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Ep #70 The Ghosts of Alcatraz

We are traveling to the San Fransico Bay for the prison of all prisons. We talk about some of the hardened criminals that passed through the bars of Alcatraz. We also touch on the tortured souls that are still there, trapped between the steel and concrete fortress. Al Capone would be so proud of us. Support Us:


Ep #69 The Battle of Los Angeles: U.S. UFO Government Cover-up

At a time in American History where tensions could not be any higher, an unknown aircraft descended over Los Angeles. Over 2,000 rounds of heavy artillery were fired at the UFO that damaged the aircraft in no way. In the days following, the government blamed weather balloons, "war nerves", commercial flights piloted by Japan and many other things. The different branches of our government contained to trip over the others story and no clear answer was given. This was the first major UFO...


Ep #68 The Brohio Q and A Extravaganza

You sent the questions and we are answering them!! Rob had a long vacation, with little time for research, so we pulled this wild card out of our back pocket!! You know Nickalicious and Rob Dawg, but come learn about Nick and Rob, the husbands, fathers and humanitarians. Support Usl


Ep #67 The Demon Of Brownsville Road

This is one of the most well documented demonic infestations on record in the entire world. Bob Cranmer and his family moved into the home of their dreams only to find out the horrors that hid inside. A bloody Native American massacre and the second floor used as an abortion clinic, the darkness and evil the home holds is unimaginable. We could not recommend the book enough!!! Check it out in the link below!! Support Us: The Demon of Brownsville Road:...


Ep #66 TalHotBlond: The Ultimate Catfish Murder

Prepare yourselves for the most fun you'll have all week. This is the story about the online, whirling love story of MarineSniper1 and TalHotBlond. We are very familiar with the fact that people often times portray themselves as someone they are not while online, we've all done it. This murderous story takes the online game of Catfishing to an all new high!! Prepare for the story of Thomas Montgomery (46) and his online teenage affair. Support Us!:


Ep #65 Unit 731

A human experiment operation so secretive, many people have never heard of it???? Maybe it's the fact that the findings in these experiments were so coveted by the U.S. Government, the facts were all buried, never to be heard by the general public. The atrocities committed at UNIT 731 are beyond fathomable. People, or "Logs", as they were called, were subjected to absolute torture for the betterment of Japanese science. To this day, the Japanese government won't admit to the unspeakable acts...


Ep #64 Omens of Death

There are many, many things that can clue you in to when your death is going to happen or someone around you. This episode is filled with the things that, many say, warn you of your death. We have a few stories to accompany. Also, IN THIS EPISODE WE SHARE WITH YOU THE SOUND OF DEATH ITSELF. A sound so terrifiyng that it is said who ever listens will die. Let's get spooped!! Would you like a shotout or access to our premium content show, BroTalk?? Support us on patreon:...


Ep #63: MH370: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

You have lost your car keys, you have lost your dog, hell..... you might have lost your kids before. But, have you ever lost an entire fuckin' airplane? That's what Nick and Rob discuss in this patreon sponsored episode. Many conspiracies surround the event of missing MH370. A Boeing 777 took it's final depature from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, never to be seen again. Listen as we breakdown what happened to this ghost plane. Special thanks to Anna Woodruff for sponsoring this episode!! If...


Ep #62 Near Death and Reincarnation Experiences

This week, we explore the possibilities that when we die on this earth, there is more in store for us in the afterlife. Do we become ghosts, do we come back? We explore the truth behind heaven, hell and what they might be like. Also, we bring you some stories from people that claim to have been to the otherside and they explain what they saw. Support Us:


Ep #61 Weis Markets Massacre

Thank you to Sarah for sponsoring this episode via Patreon!! In this episode we cover a little-known massacre that occurred near Dallas, Pennsylvania. Our subject, Randy Stair, was a YouTube vlogger whom couldn’t handle the pressures of running an unsuccessful YouTube channel. He eventually reaches such a debilitating mental state that he started to speak to fictional cartoon characters in his head. He pledged his life to them and promised to be with them in the afterlife. This episode is...


Ep #60 The Sallie House

It's time to get spoopy!! This could easily be one of the most haunted houses in America. Late one night near the turn of the century (1900), a little girl named Sallie was rushed to the front door of the town doctor, Charles Finney. She was immediately diagnosed with appendicitis and Doctor Finney started surgery that instant! Little Sallie died on the table with little to zero anesthesia. The moment she passed, she believed she was being tortured by the doctor. The home still stands and...


Ep #59 Lucid Dreams and Nightmares

Have you ever been in a dream and had complete control over the dream? You could, fly, run, swim, fuck.... all the awesome stuff you do in a dream?!!! This is a product of lucid dreaming. On the other end of the spectrum is lucid nightmares, they are just as terrifying as they sound. We have some terrifying stories to share and an interview with an expert in lucid dreaming!! His name is Jared Chiang and you can find his incredible work below!! Jared Chiang:


Ep #58 Doomsday Cults

We are back with another Patreon sponsored episode. We discuss putting your dick in bread pudding and cults that kill people and themselves. This is a long fun episode you don't want to miss. Thanks, Lyndsay Wescott for your pledge and awesome topic! Support Us:


Ep #57 The Kennedy Curse

One of the most storied families in the history of the USA are the Kennedys. You may be familiar with the death of JFK, but there are many other deaths and misfortunes associated with this family that lead to the belief that they're cursed. The patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Sr, was a sex addict that was deeply rooted in the organized crime mafias in Chicago during the early 1900's. His thirst for political greatness guided his decisions he made about his family. This includes: hiding from the...


Ep #56 Appalachian Nightmares

This was a patreon sponsored episode from Matt Hursh! In this episode, we cover the mysterious beasts that hide in the Appalachian mountain range of the USA. Not only do we cover these monsters, we also share some tales of paranormal experiences that plague the mountains. In Greenbrier County, a murder unfolded where the only time in history, the testimony of a ghost helped to convict a murderer. This episode is all over the place and WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT! Support Us:...


Ep #55 Scott Peterson: The Murder of Laci Peterson

The Peterson's were your All-American couple. They lived a quiet life in California and were about to finally welcome the birth of a baby boy after nearly 5 years of marriage. Things took a nasty turn when Scott returned home from fishing on Christmas Eve 2002. Laci was missing and Scott was the main suspect. A mistress came forward claiming to have been romantic with Scott in the leading months. He told the mistress he was a grieving widower. Scott was convicted for the murders of his wife...


Ep #54 The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray is the ultimate piece of shit. Dozens of women were abducted, raped and killed on his watch. Possibly more than 60. We take a deep look into the crimes committed and the women brave enough to escape the hell he created. This episode was sponsored by one of our Patreon Pledgers: Conor Mead! Thank you, Conor . Research Credit: Courtney C. Want to sponsor your own episode and join us on the show?


Ep #53 The Haunting in Connecticut

This episode is centered around the true story investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the early 80's Al, Carmen, Phillip and Bradley found their family in a new home. The Snedekers were looking for a home closer to the hospital where their son, Phillip, was being treated for cancer. They found a home that fit their needs perfectly, but shortly thereafter moving in they discovered that the home was formally used for funeral services. Many violent acts were carried out against the family...


Ep #52 RMS Titanic, The Truth

After hitting some heavy research, it is the belief of the Bros that the sinking of the Titanic was no accident. The luxury oceanliner was built to never fail (unsinkable), led by one of the most distinguished captains to ever sail the seas. Many busy hands were moving when this accident occurred and there is no surprise that a ton of greed was potentially involved. Listen to the information we have and draw your own conclusions. Support us:


Ep #51 The Disappearence Of Madeleine McCann

While on holiday in Portugal, the McCann family was faced with the ultimate devastation of a parent, the abduction of their child. As time went on, authorities began to see Gerry and Kate McCann as the prime suspects in this case. Did the parents overdose their child while trying to force her to sleep? Let's find out in this new episode. Support us: Research Credit: Courtney C.