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#goons from #queens #podcast in #nyc with 1+ #standup #comedian. new every #monday * @godpersonified @billyhils @bobby.hils @thegooncast |

#goons from #queens #podcast in #nyc with 1+ #standup #comedian. new every #monday * @godpersonified @billyhils @bobby.hils @thegooncast |


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#goons from #queens #podcast in #nyc with 1+ #standup #comedian. new every #monday * @godpersonified @billyhils @bobby.hils @thegooncast |








The Goon Cast 281 - Sweater Beach Weather

The goons discuss the changing of the season, hot yoga, the purchase of the Mets, the NBA playoffs, Rajon Rondo, the return of the NFL, Draft Kings, COVID, Roman Reigns vs Jay Uso, Rusev, chipmunks and the UFC. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 280 - Parlors

The goons are back on the phone as Joe moves in, cable, space, Yankees, the return of Raton Rondo, fantasy sports, the return of the NFL, the Belichick Subway commercial, doing fall stuff, local ice cream, Call of Duty, Ben and Jerry’s factory tours, Sasha and Bayley breaking up, the Iconics breaking up, WWE and Matt Hardy’s injury. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 279 - Feeling Fine 279

With Joe moving around, the goons are on the phone to discuss the moving process, coronavirus and sports returning, the NBA strike, Joe’s simulated NBA franchise, league expansion, Padfoot’s fresh haircut, WWE Payback fallout and the first names of presidents. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 278 - HBO

The goons are back with continued NBA playoff predictions, the goons being cyber attacked, the return of sports by revenue, Spider Man, Showtime and other cable network attempts at making shows, HBO and their long list of amazing shows, the CW network classics, an attempt at finding the top MTV reality shows and YouTube. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 277 - Sugar Free

The goons are back with NBA playoff predictions, the WWE Thunderdome, Summerslam, NXT, Pat McAfee, the Stripe/Cormier UFC pay per view, Joe watching Marvel movies, commercials and Call of Duty squads. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 276 - Lafreniere

The goons are back to discuss the NBA bubble and playoff predictions, the impending XFL season, the NFL draft, Alexis Lafreniere, Cameo, Call of Duty: Warzone, Double Shot of Love and 2 Chainz vs. Rick Ross. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 275 - Photo Op

The goons are back to discuss cornalife, the NBA bubble, NFL, all of the tension, the Tik Tok sale, video games, Netflix and their money, crowds, and the birth of the Bella twins’ babies! Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 274 - Glizzy

The goons gather to talk Joe’s potential freemium addition, Call of Duty, the return of the NBA, sports contracts, Joe and Bobby’s love of the Red Bulls, glizzies, and the death of Regis Philbin and the new Taylor Swift album with Lana Del Ray influences. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 273 - Trailers

The goons are back together to discuss the return of baseball, Mark Cuban and Ted Cruz, T-Pain, an e-mail from The Goon Cast universe, the return of the NBA, Joe’s return to the suburbs, trailers, Entourage, and the twins have a headed Knicks discussion. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 272 - Mood

It’s a Tuesday for the goons as they discuss coronavirus, amusement parks, The Situation’s t-shirt store, Succession, watching Marvel in order, the NBA bubble, Joe believes in Cam, MLB’s return, new names for that football team in Washington, the Smiths and the entanglement and an update for WWE Extreme Rules. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 271 - Flying Elvis

The goons are back off the holiday weekend to discuss fireworks, season two of Double Shot of Love, television ratings, the Redskins and their potential name change, the 4th of July and our favorite holidays, Succession and the return of sports. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 270 - The Cugines

It’s week three of back in person and the goons gather to discuss season two of Double Shot of Love, reality television and who watches it, television ratings, the removed television shows, why people love celebrities, Cam Newton to New England, cheating in sports, the return of basketball and all of the increases in coronavirus. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 269 - The Cut

The goons luckily continue the in person streak to discuss reopening, barbershops, male pattern baldness, fireworks all over, Joe Rogan in hot water, Joe’s dislike of Twitter, ads, sexual assault in wrestling, stanning, statues, cancel culture, voting and the return of Double Shot of Love. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 268 - Video Games

The goons are back in person finally! The squad gathers to discuss coronavirus, masks, sketch comedy, The King of Staten Island and Judd Apatow movies, Christopher Nolan, the new Matrix, new video games and their changes, Vanderpump Rules firings, WWE updates, Joe finally watching The Last Dance, and Kyrie Irving’s tweets about the return of the NBA. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 267 - Do Some Googling

The goons continue the Skype streak to remember their very belated birthday, people coming back from coronavirus, the return of the NBA, local racists filming themselves being racists, people trying to run protesters over, Sopranos and the mob, NXT results and WWE updates, the last few Wrestlemania cards, Drew Brees being an idiot, sports updates, the return of Cody Garbrandt, early 2000s television, New York 1 and alternative search engines. Visit us with...


The Goon Cast 266 - Things Are Happening

The goons gather to discuss George Floyd and the protests across the world, COVID-19 updates, WWE Smackdown, Jeff Hardy and Elias, celebrity responses, the Anonymous leaks about Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and the British royal family, JR Smith beating a guy up, Space Force, The Sopranos, UFC Fight Island and Chromatica. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 264 - Tweet Every Tweet Like It’s Your Last

Angelo and Adam are back with the goons as they discuss the Skype streak, aliens, Michael Jordan, the Scooby Doo movie, corporate consolidation, potential war, the return of sports, the US Space Force, Nelly’s bad wifi, Adam’s bill for consumption awareness, getting a bill through, milk history, the best of cereals, Jerry Seinfeld’s 23 Hours to Kill and more Jerry Stiller. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 263 - No Mercy

The quarantine continues as the goons get back on Skype to catch up and discuss Call of Duty Warzone, 6ix9ine, Mike Tyson, phased reopening, Earl Thomas, WWE Money in the Bank results, classic WWE pay per views, UFC results, the new interim champion, Bugs Bunny and his enemies, and the death of Jerry Stiller. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 262 - Made in a Lab

The goons keep the Skype streak going to discuss the potential return of the MLB, NBA and NFL, schedule adjustments, WWE Money in the Bank, the Revival’s new gimmick, J. Crew’s bankruptcy, television lineups, long hair for the twins, coronavirus, Trump insisting that it was made in a lab, top point guards, and Drake’s new album, Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -


The Goon Cast 261 - I Hate College (Remix)

The goons return to Skype with the Homelesspimp to discuss drinking bleach, quarantine, the Velveteen Dream accusations, Kanye the billionaire, Animal Crossing, television, Joe’s athleticism, belly dancing, Mike’s butter, Kim Jung Un, hanging out, and Asher Roth. Keep up with Mike on Instagram with @thehomelesspimp and on Twitter with @homelesspimp. Visit us with @thegooncast - Joe (@godpersonified) - Billy (@bigbills) - Bobby (@bobbyhilzy) -