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#RescueDog Talk with FXBG SPCA & PW Humane Directors - Ep. #32

What's it like being at the top of a high paced animal rescue organization? Caitlyn (Fredericksburg SPCA) and Lori (Prince William Humane Society) join Nick & Joe to discuss the struggles, stressors, and rewards related to being in charge of their respected rescues! This is one you definitely don't want to miss!


Xmas Puppies, Dog Psychics, and Why Do Dogs Smile? - Ep. #31

In this episode, the guys discuss why it's a terrible idea to get/give a puppy for Christmas. They also answer viewers questions...Why do dogs really smile? And does raised hackles always mean aggression? Nick also goes on a rant about why "Dog Psychics" are liars and thieves! Don't miss this one!


Dog Law w/Elliot Harding of Harding Law - Ep. #30

Defense attorney with focus on "dog law", Elliot Harding joins the guys for this pop up, surprise episode! They discuss several topics related to the law concerning dogs to include "dangerous breeds", dog bites, service animals, and much more!


Hot Seat Interview w/Congressional Candidate, Denver Riggleman, #letstalkaboutit - Ep. #29

Just the way the guys like it, uncensored interview with Virginia's 5th District Congressional Candidate, Denver Riggleman. They don't take it light on him and don't hold back in this real, raw, and passionate interview. #letstalkaboutit


Sport Dogs versus Protection/LEO Dogs with Sam Edmonds & Mark Torrence - Ep. #28

World level IPO helper, Mark Torrence and world renowned Police K9 Decoy, Sam Edmonds joins Nick & Joe in studio to discuss the reality of sport dogs versus in protection/LE dogs. Some difficult questions are answered in this fun-filled episode of The Dog Show!


Questions from Listeners with Danny Walker & Tank Mosely - Ep #27

Tank Mosely and Danny Walker join the guys for another surprise episode where they answer questions from the Facebook Live broadcast! Lots of great info in this one! Don't forget to subscribe!


Four friends at a table talking dogs - Ep #26

Cody Tallent and Tank Mosely join Nick and Joe for this surprise episode where they shoot the shit with each other about challenging the status quo. Are dogs really loyal? How do they actually communicate? Listen to what the guys think in this super deep episode!


#noK9ego Talk and Much More with JJ Siebrasse of Proven K9 Training, Ep #25

The guys sit down with good friend and owner of Proven K9 Training, JJ Siebrasse to discuss a little bit of everything in this extremely relaxed and fun episode! Join them and hear about where the trending #noK9ego came from!


Working Dog Radio joint episode! Ted Summers, Alesha Brandt, Eric Stanbro in Studio! Ep. #24

Ted, Eric, and Alesha from Working Dog Radio join Nick and Joe in studio for this extremely special joint episode. 112 minutes of epicness!


MK7 Marine Mammal Program with Certified Bad Ass, Brenden McMullen, Ep #23

Retired Marine, Brenden McMullen joins the guys in studio to discuss his time working with the MK7 Marine Mammal Program and what it's like living with a retired MWD. Very intriguing episode that you don't want to miss!


Service Dogs with Congressman Rob Wittman - Ep #21

The guys bring in Congressman Rob Wittman of 1st District in Virginia to discuss what can be done about the broken Service Dog Program in the country.


The Business of Dog Training with Special Guest, Aaron Taylor, Ep #22

In this episode, the guys are joined by owner of Ridgeside K9 LLC, Aaron Taylor. They discuss everything from what it takes to become a dog trainer to wolves french kissing Nick! This is for sure an episode you don't want to miss!


Life & Dogs with Tank Mosely - Ep #20

Emotions fly in this episode of The Dog Show. Tank Mosely joins Joe for a reunion to talk about life and dogs.


The Differences Between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs with Chris Baity, Ep #19

Have you ever thought about the differences between service dogs and emotional support dogs? Do you know how the law differentiates them? Chris Baity from Semper K9 joins The Dog Show to discuss the differences between the two and to discuss this important topic in general. The nonprofit, Semper K9, provides veterans with trained service dogs free of charge. Service dogs are a hot topic right now in the dog world and Chris walks through some key points about service dogs and how to work...


The Tales of a Professional Pet Sitter with Laura Vorreyer, Ep #18

Laura Vorreyer is a successful entrepreneur with a dog walking and pet sitting business in L.A. Her business has grown so much that she has had to open another location and hire more dog walkers. She is also the author of the spunky new book, The Pet Sitter’s Tale. Laura joins Joe and Nick on episode 18 of The Dog Show to share stories of her dog walking and pet sitting adventures in L.A. You’ll love to hear about Laura’s adventures as a professional pet sitter, so don’t miss this episode of...


The Service Dog Certification Problem is No Joke with Drew Lynch, Ep #17

Nick and Joe talk about service dog certification, annoying people, and traveling with dogs on this episode of The Dog Show with special guest, Drew Lynch. Drew won second place on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. He is a hilariously funny comedian with two YouTube shows, both of which include his own service dog named Stella. Drew chats with Nick and Joe about his experience on America’s Got Talent, life with a service dog, and traveling with service dogs on this episode of The Dog Show....


The Ins and Outs of Dog Photography with Dawn Rabinowitz, Ep #16

Dawn Rabinowitz is the guest on this episode of The Dog Show. Dawn is the premier dog photographer and has worked with everyone who is anyone in the industry. She has an impressive portfolio that ranges from the covers of Working Dog Magazine to Canine Chronicle. Dawn uses her heart to guide her as she photographs dogs and their handlers in some of the most interesting situations. She has been privileged enough to go on building searches with the military and police due to her highly...


Over The Top Dog Sports Through The Protection Sports Association with Jerry Bradshaw, Ep #15

The Protection Sports Association (PSA) is the brainchild of Nick and Joe’s guest today: Jerry Bradshaw. Jerry was already a highly accomplished trainer before starting the PSA and wanted to create an organization that added a little more challenge to the dog sports industry, so PSA was born. PSA trials are some of the most intense, taking trainers and dogs years to become level 3 certified. In this conversation, you’ll get to hear Jerry’s explanation of why he started the Protection Sports...


Schutzhund Training / IPO Training: 2 Experts Share Everything You Need To Know, Ep #14

IPO / Schutzhund Training is a three-part sport that includes tracking, obedience, and protection phases, and a dog competing in the sport must pass all three phases. That a very basic definition of a demanding and growing sport. But if you want to hear more, this episode is about that. The guests on this episode are experienced IPO / Schutzhund Training competitors who know the sport from the inside out. They share the basics of what goes into IPO, how dogs and trainers can get started, and...


Behind the Scenes of K9 Guardians with Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds, Ep #13

Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds from The oh-so-real K9 Guardians movie join The Dog Show for an exciting conversation about working dogs. They get into the nitty-gritty behind the scenes from the movie. Learn about what worked for them and what didn’t. If you think the movie is raw, then you need to hear what really went on behind the scenes of this one of a kind movie. Sam and Paul get real about bite training, E-collars, internet trolls, the best breeds and much, much more. Listen to this...