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Oh It's Drew, It's Damn Drew!

We’re joined by Pitch Mr. Perfect Skylar Astin! JABRONIACS! Dan thinks that RAW had an Empire Strikes Back vibe! Our sponsor heels off and slaps Dan with legal action! Alex Jones shows up to discuss why Shane McMahon winning the world cup is a massive government conspiracy! We choose wrestling wedding entrance music! Plus we play a ton of cash-ins! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at Join...


Frown Jewel!

JABRONIACS! We chat about last week’s successful Evolution PPV with a killer Becky/Charlotte match! Dan vents about improvising with unfunny jabronis at commercial auditions! We find out why Kairi Sane is a pirate! Stone Cold drops by to tell more unbelievably boring driving stories! Dan gets offended by John Oliver’s rant on Crown Jewel, while also agreeing with him 100%. Plus, AJ Styles stops in to defend his Instagram presence! Check out to pledge your...


Roman Reigns is Always Here

JABRONIACS. It’s a solemn week for all of us, but that’s what makes the wrestling nation a family. Dan reveals who he thinks should be the next Universal champ in the wake of Roman’s absence. We get psyched up for evolution this weekend despite the sloppy build. Stone Cold stops by to discuss the minutia of driving. Plus, we get a heel promo from our sponsor Adam Lederman and his advocate Jason Shepiro and/or Shebiro. Check out to pledge your support! COW...


I Know I'm Cute, I Think I'm Sexy?

JABRONIACS! Nasty Newman is back from Philly and full of hoagies. We cover the rumors surrounding the crown jewel cancellation and why WWE needs to be surrounded by progressive behavior! Dan describes his spicy commercial audition from this afternoon! Shawn Michaels stops by to explain the meaning behind his slogan, “I know I’m sexy!” We discuss the Finn Balor picture in front of Westboro Baptist Church people and why wrestling is important! A really Philly hoagie shop dweller stops by to...



JABRONIACS! Nasty Newman is out of town, so Dan was going to record a solo episode. Until Jacquis Neal challenged Dan to a wrestling match for a guest spot on the pod. Dan got stunner’d and Jacquis is on the pod. (See the match video on the facebook page) We chat about the surprising lack of toxic masculinity in the DX promo! Dan breaks down having an anchor word when reading promos! We lament about how the Triple H and Undertaker match was hard to watch! We chat about the Super Show-Down!...


Shawn Michaels: Hairless in Seattle (w/ Mike Mitchell)

JABRONIACS! We’re joined by Doughboy Mike Mitchell (Doughboys Podcast, Netflix’s Love). We dissect all the submissions for the Nasty Newman T-shirt contest! Mike Mitchell is getting back into wrestling and he’s got some spicy opinions! Kane drops by the studio to discuss being the mayor of Knox County! We wonder if WWE still needs to rely on veteran talent! We chat about the magic of the Seattle crowd commandeering the show! And discuss if the WWE creative process prevents wrestlers from...


BRIE TO THE FUCKING FACE! (w/ Chris Witaske)

JABRONIACS! We’re joined by Chicago boy Chris Witaske (Netflix’s Love). We talk about training with Chavo Guerrero Jr. for LOVE. Dan cuts an Ultimate Warrior promo. Stone Cold stops by to make a prank call and pitch six hour episodes of RAW. We breakdown the Brie Bella concussion kick. Dan loves the storytelling on both RAW and Smackdown this week. And Alex Jones stops by to talk conspiracies around the Ultimate Warrior’s death. Join the 4am fun with the COW Facebook page:...


"This Whole Situation Sucks!"

JABRONIACS! Dan & Newman don't need a guest to mark out for 2+ hours! Dan is confused about what a "mark" is! Dan also explains why Miz is the best character in the biz! We get a cash-in decimating Arlen's marky behavior! Undertaker stops by to plug the Olive Garden! Dan comes around on Becky Lynch! Plus, Dan shoots on gauge earrings, and coins his Jeff Foxworthy catch phrase! COW merch is now available at Join the 4am fun with the COW Facebook page:...



JABRONIACS! Dan & Newman are joined by the official CoW businessman and WWE shareholder Arlen Marmel. Dan is deemed a mark for his stance on Roman Reigns getting boo'ed! Arlen decides if he would "Freaky Friday" with Roman! Everyone agrees that they aren't feeling that classic shield magic! Dan and Arlen debate if Strowman or Roman is the better face of WWE! Plus we give our Hell in a Cell predictions. AND The Nasty Newman T-Shirt Competition is back on! COW merch is now available at...


BLACK IN ACTION! (w/ Skylar Astin)

JABRONIACS! The Patreon Udon is back from Japan and the whole gang is in studio! We're joined by Pitch Mr. Perfect, Skylar Astin! We discuss the importance of ALL IN! Dan guides us through his wrestling-detours while on vacation! We debate if The Shield are actually baby-faces! And we get a visit from the socially ajar, Bobby Lashley! Plus we have a new producer! For more content like this and to help us make more, check out to pledge your support! COW merch...


BONUS: Ready To Rumble Movie Review (w/ Jason Shebiro, Cody Ziglar & Anosh McAdam)

JABRONIACS! Donny Shogun is in Japan this week, so instead of our regular programming, we're releasing our most popular Patreon episode to date. Dan & Newman are joined by Shebiro, Ziglar and McAdam to review the 2000 film, Ready to Rumble starring David Arquette! We also play your Cash-ins at the end of the ep! For more content like this and to help us make more, check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at...


SummerSlam & SummerSlamTacular Fallout

JABRONIACS! We're hot off of SummerSlam weekend, and the biggest event in CoW history! Donny Kayfabe is back in the LA studios with Nasty Newman to cover it all. Dan shares stories about doing standup with Dolph Ziggler and marking out with other WWE superstars. He explains why meeting The Miz in real life proves how incredible of a performer he is. And Dan tells the story of getting in a very confusing fight during his standup special that ended in him giving someone a stunner! Plus they...


SummerSlam, Salami Bros Style!

Two days away from the SummerSlamTacular. Get your tickets at!! Today Dan is joined by the Salami Bros, Jason Shebiro and Arlen Marmel. They discuss if Dean Ambrose should get a hair transplant and how Arlen was unfortunately not a candidate for the procedure. The inconsistencies and sloppiness of the Brock/Reigns storyline. Jason changes Dan's mind on the Ronda Rousey promo. Dan turns on Daniel Bryan's poor segment performance this week. We give our SummerSlam predictions, and...



Jabroniacs! This Bonus Ep is brought to you by The Patreon. Dolph Ziggler and Dan discuss their upcoming shows this weekend. Dolph describes carrying the title around through airline security. Dan asks about his flat ironed hair, and the psychology of his current run as IC Champ. And we pepper Dolph with listener questions. Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at Join the 4am fun with the COW...


An Emmy For Heyman!

Jabroniacs! We are ten days away from the COW SummerSlamTacular, get you tickets now! Link below! Donny Kayfabe & Jason Shebiro are still live from New York this week. They break down Paul Heyman's Emmy caliber performance! Dissect the value of a performer like Elias! Dan explains why The Miz must win clean at SummerSlam! And more of that hot hot wrestling action! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at...


The Heels Strike Back w/ Dan Soder

Jabroniacs! We are weeks away from the COW SummerSlamTacular, get you tickets now! Link below! This week Dan is joined by comedian and king of the Macho Man impression Dan Soder (The Bonfire, Billions, Netflix!) We discuss how this week was dominated by great heel work, especially Brock! We also discuss dating people who hate wrestling! Why people feel the need to shit on pro wrestling! And why we have lost the right to have Nazi wrestlers in America! And more of that hot hot wrestling...


EVOLUTION and The Great Subaru Debacle

Jabroniacs! TICKETS for the NYC COW SummerSlamTacular are live! Get 'em at Donski Blackamora and Jason Shebiro are in the NY Sirius studios, discussing Reigns vs Lesnar (AGAIN?!), do Bayley and Sasha drive Subaru's?, what was weird about the Evolution announcement, and we discover a new catchphrase: "Cheers Up!", and more of that hot hot wrestling action! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at...



Jabroniacs! TICKETS for the NYC COW SummerSlamTacular are live! Get 'em at In this episode, Donny Capri & Jason Shebiro discuss AJ Styles title reign and who's next? Miz's spectacular promo ripping DB's comeback to shreds! The inevitability and necessity of Brock v Reigns III at SummerSlam! And they analyze the physics of Shinsuke Nakamura's low blows! Come to our live show Saturday at midnight 8/18 after NXT Takeover at the Caveat Theatre in NYC with special guest, Dolph Ziggler,...



DONSKI BLACKAMURA IS JOINED BY HIS WIFE JAMIE LEE & JASON SHEBIRO IN NYC!! Dan explains how Brock's UFC 226 promo was great BUT the moment wasn't pro wrestling enough! Jason explains how he wants Bobby Lashley to wear a gimp mask! Jamie cuts a promo on her friend for ditching their plans! And they make their Extreme Rules predictions! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at Join the 4am fun...



WE GOT ANOTHER LIVE SHOW HAPPENING, COW-HEADS!! Donski Blackamora is flying (mostly) solo this week, we start things off with catching up on the state of CoW-Nation, give a quick call to our good friend “Seth Rollins”, jump into Reign’s/Lashley beef, the long game of Seth Rollins’ story telling, what wrestler has the best beard, and more of that hot hot wrestling action. Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at...