a medical...


SoapyRao show ft.Subramani Lakshminarayanan

Subramani Lakshminarayanan is one of the very few totally blind journalists in India with twenty-three years of experience in reporting, feature writing, copyediting and products/book reviewing. He lost his eyesight aged 18 due to a genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (R.P.) and was told he’ll be useless because of his disability. Also, many told him that he was “crazy” to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist. But in April 2003, he became an editorial staff with the famous...


SoapyRao show ft. Phalgun Polepalli

Phalgun is working as Co-Founder & CEO at Dice Toy Labs. DICE Toy Labs was founded in 2018 by Phalgun Polepalli and Shwetha Badarinath, a husband and wife duo. DICE Toy Labs is on a mission to create cool board games for India. We are passionate about licensing games from local inventors and are quick to champion the work of other designers. We enjoy telling different Indian stories through board games.


SoapyRao show ft. Marc Green

Marc Green is the founder and CEO of Cammellatte, the world's first Natural Camel Milk Skincare Brand. He is also a renowned Polyglot, TedX speaker and lecturer on the topics of innovation and languages.


SoapyRao show ft. Sowjanya Shetty

Sowjanya Shetty is the founder of Attitude Makeover. Her incredibly diverse career spans 25 years during which she has been a chip-designer, an assembly level programmer, worked in interactive television, been the Chief of Staff at General Electric, worked in product management at Hewlett-Packard, managed a full retail store, been a sales executive at Microsoft, setup and run two of her own businesses and been a radio jockey! Attitude Makeover is a career-centric initiative for mid-career...


SoapyRao show ft. Rev. Walter Mwambazi

Rev Walter Mwambazi is a Thought Transformation Leader, Networker, Digital & Traditional Marketer, Published Author, Copywriter, Columnist & Blogger, Life, Neural-linguistic & Cognitive Enhancement Coach, Raio & Television Personality, Social Influencer and TEDx Speaker His Social media handles and latest book link:


The SoapyRao show ft. Anirudh Kanisetti

Anirudh Kanisetti is the author of Lords of the Deccan. Holding a first-class honours degree from BITS Pilani and having previously worked at the Takshashila Institution, he is currently an Editor at the Museum of Arts and Photography. He has received grants from the Princeton Center for Digital Humanities and the India Foundation for the Arts, and his writings and work have been featured in The Hindu, The New Indian Express, LiveMint and ThePrint, among others. He hosts two critically...


SoapyRao show ft. Atul Khatri

Atul Khatri is a Mumbai based businessman who got up late in life and decided to do English Stand-up comedy so that he could tick it off his bucket list. An Indian Computer Engineer and a British Management Scholar who always orders soup one by two even when he is eating alone. CNN-IBN rated him as one of the top 20 Comedians in India to watch out for. He has also won the 'CEOS GOT TALENT' trophy competing against 11 other CEOs.


SoapyRao show ft. Sanjay Manaktala

Sanjay Manaktala is a stand-up comedian, author, writer, content creator and engineer. He grew up in California, helped build the modern comedy scene in India and now resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Instagram - YouTube (Over 14 million hits now!) - Website - Twitter- Facebook -...


SoapyRao show ft. Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra is a Bombay based stand-up comedian and host of the popular political-comedy podcast Shut Up Ya Kunal. After 8 years in advertising, Kunal started doing stand-up in 2013. He rose through the ranks at blistering pace and is currently well established as one of India’s most important and popular voices on stage and social media, known for his fearless, incisive and often polarizing material. He is also one of the very few from the Indian scene who is a comedian’s comedian as well...


SoapyRao show ft. Christopher C. Doyle

Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story. His first three novels – The Mahabharata Secret (released in 2013), The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret (released in 2014) and The Mahabharata Quest: The Secret of the Druids (released in 2016) – explore the science behind the enduring legends of the Mahabharata, in an explosive blend of science,...


SoapyRao show ft. Neesa Suncheuri

Neesa Sunar is a clinical telehealth therapist and mental health advocate based in Queens, New York, USA. As a social worker, she is dedicated to transformative, recovery-oriented practice, upholding the values of equity, dignity and worth of the person. Neesa discloses her personal lived experience with the disability of schizoaffective disorder and openly discusses how transformative services have facilitated her own healing. She is the founder and head admin of a vibrant group on...


The SoapyRao Show ft. Tsu Shan Chambers

Sydney born and Darwin raised, Asian-Australian, Tsu Shan, is a multiple film, business and community service award winner. An Optometrist turned Actor/Writer/Producer, she is passionate about bringing awareness to issues that matter through telling provoking stories. She was selected as one of Screen Producers Australia’s “Ones to Watch” in 2018 and awarded the Charlies Grant Residency with Australians in Film (AiF) in 2021. Tsu Shan holds a Graduate Certificate in Creative Producing at the...


SoapyRao show ft. Papa CJ

Papa CJ is a world-renowned stand-up comedian, executive coach and published author. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Oxford. As an Executive Coach, he has worked with 50+ blue-chip companies across the globe. He has been invited to speak at Harvard Business School and written for Harvard Business Review. He has worked across cultures in over 25 countries. His experience and expertise exist at the intersection of creativity, communication,...