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The EBS Podcast Episode 133: Kimono No-no

On this episode of the EBS podcast the crew talks about the Democratic Debate, why presidential debates are important, our top 4 political issues, aliens, Kim K & appropriation again, E Sports, new music, and we give our Top 5 Most Disrespectful song lyrics. INDULGE!


The EBS Podcast Episode 132: Real Eyes Realize Trump Spys

On this episode of the Educated Black Siblings Podcast the EBS crew talks about Taylor Swift's new song, companies pandering to minorities, Trump okaying spying on American citizens, Miley Cyrus' subpar apology, country rap, and we give our Top 5 Favorite NBA players! Indulge!


The EBS Podcast Episode 131: Musty Crusty Miley

On this Episode of the EBS podcast Gilbert tries to explain the trade war with China, then the crew talks about doing goat yoga, No Man's Sky, the new Batman casting, the new Aladdin movie, Dead to Me(Netflix), the new old Kanye interview, Meg the Stallion, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus and her abuse of hip hop culture, the Game of Thrones Finale and we give our Top 5 Artists That We Were Wrong About(people we thought would blow up and vice versa). ****SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen the Game...


The EBS Podcast Episode 130: Dirty Thirty

On this Episode of the EBS podcast the EBS crew discusses the Mueller Report(briefly), parent dress codes in schools, Red Dead Redemption, No Man's Sky, Kanye West's Cochella performance(the spiritual implications, the performance itself and the potential exploitation), Beyonce, The NBA Playoffs, the WNBA's new deal, GAME OF THRONES**, and we talk about our top 5 Favorite Covers. ***If you dont want the Battle of Winterfell or any other episodes of Game of Thrones to be spoiled for you...


The EBS Podcast Episode 129: Steal a Kiss and Catch These Fists

On this Episode of the EBS Podcast the Educated Black Siblings talk about song covers, Tyler the Creator's NPR Tiny Desk Concert, G apologizes to Alicia Keys and & RIP Nipsey. We also talk about artists we are biased for, Cardi B's scandal, BAYLOR being in the NCAA championship, Ghost Kissing Beyonce AND we give our Top 5 favorite Rappers. Don't forget to check out!


The EBS Podcast Episode 128: Kanye Madness

On this episode of the EBS Podcast the EBS crew takes a break from current events and gets real! We talk a bit about nostalgia, dealing with anxiety by staying in the moment, how we choose what content to watch, and we engage in Kayne Madness by talking through a bracket of our favorite Kanye songs. Join in the Convo!


The EBS Podcast Episode 127: The Golden Age of Side Chicks

On this episode of the Educated Black Siblings we discuss Robert Kelly, Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian DyNasty, the 2020 political landscape, Lindsey gives advice on "monogamous situationships", and we give our Top 5 Fantasy Worlds! Get engaged! Follow us @TheEbsPodcast on Twitter and Instagram!


The EBS Podcast Episode 126: Thank U, Next President

On this episode we discuss the Grammys,Cardi B and Bruno Mars' new song, Trump's national emergency, Gilbert defends Kamala Harris, #ADOS #Tangibles2020, the black political agenda, Tyrese, Ariana Grande's new album, and we give our top 5 Male R&B singers. Get engaged! Follow us @TheEbsPodcast on Twitter and Instagram!


The EBS Podcast Episode 125: Drip for Sale

On this episode of the Educated Black Siblings podcast we discuss the weather being cold for no reason, why Lindsey hates Game of Thrones theories, G apologizes to our women Spotify listener-ship, the government shutdown, Kingdom Hearts, Gamer Culture, potential presidential candidates, Cardi B(as usual), 69 spending a lot of time in jail, Lindsey talks about what to do when someone ghosts you and we discuss our Top 5 Sympathetic Villains. We definitely spoil Game of Thrones during the...


The EBS Podcast Episode 124: Crank That Ariana Grande

On this episode we talk about Ariana Grande, Trump shutting down the government while feeding Clemson football players Big Macs, Cardi B, Surviving R. Kelly, Kevin Hart's apology tour, Lindsey gives some dating advice, Reverse Code switching, and we discuss our Top 5 Actresses. We may or may not play a Soulja Boy song.


The EBS Podcast Episode 123: We are the Gift

Merry Christmas!!! On this episode of the EBS podcast we talk about Ye vs Drake(again), a BRAND NEW(from several years ago) clip of Chris Rock saying the N-Word with white comedians, what we are looking forward to in 2019 and we give our favorite things of 2018. Thank you for all of the support this year! Drop us a review and share if you enjoy the content! Let us know what your favorite things were in 2018 @theEbsPodcast on Twitter and Instagram.


The EBS Podcast Episode 122: Beating a Dead Horse with a Grammy

On this episode of the EBS Podcast we discuss Peta's new rules, Cardi B and Offset, the Grammys, Artificial Intelligence,Kevin Hart, Sam White, Meek Mill's new album and we give 5 underrated songs from popular Hip-hop/R&B artists. Join in on the conversation!


The EBS Podcast Episode 121: Our Black Lawyer Told Us to Change the Name of this Episode

On this episode of the EBS podcast we discuss Trump trumping, Cardi B/TI& Chance the Rapper's new Netflix show, Thanksgiving, baked Turkey vs fried Turkey, Jim Acosta, the California wildfires,Tekashi 69, The NBA(kinda) and we give our top 5 R&B songs with Rap features.


The EBS Podcast Episode 120: Red Dead Black Face

On this Episode of the EBS Podcast we discuss: How the EBS Podcast made Kanye Black again, Cardi B vs Nicki, Megyn Kelly vs Black Face, The WNBA CBA,Bad Boys 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and we give our top 5 open world video games! Follow us at @TheEbsPodcast on Instagram and Twitter!


The EBS Podcast Episode 119: Make Kanye Black Again (#MKBA)

We are back!!! On this Episode of the EBS Podcast , we talk about Kanye West, cancel culture, The WNBA(and the NBA, but more about the WNBA),Nicki Vs Cardi,Drake crying in LeBron's lap, and we discuss our top 5 Lil Wayne Songs!


The EBS Podcast Episode 118: Taylor Swift,Get Thee Behind Me

On this episode of the EBS Podcast the EBS crew talks(briefly) about the Taylor Swift cover, The NBA playoffs, Beychella, Starbucks, the new J. Cole album, Nicki Minaj,and we discuss our top 5 Michael Jackson songs!


The EBS Podcast Episode 117: A Black and Stormy Night

On this episode the EBS crew talks about the new Cardi B album, who bit Beyonce, the office of the President, Russian spy murders, the WNBA(Go Wings), and we give the top 5 shows we would rather see rebooted than Rosanne.


Episode 116: A Wrinkle In Black Time

On this episode the EBS crew talks about how Trump is going to keep America great, the Red Lion appropriating Black Panther, space, crawfish, new albums coming out and we give our Top 5 non hip-hop/R&B albums since the year 2000. Check us out!!


The EBS Podcast Episode 115: Di Strent Of Di Black Podcast

On this episode the EBS crew talks about the Black Panther movie, Snoop Dog's gospel album, Russia(the new cold war), arming teachers, their top 5 movie villains, and they discuss what Black culture truly is. Check us out!!


The EBS Podcast Episode 114: Knuck If You Black

Happy Black History Month! On this Episode the EBS Crew discusses being unapologetically black, the winter Olympics, Jhene's scandal, whether or not you can date while in a relationship, Black Panther, and give our Top 5 Dirty South Bangers of the 2000s!