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Minute 88: It’s the Name of the Piece of Music, You A$$hole

Matt is very supportive and nurturing, specifically for the sake of Bill’s growth. More discussions about how we as a people couldn’t resist using radioactive substances. Never lick your paint brushes to keep the point clean. Bill’s ineptitude is a sign of progress. Al gets taken down a peg or two. Matt talks to us about the HARM missile. The fellas delve into the whips of Mr. College football, Keith Jackson. The Premier properties break room may be the smokiest, smelliest room on the...


Minute 87: Derivative, Referential, Horse-$#!%

Matt is fired up and Bill is the gasoline. Bill would like to watch things vaporize and Matt would like to watch Bill watch that. Matt has the “Kill Bill” T-shirts already printed and ready to go. Bill won’t move that bubble wrap. Matt is reduced to conducting breathing exercises while Bill recounts some cricketing anecdotes. The fellas agree that A.I. fosters unity. Bill gets fired up for just a moment about jersey number restrictions. Matt feels Williamson’s horse-shit viscerally. The PDB...


Minute 86: A Facts of Life Finding Mission

Matt starts the episode three levels deep in a kind-of Inception-anger at Bill. Bill considers writing jingles for the mundanity of his every day life moments. Matt wants to “86” Bill from the show and now we all know the derivation of the term. Bill once met Hines Ward. Matt was terrified of the quiet killer. Bill is too proud of his own jokes. The fellas once again praise the film’s direction, this time, for the feeling of tension and claustrophobia. Here come the Lemmon praises again…...


Minute 85: Riding Dirty on the Queen

Bill puts his unwillingness to take responsibility on display for the people. Matt is disgruntled. Bill regales us with stories of his particular faint-prone, frailty. Bill is eschewing the uniform dictate again. The fellas issue an artificial sweetener warning. The boys poke fun at maybe the most successful musical in Broadway history. Matt introduces Bill to the Youngbloodz. Chad Ochocinco gets discussed for the first time in a WHILE. Shelly cannot get the goddamn pretzel out of his...


Minute 84: DON’T Say the Words

The fellas start the episode by introducing a new game, that no one will enjoy playing or listening to… and they call it “Don’t say the words.” Bill brings some prop talk. Matt thinks if you’re not getting you’re giving. The fellas, once again wonder why Polish jokes were OK. Matt faces one of the more embarrassing moments of his life, and that's saying something. Numerology gets really sad and weapon-y this week. The boys posit an innovative idea of swapping-in actual fat men, for nuclear...


Minute 83: Permitzvah

The write up guy is too drunk to work today. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Minute 82: You Are Quite the Plumb Bum

The fellas approach the All-Female Glengarry cast hub-bub with some opinions and some trepidation. Bill is a combination of randy and also leaden, on this particular day. Matt thinks Bill is perpetually seconds away from ingesting peanut butter. Bill is miffed at the idea of a “general purpose” bomb and has to get an Eagles reference in at every turn. Our heroes wonder who the fuck is Lempkin? More brilliant hand acting from Mr. Al. The fellas imagine a GGGR Atari game and they are both very...


Minute 81: What's the Word? Thunderbird

The glasses “tink,” then the bellies rumble, the head pounds. Yup you guessed it. The fellas finally get to try the oft discussed Thunderbird wine, to start the episode. A special thanks to Bill for bringing along the poison. Matt and Bill re-re-re-introduce themselves. Matt tells us about Shoji, the “Game of Generals” and imagine the salesforce might enjoy a game from time to time. Matt loves Talia Shire, but only in the pet store. Bill gets all mobbed-up. Matt briefly gets into the Hell's...


Minute 80: Sperm Tie

Bill does not do his homework. The fellas are agog at how thermometers work and they’re downright irate at “ménage” numbers. Fuck you, Lucas. Matt hates the passing of the peace, a fact that surprises no one. The fellas notice some 80/20 splits in their own movie watching habits. Our heroes discuss road-tripping on I-80. There are so many Mokeskis to choose from. Bill doesn't seem to get the concept of 80-shilling ale, because it’s about... ale. This minute is a distressing minute for all...


Minute 79: Hours Of Wheezing

“Where is Winegardner Wheezing” is discussed as a dynamic future podcast endeavor. Matt thinks Bill’s death is a beautiful bird. Bill is so excited to share his new jingle and Matt is… mildly amused by it. Matt bemoans having to drag Bill towards success. Matt suggests “Dusty Gasses” as a band name. Bill is suspicious about eating potatoes grown in Martian shit-piles. Bill’s shoulders taper like an evil villain which inspires Matt to suggest that Bill would make a fantastic Williamson....


Minute 78: Shelly “Life Support Machine” Levine

Bill doesn’t know exactly where his microphone is and Matt says he probably shouldn’t be using a microphone in the first place. Bill’s alter-ego-hip-hop-mogul, origin story is born. We are overjoyed to present to you all, Mr. “li'l Silver.” Matt loves the carol the 12 Days of Christmas, but could stand a few more Dancin’ Ladies. Tarot gets some love. Ricky softly says “tell you something,” but what he’s really saying is “Sell you something…” Jonathan “nice” Pryce has got some range. Ricky’s...


Special Guest: JoAnn Foley

Bill interviews JoAnn Foley, Office Production Assistant on Glengarry Glenn Ross. She shares lots of juicy info and tidbits from the set along with some great anecdotes and memories of the cast.


Minute 77: Roma’d by a Sneaker Kid

Bill is always doing a podcast with himself, in his head. Matt doesn’t care for that particular podcast. Bill promises a heapin’, helpin’ of common decency with every friendship. The fellas apparently don’t remember podcasting several moments in the film, nor do they remember entire segments of their own creation… and one of them is very sober. Marky Mark would make a terrible subconscious. Matt is unimpressed by the minute this week. The fellas talk salesmen… AGAIN. Matt once got Roma’d by...


Minisode 4: Comedian WWTP

At long last, without further adieu, the fellas finally present the greatly anticipated, oft ballyhooed comedian themed #WWTP. Sit back and enjoy as the boys use the humor of actually funny people to further obscure their own ineptitude. Enjoy!


Minute 76: Anything you want, except for that one thing you keep asking for

Cord-cutting patter, starts the discussion this week. The fellas wonder what life would be like if LeBron lived next door with Wayne. Bill is drunk on his own pain. Heavyweight title bout, “Glenister Vs. Mason, The Argument at Parliament” gets some talk. The fellas get to a WWTP early, in the aid of one Mr. Walter Matthau. Bill would prefer to be the Shi-poo-pi guy. Matt, acting as both Sean Bradley apologist and Hillbilly advocate, ushers us through another award winning numerology segment....


Minute 75: Mean Joe Green and Levine, The Machine

Apologies. The write-up guy is celebrating his independence today, The Como Inn, a friend. He does, however, implore you to enjoy this week’s Episode thru the miasma of patriotism.


Minute 74: Sus… Co…

Lotta Baldwin to start things off this week. Mid-afternoon meals and going to them is discussed at length. Bill loves the acting in this minute. Baylen was probably getting a little anti-Semitic in that back office. Shame on you Baylen. All George wants to do is work. Williamson has no idea when the sales force needs a snack. John is a Cheetos vendor. The Gestapo really put the polish on anti-semitism. Ghallager makes a return. Matt puts out a reminder that Bill was against WWTP early on in...


Minute 73: Ricky’s Word Salad is Well-Tossed

This is an official warning: At moments in this episode, Matt’s level of frustration with Bill reaches “P-dupes-2.” Matt is offended by Bill’s big belly dance AND his pate. Bill doesn't care about the GGGR Minute uniform and Matt is less-than-pleased about that. In any case, Matt looks great in his uniform. Bill is an ersatz syphilis and he references vajazzling out of nowhere, so 2dubs is still doing 2dubs things. Blah blah, Rodman, blah blah. The fellas finally settle into this dizzying...


Episode 72: “I Don’t Understand? You Don’t Count Saturday. And What, Would Have Elapsed?”

Bill’s mouth noises have Matt on edge and not just his words this time. The fellas compare the podcast to different kinds of hugs. Bill’s pelvis abhors a Hoover. Kopono’s number confounds the boys. The fellas contemporize a long standing sports nickname. Matt talks glowingly about “Arrival” but Bill hates the space squids. Ricky’s attempted misdirects are absolutely laughable in that he doesn’t understand how days work. Bill fills us in on John H. McGlinchy, whoever he is. Ricky Roma prank...


Minute 71: Dot-Matrix Printed, Motivational Signs

Bill starts the show by waving Matt off, which Matt does not accept favorably. Leon Redbone pops by for a sec, which is always a treat. The fellas discuss the short-shorts era in the NBA. Pacino is still the best hand actor we’ve ever seen. Ricky’s fabrications are getting more impressive as the con continues. Jim gets activated for a moment. Ricky struggles thru these moments but uses modern dance to express his utter disbelief. Jonathan Pryce is glorious. A very helpful secretary, tries to...