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Episode 99: Who Says Trousers?

Jeff's Internet Op Sec Avast Sells All Your Data Zoo Names Rats After Your Ex KFC Crocks Coronavirus NH Primary


Episode 98: A Week of Winning

What are we streaming? Superbowl Commercials Trump The Week of Winning Iowa Caucus SOTU Nancy Pelosi Acquittal


Episode 97: Everybody is a Winner!

The Big Game Kobe Bryant Nigel Farage Brexit TRIVIA! Trump Impeachment Tennessee Man Smokes Weed in Courtroom Australian Woman dies during Cake Eating Contest Man kills Aunts Dog then Takes Chainsaw to it.


Episode 96: Do Not Insult the Turtle!

Tombstone gets his CCW 2020 Presidential Election Bloomberg on Taxes Dollar Stores Church asks old people to leave Pastor demands baby escorted out The Purest of SC Stories Ever Muticolored Home Doomsday Castle Robbed Tumblegeddon Beyond Meat Autonomous Lawn Mower


Episode 95: I Miss Your Wife's Pancakes

2020 Projects Iran Ozzy Lives in a Sanctuary County Vermont Wants to Ban Cell Phones for People Under 21 Man Asks Judge to Authorize Sword Fight with Ex Wife VW Owns a Sausage Factory


Episode 94: Best Of Episode

Mathis is on vacation and since he runs the main studio and the guys are so far away, there was no way to produce a live show this week. So, we've compiled some of our favorite clips for you. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 93: It's NOT a New Decade

Star Wars Discussion of Past Films (NO SPOILERS) New Tobacco Law Baghdad Siege - Trump's Benghazi? Trivial Pursuit Church Shooting in Texas Marital Issues Over an Alarm Clock Christmas Tree Removal Are We In A New Decade? Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs


Episode 92: Who Kicked it in 2019?

When do you take down your Christmas Tree? After Christmas Organization What did you get? After Christmas Diet UPS Hides Packages 3/4 of People don't know their neighbors Child Abductions Top News of 2019 Celebrity Deaths of 2019 How do we spend NYE?


Episode 91: Tom Cruise' Single Giant Front Tooth vs Woman's Sweatpants

Virginia Update Red Dawn Mathis has Big News Snow Globing Trend Mathis Shares His Engagement Story Christmas Traditions How to Hide Presents Top Gun: Maverick Elon Musk Troll Woman with 10 Warrants In Food Fight


Episode 90: Save The Flat Earth Turtle

Brexit! Time Person of the Year Banana art Vandal Coach Bob Green Woman Drives Away From Courthouse After Losing License Thief In Disguise Porch Piurates Old Coots Hospitals Sue Trump Impeachment Farts Kill Mosquitoes School Bus Evacuated By Axe Virginia Gun Laws Backyard Nukes


Episode 89: Who is Tim Horton?

UGA Bulldog Pigs Sue German Court Peloton Ad DA of the Week Cat Scratch Fever Reply All Guy Walmart Loud Speaker Lego Truck Eagle Flies into Tax Office New Monopoly Game Pearl Harbor Michigan Adoption Teacher Revived After 6 Hours of Cardiac Arrest Nukes in Back Yards Tesla Lines Northern Maine Booby Trap Guns at Goodwill $120k Banana


Episode 88: Black Friday Christmas Kickoff

This is The Front Porch Show's first foray into live broadcasting. Well it's actually the second, but we won't talk about the first. Listen as the guys recap Thanksgiving, look forward to Christmas, and chat on the phones with listeners.


Episode 87: #JudasChicken

The New Tesla Truck Chick-Fil-A Saga Midway Movie Review Charlie's Angels Disney+ Extra 6 Days Off for Non-Smokers SD Meth Campaign My First Knife Church Pays Off Medical Bills Patriot Act Renewal Pardoning Turkeys Florida Dog Drives for an Hour


Episode 86: Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

Hunting Venison Recipe Trump Impeachment Weight Loss Challenge No New Border Walls Jail Time For Living in RV Resuscitated Man Claims he Served Life Sentence Texas Won't Look at Evidence Clearing Man Sentenced to Die this Week Viewers Watch Streaming Match on Streamers Glasses High School Baseball Lawsuit Fiscal Savvy NFL Player


Episode 85: You Fools!

Mathis Tastes the Popeye's Sandwich Man dies at Popeye's Head Gasket Saga of 2019 Wood Working Projects Scalise Impeachment Speech Oldest Contestant on Survivor Dies Bud Light Hero Christmas Music 1 in 3 San Franciscans want out Supervised Opioid Injection Sites Tesla Pickup Truck Scary AI Woman gets Eyes Tattooed and goes blind for 3 weeks DA of the Day: Florida Surfer Jumps Onto Shark Drives an Hour the Heads to Bar or Massachusetts Driver


Episode 84: Yo Momma

Time Change Epstein Murdered? SS Warrimoo National Quiet Zone Cuomo says no bad weather before climate change People Who Run Late Happier Detroit Tigers Former Players Winning World Series FL Panthers Fan Hit With Octopus Asgaurdian Space Babies Trump Or Elon Popeyes Chicken is back Beto is out Australia Man Loses Cannabis Up Nose for 18 Years Trump is the New Florida Man When to Start Christmas Music


Episode 83: Jesus is King

Kanye West Jesus is King Album Man gets Tat his Dog Has First Amendment Rewrite Pence Backs Hong Kong Pence for President Interview with Brian Niemeier DA of the Week Hitman Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman . . . .


Interview with Brian Niemeier

We had the opportunity to sit down with author Brian Niemeier. Brian is a Scifi writer who blogs regularly. We talk about one of his latest articles as well as getting a run down on his other latest works. Check out Brian's work at his website and buy his books on Amazon.


Ep 82: Treading on a Can of Worms

Jeff is a Certified Boomer Election 2020 Update Rend Collective Concert Chick-Fil-A in UK to be shut down Brexit Protester Glues Self to Plane N-Word Controversy Pole Dancing for Elementary School Students Six Kids Held in Basement for 9 Years Cramped Living in LA Hobby Horse Show Florida Man Steals What He Thinks are Pain Pills Florida Man Attacks Neighbor with Tractor Man Jumps from Radio Tower Man Blows up Back Yard


Episode 81: Flaming Cheese Ball Shooter

Extinction Protesters Eat at McDonalds 25% of Americans Have Never Eaten Veg Kissing Up to China Tech Prices Star Wars Kitchenware USO Swallows Torpedo Ellen DeGeneres and W. Man Gives Inheritance to Funeral Attendees Young Girl or Adult Dwarf? Federal Deficit Stalker Finds Star by Analyzing Reflections in Selfies Shep Smith Gone from Fox Burning Tesla Safest Jeep Head Gasket Saga of 2019 Florida Constitutional Carry Florida Man Taunts Gator and Feeds Him Beer