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This is the Drunk Mormon Podcast! Join us each week as an ex-Mormon and a never-Mormon get drunk and learn about people who never get drunk—Mormons!

This is the Drunk Mormon Podcast! Join us each week as an ex-Mormon and a never-Mormon get drunk and learn about people who never get drunk—Mormons!


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This is the Drunk Mormon Podcast! Join us each week as an ex-Mormon and a never-Mormon get drunk and learn about people who never get drunk—Mormons!






82 - Mormon White Supremacy - Part 2 (feat. Dr. Mica McGriggs)

This is the second half of our discussion with Dr. Mica McGriggs about Mormon history and white supremacy — the ban on ordaining Black men to the Mormon priesthood or allowing Black Mormons into Mormon temples finally gets repealed! Grab a seat and join us as we continue explore: - What led to the priesthood ban being lifted? - Did the LDS Church ever apologize? - What is our responsibility, now? There's plenty of homework after the discussion is over, and we encourage you to lean into...


81 - Mormon White Supremacy - Part 1 (feat. Dr. Mica McGriggs)

This week we invite Dr. Mica McGriggs to help us teach Lauren about the roots of white supremacy in Mormon history and culture — specifically, the ban on ordaining Black men to the Mormon priesthood, or allowing Black Mormons into their temples. Pull up a chair and join us as we explore: - The doctrine and scriptural “basis” for the ban - Whether it started with Joseph Smith or Brigham Young - Did Mormons believe in slavery? We also invite you to investigate further on your own as you...


We'll be back soon!

We're taking a brief pause in releasing our own content in order to redirect our attention towards listening to and participating in the Black Lives Matter movement. We will return soon with episodes, and we are going to prioritize some overdue (and especially relevant) topics. So stay safe, stay hydrated, stay tuned, and stay in this uncomfortable conversation in our country and in ourselves. #BlackLivesMatter Follow us @DrunkMormonPod for articles, tips, and new info when we start...


Fireside #1 - The World Isn't Ending but the Trauma is Real

Don't forget to join us LIVE every other Wednesday on Instagram Live (@DrunkMormonPod) or catch the fireside videos on Patreon after! This fireside we talk about Mormon Doomsday PTSD and why it's valid if you're still wearing the same t-shirt from three days ago. And at the end, catch the Special Musical Number where the Mormon hymn "Choose the Right" is re-written to be "Stay Inside"


80 - Heavenly Mother

It's Mothers Day this week so we take a moment to acknowledge the greatest Mother of all -- our Heavenly Mother. We learn EVERYTHING Mormons know about her (it doesn't take long) and then speculate on our favorite fan theories that give her a little more substance and meaning... Join us in Quarantine as we drink a Boulevardier and learn about the divine feminine! Follow us @DrunkMormonPod for our bi-weekly firesides on Instagram Live! And head over to Patreon for our linger longer after...


79 - The Garden of Eden is in Missouri

While we're all quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic, we teach Lauren about the original quarantine, the Garden of Eden. Join us as we drink Whiskey Gingers and discuss: - What was the Garden of Eden? - Why do Mormons think it was in Missouri? - How did this affect the real estate market value when it was announced? Follow us @drunkmormonpod for weekly Firesides on Instagram Live (Wednesdays @5pm Pacific!) And we're on Patreon!


78 - How to Heal With the Priesthood

With the world locked down because of a global pandemic, what better time to finally teach Lauren how to heal the world using the power of God? Join us for a Quarantini as we learn what you need for a Mormon healing blessing*, and how to perform one. *Mormon Prieshood healing blessings are not endorsed by the American Medical Association or CDC as an approved or effective treatment for COVID-19. Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


77 - Honor Code Bullshit

CW: Mental Health, Suicide, LGBTQ discrimination A few weeks ago Brigham Young University removed the portions of its Honor Code that prohibited Same-Sex dating and relationships. A few weeks later they put it back. In this episode we'll explain why it matters, and why those most affected by these policies aren't always in a position to leave. If you're struggling, know that you belong whether you feel like it or not. Reach out for help: National Suicide Prevention Hotline:...


LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! - Los Angeles, March 14th!

We're turning TWO YEARS OLD as a podcast and we're throwing another live show to celebrate! There will be fun! Laughter! Music! Activities! And ALSO US, IN PERSON. Doors open at 3:30pm, the show starts at 4pm! Tickets are $8 online, $10 at the door (cash or Venmo). (As always we keep our topics TOP SECRET from Lauren until she's on air, but we can give you a hint to our live show's topic that Lauren won't understand: "Ether.") Reserve your seats now! DETAILS on our insta...


76 - Lauren Blesses the Sacrament (kinda)

Don't forget to grab tickets to our upcoming live show! We're being #basic this week with some pinot grigio and a lesson about a Mormon basic, the Sacrament. Come listen to us get way too drunk on white wine as we learn: - Why do Mormons take this weekly ceremony so seriously? - Why do only boys get to administer it? - Is the version we have now even Joseph Smith's original vision?? Follow us @drunkmormonpod And we're on Patreon!


75 - The Swearing Apostle

This year we pick J. Golden Kimball as our podcast Valentine, known famously as “The Swearing Apostle” (what’s not to love??)! We’ll tell you his life story and some of his most memorable… ahem… quotes. Grab a drink and listen as we discuss: - Can you buy Valentine’s Day Candy for yourself? - Is it actually better to take the road less traveled? - Who should we blame our swearing on? Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we’re on Patreon!


BONUS - Let's Learn More About Porn!

An extra bonus hour about porn! We ask our new friend Joel Someone YOUR questions about working in adult entertainment, as well as share everyone's stories about their early exposures to pornography. Some are funny. Some are uncomfortable. Come! Listen along as we discuss: - What is it like on a porn set? - How does working in adult films affect your relationships? - Why are people so scared of pornography? - How to lie your way out of getting caught with pornography - And...


74 - The Porn Episode (feat. Joel Someone)

We're back, baby! And we're kicking off 2020 with one of Mormon Culture's biggest boogeymen: PORNOGRAPHY. - Why do Mormons hate pornography? - Is porn addiction even real? - Is porn "just a man's issue?" PLUS, adult film actor Joel Someone shows up to surprise Lauren and teach us about the sexy, sacrilegious world of Mormon-themed gay porn! We cook up our own custom cocktail for the occasion, too. The Malibu Rum-based "Little Factory." Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And find us on Patreon!


73 - Dear Diary

Let's ring in the New Year by talking about the classic evergreen Mormon resolution: to write more in your Journal! Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


72 - Mormons Love Christmas

It's that time of year where we get together and have an episode that's zero lesson and all activity! We join Lyvia and Caroline to play another round of Moroni Land (version 2.0!), and Lauren gets creative with the trivia questions (aka they're all about herself). Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


71 - The Mountain Meadows Massacre

This week we dive into one of the most notoriously taboo topics in Mormon History… Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


70 - Ammon's Brother Went to Prison

This week we take Lauren back to the Book of Mormon to learn about one of Arm-chopping Ammon’s brothers, and by the end of our story Lauren seriously questions the point of most of the Book of Mormon… Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


69 - Choose the Right

Lauren and David make up a brand new cocktail and have a drunk discussion about “Choosing the Right” and whether it’s a losing battle. Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


68 - More Mormon Ghost Stories!

It's the second installment of our new Halloween tradition! Get ready for some more spoooooky stories! Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!


67 - Mark Hofmann and the Salamander Letter

In October 1985, three pipe bombs went off in Salt Lake City, Utah, killing two people and severely injuring a third. What did this have to do with the Mormon Church History Department? Listen and find out…. Follow us @DrunkMormonPod And we're on Patreon!