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David Vox Mullen is a Recording Artist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer and now a Podcast Host. Subscribe for interesting topics and the coolest guests in today's pop culture.

David Vox Mullen is a Recording Artist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer and now a Podcast Host. Subscribe for interesting topics and the coolest guests in today's pop culture.
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David Vox Mullen is a Recording Artist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer and now a Podcast Host. Subscribe for interesting topics and the coolest guests in today's pop culture.




029 - Alydar Skyy

She is loved in the Chicago Comedy Scene. She is loved in the pro wrestling scene and she does not trust fat coke heads.


028 - Xavier Lamont

A former business executive turned comedian, XL has been lighting up stages everywhere he goes. The Chicago based funnyman made the jump from the corporate world to make the world laugh and never looked back! Ever since then Xavier has become one of the area's best known comedians and was recently voted Best Comedian at the Suburban Chicago Comedy Awards. His edgy style of storytelling has made him a crowd favorite at comedy clubs in the cities around the country.


027 - The Eskimo Sisters

Kendall and Lily are a partnership. Not the lesbian kind, although they do totally support that. But they are a writer, actor, producer, comedy duo focused on using comedy to promote change through the millennial perspective. Make no mistake, this is their world and we are all just living in it. The Eskimo Sisters on the next David Vox Mullen show.


026 - The Roast Of David Vox Mullen

Singer Songwriter Actor Comedian David Vox Mullen is turning 40 this year and what better way to celebrate than to completely rip him to shreds. Enjoy as actors comedians and even pro wrestlers come from all over just to roast Vox in front of all of his fans family and friends. With friends like these who needs enemies


025 - Wizard World Panel 2017

Join David Vox Mullen, John Bear Kolb, Patrick Newson, Paul Hinic and Nick Mataragas as we present the podcasting panel at Wizard World Chicago.


David Vox Mullen - Until I Met You EP

Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Google Play, Tidal and wherever music is sold.


024 - David Vox Mullen

This time, I'm in the other chair as Joe Buchanan asks all the questions in this exclusive in depth look at yours truly on the next David Vox Mullen Show


023 - Dr. Lars Dingman

In this latest episode we are graced with the masterful Dr. Lars Dingman iTunes Psychic. A lot of people including myself start off as skeptics but it's hard to argue with his results. So get out your music history and enjoy the universal power of Dr. Lars Dingman on the next David Vox Mullen Show


022 - Brad Warcock

In this latest episode we are fortunate to have Brad Warcock. Yes THE Brad Warcock. Yogi. Psychic. Big wave legend. He is arguably one of the world's most successful self help gurus and it's because he is the ONLY one who doesn't sugar coat the truth about the reality of your existence. So sit back, relax, and just accept the fact that you too may be a loser (just like I once did) because coming up next you're going to get an earful of Warcock on the next David Vox Mullen Show


021 - Eric Olsen

Next up we've got edu-tainer extraordinaire Eric Olsen. He's a a political satirist who has gotten to the core of America's undying pursuit of a mythological type of King or possibly Queen. He is the creator of Why Every President Sucked a multimedia project that is guaranteed to make you smarter than everyone in the room. So get ready to cast your vote because this is the David Vox Mullen Show


020 - Meg Grunewald

This week we've got Meg Grunewald! She is a vine star, a youtube star, she's one of the founding members of the four-woman sketch comedy group, Just the Tip and she has created over 100 original characters. I met her over a year ago on vine and am glad to say she's one of my comedy pals. So hold on tight and you just might learn something about Meg because this is the David Vox Mullen Show


019 - Vickie Eisenstein

I sit down with youtube sensation Vickie Eisenstein. She's the host of The Lunch Crunch, The Eisenstein Effect and a whole slew of youtube Comedy Sketches. Vickie is an amazingly positive talent who is always smiling and she should cuz she's super smart and she speaks like 37 languages. Suddendly I'm regretting not ever sticking with my subscription to Rosetta Stone. So hold on tight because THIS is the David Vox Mullen Show


018 - Mick Foley, Ken Anderson, Jill Thompson and Mike Kingston

It's the Headlocked Comic panel at the 2016 C2E2 event in Chicago. Mick Foley, Ken Anderson, Jill Thompson, Mike Kingston and I discuss the marriage between comics and professional wrestling. WARNING: This episode is AWESOME!


017 - BvS and America

In this super episode, I sit down with Nick, Patrick and fellow improviser Amanda Davila as we discuss our opinions of the new film Batman V Superman. WARNING this episode contains lots of SPOILERS so if you haven't seen the film yet, you will be spoiled. Sit back and enjoy Batman V Superman and America!


016 - Politically Charged Racial Robots Uprising

In this episode it's the return of Patrick Newson and Nick Mataragas. We all sit down over coffee at ihop and talk about politics, the oscars, the rise of the machines and a bunch of other stuff that comes up when we hit record. So sit back and enjoy the David Vox Mullen show


015 - Avi Youabian

In this episode we sit down with The Walking Dead Editor and Director Avi Youabian. He's worked with companies like Disney, AMC And even the Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber. He's been a pleasure to cheer on as he climbs the ladder of success and I'm proud to know him. So sit back and enjoy a conversation with Avi Youabian on the next David Vox Mullen Show.


014 - Quinton Peeples

In this episode we sit down with writer and producer Quinton Peeples. He's worked on shows like Flashforward, Unforgettable and The Last Ship and has co-written the recent family faith based football film Woodlawn. We talk about his life and career working in Hollywood and what it's like to be asked to write for the new JJ Abrams hulu series 11.22.63 based on the novel by Steven King. He's also going to be working on Marvel's Iron Fist coming to Netflix. He's been a major influence in my...


013 - They Are Still Going

In this rifftastic episode I invite you into the world of what it is like to be an improviser as we sit down for a post show dinner with fellow improvisers Nick Mataragas, Amanda Davila, Jim "Rex" Bannon, and Elizabeth Krahulec as we riff on the fact that Patrick could not be with us. So prepare yourself because what you are about to hear is not scripted in any way but rather off the top of our heads in the moment. By the end of the episode I promise you will think to yourself I cannot...


012 - A New Day

It's A New Day here on the David Vox Mullen Show. We're going to do a new format kind of thing. I have decided that by myself I'm not that entertaining so I needed to bring in some friends. Welcome new co-hosts Patrick Newson and Nick "The Greek" Mataragas. This episode is brought to you by Bill Sandler Honda and Pussy Pajamas.


011 - DVMPE LIVE at C2E2 2015

David Vox Mullen 011 - DVMPE LIVE at C2E2 2015