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Why women can't be sports commentators & other Cinco De Mayo nonsense | ep.25

Wow episode 25 This one goes a bit off the rails. Why can't women be sports commentators? What are the worst things you have done at an audition? Let's find out & what other nonsense we can get into. Subscribe on Youtube for the video versions also on Spotify and iTunes Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka


Episode 24 | Miyuki FINALLY watched Top Gun & Jonas Hates Game of Thrones

Another episode of something your parents or children should listen to. Enjoy x Follow us on Facebook Video version on V3Tv.UK or Youtube Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka


5D Porn in Amsterdam | Movie Review: 'Us' | Mosquitoes Hate Dubstep too

The Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast episode 23 We review the film Us by Jordan Peele. There is a new 5D porn cinema in Amsterdam Plus get $1000 to watch Marvel Films? WOw Follow us on Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka @V3Tv Twitter @V3TvNetwork Get us your Music/Poetry/Comedy work for on airplay Music@V3Tv.UK Contact the show directly with questions or comments info@V3Tv.UK


Penis Enlargement Death, Sex Doll Sale, Abortion & R Kelly (again)

The Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 20 Allllright episode 20 So much nonsense going on, guess we should talk about it eh. Social Credit Scores in China R. Kelly is "fightin" for his life! Billionaire dies getting his johnson made bigger in Paris. Follow us on Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka @V3Tv Twitter @V3TvNetwork SONG TITLE : "YOU" ARTIST : UnderRoot (Ft. Doug Moore) UnderRoot Website: UnderRoot's Instagram:...


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 19 | An EPIC 'Whiskey Rant' from Comedian Jonas Garvin, Michael Jackson banned by BBC & The Oscars

Episode 19 The Free Pizza and Vodka Podcast This week we go in on the Academy Awards Why Green Book won & Black Panther didn't We are treated to an EPIC 'Whiskey Rant' by comedian Jonas Garvin Plus we have a bit of a chat about Leaving Neverland the HBO special about Michael Jackson & the men that took a settlement years ago, and are now coming out after the man has died to talk about what they were paid to NOT talk about. Follow the show on audio Spotify iTunes...


Pornhub Lego movie spoof 'Laygo' | Gucci & Katy Perry Blackface Scandal

Sorry we had some audio issues with Skype so only have of the show was audible. Issue sorted and no long a concern. Thank you for your continued support. Follow us on Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka Video version on www.V3Tv.UK or subscribe on Youtube.


No Sex For 3 Years | Eating Pork F**gots in the UK | Tom Brady Should Retire

This is the feather ruffle episode The Free Pizza and Vodka Podcast episode 16 Joining us today is London comedian Variety D We talk about the boring Pro Bowl and why Tom Brady will likely retire, even though he says he will not. PLUS We talk about political correctness. Why can you go into the supermarket in the UK and buy Pork Faggots But if you say the word faggot in the US They start wheeling out that podium? We go in!!!


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast | ep.15 Cheap A$$ People |Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl again !

Well here we are! The final episode before we see who goes to the Super Bowl. Yeah well we know now its Tom Brady...........AGAIN.......... The guys go in on what it would look like if The New England Patriots didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year. Plus why are people so cheap? All this and Pink Floyd (by mistake) Sorry the episode is late. I thought it was posted already. Subscribe on http://V3Tv.UK to make sure you don't miss an episode. Or SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube...


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 14 | Jeff Bezos & the Amazon divorce, Coming To America 2 & the NFL

Follow the shows on iTunes Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Radio TuneIn Radio & Youtube (Videos) Send us your music Music@V3Tv.UK


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 13 | Abortion, R. Kelly & Super Bowl Predictions

Please subscribe Here Apple iTunes Spotify Stitcher Radio TuneIn Radio Video episodes on YouTube & www.V3Tv.UK Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 12 | Large Penis Christmas episode.....GO!

Episode 12 The Echo episode (goes after a few min in, sorry, also sorry it is late, holiday lag) Jonas goes in on how times have changed in an old man from the 70s rant. He obsesses about a mans large penis for Plus we talk a little football, as we do :)


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 11 | Being Kevin Hart & Jonas Is Drunk & Late

Jonas is drunk and late to the start of the show. Looks for someone to bring him Jack and Coke to the hospital We talk about the Kevin Hart dilema And Of course NFL stuff Follow us on Instagram @V3Tv @FreePizzaAndvodka Twitter @V3TvNetwork Music video Boyfriend Season By The Boyfriends Intro music The Resistance by Paul Maged Get us your Music/Poetry/Comedy work for on air play Music@V3Tv.UK Contact the show directly with questions or comments info@V3Tv.UK


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 10 | Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Taking Meth to the Dr & Sick Dogs.

Episode 10 bitches!!! We go in on how BAD the Detroit Lions are (is this a weekly thing now). How GOOD Drew Brees and the Saints are. Plus how BAD U of M lost to Ohio State. Geesh what a week of Michigan sports. We also go in on the Black Friday nonsense that America looks forward to annually. Follow us here and on Spotify!!!


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 8 | McRib is back | Bangkok Chef Kills & Cooks Customer

This is madness SO this vegetarian chef in Bangkok, kills a customer then serves him to the guests. NFL week 8 NFC North recap And up Jonas gets excited because the McRib is back at McDonalds. Yeah!


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 7 | The rant episode & Why kickers in the NFL can't get hit

The Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Pizza arrives mid-show (again) We kick off the show at Halftime of the early games The Detroit Lions are Trash & The Chicago Bears are just holding on. What will make this Lions fan season a little better? Watching Cam Newton & The Carolina Panthers Or OR Please bring in the Vaughn Johseph Rule Kickers are fair game on the tackle side of the game. Let's breathe some new life into the game and let ditch the roughing the kicker call. Game on! Oh, ditch...


Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Episode 6 | Johnny Walker Blue Challenge, LA Hooligans & NFL follow up.

NFL Week 7 The Bengals need to win me a playoff game, big prize attached!!! Why Jonas can never be a Dodgers fan. Charity Event @ The Trip in Santa Monica December 16th Free beer raffle & free food Plus FOOTBALL!!!! FOLLOW US here & Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka


Free Pizza & Vodka episode 5 | Sex Dolls, DVD Giveaway & The NFL of course

The Free Pizza & Vodka Podcast Thanks for listening. So the sex dolls are here, Amazon is selling one that people feel should not be made available. Why? Jonas becomes a father & gives away his last 2 comedy DVD's FREE! find out how! Of course our weekly discussion on the NFL, more specifically the NFC north! Follow us on Instagram @FreePizzaAndVodka Send us your music for on air play to Music@V3Tv.UK Must be royalty & sample free.