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Former radio host Beau Becraft offers commentary on current happenings in pop culture and conducts interviews with friends and celebrities.

Former radio host Beau Becraft offers commentary on current happenings in pop culture and conducts interviews with friends and celebrities.
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Former radio host Beau Becraft offers commentary on current happenings in pop culture and conducts interviews with friends and celebrities.






Beaucephus Buddies: Corey Samuels

Crack open an ice cold Coca Corey and join us for episode 35! It's a Beaucephus Buddies adventure featuring our friend Corey Samuels! Beau and Corey talk about Corey suspending his campaign for Mayor of Keokuk, Iowa, what game show he needs to be part of, and his connection to huge celebrity Tom Arnold and how he wants to utilize it. Plus, a round of The Beaucephus Threephus!


Episode 33: Ethan Sonneborn

Youth and politics collide again as 13-year-old Vermont native Ethan Sonneborn looks to take the Governor's seat of his home state. He talks about creating a better community, a better economy, and ridding his state of its opioid epidemic. At his age, I was reading Captain Underpants. Also this week, Beau talks douchebags trash-talking police, garage sale fodder, and more! All of this and more awaits you on episode 33 of The Beaucephus Broadcast!


Episode 32: Jillian Jacqueline

Singer. Songwriter. Fashionista. And non-coffee drinker. Jillian Jacqueline is our guest on episode 32 of The Beaucephus Broadcast! Jillian continues winning over fans across multiple genres, spending her summer in support of acts like Dwight Yoakam, Billy Currington, and Ryan Adams. We talk about her being shown the ropes by The Gambler himself, Mr. Kenny Rogers, her work with Vince Gill and Richard Marx, how she incorporates and draws inspiration from multiple genres and still keeps it...


Episode 31: JD Ryznar

This week, Beau recaps his recent trip to Nebraska and his experience at the Super 7 Inn roach motel. And our guest is none other than Yacht Rock creator JD Ryznar! You may have seen him on programs such as Drunk History, but the proprietor of the smoothest genre of music the world has ever experienced drops by to tell us how it came to be, the success of the genre in the present day, what legends belong in his ultimate Yacht Rock super group, and much more. All of this and more are...


Episode 30: Jack Bergeson

He's the Kansas teen who's making headlines as he makes a run for Governor. 16-year-old Jack Bergeson joins Beaucephus this week and shares his thoughts on the current problems facing his native state and how he seeks to remedy them. Plus, where does he stand on marijuana legalization? Will he and his Lieutenant Governor share the Governor's Mansion together, furnishing the master's quarters with bunk beds and having late-night Halo co-op sessions? And, we'll sit down for a round of Kansas...


Episode 29: Listener-Powered Podcast!

Another installment of the listener-powered podcast! Your questions. His answers. Find the responses to your burning inquiries like "what would you take to a desert island," "who were the best wrestling tag teams," "where in the world IS Carmen San Diego," and more! Plus, another special guest stops by to help out with this week's countdown. Who is it? Tune in and find out on episode 29 of The Beaucephus Broadcast!


Episode 28: Bat Chat with Bill Ramey

This week, find out what national country music act caught Beau's show and what drives him crazy about playing live music. Plus, learn about the 29x29 Initiative. And, this week's guest is Bill "Jett" Ramey of! In conjunction with the PCEU's June/July 1989 retrospective, Bill joins Beau to chat about Tim Burton's blockbuster 1989 film released in June that year. Who were the initial frontrunners to don the cowl and the white face paint? Was Robin initially supposed to...


Episode 27: The Listener-Powered Podcast!

You asked. He answers. Episode 27 of The Beaucephus Broadcast is taking listener questions. Narrowed down to the top 10 from over 33,000 submissions, Beaucephus gives you the responses to your most burning questions. Tweed or corduroy? Stawberry or grape jelly? Paint or stain? Tune in and find out if your question was selected and what the answer is! Featuring the help of a surprise countdown contributor you don't want to miss!


Episode 26: Radio Roundtable

The Beaucephus Broadcast returns with Radio Round Table, a conversation featuring individuals who are working or have worked in the field of radio broadcasting! This week features Maggi Mayfield, who currently works for iHeart in Los Angeles, and Marc James of The Poop Culture Podcast. The trio discuss live remotes, the pros and cons of working in the business, their favorite memories of working in the industry, and each talk about their broadcast endeavors of past and present. Join in for...