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Episode 53 of The Everything Podcast: NATIVE PODS/BFG2

Hello boys and girls! So today on Episode 53 of the Everything Podcast I’m going to be bringing you the audio from the #BLACKFINITYGAUNTLETII panel at #J1CON that happened exactly one month ago. We had a great time at this panel and the discussion was great. FUN FACT: this was the formation of the #NATIVEPODS podcast crew Thank you for joining me for another show will be back to our regular scheduled programming next time. 🏽 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #podcastaddict #podbay #tunein...


Episode 52 of The Everything Podcast: Slapped back to reality.

TEP52: Slapped Back to reality. Hello friends! Today on the show I debut the PINKY shirts for Breast Cancer research foundation. (Buy one and be my bff forever) On the program today I discuss distractions with Kavanaugh, Protect women (AND ALSO MEN) Trump texting the world, Lindsey Lohan.... wtf and I put my Giants down for the season.... AGAIN. Join me for the fun and hijinks wont you? This is the Everything...


Episode 51 of The Everything Podcast: How Bizzare/Here for Beef/Lock your doors

#TEP51 Welcome to episode 51 friends! Not too much today just a #j1con recap (Fantastic weekend) finally met the people behind the voices, A reunion long time coming, and #AtlanticCity is a shithole.(NY’s toilet) Also the Native PODS have formed!! I am now known as BXTRIBBLE!!!! D12‘s Bizarre, and Botham Shem Jean are on deck today. And a quick shoutout to the support team! Love you guys! LINKS: ITUNES!!...


Episode 50 of The Everything Podcast: #tep50 WBB (White boy beefing) Louie CK creepin, the untimely death of Mac Miller a frank discussion about "Nigga"

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Super - Giant sized, double gatefold, gold foil covered edition of #THEEVERYTHINGPODCAST episode 50 today I get into my feelings about Louie CK, Eminem, MGK, The Giants, MAC Miller and Burt Reynolds. Also on this episode my friend, colleague and head of the Talking my Team network Mr Dan Dinkins joins me VIA conference call so have a discussion about a particular word I tend to use. Thank you all for joining me for this episode, I do hope you enjoy....


Episode 49 of The Everything Podcast SPACE FORCE #Freestyling

Hello friends, Welcome to Episode 49 of the Everything Podcast Space Force Freestyling! I thought to get myself back in a groove I would freestyle an episode so that is exactly what I did. No notes, no writing, just BARS. On the docket today, Sony shenanegins and SPACE FORCE and some quick shoutout to Stan The Man Lee and my twitter nemesis Frank Isola. Straight and to the point, this is The Everything Podcast....


Episode 48 of The Everything Podcast: Freaks and geeks /#MuteRkelly/I Admit

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Episode 48 of the Everything Podcast. Today I will be discussing the home release and my rewatch of Avengers: Infinity War and the Russo Bros statements about the Hulk and what that could mean for future of the MCU (Well my ideas about it) i also gave my thoughts on the reveal of the DC UNIVERSE streaming service and the subsequent backlash, and racial untertones of the TITANS trailer. And finally to wrap it all up I take you on a 19 minute musical journey...


Episode 47 of the Everything Podcast: #OITNB (Outrage is the new Black)

Episode 47 is FINALLY COMPLETE and I'm pleased to report that its a smacker. Today I thought i would throw a not so much review but more like impressions from Luke Cage Season 2, I also give my thoughts about the NFL Anthem policy, and I also go in on Social Justice outrage to finish off the program. Thank you all so much for the love and support and please feel free to leave feedback and rating whenever you can. BIG...


Episode 46 of The Everything Podcast: OUTTA HERE.

Hello friends. Today I dropped Episode #46 of The Everything Podcast where I talk about some sensitive subjects in completely careless fashion. If you are sensitive to these topics (Ye, Nas, xxxtentaction, And Border patrol in that order.) I would advise to not... actually I advise you stop being a bitch and listen why else are you here? Aside from that I apologize for not bringing the funny this week but I couldn’t do the googoo-gaga today. Thanks for the views guys, love ya. Big...


Episode 45 of The Everything Podcast: Social Media WINS/LOSSES Trump racists.

Hello boys and girls and welcome to episode 45 of The Everything Podcast! Today I decided to mash up my articles and make it into what shall be forever known as the “Social Media Wins/Losses” games so what is on deck this episode is scumbag #Schlossberg #RoyalWeddings and #BattlefieldV crybabies. Shoutout to the Starting5 podcast for having me on their show this week be sure to check them at @TheStarting5_podcast on Instagram. Shoutout to the Babylambs Podcast a new up and coming...


Episode 44 of The Everything Podcast: It's a Marvel we are so stupid.

Hello friends! Episode #44 of #TEP is up for anyone who is interested! Today I get into shitty #Newyork #Lawyers more #InfinityWar analysis and a shout-out to #StanLee and to start the show off I make a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! What is it you might ask? Hit the link in the bio to find out homies! The Everything Podcast is here for you! #j1CON #Boardwalk #Marvel #Lawyers #bronxpodcrew #maga ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ #podcastaddict #podbay #tunein #podcasts #tep...


Episode 43 of The Everything Podcast: I'm back/Infinity Podcasting

Hello friends, look whos back! That's right its me its me it's the L to the bx? Well in any event i thought now would be a great time to bring it on back and send a new episode of #TEP into the cosmos so here it is! Just a straight up episode today kind of just reintroducing myself after being away from so long, explaning what I've been up to and giving my review of Infinty War and going over my MCU Top 19 list. Sound like fun? SURE IT DOES!! Please enjoy responsibly, missed you guys....


Episode 42 of The Everything Podcast/The Everyting Twincast Black Panther review.

Ladies and Gents, You are in for a treat. Welcome to Episode 42 of THE EVERYTHING PODCAST aka The Everything Twincast/BLACK PANTHER NonSpoiler/Spoiler review! I need a little help for this one so I called upon my Twin, the resident expert on all things MCU, Broadway Joe aka Bruno El Cantante to jump on the program so that we can give this GLORIOUS film the attention it so deserves. We spend the first part of the show talking about the movie COMPLETELY SPOILER FREE! So if you haven't seen the...


Episode 41 of The Everything Podcast: Tainted Loves. /ABOLISHVALENTINES /ABOLISHKNICKS

Hello ladies and gentleman and WELCOME to episode 41 of The Everything Podcast! On today’s show I wanted to address abolishing Valentines Day and also kiss the Knicks goodbye... AGAIN. Also I sent some podcast love to my friends in podcasting who saw it fit to big up the show on their respective programs. It’s a (almost) love fest here on #TEP Feel free to leave a review on iTunes or and whatever platform you use to stream the show. I’ll shout you out on the show and sing a song with your...



Hello friends. Well here it is. The premire episode of #TEWC aka The Everything Wrestlcast. This is going to be a podcast dedicated to the ART, the SPORT, the passion that is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. I have spent the better part of 30 years watching wrestling and it is time to put all that knowledge to the test as I (attempt) to bring you a weekly podcast about what's going on in the world of Wrrestling and give you my takes on #RAW #SMACKDOWN #NXTTAKEOVER and #ROH for the most part. I know...


Episode 40 of The Everything Podcast/We need a Moment of Truth/ Recognize Greatness.

Hello boys and girls! Episode 40 of the Everything Podcast is here and is chock full of fuckery for the whole family! (NOT REALLY) Today, somehow I ended up recording an hour and a half and I have no idea how the hell i did it. Topics today included Aziz Anzari, Enzo Amore and some football talk mainly directed at the Patriot haters to close the show out. Shout out to the Geek Life Crisis podcast and Jinwicked both of whom can be found on the gram. Thank you all for the love and as...


Episode 39 of The Everything Podcast: Welcome 2018/#Timesup apparently/The STFD Awards 2018

Well hello chums! 2018 is here and with it bring the return of the STiFD awards segment, just in time for Golden Globes week. This episode I discuss last weeks episode (Again), The GG weirdness, and hand out STFD to Logan Paul, Your boy Trump and some really headass people. As always please enjoy responsibliy and if you can please leave a review on the platform of your choosing. Thanks for clicking!! Love you you fucking...



Well boys and girls, 2017 has come and gone and it's time to move into the new year! I reflect briefly on the year that was (Very briefly) and send well wishes and cheers to my compatiots in the podcasting world. So originally i had a fantastic clip show done and ready to be uploaded and for some reason in my transistioning into Windows 10 i lost all the clips that i created for this show, which bummed me out completely and it shows as I totally didnt even do my Top Tens of the year...


Week 3 of #DisciplineDecember/Weigh In/YOUSAWFT!!!

Pain, heartbreak and real talk from your boy L0u about Week 3 of #disciplinedecember


Star Wars: THE LAST JEDI (Spoiler free)

No spoiler afterthoughts on The Last Jedi as I step out of the theater.


BumpersFM: Thoughts on the DISNEY/FOX buyout. Where does the MCU go from here?

Can I get a little SECRET INVASION action?!???