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25 - Adventure Movies - Jurassic Park & Jumanji

Episode Twenty-Six. Adventure time, come on bring your friends, we'll go to very distant lands. With Cam the Aussie and Shaz the Brit, the fun never ends. It's adventure time! We have strapped on our hiking boots and packed our binoculars for this weeks episode. Adventure Movies! Cam picked the dinosaur epic, Jurassic Park and Shanara picked the worryingly scary board game based adventure, Jumanji!


24 - Movies That Do What They Say on The Tin - Ghostbusters & Machete. Guest Daniel Farley

Episode Twenty four. We were joined by our good friend Daniel Farley. He chose Ghostbusters and described it as a movie that gives you exactly what you expect. We wracked out brains and decided that another great example of this is the blockbuster B-movie, Machete.


23 - Quirky Movies - Napoleon Dynamite & Little Miss Sunshine

Episode Twenty-Three. Loved recording this one. These movies are both so uniquely funny, it was a pleasure to talk about them. Cam picked Napoleon Dynamite and asked Shanara to focus on: -Napoleon -The Dynamite family -The style -the overall weirdness of it all. Shanara picked Little Miss Sunshine and asked Cam to focus on: -the dads story arc -depiction of beauty pagents -the brother sister relationship Let us know what other quirky movies you'd have chosen!


22 - Assessment Task - British Cinema

Episode Twenty two. We completed our second assessment task. We discussed British cinema as a whole.


21 - Musicals - Little Shop of Horrors & The Blues Brothers

Episode Twenty one. Super excited about this episode. We were lucky enough to have Bryan from Movie Mayhem Podcast on this week to talk about his favourite musical The Little Shop of Horrors. Shanara tried to pick Grease or Hairspray but Cam put his foot down and picked something with a bit more substance: The Blues Brothers.


Stan Lee Special

We have recorded a short special episode celebrating the life and legacy of the incredible Stan Lee.


20 - Loneliness and Love - Chungking Express and Taxi Driver

Episode Twenty. This week we received a suggestion from one of our American fans. He suggested we watch Chungking Express and Taxi driver. Both very different movies that have a theme of loneliness but that he felt are romantic love stories at heart. We delved deep into the artistic Chungking Express and the Classic, incredible taxi driver.


19 - 60s Comedies - The Odd Couple & Cactus Flower

Episode Nineteen. We present you with our first fan requested episode. Anthony from Canberra, Australia has selected two movies from the 1960s: The Odd Couple and Cactus flower. He's also chosen the focus for us to talk about. -Relationships -character arcs -how the comedy holds up -the Neil Simon adaptation -Golden Hawn interactions with Ingrid Bergman Safe to say The Odd Couple was one of Shanara's favourite movies we've done! Keep listen and contact us on Facebook Instagram Twitter...


18 - Halloween Movies - Nightmare on Elm Street & Friday 13th & Halloween

Episode eighteen. We used the time of year to pick this weeks category. We decided to pick 3 absolute classic that we though had 3 of the best movie monsters of all time: Freddy Kruger Jason Vorhees Michael Myers Our focus this week was on: -How scary they were -the monsters/bad guys -legacy -success


16 - Remakes pt. 1 Better than the original - Scarface & Ocean's 11

Episode sixteen. We are doing a huge 2 part episode looking at remakes. This week we're watching remakes that were better than the originals. We compared them to their originals and focused on the same things for both movies. -success -plot -characters -how they updated it.


15 - Classic Action Movies - Die Hard & Speed

Episode fifteen We loved doing the classics so much last week, we decided to do another round! Shanara watched Speed and focused on: -Keanu Reeves -The speeding bus concept -The love story -How the bad guy was foiled Cam watched Die Hard and focused on: -Solo hero -Villains plan -Favourite action moments -Ending Please comment and rate us on iTunes and Stitcher and follow us on: Facebook: The Homework Club Instagram: thehomeworkclubpod Twitter: club_homework Email:...


14 - Classic Sci Fi Movies - Alien & Bladerunner

Episode fourteen Absolutely huge movies this week. Shanara watched Alien and focused on: -what makes it a classic -Sigourney Weaver's character -Alien as the bad guy -special fx Cam watched Bladerunner and focused on: -what makes it a classic -The world -is Harrison Ford a replicant -Roy Please comment and rate us on iTunes and Stitcher and follow us on: Facebook: The Homework Club Instagram: thehomeworkclubpod Twitter: club_homework Email: Pick up some new...


13 - Thrillers - Brick & Fracture

Episode thirteen. Shanara's homework was to watch Fracture and focus on: -solving the crime -Ryan Goslings Change -Any holes in the plot Cam's homework was to watch Brick and focus on: -Film noir -The crime/mystery -Notable characters -Does it remind of any other films. Keep shopping at our sponsors site: and use the offer code HOMEWORK for 30% off.


12 - James Bond Films - Moonraker & Goldeneye & Spectre

Episode twelve. We picked our favourite James Bond films this week. Cam's was Goldeneye and Shanara's was Spectre. We decided if we were going to be comparing bond movies, we needed to get one of the classics in there too. Couldn't go past the one with lasers and jaws and space sex. Our focus this week was the same for all three movies: -Conventions of a James Bond film -Bond and Villain -Villains plan -Gender issues Please comment and rate us on iTunes and Stitcher and follow us on:...


11 - Back to School - The Perks of Being a Wallflower & Freedom Writers. Guest Josh Woo

Episode 11 We are celebrating the beginning of a new school year with two movies set in schools. Shanara's homework was to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower and focus on: -How realistic the high school is -How they represent depression & anxiety -The relationship between the three friends -Social issues Cam's homework was to watch Freedom Writers and focus on: -The rough high school -The disillusionment faced by the kids -The teaching methods -How to promote education in poorer areas. We...


10 - Disney Movies - Hercules & The Princess and the Frog

Episode ten. We both decided that The Lion King was the greatest Disney movie ever so we thought we'd pick our next favourites. Shanara's homework was to watch Hercules and focus on: -How close to the real mythology it is. -Use of animation in story telling -Character arcs -Moral Cam's homework was to watch The Princess and the Frog and focus on: -The change in heroine -The prince -The food Please comment and rate us on iTunes and Stitcher and follow us on: Facebook: The Homework Club...


9 - Leading Ladies - Water & Kill Bill. Guest - Maya Grant

Episode Nine. Shanara's homework was to watch Kill Bill and focus on: -Uma Thurman's character -The portrayal of women -The Violence -The music And Cam's homework was to watch Water and focus on: -The portrayal of women in India. -Widows -How the men are portrayed -Was it important?/what's the message? Talk with our special guest Maya Grant on all things acting, what it's like to be a leading lady and her opinion of women's portrayal in film. Contacts us on: Facebook: The Homework Club...


8 - Assessment Task - Female Directors and Women in Film

Episode 8: Our first special Assessment Task episode. We are very excited to be doing our first assessment task. This week we didn't pick specific movies, but a more general theme to research and discuss. This week we discussed female directors and women in film. Specifically we focused on: -Movies we were surprised were directed by women -Whether a female director makes a difference to a movie -Changing opinions of female directors -Women in film We felt this was a really important issue to...


7 - Wedding Movies - Wedding Crashers & Monsoon Wedding

Episode Seven Shanara's homwork this week was to watch Wedding Crashers and focus on: -What you like/hate about the different weddings -Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilsons Relationship -Cleary Family -What would you do if they crashed your wedding Cam's homework was to watch Monsoon Wedding and focus on: -Indian Cinema -Family bond -Tensions -The character of the Dad Follow us on: Facebook: The Homework Club Instagram: thehomeworkclubpod Twitter: club_homework Email: