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28: Cleaning (or: that fat dude from Seinfeld got eaten on the toilet")

How, just how does everything get so messy so quickly? The podfathers discuss messiness, conflict about said messiness, expectation setting, and how to deal with one of the more annoying realities of parenting. You know what I hate is back, as well as "Is my Kid a Psycho?" Call anytime and leave us a voicemail with a story of your kid being a psycho - (415) 340-2349 HeyDad: The code "heydadpodcast" gets you $10 off at - do it! IG: @heydad Twitter: @heydadbox email:...


27: Worrying (or: "is it legal to bleach a kid’s mouth?")

Having a kid turns even the most optimistic of us into worriers. You love them so much and they're so dumb and dangerous and helpless. In this episode we talk about irrational worries, the co-parenting dynamic when one person is more worried about something, what this podcast will be like when our kids are teenagers, and so much more. Also Derek basically does an unpaid ad for Disneyland during "Is my kid a psycho" and we all resent him for it. Call anytime and leave us a voicemail with a...


26: My kid is too hard on himself (or: "You failed because you were ticklish")

Episode 26. What do you do when your kid is too hard on himself? What is the right amount of worrying about a kid? Is it ok to project current behavior into the future (what will be be like when he's 15)? How do you teach a kid to value some adult's opinions over others? But it's not all too heavy-handed and whiny, we do our usual stupid stuff too. There's our first unanimous "yes" to an "Is my kid a psycho?" voicemail, and You Know What I Hate? is back! Call anytime and leave us a...


25: Parenting for an Audience (or: "Blueberry-related crimes.")

Heyoooo it's new episode time. Today we're talking about when you have to be a dad in front of other people, and all of the complications that brings. Derek lives at his in-laws for two months, Andy delegates potty training to a baby sitter, and Kevin's kids desperately want to be dropped off at Grandma's house, rather than having Kevin stay and hang out. In other news, the BuzzFeed game is back and also we have a new "Is my kid a psycho" and you are NOT READY for the ending. Call...


24: Secrets (or: "She sees surprises as insults")

Y'all be cool ok it's time to talk about secrets. Specifically, how our kids cannot handle them at all and make the process of keeping any kind of secret/surprise from them a total nightmare for the whole family. We also talk about creating a vibe in the house where kids don't feel the need to hide stuff, we tell each other some of our own secrets, and submit a new entry for the world's shortest, saddest story (we're on your corner Hemingway). Call anytime and leave us a voicemail with a...


23: Holiday (or: "Did...did someone tell you?")

Holiday episode! We're not gonna bury the lede here, Derek uncorks an incredible story at the end of this episode that will shake you to your very core. We also talk about whether the holidays are better/worse with kids, Kevin tells a story of how he accidentally badgered his daughter into putting her life in danger, Andy briefly nerds out about gingerbread houses, and the guys all have way too much fun with Grinch and Willy Wonka references. Don't forget! Call anytime and leave us a...


22: Keeping Score (or: "This Nintendo Switch ain't gonna buy itself.")

Episode 22 is all about keeping score, the pettiest, most tempting, and most unsatisfying aspect of co-parenting. (Extremely Emperor Palpatine voice): Good, gooooood, let the resentment grow. This is part two of the conversation we started last episode, and it's a good one. It starts with Andy telling an amazing story involving public transportation and diarrhea, and it ends with a new segment: "Is my kid a psycho?" -- where YOU can call in and tell us about your kid and we will give our...


21: Who's going to take care of me? (or: "Welcome to podcast therapy.")

Season Premiere! The long wait is over. This episode centers on a conversation we've been having a lot lately: how do I take care of myself while I'm taking care of all of these other people? How do I ask for help? Do I still get to have needs even though all of these shorter people living in my house spend all day yelling their needs at me? But you know us - it's not all heavy. Tyler tries to make the whole episode about classic rock, Derek talks about an eight year old who wanted to fight...


20: Sports (or: "My strength will overcome my chubby big brother")

Season finale! Podcasts are doing "seasons" now, and we're not trying to get left out so guess what? SEASON FINALE. So many questions left unanswered for next season. Will they? Won't they? Who shot Mr. Burns? Will these guys ever stop talking over each other(no)? Can Derek keep raising the stakes for his weird intros(yes)? Also we talk about sports, and how to be a good sports dad. Andy tells us about his first fight, and clearly misremembers how cool he was. Kevin tries not to resent his...


19: Back to School (or: "Bedtime club? Tell me more!")

Back to school means so many things. Exhausted kids, annoying pick-up dads, pants-peeing, trolling kindergartners by making them spell hippopatamus, and probably other things too. But we didn't talk about the other things we mostly talk about the stuff I listed there in that last sentence. Circle, with Disney:Learn more about Circle and where to get one for your home at meetcircle.comUse code “HEYDAD” at​ ​​ to get $10 OFF your Circle and FREE SHIPPING(not valid in combination...


18: Work-Mode vs. Dad-Mode (or: "This is my mom, this is the spoon. Anyway, my room's upstairs")

Episode 18 is all about the topic we get asked about more than any other - the transition from work-mode to dad-mode. Why is it so hard? Also Kevin talks about the carte blanche he's given his kids to make fun of him, and Tyler finds a dad-nicknames website that we enjoy more than we have any right to. Circle, with Disney:Learn more about Circle and where to get one for your home at meetcircle.comUse code “HEYDAD” at​ ​​ to get $10 OFF your Circle and FREE SHIPPING(not valid in...


17: Road Trips (or: "You know what? You drive.")

We're back! The guys talk through how traveling is so different post-kids, all of us confess to being mediocre + overly sensitive drivers, and Tyler tells us all how he lost the security deposit on his RV rental. Plus, Derek writes his family rules, and we welcome our first sponsor - Circle, with Disney! Circle, with Disney:Learn more about Circle and where to get one for your home at meetcircle.comUse code “HEYDAD” at​ ​​ to get $10 OFF your Circle and FREE SHIPPING(not valid...


16: Technology (or: "A Tantrum in a Goat Field.")

We're back with episode 16! The guys talk about technology and our pathetic attempts to integrate it into our kids' lives without ruining them. Andy talks about the 80+ times he's seen Trolls with his kid, Derek laments Atley's YouTube obsession, and Kevin describes Julien as a tech addict who needs another hit. Laugh with us, judge us, give us advice? We're trying to figure this one out. Also the BuzzFeed game is back! Use the promo code "HeyDadPodcast" at for $10 off of the...


15: Ask HeyDad (or: "The entire male species can't possibly be collectively continually constipated?")

You have questions, we have answers maybe. We're tackling the big stuff - why dads take so long to poop, how to be encouraging without being patronizing, should boys sit or stand to pee, do aunts/uncles have to buy kid presents for every holiday - giving the hard-hitting, no-nonsense answers the people need. Also "You know what I hate?" is back! Do you have more questions for us? Hit us up here:IG: @heydadTwitter: @heydadboxemail: Use the promo code "HeyDadPodcast" at...


14: Father's Day (or: "I go ham in that bath")

Father's Day y'all! The most important day of the year approaches and buckle up because we are extra full of ourselves this week. Tyler's gift to the dads is free rein to brag about what they're awesome at as dads, Kevin's gift to Tyler is a a cruel podcast edit, the guys opine on their ideal no-shame Father's Day celebration, and Derek introduces our first sponsor!* Happy Father's Day everybody. To all the dads out there hustling and trying to figure it out too, we see you and we love you....


13: Launch (or: " is LIVE!")

More is finally live! The guys celebrate the launch of, we talk about the journey to get to this point (What. A. Ride.), what we hope it accomplishes, and how you can join. Also, the guys pitch Kevin on new HeyDad boxes and they are terrible. You get to vote on which ones are the best/worst! Loser is going to have to let the other guys pick the license plate holder that goes on his car for a year. HIGH STAKES. Use the code HeyDadPodcast for $10 off at Become a...


12: Extra Credit (or: "No one gave your wife a parade...")

Confession time on the HeyDad podcast. Even though we do a (marginally) good job projecting our woke, feminist, bona fides...sometimes deep down we're still cavemen. In this episode we get into the idea of extra credit - wanting to be graded on a curve for just doing normal dad stuff. It's bad and we're not proud of it, but we do make a lot of jokes about it...maybe that will help? Also, "You know what I hate?" is back and we're probably going to offend some people. Episode 12! Become a...


11: The Day I Became a Dad (or: "Here at Kaiser we value skin-to-skin time.")

Usually it's just moms telling their birth stories and stealing all of the glory because they actually had the baby - but we were kinda involved too! So we're telling ours. Everything changes when you become a dad, except you're still the same guy you were before. The HeyDad guys make that very clear as they tell the stories of the day they became dads. Andy spaces out and forgets social norms, Derek can't do basic adult things, and Kevin takes himself too seriously and cries a lot. Tyler is...


10: The 10th Episode Extravaganza (or: "What a Ride")

Episode 10! The guys get together to look back on their immense success. We share some of the clips and stories that we weren't able to fit into previous episodes, since the listening public can only handle so much wisdom and laughter. We reminisce about Derek's ongoing love affair with Taco Bell, the time Kevin roofied Andy on a plane, and a bunch of other good stuff. Also, Derek tries to quit the podcast. Recorded live on the main stage at Coachella. Become a supporter of this podcast:...


09: Your Problems are Stupid (or: "At least I got to feel superior?")

The last few weeks we've been busy working on all the other HeyDad stuff - shooting our promo video and getting closer to launch - but we're back, and as self-important as ever! In this episode, we talk about being a dad and what it's like to play the Comparison Game with your other dad-friends (and with your non-dad friends.) We also get into whether turning complaining into a competition is a good thing (spoiler: it's great, everyone loves it!) Also BuzzFeed is back! Become a...