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Minute 76: Anything you want, except for that one thing you keep asking for

Cord-cutting patter, starts the discussion this week. The fellas wonder what life would be like if LeBron lived next door with Wayne. Bill is drunk on his own pain. Heavyweight title bout, “Glenister Vs. Mason, The Argument at Parliament” gets some talk. The fellas get to a WWTP early, in the aid of one Mr. Walter Matthau. Bill would prefer to be the Shi-poo-pi guy. Matt, acting as both Sean Bradley apologist and Hillbilly advocate, ushers us through another award winning numerology...


Minute 75: Mean Joe Green and Levine, The Machine

Apologies. The write-up guy is celebrating his independence today, The Como Inn, a friend. He does, however, implore you to enjoy this week’s Episode thru the miasma of patriotism.


Minute 74: Sus… Co…

Lotta Baldwin to start things off this week. Mid-afternoon meals and going to them is discussed at length. Bill loves the acting in this minute. Baylen was probably getting a little anti-Semitic in that back office. Shame on you Baylen. All George wants to do is work. Williamson has no idea when the sales force needs a snack. John is a Cheetos vendor. The Gestapo really put the polish on anti-semitism. Ghallager makes a return. Matt puts out a reminder that Bill was against WWTP early on...


Minute 73: Ricky’s Word Salad is Well-Tossed

This is an official warning: At moments in this episode, Matt’s level of frustration with Bill reaches “P-dupes-2.” Matt is offended by Bill’s big belly dance AND his pate. Bill doesn’t care about the GGGR Minute uniform and Matt is less-than-pleased about that. In any case, Matt looks great in his uniform. Bill is an ersatz syphilis and he references vajazzling out of nowhere, so 2dubs is still doing 2dubs things. Blah blah, Rodman, blah blah. The fellas finally settle into this dizzying...


Episode 72: “I Don’t Understand? You Don’t Count Saturday. And What, Would Have Elapsed?”

Bill’s mouth noises have Matt on edge and not just his words this time. The fellas compare the podcast to different kinds of hugs. Bill’s pelvis abhors a Hoover. Kopono’s number confounds the boys. The fellas contemporize a long standing sports nickname. Matt talks glowingly about “Arrival” but Bill hates the space squids. Ricky’s attempted misdirects are absolutely laughable in that he doesn’t understand how days work. Bill fills us in on John H. McGlinchy, whoever he is. Ricky Roma prank...


Minute 71: Dot-Matrix Printed, Motivational Signs

Bill starts the show by waving Matt off, which Matt does not accept favorably. Leon Redbone pops by for a sec, which is always a treat. The fellas discuss the short-shorts era in the NBA. Pacino is still the best hand actor we’ve ever seen. Ricky’s fabrications are getting more impressive as the con continues. Jim gets activated for a moment. Ricky struggles thru these moments but uses modern dance to express his utter disbelief. Jonathan Pryce is glorious. A very helpful secretary, tries...


Minute 70: Exodus Omelettes and Ancient Guns

The fellas talk about the Celtics’ dominance. Matt laments approaching the end of the film which also means the end of the podcast. Bill suggests that David Mamet would be sorely disappointed in them. Matt is aggravated and Bill wants a nap (a potentially new podcast title). Matt has questions about this minute and about Bill’s obsession with floor-cleaning robots. Ricky is keeping secrets from D. Ray. Bill has always been a Mrs. D. Ray Morton, to Matt. More salt jokes this week. Matt...


Minute 69: The Back of What!?

Be forewarned, Episode 69 has the boys acting more adolescent than usual. Matt is nonplussed about Bill’s ACTUAL lack of housekeeping. Matt hates Kevin Harlan, like a lot, and has questions about the back. Shelly and Ricky are really having some fun with each-other. Bill shares some of his puppet making highlights. Kennilworth is saved for the right moment. Bill imagines Shel and Rick on a Vespa together. Matt wants to communicate exclusively, via a Pacino puppet. D. Ray Morton is not...


Minute 68: Dutch Scratchings and Ruse Hatchings

Gonzo starts the episode off with a big-bang. Matt has a rather unsanitary first, to celebrate with the audience. Bill hasn’t urinated since the Clinton administration. The boys are excited to talk about the Roma and Shelly improv scene. Bill claims that Shel’s minor stumbles are a bit of an issue. D. Ray Morton is a great made-up name and it prompts our man Bill to make some “salty” jokes. Matt suspects all the salesmen have a “go-to” alias. Ricky knows what D. Ray is up to insofar as his...


Minute 67: Hey, geologists, that’s great.

Matt is not a patient man. The fellas talk about Taj, and “The Fish Who Saved Pittsburgh” for way too long. Bill says he enjoyed “Black Panther” but then divulges a series of critiques. Ricky starts the con and it gets off to a bumpy start. Shelly shows dat bubble butt and oh do the fellas love it. The boys introduce “Mime Corner.” Shelly means business and doesn’t want any bullshit. Techniques for giving the bird are discussed. Shelly’s hubris is on full display here. Ricky cannot put...


Minute 66: Soft Sells and Bubble Butts

The write-up guy is on vacation.


Minisode 3: Top 5 Mamet Films

As if the fellas needed more fodder for bickering, they endeavor to compare their top 5, all-time, Mamet films (excluding GGGR because, well, Bill made the rules). The results probably won’t surprise you, but it’s the goddamned journey that counts, not the destination. Grow up, would ya?


Minute 65: Hand-Me-Outs, Tea-Bagging Squats and Dueling Redbones

Matt always winds up back at asshole. Subscribers are thinking, “wow.” Terbium gets the fellas off on an environmental activism jag. Bill debuts and retires his Sammy Hagar impression. Shelly demands that Williamson, “Hand me out!” Does Williamson have a phone or not? Any tea-bagging from Shelly is barely a knee-bend. Ricky Roma, private dick: salesman-detective extraordinaire gets brought into the light. The fellas finally get back to Romaville. The fellas shudder at the thought that a...


Minute 64: Not all vampires are salesmen, but all salesmen are vampires

Matt helps Bill out of his imposter syndrome and then helps him back into it. Gonzo makes his GGGR debut. Shelly is locked all on the Nyborgs, nothing on him. Matt praises the direction and camera work while again reiterating his LMR argument. Bill is the slumper AND a slump seer. Anyone looking to unleash their pent-up, giant baby thoughts, @billwinegardner is ready for you! The fellas liken the salesforce to a bunch o’ vampires. Then they discuss what it is to have solemnities. Why...


Minute 63: Replete With Pleats

A new segment, “What’s Botherin’ Bill?” is born, and in the maiden voyage, Bill whine-asks the question, “Where are my play toys?” Li’l Roma is the dream that turns into a nightmare for Matt. Bill vows to do something pro-active for the first time in… well prolly a really, really, long while. The legend of Coty Clark is born, and dies just as quick. Matt is super excited about what minute 63 means to his LMR (legit mutual respect) argument. Matt is a casualty of the contemporary language...


Minute 62: Here We Are, Face to Face, A Couple o’ Brass Balls

Bill innovates systems of his own imaginings, he also thinks snow storms are a waste of time, so Bill hasn’t missed a beat. Matt takes us down to the Samarium area. The fellas discuss metals, magnets and kabuki drops. “Guy McIntyre, Noir Offensive Lineman” is born. Ricky gets REAL comfy as Shelly starts telling the war-story and Matt is ON BOARD! The fellas discuss the “stats” for entirely too long. Crumb cake, from the store gets its day on the shelf. Glenister gets the GGGR bump though...


Minisode 2: Mamet’s WTF Interview

The fellas recap and review David Mamet’s interview on a recent episode of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron.


GGGR Inaugural Minisode

Using a recent article as a springboard, the fellas rank the major performances in the film. The results may surprise you.


Minute 61: We’re all on a spectrum of “fucked-UP”

Buckle-up for a marathon episode of the GGGR minute. Matt wants to clear the air and Bill mocks him for it. Coen bros. movies are playing in Bill’s head, on a continuous loop. Matt would bring Marvin Gaye to Bill’s house to prove a point. The air is cleared… until it isn’t again, because Bill doesn’t know Dylan’s highway61. This whole place stinks with Bill’s farce for (at least) a week. In this minute, Davey gives us the best exit in movie history and maybe the rangiest bit of acting in...


Minute 60: Li’l Ricky and the Moss Train

What are the fellas babbling about this week? Well, it’s Roma and Moss coming to loggerheads. The fellas need a small child to punch up the cute factor for the sake of ratings. Matt needs a minute after handling Bill’s microphone. Burt Lancaster gets cast this week. Shelly just can’t get thru his war story. Dave is fighting back what seems to be gallons of anger spittle. The boys have some fun with a new song Bill made for funsies (that’s @billwinegardner) Matt helps us all understand the...