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Each week join hosts The Dirtbags As they give their politically incorrect/correct take on Current events, Cultural Taboos, and whatever else comes to mind.

Each week join hosts The Dirtbags As they give their politically incorrect/correct take on Current events, Cultural Taboos, and whatever else comes to mind.


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Each week join hosts The Dirtbags As they give their politically incorrect/correct take on Current events, Cultural Taboos, and whatever else comes to mind.






EP:68 "Deadman's Yeast" (Dating Spirit Mediums) Feat: Austin804

Song Of The Show Million Miles by Graf Byrd First off: Olanski makes his case for suing The Make A Wish Foundation. DUMB LAWS ALASKA NPOren Utah offers porn class students will watch porn together.. Growing weed In space std allergy? Now she can’t have peanuts? Harvard has ties to salvery pledges 100million House votes to legalize weed waiting on Senate Baby born with two penises has bigger one cut off.. doc said bc it didn’t work Passover Easter Ramadan all fell on the same...



Song Of the Week: LONELY by 3RD WXRLD This Week On: "NO FOR ME DAWG." Can you date someone that can talk to ghost? Would you take male birth control? Best man confess love to his best friends girl at their wedding what’s your reaction? Should a man let his girl accept gifts from another man if he can’t afford it? You can live longer if you upload ya Brain to the cloud.. you doing it? Can you date someone with short term memory loss? Have you learned enough from TV movie to survive...


EP:66 I'm not a Atheist, I'm A Juiciest (Church Of Jussieism)

ON THIS EPISODE THE GANG BECOME MEMBERS OF JUSSIE SMOLLETS CONGREGATION. Song Of the show: This Week on That's a No For Me Dawg: Would you get shot 9 times in order to be a rap superstar? Free gas for year or lunch with Kayne If ya gal ask you to get ya ass waxed would you? If given the chance would you relive your whole life over? Would you accept you dream job if it meant not talking to your family for a year? Magic power for the lost of a sense? Is it stealing if you eat some...


EP:65 Kayaking In Timbs..Mountain Climbing in Loafers Feat. Priddy Yew & T- Medina

Song of the week: "Thanks For Nothing" by Flames P. Prod. Bvtman. Off of his Beautiful Struggle Album available on all streaming platforms. THATS A NO FOR ME DAWG Could you marry someone that doesn’t suck penis? If you tale a girl on vaykay should you fuck? Would you mind if ya girl got light up boob implants New comdom design for anal sex Trans racial White influencer who identifies as Korean wants to have penis rescue surgery. THIS WEEK ON NPOren Trans racial White influencer who...


EP:64 The I.R.S Money Spread Challenge Feat. Chile & Priddy Yew

Song of the week. Nobody By Tek-Neek Prod by Tek-Neek Topics of the show A new week a new challenge: Olanski explains why he believes the IRS created the money spread challenge just in time for tax season. This week on THAT'S A NO FOR ME DAWG: Why do rappers make fun of people who didn’t struggle as kid? What would you do if your girl dumped you after you gave her your kidney? Do you let your girl bring toys in the bedroom? Would you go to prison for twenty years for your twin...


EP:63 "There's A Ghost In Ya Crib!" Feat D.Furg & 3rd Wxrld

This weeks Song Of the show: Afterdark by 3rd Wxrld (New single) Follow the Dirtbags this week as they are joined by 3rd Wxrld and D. Furg for the first time ever. This week on that’s a no for me dawg. Would you rather have roaches or a ghost in your crib? How long do you leave out glasses of water and still drink it at you crib before you before you throw it out? If they had a Harry Potter potion that allows you to switch bodies with your girl, Would you have sex with yourself? Only...


EP:62 “The Stroke Coach” (The Villains Always Comes first)

This episode starts off with 3rd Wxlrd Feat. Front Street Zoe single “Shirt”. The gang gives a huge shout out to Atlanta Influences Everything and Pontoon Brewing New Product Lemon Pepper Wet Beer. Then they ask the age Olde questions: Why does every movie villain have the same love making stroke? Is it ok to lick wing sauce off your fingers in a strip club? Is it ok to throw 2 dollar bills in a strip club? What age does a man stop wearing tighty whiteys? IF Jesus played in the NBA...



This Week the podcast Has J.Cambell the Liquor Plug on the show. Then they startoff with Young Dolph "GET PAID". while also giving Young Dolph his flowers. We ask the question that we ask every time we lose a bother to gun violence.. "WHY IS HOME SO DANGEROUS?" This week on NPoRen: North Korean bans laughing and crying for anniversary of leaders death Amazon workers trapped in tornado Yearly recap Biggest News Food shortages rice krispies, cream cheese hot Cheetos chicken tenders...


EP:60 "The Charleston Choke" Feat. AFM Geechee & Kevo Da Mayor

This episode Features Kevo Da Mayor and Kevo Da Mayor. We start off with AFM Geechee's newest single "Use To", The Dirtbags Talk about their Thug Holidays, Getting Mentally fit for this crazy world. Becoming Better Humans, The gang gives Michael K Williams his Flowers, We ask those who aren't why they haven't got vaxed yet. They ask the age olde questions "Does the government care about us"? " Would you let another man Charleston Choke your girl"? and much more


EP:59 "Hot Boxxin the Do it Fluid"(The Birth of LL Coochay) Feat. Priddy Yew

On this episode we are joined by @priddyyew. The gang starts off the show with Flames P. newest single A Million Girls pt 2.Olanski dons his new moniker. They talk about their post sex activities. Best Air frying techniques, Proper wingman road trip protocols, Proper ice cube to water ratio, Hiding weed smoke from the wife, Our favorite movies as a kids and much more.


EP:58 RED FLAGS FEAT: Kevo The Mayor and Hebral Libations.

On this Episode we got KEVO THE MAYOR back in the building and one of the CEO's of Herbal Libations, Philly Boy. Starting off with the single from Flames P "Thanks 4 Nothing" album (out now). What's a Red Flag to you? When dealing with future partners? Has been a hot topic we had to indulge. Plus we had one of the CEO's of Herbal Libations, a THC infused wine that taste just like wine but have the feeling you need to feel. Philly Boy stopped by to promote the product and give a real back...


EP:57 "The Olde Self Pride Defense" (Call me by my stage name) Feat @Priddyew

On this episode of The Highclass Dirtbags Podcast. The gang starts the show with 3rd Wxrld’s Unreleased tracked “Blew It” They Shout out Atlanta Influences everything and Pontoon Brewing for the New Lemon Pepper Wet Beer. Then they segway into thing you did as an child but stopped since becoming an adult. They ask the age old question “How much success does it take for you stop letting people call you by your stage name?”, When did Larry Fishburn become Lawrence? Then they read amazon...


EP:56 "The C.I.A. Milk Crate Population Control Challenge" (Extra Salty Salt Life Bro)

This episode starts off with 3rd Wxrld's "Adele" track produced by Mr. Digital. The gang starts of the show with a birthday shout out for @Olanskiii. Olanski then tells the story of how he saved a mans life and made him rich in the sameday. They recap the dirtbag comedy event they had starring Ronnie Jordan & D Furg, As well as taking a break from podcasting to enjoy a no lockdown summer. @Jewlucky talks about his life as a Hawaiian beach bum over summer break. Then the gangs talks about...


EP:55 "Dry Glizzy" (The Million Meat Meet)

This episode startfs off with 3rd Wxrld and Geux Diego "About a flip" off their new joint project Smoke In The Trunk. The guys come in hot talking about Hip-hop inspired food dishes Eric B & Rahkimchi, Wu-Tang Clams, Conspiracy Theories we believe to be true, The Billionaire Boys Summer Camp, This is the last episode for season 3. Thank you for all the support. We will return with more content soon.


EP:54 "Say it Again" (One Punch Man) Feat. L. Boogie

On this episode we start off the show with Morray’s Switched up Track. Joined by L.Boogie (Olanski’s personal barber) Then we get to the nitty gritty. What pisses barbers off? Then they talk about what pisses the dirtbags off in general, They ask the age old question “Is there a sliver lining to racism?”, One punch man (the racist killer), The Amish being the most woke community and much more. Thank you so much for all the support!


EP:53 "WOKE LIKE WHOA" Feat Chile The Geek

On This episode of the Gang starts off with Black Rob's Like Whoa song and pay tribute to him. The they start the convo off with being too woke, who is the most woke person in the world. Oren's Medical emergency, Supporting your friends businesses even if it sucks, Stock trading,


EP:50 "Anti-Dirtbag Conversion Camp"

On This episode of the high-class dirtbags podcast. the gang starts off the show with El D'Barge " aa aa " The Dirtbags start the conversation with The political incorrectness of drug use through the decades, The official Coming to America part 2 dirtbag review, Then we ask the age old question, Should a man expect a Valentines day gift?, Celebrities who don't use the products they sell, Little known Black History facts, and much more........



The original gang's all back on this one. Starting off with a tribute to the late great DMX. DMX has always been favorite of the HighClassDirtbags. Even giving his his flowers in previous seasons. Do people change or do they just grow? The question of the day. What do you think? And does money solves peoples problems..? Porn/Sex stopping terrorism, master thieves, Uzi Vert v. Southside, Tipping off friends, and X-Rated barbershops... More crazy, wild conversations with the Dirtbags.


EP:49 PHAT VEGANS?! with Clay Hodges

In this episode of the High Class Dirtbags Podcast......... New guess alert!!!! We have Clay Hodges from Fat Vegan TV kicking with the usual suspects.. Titties is always on the menu wit the guys. If you been following the podcast you know we love Boobs. Especially @BlerdyJay. And how long do you think you can go without busting a nut? Could you be a Nun or maybe a Monk? Semen retention seems like the way to go. It may be the way to dodge those unnecessary bullets in your sex life. Clay...


EP:51 "Cadillacs Of Bidets" Feat Chile The Geek

On this episode they are joined by chile the geek, then, the Gang starts off with The Monkee's I'm a believer. Olanski talks about his first time using a bidet, Then he brags about his new Cadillac of bidets The Bidet 2000, They check in on Kev da mayor in Mrtyle Beach SC, Spring break 2021, Black Bikers weekend memories, clinic condoms from high school, would you take an Anti std cure-all vaccine? Chile time as the anti sex officer in college, and more!