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The Dude Files #4 Thylarctos Plummetus Dropbears… Sorta?

This week Andy and Alex divulge the story of the dude files origins and our magical SCP filing cabinets. We talk camp, snakes and the dangerous creature the Thylarctos Plummetus or more commonly known as the Dropbear. Feeling creative? Write a fan fiction about the show and we’ll read it on the show and you can win a sweet prize. Find all our social media and information @


The Dude Files #3 - Secure, Contain, Protect Foundation

Hot off the presses, like a printed bowl of soup! Alex and Andy are back at it! This week Andy brings some randomly generated SCP monsters into the light of day and Alex brings his best soup content. Alex randomly picked 5 numbers between 1 and 4000. These are the SCP monsters we discuss... these are their stories *Law & Order Sound Effect* Write us a review, screenshot it and send it to us on social media, which you can find on and also fun information about who we...


#2 The Maree Man: The Biggest D*ck On Earth?

Alex and Andy are back! The dude files open the folder on "The Maree Man". A mysterious depiction of an Indigenous Australian that is 4.2km long, visible only from the sky. The mystery is who made it? Aliens? The US? Birds? Youll have to listen and find out! Join our facebook group "The Dude Files" and leave us a review and screenshot it, DM it to us and well send you some free merch. Twitter @BroHoneyGaming Instagram @BroHoneyGaming


The Dude Files #1 - We Want To Believe...Butt Mels Hole

Welcome! to the first episode of "The Dude Files". Andy and Alex discuss the mystery or story that is Mels Hole. We go deep tinfoil hat territory, Colonel Sanders, and Coca-Cola is apparently behind everything and possibly reality itself. We take a goofy look at the unknown. Find our other podcast "Your Week In Stupid" on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, GooglePlay and many other podcast apps. As we're just starting out, if you could leave us a rating and review that would be...