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The Brian Noonan Pocast from Chicago's WGN Radio 720.

The Brian Noonan Pocast from Chicago's WGN Radio 720.
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Chicago, IL


The Brian Noonan Pocast from Chicago's WGN Radio 720.




Brian Noonan Show 11/11/18: Voting antics and California wildfires

Brian talks about a parking garage power outage, Election Day antics, and California wildfires. To kick off the show, Brian talks about a power outage that occurred just as he was arriving in the parking garage on his way to the station. He and the crew have some fun talking about the possibility of the elevator in the building going out, and what might have happened if he couldn’t make it upstairs to do the show live. Then, Brian wishes everyone […]


Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 11/11/18: Thanksgiving dinner planning with Goddess and Grocer (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian and Cody welcome Chef Jill Dedinsky from Goddess and Grocer to talk Thanksgiving dinner planning, including some incredible catering options to keep your holiday as simple as possible. Jill talks about the history of Goddess and Grocer and how she got into the catering business, then discusses mistakes people make when preparing Thanksgiving dinner. She also gives tips for getting everything done/ready at the same time. Plus: learn about Thanksgiving catering options from Goddess and...


Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 11/4/18: Vote on Tuesday! Plus: fun party stories (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian and Cody urge you to vote this Tuesday, November 6, and discuss some of the major themes of this year’s midterm elections. Then: fun Halloween party and costume stories! First, Brian and Cody urge you to vote on Tuesday, November 6. They discuss “bad candidates” and being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils in some cases, then Cody shocks Brian by explaining that he hasn’t seen a single political ad on TV this year (because he […]


Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 10/28/18: International adventures from England and Belize (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian recounts his adventures on a group tour across England, and Cody talks about his honeymoon/anniversary adventures in Belize. Jeff Carlin, Roe Conn’s producer, also joins the recording following a local Oktoberfest event.


Brian Noonan reviews “Hello, Dolly!” and talks Rambo movies with Cody Gough

More Brian gives his “regular theatre guy review” of Broadway in Chicago’s production of Hello, Dolly! at the Oriental Theatre. The cast was phenomenal and he STRONGLY recommends seeing the show — while you still can! Hear why Brian gave the show a rave review and learn why you should get your tickets right away. Then, hear Brian and Cody somehow go off on a hilarious tangent involving rainbow sherbet, lemonade...


Brian Noonan talks Beer, Beer and MORE BEER!!

Brian Noonan is in for Dane Neal today during ‘On The Road’. Brian on this short edition of the Brian Noonan Show is joined in-studio with Kevin Cary who is the owner at Begyle Brewing and the board president of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild along side Brian Krajack, general manager at Forbidden Root Restaurant and Brewery. Kevin and Brian talk to Noonan about The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild barrel-aged beer festival and competition, FoBAB, that will be happening on November 16-17 at UIC...


Hazy New England IPA, Belgian Tripel, and Rauchbier beer reviews on “At the Breweries” (web-exclusive podcast)

John Carruthers of Revolution Brewing and Jesse Valenciana of Goose Island Brewery join Brian and Cody in-studio to review a selection of hazy New England IPAs, Belgian Tripels, and Rauchbiers. To kick off the show, Jesse and John recap the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, the premiere competition for American brewers. They give props to various breweries, including a number of Chicago-based beer makers for “cleaning up” at the event. During their discussion, John and Jesse also...


Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 10/14/18: Fall travel stories and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical review (web-exclusive podcast)

More Brian and Cody react to Brian’s appearance on Chicago Med and swap fall travel stories with Roe Conn’s producer Jeff Carlin. Plus: Brian’s “regular guy theatre review” of the Broadway in Chicago production of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Oriental Theatre. Experience the live countdown and reaction to Brian’s “big moment” on Chicago Med, as he and Cody begin recording the podcast live just...

Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 10/7/18: Tootsie review, banana socks, and babysitting (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian and Cody give a rave review to Broadway in Chicago’s pre-Broadway world premiere of Tootsie at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. Plus: adventures at the Billy Goat Tavern, socks in kindergarten, and babysitting tales! To kick off the show, Brian explains why he’s sick, and teases a scandalous story about socks from kindergarten class earlier. He and Cody also ask for music submissions for them to use as a podcast theme song, which you can send to the Brian Noonan […]


Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 9/30/18: Travel policies, mob mentality, and dumb brands (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian and Cody discuss their cell phone policies when traveling, mob mentality in the age of social media, and the dumbest brand actions taken in the last month. Plus: learn how you can bring a touch of music to the next few months of web-exclusive podcasts! To kick off the show, Brian talks about the web-exclusive podcast schedule and what listeners can expect from the show for the next few months. Then, he and Cody discuss Netflix and streaming video […]


Brian Noonan Show 9/23/18: Dr. Eugenia Cheng tells us The Art of Logic

Brian starts the show off sharing his recent dilemma as father and whether it’s better for your college student to return home often or make them build up their tolerance to homesickness. Then, Brian talks to Dr. Eugenia Cheng, Scientist In Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dr. Cheng shares her recent book The Art of Logic and how the brain makes decisions!


Brian Noonan Show 9/16/18: Former Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and local record-breaking attempts

Brian talks to former Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny about an upcoming Chicago gala they’re attending this week. Mikah Meyer calls in with an update on his quest to set a world record vising every National Park Service site in the United States. Plus, learn how to get involved with a potential record-setting Chicago blood drive, and hear why rideshare drivers are protesting at O’Hare Airport this week. To kick off the show, Ryan Burrow from ABC News then checks […]


Three recent college grads provide hope and “home” with the Chicago Furniture Bank

Brian Noonan visits with Griffin Amdur and Andrew Witherspoon, two of the three founder of the Chicago Furniture Bank, which provides a resource to those transitioning out of homelessness or other domestic situations into unfurnished, government-subsidized housing. Amdur talks about what sparked the idea for the Bank, they discuss the logistics of the operation (they move the furniture themselves), their goals for growth, and more.


The Trotter Project: Carrying on the legacy of an iconic chef through education, positivity

Brian Noonan talks with Executive Director Derrek Hull and President Robert Houde of the Trotter Project, which is gearing up for its 2nd Annual Excellence Gala on Saturday, October 27th at Revel Fulton Market. Hull and Houde discuss the organization’s mission of educating, mentoring, and motivating youth to get into culinary and hospitality disciplines. We also get a preview of the Gala, which features food from Michelin-starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, who’s designing a complete dining...


Brian Noonan Show 9/2/18: Broadway in Chicago’s Tootsie and DJ Ca$h Era at NCMF

Brian talks to cast members from Broadway in Chicago’s upcoming production of Tootsie at the Marquis Theatre and checks in with DJ Ca$h Era following her set at North Coast Music Festival at Union Park in Chicago. To kick off the show, Brian talks about upcoming protests and how people feel about how effective they are. Then, he talks to cast members from Broadway in Chicago’s upcoming Pre-Broadway World Premiere of Tootsie at the Marquis Theatre. After a news break, […]


Kölsch, Märzen, and lager beer reviews on “At the Breweries” with Brian Noonan

Learn about Kölsch, Märzen, and lager beers from Goose Island Brewery’s Jesse Valenciana and Revolution Brewing’s John Carruthers. They join Brian in-studio to educate and entertain in this edition of “At the Breweries.” They discuss the differences between a few different types of beer and plug some craft breweries, including Dovetail Brewery. Some of the beers featured in their discussion: Kölsch A traditional clean-drinking German ale, lagered for a smooth finish, with minor fruity esters...


Brian Noonan Show 8/19/18: Air and Water Show, Heartbreak Hotel, and a family-friendly French Quarter

Brian thinks people should stop whining about the Chicago Air and Water Show, then gives a rave review of Broadway in Chicago’s production of Heartbreak Hotel. Plus: why does everything have to be “family-friendly” and why can’t we just have places for adults? To kick off the show, Brian discusses the Chicago Air and Water Show and says he thinks some Chicagoans are disproportionately angry at the amount of noise caused by the planes flying over parts of the city. […]


Brian Noonan Show 8/12/18: Live music from Heartbreak Hotel, Green Tie Ball, and summer wines

Brian congratulates his producer, Cody Gough, on his 10-year anniversary working at WGN Radio, and celebrates with live music from the cast of Broadway in Chicago’s Heartbreak Hotel. Plus: everything you wanted to know about the Green Tie Ball and summer wines! To kick off the show, Brian congratulates his producer, Cody Gough, on celebrating 10 years at WGN Radio over the weekend. They reminisce about some of the changes to the station over the past decade and how Cody […]


F Your Hair: How One Chicago Craft Brewery Became a Symbol of The Resistance

Brian Noonan (in for Nick Digilio) welcomes Jason Polevoi, Nick Jenkins, and Teddy Wachholz of One City Films to discuss ‘F Your Hair: How One Chicago Craft Brewery Became a Symbol of The Resistance’ and how you can help complete the project.


Brian Noonan’s Showbiz Stories from The Set of A TV Procedural

Earlier this week Brian Noonan (in for Nick Digilio) was cast in a small role on a TV procedural based here in Chicago. In this podcast he shares what the experience was like on the set.