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The Important Questions Episode 40

Hello, and welcome to grand Episode 40 of our show! Here's what we got in store this week: Intro question - what invention should be here by now? Scott - What would life be like if all diseases were as easily transmitted and cured as the common cold? Dave - What keeps psychics in business and how would 2 psychics compete against each other? Mitch - What are the telltale signs of a dying business? Smitty - Who would win in a fight between a guy who parks his truck across multiple parking...


The Important Questions Episode 39

Against your better judgement, here's the 39th episode of our shit show. Here's some questions to anticipate.... 1) What are going to be some less important 'firsts' when we eventually colonize Mars? 2) What are the benefits of being really morbidly obese? 3) Are companies like grocery delivery services, fast food delivery, and laundry pick up making it more acceptable to become shut-ins? 4) Do we need a new plague? Stay tuned til the end for some post-show bonus content and to hear our...