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The Goon Cast 189 - Hung for the Holidays - Igor Martinez

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Igor Martinez. The squad discusses the holiday season and gift exchanges, perks to citizenship, basketball uniforms, 90 Day Fiancee, Jersey Shore, claymation, carolers, singing shows, William Hung, church on Christmas, priests’ homilies, Entourage, Chatroulette, K2, getting a key to the city, Igor’s hockey win, and the Cardi B/Offset breakup. Keep up with Igor Martinez on Facebook here - Visit us with...


The Goon Cast 188 - The Knights - Stan Talouis

The goons are joined by stand up comedian and podcast, Stan Talouis. The goons gather discuss Madden, Philadelphia and Rocky, wrestler real names, "Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande, Saturday Night Live, emo rappers, the horrible things football players have been doing, reality television and Steve’s memories of the goons’ high school. Keep up with Stan on social media with @funnymanstan. Check Stan out on the Thats My Shit podcast -...


The Goon Cast 187 - Ladies' Night 3

Billy, Bobby and Joe gather in Bayside for a pre-Thanksgiving recording to discuss the upcoming holiday, the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, Goku’s first appearance, holiday traditions, the Knicks, Yankees, and more. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 186 - $2 Billion - Jesse Eigner

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Jesse Eigner. The goons gather to Amazon coming to Long Island City, the Green/Durant feud, Carmelo Anthony, the Yankees, Charles Barkley’s appearance on Shark Tank, the boxers and briefs for athletic wear debate, and Jesse’s recent California trip. Keep up with Jesse on social media with @jeigs. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 185 - College Emo - Peter Wong & Eli DiSabato

The goons are joined by stand up comedians, Peter Wong and Eli DiSabato. The goons gather to introduce the show, discuss Peter’s emo days, breakups, relationships and lacks of relationships, throwback looks for the goons, butts, Jimmy Butler, concussions, the restorative power of drugs, local fights, and then some sexual stories Check out Peter on all of the social media with @peterwongcomedy. Check out Eli on all of the social media with @elidisab. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe...


The Goon Cast 184 - Fun Dip - Jessica Clayton

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Jessica Clayton. The goons gather to discuss human sexuality and other grossness, Mike’s journey through the south, religion, G-Easy, American geography, smoking cigars, family fighting, going to Church and legitimately evil teachers. Check Jessica out on all of the social media with @yessssyca. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) - Mike (@homelesspimp)


The Goon Cast 183 - Excuse Me - Sal Coladonato

The goons are joined by stand up comedian and podcast, Sal Coladonato, of The Slant Podcast. The goons gather to discuss Sal’s last appearance, The Slant podcast, top hats, the bombs sent through the mail, the shooting at the synagog, the attempted theft of the Magna Carta, eggs, gypsies, Halloween, China, Mischief Night, Roman Reign and the Jersey Shore. Check out Sal Cola on The Slant Podcast with @slantshow on social media or below. iTunes -...


The Goon Cast 182 - We the South

The goons start off the show talking about Joe’s new love of LaCroix sparkling water before having a long discussion on bottled water in general, the spit incident between Raton Rondo and Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler’s trade demand, WWE’s Crowd Jewel, Saudi Arabia, the 1990’s, Ariana Grande and the billion dollar lottery in the northeast. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 181 - Normal - Molly Kornfeld

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Molly Kornfeld. The goons discuss Kanye West in the White House, running for president, Mike’s family being torn apart by politics, Charlemagne the God, a failed experiment, Mike’s run in with a homeless rapper, strippers, Mac’s friend of Nepal, reality television, voting, normal activities, Molly’s dating stories, Lindsay Lohan’s resort, A Star is Born, and diet. Keep up with Molly Kornfeld on Instagram with @moroko123. Visit us with @thegooncast -...


The Goon Cast 180 - The Last Crusade - Eric Gonzalez

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Eric Gonzalez. The goons discuss the results of the championship fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, the upcoming New York Yankees ALDS series against the Boston Red Sox, Mets fandom, Comedy Central shows, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Situation’s sentence and JWoww’s pending divorce. Keep up with Eric Gonzalez on Instagram with @eric_g_presents. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby...


The Goon Cast 179 - Rudia - Julio Diaz

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Julio Diaz. It’s also the debut of the brand new goon intern, Louis Paulino. The squad discusses the new intern and get to know him a little better before discussing outdated fashions, the New York Yankees and their upcoming historic playoff run, Webster Hall and Joe’s after prom party, Natty Ice and favorite beers, dating and the friend zone, Rudia - a classic comedy skit featuring Rudy Guiliani and Donald Trump, secret Russian spies, life as a...


The Goon Cast 178 - Fajitas - Meno Fernandez

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Meno Fernandez. The squad gathers to discuss Meno’s half star summer, Paul Simon’s farewell concert, memories of concerts past, ghost experiences, voodoo, and Jay Mac dives into Pizzagate conspiracy theories. Keep up with Nick on Twitter at @fernandez_meno on Instagram at @menof27. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 177 - Tiger Schulmann - Nick Tilleli

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Nick Tilleli. The squad gathers to discuss pornographic preferences, erotic stories, parodies, hentai, phone based activities, Tiger Land, Chernobyl, the new iPhones, athletes verses animals, the ocean, bears, movies, and the Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly feud. Keep up with Nick on social media at @NickTilleli. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@billywavy) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) - Jay Mac (@bluescluesog) -


The Goon Cast 176 - Loadstar - Sean Finnerty

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Sean Finnerty. The goons get together in Bayside to discuss the scenery of the basement, a plane of people getting sick, the Electric Picnic festival, Sean’s beef with The Goon Cast, the death of Mac Miller, the McCain funeral, Kanye West, Long Island, bar tending across the world, St. Patrick’s day, Ken Singleton, Elon Musk on Joe Rogan, and the return of the NFL. Keep up with Sean on Twitter and Instagram at @SeanyFinnerty, Visit us with...


The Goon Cast 175 - Ass to Pew - Brittany Brave

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Brittany Brave. The goons gather again in Whitestone to discuss China, abortion, the Catholic Church, going to heaven, the famous Whitestone verses Glendale feud, being German, Irish terrorism, Trump’s thick body, his feud with Chelsey Handler, Joe’s blue pants, fast food favorites, theater, golf, high school, and Louie CK’s controversial return to the stage. Keep up with Brittany on Instagram at @brittanythebrave and on Twitter at @BritBrave. Visit...


The Goon Cast 174 - Burn Notice - Chris Crespo & James Pontillo

The goons are joined by stand up comedian and the star of the web series Hand Jobs, Chris Crespo, as well as stand up comedian and roaster, James Pontillo! The goons gather poolside in Whitestone to discuss Mike and Chris’s experience filming the latest helicopter pilot episode of the web series, Hand Jobs, upcoming episodes for next season, groups who declined the series, Mike and his uncle out on the road, the drifter life, Los Angeles, the new season of the Jersey Shore, Jim and Joe’s...


The Goon Cast 173 - Ban the Shift - Matt Maran

The goons are joined by stand up comedian and the proprietor of Comedy Fight Club, Matt Maran. The squad gathers to discuss Matt’s latest experience with a helicopter filming his show, Hand Jobs, baseball, banning the shift, sports fighting, malice in The Palace, old time baseball stories, stadiums across the nation, winning a happy hour at a bar, Four Lokos, avoiding drugs, Dr. Pepper Ten, Alex Jones and censorship. To close out, the goons discuss the upcoming move for Comedy Fight Club as...


The Goon Cast 172 - Cuban Iguanas - Mackenzie Graves

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Mackenzie Graves. The goons discuss vasectomies, China’s empty cities, unicorn horns, Michael Jackson concerts, when you get hit on by dudes, bees, Asian black bears, tigers fighting them, animal escapes, Project Pat, 3 6 Mafia, anime, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, death, and sex. Check out Mackenzie on all social media with @couchlockedmack. @thegooncast Joe (@godpersonified) Billy (@billywavy) Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) Jay Mac (@bluescluesog)


The Goon Cast 171 - Summer Reading - Dylan Fisher

The goons are joined by stand up comedian, Dylan Fisher. The goons discuss the impending departure of the podcast from it’s Bay Ridge headquarters, the recent tornado that touched down in the goon’s hometown, smoking cigarettes, a unique high school, Dylan’s former life as youth minister, Blake Griffin, the drafted proposal for legalized marijuana in New York, Jay Mac’s style of lunch, pens and pencils, Joe’s hatred of chalk, and printable plastic guns. Check out Dylan on all social media...


The Goon Cast 170 - Al Kush - Mike Bocchetti, Greg Cardazone & Rob Cardazone

The goons are joined by stand up comedians Greg Cardazone, Rob Cardazone and Mike Bocchetti. The goons discuss Joe winning the Guy Molinari Bridge & Tunnel Award, Mike Bocchetti’s podcast collaborations with Opie Radio and Sal Coladonato, last week’s laser hair removal, The Hodge Brothers, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, tales of Greg and Rob hosting comedy shows in Staten Island, their memories of drinking at Farrell’s bar, their confrontations tipping bartenders, the Bocchetti family, his...