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The Goon Cast 225 - Sign and Trade - Jason Dennis, Jesse Eigner and Adam Podell

The goons gather again to discuss the ongoing saga with the Chrisley family, parental confusion, Bad Baby, passionate fans, being a junior, Joe's continued Harry Potter fandom, changes in hip hop over the decade, drugs, the Knicks, the Yankees pitcher that traded families, the Connor McGregor fight, and Josh Gordon's return. Keep up with Adam with @fakeadampodell and check out his show in Brooklyn, Fuck It We'll Do It Live! on September 1st. Follow Jesse with @jeigs on all social...


The Goon Cast 224 - Failure to Launch - Matt Hardy and Billy Prinsell

This week, the goons were joined by two comedians, Matt Hardy and Billy Prinsell, as they discuss gazebos and canopies, T-Pain's lightsaber fight, movies and their theaters, Joe's love of theater, the Knicks, the NFL preseason, Antonio Brown, Matt's anti-machine stance, Bing verses Google, meeting new people, and Joe Biden's comment. Follow Matt on Instagram with @ACHEGRAM. Keep up with Billy on Instagram with @billyprinsell4real. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe...


The Goon Cast 223 - Buried in a Turtleneck - Matt Maran and Whitney Chanel Clark

The goons are back on the patio joined by two guests: Matt Maran and Whitney Chanel Clark. The goons dive in on Billy’s first roller coaster experience, the aquarium, underrated pets, being Jewish and being Catholic, wakes, death in the Dominican Republic, tickling, Fast and the Furious, Area 51 and aliens, Brock Lesnar, falling on ladder, and WWE Summerslam. Check out Whitney on Instagram and Facebook with @WhitneyChanelClark or with her website...


The Goon Cast 222 - Vikings - Mike Bocchetti, Chris O’Brien and Mackenzie Graves

The goons are back on the patio with a group of guests: Mike Bocchetti, Chris O’Brien and Mackenzie Graves. They gather to discuss Mike’s former drinking days, Mike’s new favorite show, gangs, Trump’s support for A$AP Rocky, Montezuma’s errors, Vikings, moonshine, eastern Europe, auras, treehouses, conspiracies and the wall on the terrace. Catch up with Mackenzie Graves on all social media with @couchlockedmack. Keep up with Mike Bocchetti on all social media with...


The Goon Cast 221 - Little Monster - SallyAnn Hall and Rich Happel

The goons are back at it joined by two comedians, SallyAnn Hall and Rich Happel, to discuss Are You the One? and Rich’s casting call, MTV’s Catfish, The Kardashians, SallyAnn meeting Lady GaGa, Juice WRLD, music on the radio, Warped Tour, Rich’s close ties to the bagel guy, SallyAnn’s height preferences, her Nordic heritage, life in Alaska, Walmart stories, Long Island patriotism, classic MTV reality shows, and then Rich joins the goons for an episode of My Super Sweet 16. Keep up with...


The Goon Cast 220 - You’re Not God or My Father

The goons hit the basement in Bayside to discuss Are You the One?, the continued NBA free agency, the short dude at the bagel place in Long Island, Odell Beckham’s new haircut, Enzo Amore and Joey Janela brawling at Blink 182, the premier of Stranger Things, Bautista’s new WWE 24 special, and Billy’s time in the desert. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 219 - Lumpy Eyes - Nick Carra

The goons gather in Queens to discuss Joe’s big move, the Kawhi Leonard signing and NBA free agency, the Summer League earthquake, storm chasing, space debris, exploding puppies, Timbaland, Nick Carra’s trip to Boston, WWE Extreme Rules, vision, the 5th Borough Comedy Festival, and Nick’s horror story of a cruise. Keep up with Nick on social media with Nick Carra (@carra_nick). Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 218 - Registered

The goons gather in Bayside with the hall of fame, Adam, to discuss the great sunblock verses sunscreen debate, service animals, the upcoming primary elections and eventual general election, and then Joe registers to vote live on the cast. The goons then watch the debate on mute while wondering if all politicians start off with evil intentions and which Latin American country O’Rourke originates from. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby...


The Goon Cast 217 - Prep - Tristan Rega

The goons take the cast out to Gantry Plaza in Long Island City once again, but, they’re joined by comedian and pal, Tristan Rega. The goons discuss height, parenting, getting cosmetic work, baby pigeons, gruesome injuries, the progression of HIV medication, MTV's Double Shot of Love, casting for reality shows, the Ricochet leaks, and HBO’s Euphoria. Keep up with Tristan on all social media with @TristanRega. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills)...


The Goon Cast 216 - Sprinkles

The goons take the cast out to Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City to sit by the water and discuss the NBA Finals wrapping up, the impending NBA free agency, the latest fire that Drake released, Jessica Biel’s anti-vaccination support, WWE Stomping Ground, ice cream, sprinkles and folding techniques. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 215 - The Nation of Hats

The goons join together to discuss the NBA Finals, WWE Super Showdown results, MTV’s Double Shot at Love, Kyrie Irving going to the Brooklyn Nets, Stephen Curry’s new mini-golf game show, and the new Pokemon. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 214 - A Golden Age of Monster Movies

The goons gather in the basement to discuss the upcoming WWE Super Showdown, the unfolding NBA Finals, potential NBA free agent moves, Joe’s visit to the Indianapolis 500, Bronnie James, the new Godzilla movie, John Moxley’s debut on AEW, Donald Duck’s girls and walking from New York to Los Angeles. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 213 - Video Game Strip Club

The goons discuss the end of Game of Thrones, Drake and his Toronto Raptors, Magic Johnson, WWE’s Money in the Bank, Ronnie’s liposuction. and Dane Cook. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 212 - Afraid of the Ball - Greg Cardazone & Rob Cardazone

It’s a poolside get together on the podcast as the boys sit with Greg and Rob Cardazone. With the NY Yankees moving into first place, baseball is discussed along with Pete Davidson, softball leagues, local legends of Bayside, movies by the decade, the return of Dave, pizza, the goons at the Yankee game and the misfortune of the New York Knicks. Listen to The Greg and Rob Podcast at Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified)...


The Goon Cast 211 - Mind Control - Chris Keise and Eddie Gámez

The goons gather to discuss eye contact, Game of Thrones, lightsaber colors, mind control, sensory deprivation, cult mentalities and Ayesha Curry. Keep up with Chris on social media at @keiseology and keep up with Eddie at @eddiegamezcomic. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 210 - A Zoovie - Nick Tilleli

Nick Tilleli joins a full house of goons to discuss the aftermath of Nick’s birthday party, Jay Mac’s striped shirt, American Eagle, Mike’s journeys with touring comedians and rock climbers, the opioid epidemic, a vandal in Whitestone, Mac’s recovery from mushrooms and acid, Mike’s hatred of birthdays, the new Google console, and then deep analysis of everyone and everything. Keep up with Nick on social media at @NickTilleli. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy...


The Goon Cast 209 - Tower Heist

The goons discuss the unfaithful prince, Jim Jones, the NFL draft, Max Kellerman farting on air, Vladimir Guerrero, I Spy, top N64 and Gamecube games, Fortnite, Tower Heist and other classic Eddie Murphy films, classic Dane Cook films, the death of game chat on Xbox Live, and revisiting Vince McMahon’s fight with Shawn Michaels and God. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 208 - Ahoy There

The goons discuss the Easter Bunny, bologna, mustard, vinegar, mallows, the history of the ice cream truck, the WWE Superstar Shakeup, the Yankee game, catching balls at baseball games, futuristic stadiums, the Notre Dame fire, and classic Brendan Fraser movies. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 207 - The Hobgoblin

The goons gather to discuss sleep, sinkholes, moving Long Island, Game of Thrones verses Harry Potter, a new Spider Man reboot, WWE Wrestlemania, Avengers, having Jack Black as a dad, Dane Cook, Kevin Hart’s new special, and Nipsey Hussle. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 206 - Informal Posse

The goons discuss the true meaning of being in a posse, endangered words, Fortnight, WWE Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover, the 86 Mets, the approaching NBA playoffs, a lack of interest in football, ice cream, Jay Mac in a stampede, laser tag, WWE Axxess, Bam Margera and year book quotes. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -