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Ep #45: Long Live the Republic with Nick of “The Legacy Flag”

In this special Independence Day episode, The Scofflaws take a moment to reflect on what makes America great and take a “4th of July” quiz while downing beer brewed with freedom. They also get to chat with Nick Naccarato, the artisan woodworker behind “The Legacy Flag,” and talk about his unique carved charred flags, why the US flag is so cool, why it is so important to Americans and all the celebrities that are buying his work. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google...


Ep #44: Compliant Criminals and Fort In The Woods!

In this episode, Jordan and The Don discuss all the things on social media that make them feel old and interview Casey, a California Compliant Criminal giving insight to the minds of outlaws. Also, Isaac and Jacob from “Fort in the Woods” stop by to discuss the amazing things they’re building on their YouTube Channel as well as why kids should ditch the video games, embrace with wild side every once in a while do something dangerous. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google...


Ep #43: Catholic Clown Cars and Author/Columnist Joel Stein!

In this episode, the Gents celebrate fathers! They share memories of their own dads, discuss Yoga as detention and legendary punk rocker Marky Ramone publicly dissing Johnny Rotten on their instagram page. Also, the hilariously controversial columnist Joel Stein drops in to discuss his book “Made Made: In Which a Dad Learns to Be A Man for His Son” where he shares stories about joining bootcamp, firing a tank canon and fighting UFC legend Randy Couture in the octagon. We also discuss his...


Ep #42: Gifts and Gadgets for Dads (and Dudes)

In this episode, Jordan and the Don discuss why millennial don’t ring doorbells, the things in Los Angeles that they would one day hope to ban, and hear about one of our listener’s absurd prank phone calls. Also, with Father’s day only a week away, they curate a list of really cool gift items that any father or gentleman in your life would enjoy. Read the in-depth Gift Guide with links, photos and descriptions here. Links Father’s Day Gift Guide Enter our Father’s Day Giveaway! Support...


Ep #41: Scofflaw Autobiographies and MMA Fighter Chad Robichaux

This Memorial Day weekend, the Scofflaws are joined again by Lady Scofflaw. They take the “Memoire Challenge” and discuss some “wildly” noisy neighbors. Also, Chad Robichaux, former MMA fighter and Special Operations Marine drops in to talk about his career, his book and upcoming film, as well as the awesome work he’s doing with The Mighty Oaks Foundation for service members with PTSD. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Chad Robichaux | Mighty Oaks...

Ep #40: Live with Douglas Smythe at The Big Shave S'West!

In this episode The Gentleman record the show live at The Big Shave S’West with special Guest Host Douglas Smythe, the artisan soap maker behind Phoenix Shaving. They talk about ageing cheese using Hip-Hop, a naked performance artist as well as the bizarre history behind the John Frum cargo cult. Also, a very special smoky Restroom review. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Douglas Smythe Listen to the full Bonus Episode! Hip hop best bet for a cheese that...


Ep #39: Momo Destroyed and Jesse James Miller, director of PUNK

In this episode, author Walker Lamond guest hosts with Jordan and The Don. They talk about the creepy Momo Sculpture, Drug-stuffed Rats and Bears in Russia predicting elections. Also, Jesse James Miller, director of the docuseries PUNK on Epix drops in to discuss his documentary, what went on behind the scenes, and the history of punk rock. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Jesse James Miller | IMDb | Trailer | PUNK on Epix Walker Lamond Momo Sculpture...


Ep #38: Florida Man Challenge and Exploring Minds with Michele Carroll

In this episode, Lady Scofflaw returns to restore the balance of estrogen. They discuss the high-speed car chase she witnessed, Michael’s Craft Store being Donovan’s happy place, review the movie “Free Solo” and take the Florida Man Challenge. Also, Michele Carroll and Zach Bennett stop by to discuss their fascinating show “Exploring Minds” and what they’re doing to restore civil discourse in today’s society. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Exploring...


Ep #37: St-Paddy's Anniversary and Dr. Shawn T. Smith of "The Tactical Guide to Women"

It’s St-Patrick’s Day! It’s also the 2 year anniversary of the podcast. Join the gents as they reminisce, listen to disturbing voicemails, talks about surviving on Taco Bell sauce packets and Varsity Blues. Also, author and psychologist Dr. Shawn T. Smith stops by to talk about “healthy masculinity,” his book “The Tactical Guide to Women,” and some of the new APA “Guidelines for Practice with Men and Boys.” Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Dr. Shawn T....


Ep #36: Surprising DNA Results and Extreme Discipline with Jocko Willink

In this jam-packed episode, Gilbert Galon of the “TigerBelly” Podcast guest-hosts with the Scofflaws. They chat about Phones as eating utensils, deeply disturbing 23andMe results, read some critical listener mail and talk to Jordan’s French-Canadian cousin Pierre, who is quite upset about an Oscar “Best Picture” snub. Also, Navy Seal, author and Podcaster, Jocko Willink drops in to discuss his new book “The Dichotomy of Leadership,” why discipline equals freedom, what you need for a home gym...


Ep #29: GORUCK Tough After Action Review (The Lost Episode)

In this highly anticipated “Lost Episode” of The Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast, Johnny Boy interviews Jordan and The Don about their experience through their first GORUCK Tough Challenge. They talk about nighttime pushups in the ocean, wild dogs chasing them and a recon mission for a bottle of Jameson… also Nazi Pugs and Separatist Parrots. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play Links Interview with Jason, Founder of GORUCK Interview with Ryan of Support the...


Ep #35: Botched Tattoos and HAM Radio Crash Course!

In this first episode of the year, Jordan and Donovan talk about bourbon Bacon milkshakes, Arianna Grande’s palm tattoo, Deepfake videos as well as listener Super Bowl predictions. Also Josh of “HAM Radio Crash Course” stops in to talk about the useful hobby of HAM Radios, preparing for disasters and firearm laws in California. Links HAM Radio Crash Course Arriana Grande’s Palm Tattoo Super Bowl Surprise Tickets J-Law/Buscemi Deepfake Support the show on Patreon Get some GentScofflaw...


Ep #34: The Gentleman Scofflaw Christmas Gift Guide!

In this Christmas special, Jordan and The Don discuss triggering classic Christmas songs and stories, why Donovan’s nickname was “Fuller” as a child and Payless’ high end shoe store stunt. They also kick off their Scofflaw Christmas gift guide and consume way too much Lagavulin for one episode. Read the in-depth Gift Guide with links, photos and descriptions here. Links Christmas Gift Guide Support the show on Patreon Get some GentScofflaw swag Get some badass GORUCK gear Built in the...


Ep #33: Man-eating Spiders & Vlad The Vampire!

In this short Halloween episode Jordan and The Don discuss defacing public statues with children’s craft items, a Giant Man-Eating Spider caught on camera and un unsettling Airbnb experience. Also, Vlad the politically incorrect Vampire stops in for his yearly visit to discuss his favorite streaming series, his Mayoral election campaign and getting entangled with the #MeTomb movement. Links Support the show on Patreon Get some GentScofflaw swag Check out Phoenix Shaving for the finest...


Ep #32: Lady Scofflaw and “Minimalism” with Matt D’Avella

In this episode, Lady Scofflaw guest co-hosts with Jordan and The Don. They discuss “Professor What’s-His-Nuts,” choosing your own nickname, pole dancing for elementary schoolers and the laws they would scoff if they could scoff laws. Also filmmaker Matt D’Avella drops in to chat about his film “Minimalism” on Netflix, what it means to be a minimalist in a digital age, and his awesome podcast, “The Ground Up Show.” Links Matt D’Avella | Minimalism | The Ground Up Show Professor What’s His...


Ep #31: Creepy Stares, Pet Black Widows and Mike Herrera of MxPx

In this episode, resident therapist Eric Anderson guest co-hosts and they discuss growing up in the punk scene, Netflix’s new harassment policy and a pet black widow named “Broccoli.” Also, the legendary punk rock frontman of MxPx, Mike Herrera, drops in to talk about his band, their brand new album, having an international record while in High School, a producer coming up with weird excuses to avoid their recording sessions, that time they did a Taylor Swift cover and being featured on the...


Ep #30: Coffee Enemas and Freedom Hard with Bobby Henline

In this episode, the Gents are finally back in the saddle after a silent few months. They discuss a woman delivering her own baby in a Turkey hotel, the 30 year old manchild who was sued by his parents for rent and Donovan’s experience in the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge. Also, comedian Bobby Henline stops in to chat about his awesome new company “Freedom Hard,” and they talk whiskey, cigars, coffee enemas, and his role as Pyro Paulie on “Shameless.” Links Bobby Henline | Freedom Hard |...


Ep #28: Free Money, Rucking, Beer... and Ryan of!

After being in hibernation since New Year’s, the Gents finally come out to see their shadow. They chat about their fitness goals, an ATM spitting out free money and Canada’s new crazy landscaping laws. Also Dominic the Movie Critic makes his Oscar predictions and Ryan from stops in to talk about the very strange and addicting new fitness hobby known as “rucking” and the awesome website he devoted to it. Links | | Ruck.worldBank Sues Woman After ATM Gives...


Ep #27: Christmas With The Scofflaws (The Holiday Shindig!)

In this extra special Christmas special (that’s a lot of special), the Gentleman have a slam bang show cooked up for you. Jordan, Johnny Boy and The Don donate this episode’s proceeds to “Operation Homefront” as they discuss their favorite Christmas films, holiday memories and their best and worst Christmas gifts of all time. Also, a rotating door of guests stop by including Tanner Guzy, John Lehr, Zach Anner, Rick Shick, Eric Anderson, Jason Jaggard and Walker Lamond! Not to mention a live...


Ep #26: The Thanksgiving/Black Friday Special with Scott of Aristocob!

Enjoy this Holiday-themed episode on during your Thanksgiving weekend travels. In this show the Gentleman discuss Black Friday origins, terrible Trump impressions, experiencing life from your smartphone, Butterball’s help hilarious hotline and Superman’s terrible CGI mustache removal. Also Aa Black Friday Deals Expert comes on to help our listeners get the best out of the shopping day, and Scott of Aristocob joins us to talk about International Corn Cob Pipe Month, the fascinating history...