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How Low Episode 9: Suck a Tapeworm From A Cat's Anus

This week on How Low, discover the minimum amount of money necessary to suck a tapeworm from a cat's anus.


The Important Questions Episode 38

On this week's episode of The Important Questions, find out what makes Scott angry, what makes Smitty laugh, what gets Dave high, and who's out to kill Mitch. For better, less shitty shownotes, visit our website and call into our voicemail line. (815) 905-1138 pls.


The Important Questions Episode 37

Welcome to The Important Questions Podcast, the only podcast where you read this line in Dave's voice. This week, we finally reach back to the fans that reached out to us AND answer some of life's most burning questions. 1) What's are some real ways we can discourage violence? 2) How would humanity adapt if we were suddenly no longer top of the food chain? 3) Is there any good left in the world? (TIQ world record for shortest question) 4) How can they make a survivor show like Man Vs. Wild...


How Low Episode 7: Sticky Fingers

Hey new episode. Alright. If you were offered money to have sticky, syrup fingers for the rest of your life, how little money would it take to convince you? newepisode.jpg New Important Poqua next week. Dave will be traveling for his job but will still remember to upload next Thursday.


The Important Questions Episode 36

Welcome to episode 36, and to our Pakistani friends, مرحبًا بك في الحلقة 36. Anyways, this week here's the shit. 1) How can churches do away with collection plates? 2) How can all major sports start using ridiculous WWE style storylines? 3) How far back can you trace back your family recipe that your mother makes the best? 4) How much is it worth to pay for quality sleep? Submit your own questions to our website. We say it in the first couple seconds of each show. OH....and you can call...


How Low Episode 6: You Are Special

Welcome to the 6th edition of How Low. This week, take a quick 15 minutes with us as we descend down the dark abyss. What is the least amount of money you would accept to live 1 full year with an intellectual disability? What sort of side problems would that cause in your already established life? Find out this week on How Low!


The Important Questions Episode 35

Episode 35 gets a late Wednesday release since Dave is doing meetings out of state and can't upload tomorrow. Special episode 35 shoutout to the one consistent fan and follower of the show. May our public display of acknowledging your existence not distance you from us. Anyways, here come the questions for the week: 1)What would famous drama, horror, and adult (non porno) movies be like if they were Disney adapted for kids? 2) If our body parts grew in relation to the kind of work we do,...


How Low Episode 4

How Low Episode 4 by The Important Questions


How Low Episode 3: Spontaneous Ejaculation

Please enjoy your next 12 minutes as you embark on a journey of some dudes that see how much their dignity is really worth. For the next 3 years we'll all be spontaneously ejaculating. How much are they paying us for that? Eh, somewhere around $8 per ejaculation. Oh, and The Important Questions returns in 2018!


How Low Episode 2: Lose a Finger

Hey there TIQ fans, welcome to our 2nd volume of How Low, where we figure out the absolute minimum amount of money we'd accept to take on certain tasks or life changes. This episode we take 12 minutes and discuss the minimum acceptable amount to take in order to have a finger chopped off. Join us as we discuss the value of our digits! Episode 3 and the return of The Important Questions coming soon!


How Low Episode 1: Eat Shit

In the coming weeks due to the hiatus of The Important Questions, we just so happen to have a handful of episodes of a sideshow we created called How Low to bridge the gap a bit. These episodes are short and present one issue. What's the minimum amount of money you'd accept to take on a certain task? We hope this bridges the gap for all the fans who miss us so dearly. Episode 1: What's the minimum amount of money you'd accept to eat a nugget of your own feces? Comment and let us know how...


The Listener Special Volume 3

We hope you enjoyed this week featuring a compilation of our funniest moments, a revisit of questions from the first year, and finally this new listener special! Please go back and check those out if you fell behind this week. For those ready for this episode - here's the questions submitted by you, the fans! 1) What's the proper way to react to finding your dad's porn stash? 2) What is the worst theme for a mini golf course? 3) What would fetuses be like if we could find psychological...


The Year 1 Revisit

As our 2nd gift you all on TIQ's glorious birthday week - please enjoy this new original episode consisting of questions we've had in our first year that you all thought we should try to speak more to. 1) How can we create The Oregon Trail again tailored to space travel? 2) How can we make the fortunes in fortune cookies better? 3) Who would be on Satan's reindeer team? 4) Where is the line between a big dick being a gift or curse? Lightning Round: Are traps gay? Lightning Round 2: Why...


Best Moments of Year 1

Thank you for being our fan through the first year of our shit show! As our gift to you, please enjoy 3 releases this week - the first of which is this lovely compilation of the funniest moments of our first year as a podcast! Stay tuned, more dropping later this week!


The Important Questions Episode 32

Welcome to episode 32, the last episode leading up to the anniversary week! We hope you're all as excited as we are! This week you can expect something like this - 1) What defines a sandwich? 2) How can fast food restaurants improve waiting in line at the drive-thru? 3) Who decided adults didn't want their books illustrated? 4) If you knew you'd be homeless tomorrow, how would you prepare? Be ready for lots of content next week! Until then dudes.........


The Important Questions Episode 31

Hi there and welcome to the description portion of your show. This is where the topics are for the week so you have a better sense of how the next hour of your life will pan out. 1) What would ghost hauntings be like if the ghosts that haunted places were from the modern technological age? 2) Why do people that smoke weed only ever talk about smoking weed? 3) Would it be a good idea for a movie to try and switch genres midway through the film? 4) How would humans live in a world where...


The Important Questions Episode 30

Visit @ImpQuestionsPDC on Twitter and go vote in our 3 active polls for our revisit episode coming in a few weeks to celebrate 1 year of the podcast! Anyways, welcome to episode 30 and here is what you can expect: 1) Is there any bumper stickers that are worthwhile and won't make you appear super douchey? 2) Why did train robberies die? 3) If aliens kept humans as pets, what would the basic care and maintenance for their humans be? 4)What would be the worst part of a true opposite day?...


The Important Questions Episode 29

Welcome to the Important Questions Podcast, the only show featuring 29 episodes worth of steaming shit piles that keeps you coming back week after week. Here's what you can expect: 1) What would our human history be like if we always had cell phones? 2) What is the white people equivalent of fried chicken and watermelon? 3) Why are we now expected to take pictures of every uninteresting thing? Also, how many selfies are too many selfies? 4) What professions would it be beneficial to be...


The Important Questions Episode 28

Welcome to episode 28 and let me start by saying PLEASE GO TO OUR SITE AND CONTACT US! LET US KNOW WHICH QUESTION FROM OUR ENTIRE FIRST YEAR YOU WANT TO HEAR US REVISIT FOR OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY SHOW! Other than that, here's what you'll find in episode 28. 1) What jobs would be better performed if intoxicated? 2) How would a quadruple amputee (aka a nugget) get a lapdance? 3) Why the fuck can't people just talk to each other. Social anxiety is stupid. 4) What jobs would have a skill set that...


The Important Questions Episode 27

Episode 27 is here and so are you, so I'll assume you're here for the questions. But first - make sure you visit our site for the fun activities there. And please submit a question you'd like for a listener episode or our upcoming revisit episode! 1) When is it acceptable to speak to somebody in a public restroom? 2) How soon is too soon for making fun of tragedy? 3)What is the worst idea for a scented candle? 4) How will homeless beggars adapt to a world that no longer carries cash?