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The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 15

America’s Got Talent star Little Ozzy Osbourne joined Gonzo, High Pitch Erik & Serial Killer Jack. Discussion about Madhouse Talent Agency followed.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 14

PRAYERS FOR NAPKIN: High Pitch Erik joins Gonzo on location from Pittsburgh. Ass Napkin Ed is in the hospital and his porn star GF claims he is in a coma. Tila Tequila hasn't started her new show on GSPN and is already causing a stir with the listeners. Brain calls in to explain his recent transactions on GSPN and to give his thoughts on the Alien Girl controversy. HPE gives his solution to gun control.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 12

HPE Does Vegas: High Pitch Erik co-hosts the show on location from Las Vegas for Superbowl Weekend. The guys announce that the lovely porn star Mary Carey is joining GSPN. Gonzo struggles to keep HPE's attention for more than 2 seconds and has a meltdown. Ed from Vegas calls in to give his million dollar Super Bowl bets and makes strip club plans with HPE. Monotone Matt calls in to discuss his new 24/7 video feed.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 11

GONZO'S BACK: Gonzo returns to his own show and is joined by Serial Killer Jack and special guest host Balls from Ellwood while High Pitch Erik shoots his hit TV Show, Blue Bloods. SKJ updates us on the happenings at GSPN. Gonzo's wig calls in and complains about being abandoned by Gonzo. HPE calls in briefly and explains that he gained weight because he isn't eating. Gonzo confesses he loves to listen to Brain and Ava fight online 8 hours a day. Not Mr. White calls in. Periscope chat has...


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 10

Gonzo takes the night off since he’s on vacation. High Pitch Erik and Brain fill and have fun.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 8

SPORTS SHOW: Gonzo and High Pitch Erik try a new Sports Show format with HPE on cam. HPE and Gonzo make their Wild Card Wednesday NFL predictions. Gonzo claims HPE didn't read the controversial ESPN article about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that Erik claims he did read even though he doesn't know what it was about. Jolie calls in to plug her new GSPN show "Unsolicited" premiering Tuesday night. HPE fights with trolls and haters.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 7

GSPN HAS AN APP!: Gonzo, High Pitch Erik, and Serial Killer Jack announce the launch of the new GSPN App. Inter-sex porn star Taylor Lianne Chandler calls in but has to be rescheduled due to traffic noise. HPE announces his 2018 predictions, weekly GSPN awards, and his New Years' Resolution. The show is now sponsored by two new companies, including a gay app. Ryan Lever has a new show.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 5

The Gonzo Shitcock Podcast finally has a real sponsor and High Pitch Erik reads the ad to open the show. Gonzo and Jack introduce new segments to the Gonzo Podcast that will hopefully keep HPE engaged in the show. Serial Killer Jack offers HPE a playboy and/or playgirl model hot prostitute but HPE refuses until he's down to 300 lbs. HPE weighs in on the scale. Gonzo reads listener mail. HPE gives life advice in the new segment "Ask Erik". John Booney calls in to give some background to his...


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 4

HPE THE INDIFFERENT COHOST: high pitch Erik joins Gonzo as cohost but it quickly becomes apparent he’s more interested in reading mean comments on his YouTube channel than cohosting a live broadcast. August Ames is dead, and social justice warriors are to blame. Monotone Matt drank a bottle of tequila and broke a GSPN company laptop. HPE apologizes to some fans and tells others to fuck off. Ass Napkin Ed went MIA for his show and might have blown himself up cooking homemade French fries.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 3

F The Haters: Gonzo and Serial Killer Jack welcome High Pitch Erik back as "full-time co-host" until he has to hang up to change his phone number. HPE Haters and Trolls call in. Gonzo reads listener mail. HPE is quickly becoming skinny. "Matt Lauer" calls in.


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 2

LOUIS CK: Gonzo and Serial Killer Jack re-cap the debut of the Ass Napkin Ed Show and all the drama with his co-host contest. Danny from LA quits GSPN the day of his show. "Louis CK" calls in. High Pitch returns as permanent co-host and the $25 Mystery Host Contest winner is revealed. HPE gives a health update and is moving to a new building. A random guy from the internet named Claire from New Jersey cancels his guest appearance last minute and demands more respect from GSPN. Gonzo's friend...


The Gonzo Podcast Show Episode 1

The much anticipated launch of the Gonzo Show went live with Serial Killer Jack cohosting. Gonzo started the show by uncorking a high priced bottle of champagne sent in from a mystery celebrity. High Pitch Erik phoned in, fresh out of surgery. Details of the GSPN contract negotiations of both High Pitch Erik and Ass Napkin Ed were revealed. Gonzo played some exclusive Napkin voicemails and unveiled a long list of brand new shows coming to the Network; including Medicated Pete and Danny from...