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75: "2018 State Of The Studio Address."

This is going out on all of our feeds from Loitering In Wonderland Studios. It's just letting you guys know what's happening with us right now and why podcasts have been delayed. If you guys are curious you can find our other shows at the following places.


74: “You Really Can’t Prove It Even Though You Have Proof. So I’m Right.”

Another TINM! and WOTR mix-up episode. This time Phoenix and Frank talk mostly about flat earth society and how bullshit that whole thing is. They also talk about the NFL playoffs and that somehow goes back into flat earth talk. Seriously, fuck those guys.


73: "It Will Die In Its Skin Coffin."

Phoenix just started recording while Frank was trying to configure his microphone so this is just a fuck-around episode. They talk about Noel and Liam Gallager from Oasis and how Liam is a piece of shit, The Walking Dead show and how terrible it can be, how the new iOS update on Phoenix's phone makes his phone just randomly start playing podcasts, Frank gives the most confusing iphone tech advice, how much it would suck to get a circumcision as an adult, Phoenix taking mis-leading courses in...


72: “Fuck Me with Mike Rowe” Phoenix On “Way Off Topic Radio” 3

Frank asked me to be on Way Off Topic Radio at midnight and we recorded until 3 am so my usual anger and energy wasn't there until the second half of the show. I'm pretty sure Frank was on bath salts and a gerbil named Coffee fell out of his ass which was distracting. Frank tells crazy stories about insane people he grew up with. I tell the story of sneaking away to NYC in high school which resulted in one angry New Yorker's Mercedes being covered in a bag of vomit. It was a long show...


71: "Analog Clocks"

Phoenix is writing a book, 100 More Things That Will Burn In Hell which is the appropriately titled sequel to 100 Things That Will Burn In Hell. One of the topics in this upcoming book is analog clocks. He decided to record this podcast while waiting for Frank to get on Skype to start recording LIW The Twilight Zone Review. He doesn't read straight from the book but instead speaks straight from the heart. The episode is ended with a song from Astronautalis titled "The River, The Woods."...


52: "Homelessmen Are Vegas On Legs."

In this episode, Phoenix explains all the shows that are coming to LIW studios. (See below for details) Then he finishes the episode with explaining how the trip to Vegas went over the weekend. His hatred for Siri in the city, his confusion with mixing burlesque and zombies, his hatred for parking garages, his confusion for directions with the lack of signs in the hotel/casino/malls, his hatred for screaming theater during Evil Dead: The Musical 4D Experience, his confusion for the proper...