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136: The Apple Watch Series 4 Was the Best Announcement!

On episode 136 of the BSP, I talk about Google Project Dragonfly which ties individuals searches to their phone numbers (in China), The announcements from the September 2018 Apple Event and why the Apple Watch Series 4 was the best announcement, The EU Passing a new copyright directive which seems detrimental to content creators, and a lot more! Subscribe to the full audio podcast at Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: Merch;...


135: Apple Bans Info Wars App

On episode 135 of the BSP, I talk about Apple banning the Info Wars app from the iOS App Store, Twitter launching Audio Only live broadcasting for podcasters on Periscope, the new Amazon Fire HD8 Tablet, Getting 2 free audio books from audible, and much more. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: Merch; Discord: 00:00 -...


134: Twitter Suggesting You Unfollow People!?

On episode 134 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube launching new tools to help raise money for charity, JacksFilms launching his series “YIAY” on twitch, the iPhone Event having a date, why I don’t talk about gear rumors much anymore, Twitter suggesting people to unfollow, Twitter launching threaded conversations & status indicators, and Google launching two factor authentication tokens. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions:...


133: Make More Money on YouTube, Facebook "Social Trust" Score, and More

On episode 133 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube rolling out non-skippable advertisements to all youtubers who are in the partner program, Twitch changing the benefits you get with Twitch Prime, Facebook launching a social trust score, and Facebook tracking app usage on your phone with their VPN service. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask Questions: Merch;...


132: Twitter Timeout, Facebook Forced to Decrypt Messages, and More

On episode 132 of the BSP I talk about YouTube paying creators tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to post content to their platform first as well as promote their monetization tools, Twitter putting Alex Jones in time out for a week based on a periscope livestream, and Facebook being pressured by the courts to decrypt end to end encrypted messages to assist in a probe into MS-13 activities. Subscribe to the full audio podcast at Twitter: @bandrewsays Ask...


131: YouTube Recommends Phones, Alex Jones De-Platformed, and More

On episode 131 of the BSP, I talk about Discord selling video games, Youtube adding a subscription shelf back to the homepage, YouTube certifying and recommending phones, Youtube deleting Alex Jones’ channel, and the FCC lying about the DDoS attack in 2017. Ask Questions: Merch; Discord: 00:00 - Intro 00:41 - Sunshine Summit 2018 * 01:18 - This Experiment is...


130: Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones, TSA Tracking US Citizens, and More

On episode 130 of the BSP, I talk about launching a new youtube channel and the reasoning behind it, I talk at length about Logitech Acquiring Blue and what that means for Blue. I also cover YouTube launching international youtube premium shows, Apple killing a portion of their affiliate program, TSA Tracking U.S. Citizens, Rode announcing a new dual lav recording kit, and Sennheiser announcing a bluetooth microphone. Ask Questions: Merch;...


129: YouTube Killing the Trending Tab, YouTube Strikes Alex Jones' Channel, & More

On episode 129 of the BSP, I explain why Patreon acquired, as well as cover Anchor launching a podcast studio, YouTube killing the Trending Tab, YouTube blocking Dislike button spam, The YT web player dynamically adjusting to fit a videos native resolution, YouTube striking Alex Jones’ channel, Twitch launching the Creator Camp, Apple fixing the Core i9 Thermal Throttling, Verizon launching a VPN, a new Stream deck from El Gato, and much more. Ask Questions:...


128: Google Fined $5 Billion, Apple Keyboard Gate / Throttle Gate, & More

On episode 128 of the BSP, I think you for 70,000 subscribers, and apologize for the issues with last weeks episode. In the news, I cover Google being fined $5 billion for breaking EU anti trust laws, FouseyTube’s concert, Family of Five getting banned from YouTube, Apple keyboard failure and Apple’s response, Apple storing iCloud data on Chinese state owned servers, Core i9 Macbook Pros being throttled, and Amazon Prime Day being an absolute disaster. Ask Questions:...


127: Tags on YouTube Don't Matter, YouTube Copyright Takedowns, Macbook Pros, and more

On episode 127 of the BSP, I talk about how tags on youtube impact your search and discover, new copyright identification and take down tools, youtube funding news organizations, youtube incognito mode coming to android, New Macbook Pros & Apple eGPU, the FBI arresting a former Apple Engineer, Apple passcode still able to be brute forced, and License plate tracking at malls. Merch; Discord: 00:00 - Intro 00:36 -...


126: App Developers Reading Your Gmail, Samsung Leaking Your Photos, Australian Surveillance State & MORE!

On episode 126 of the BSP, I talk about Google Duplex potentially being implemented into Data Centers, 3rd party app developers having access & reading through your gmail accounts, Samsung randomly texting photos from your gallery to people in your contact book, and the Australian airports implementing biometric scanning as a proof of concept to roll out countrywide biometric scanning. Later, I share 4 audio books I’ve loved this year, get corrected about loud sound sources destroying...


125: YouTube Disables Custom Thumbnails, Video Creator Grant Money, and More

On episode 125 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube launching the miniplayer on desktop, YouTube disabling custom thumbnails, VidCon launching a grant program where you can receive $2000, Twitch updating stream discovery, HaveIBeenPwned integrating with Firefox & 1 password, Twitter allowing for physical 2fa tokens, a Contractor trying to sell surveillance tools to track political dissidents, a man who threatened Ajit Pai being arrested, another data aggregator leaking 340 million personal...


124: New Ways to Make Money on YouTube

On episode 124 of the BSP, I cover Google Podcasts going live, 3 new monetization tools on YouTube that were announced at VidCon 2018, Instagram TV, Apple Fined $6.6M USD in Australia, Apple repairing Macbook keyboards for free, and Verizon no longer selling your real-time location data. I also talk about the RE27 N/D briefly, all my waves plugins disappearing, 3 new Mac utility apps that I like, and much much more. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:37 - I...


123: Resident Evil 2 Remake, Google Podcast App, and Apple Security

On episode 123 of the BSP, I cover Verizon having 3 unlimited data tiers, Sony announcing the Resident Evil 2 remake, Google launching a podcast app, Apple banning apps from selling user’s contact lists, China tracking citizen’s cars with RFID tags, and Apple blocking GreyKey iOS Hacking tool. I also talk about my signal chain and what I’m doing different this week. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:35 - Verizon Launching 3rd Unlimited Data Tier 01:51 -...


122: YouTube Killing Subscriptions, WWDC Woes & More

On episode 122 of the BSP, I cover YouTube killing the subscription feed through algorithms, Patreon acquiring Kit, WWDC 2018 Announcements from Hardware to iOS to Mac OS, Facebook launching a gaming portal, Instagram launching 1 hour long videos, MyHeritage leaking 92 million people’s login information, and much much more. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:43 - YouTube Killing Subscription 07:15 - Patreon Acquired Kit 10:36 - WWDC 2018 Hardware...


121: Vermont Fights Data Brokers, Podcastage Updates & More

On episode 121 of the BSP, I talk about my new series called Creator Case Study, the plans I have for the Podcastage youtube channel, Vermont regulating data brokers, iOS 11.4 going live and what the features are, What to expect from WWDC ’18, as well as answering your questions. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:45 - Thoughts on Creator Case Study Series 02:51 - Changes to Podcastage Programming 05:53 - Why are you drinking Starbucks? 06:49 - Vermont...


120: Apple Bend Gate, Amazon Big Brother State, and More

On episode 120 of the BSP, I talk about Apple lying about Bend Gate on the iPhone 6 and 6-plus, Facebook two factor authentication, Yubikey compatibility with the iPhone, Razer Core X, News outlets banning EU viewers, EU citizens downloading information from Apple, Amazon Facial Rekognition, Amazon Echo spying on you, TeenSafe leaking your passwords, Comcast Xfinity router passwords being leaked, Comcast launching new mesh wifi devices, Twitch streaming Doctor Who, and Amazon saving The...


119: Google Kills YouTube Red...Sort of, Lil Tay Get's Mother Fired, and more

On episode 119 of the BSP, I talk about Google Killing / Rebranding YouTube Red to YouTube Premium, YouTube adding music credits in descriptions, Lil Tay getting her mother fired, YouTube adding Tastemade & The Young Turks to YouTubeTV, Facebook launching Youth guidelines, Facebook launching Voice posts and photo/video storage, more Facebook data exposed, and Call of Duty IIII release. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:40 - Clarification on Smart Phone...


118: Google Assistant Makes Calls, Phil Defranco Launches Video App, and More

On episode 118 of the BSP, I talk about Gmail composing your e-mails for you, Google’s camera allowing you to copy text from a photo, Google Assistant (Duplex) making phone calls for you, HDR playback on YouTube going live on iOS, YouTube rolling out a “Take a Break” feature, Philip DeFranco launching a stand alone video app, Hulu launching a channel guide, Apple removing apps that share location data, Apple selling streaming subscriptions, Apple launching a credit card, Apple disabling USB...


117: Gibson Declares Bankruptcy, Twitter Passwords in Plain Text, Facebook Dating, & More

On episode 117 of the BSP, I talk about Gibson declaring bankruptcy, YouTube ad targeting based on playback device, YouTube pulling 1,400 videos due to ad reads, YouTube having 1.8 Billion active members per month, Viacom launching a digital studio, Twitter announcing 30 new video content deals, Twitter storing your passwords in plain text, Facebook launching a dating service, and a more sustainable MoviePass competitor. Discord Server ( 00:00 - Intro 00:46 -...