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Nothing Is Safe Join Marco and his friends M-Eezi, Nessa, and K-Mart as they make you laugh at the expense of others, or their own. They get together on a weekly basis to discuss life, relationships, sex, sports, news, politics, and pop culture. So you may hear a wide variety of references implemented.

Nothing Is Safe Join Marco and his friends M-Eezi, Nessa, and K-Mart as they make you laugh at the expense of others, or their own. They get together on a weekly basis to discuss life, relationships, sex, sports, news, politics, and pop culture. So you may hear a wide variety of references implemented.
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San Diego, CA


Nothing Is Safe Join Marco and his friends M-Eezi, Nessa, and K-Mart as they make you laugh at the expense of others, or their own. They get together on a weekly basis to discuss life, relationships, sex, sports, news, politics, and pop culture. So you may hear a wide variety of references implemented.








Episode 166: Worst Behavior feat. Ronald Preston Clark

Marco is back from his Australia trip. Along with that, Ronald Preston Clark (@rprestonclark) stopped by to get some unfiltered jokes off. Well, he came to the right podcast. This episode has excerpts that range from progressive to problematic; educational to full-on entertainment. We got into topics of race swapping comic-book characters, raiding Area 51, City Boys v Hot Girls, Chris Morgan, and the NBA offseason. This is definite must listen because you're gonna hear RPC on his worst...


Episode 165: Kawhi Me A River

THIS IS THE KMART TAKEOVER... In this episode, @Kmart holds down the hosting duties, as you all know @Yoitsmarco is currently on tour and will be back on the next episode. We speak on a young black woman facing up to 20 years for opening up a carton of ice cream and licking the top and putting it back on the shelf at a grocery store, some music we're vibing to this week, the negative uproar about the casting of Ariel in the live action little Mermaid movie, as well as Nessa's NSA regarding...


Episode 164: Oiled Knees & A Tin Heart Clap Back

In this episode M-Eezi is hosting while Marco is on his way to Australia, we talk about what's going on with NBA Free Agency, Spider-Man: Far from home, An E. Coli outbreak at the San Diego County Fair and Nessa's NSA regarding "Cracking Jokes", "Roasting", "Clowning" etc. advice on being able to clap back and forth with friends and other people at school/ work when they are going in on you and within the conversation we reminisce on funny stories and how clowning each other was for us while...


The realN3SS Podcast Ep. 5: Couple's Therapy Pt 2 ft. Mark & Dauche, Marco & Liv

Today's episode is part two of last week's show. Now it's the ladies' turn to see how well they know the fellas. Also, find out tips on how each couple keeps their relationship spicy in AND out of the bedroom. Don't forget to listen till the end to hear bonus content on what's to be expected on patreon! Enjoy!


The realN3SS Podcast Ep. 4: Couple's Therapy ft Mark & Dauche, Marco & Liv

This episode had me outnumbered. I had not one, but TWO couples on here to prove the only games they play are on this show. We discussed what it's like to, not only date, but to be in a relationship as a millennial in 2019. With next week being a holiday, I broke the episode into two parts, with part one showcasing how well the men knew their ladies. Who do you think knew their partner better? Make sure you tune in to find out!


Episode 163: The Ethical Dilemma

After last week's episode, we took a more fun direction this episode. The crew gets together to discuss whether or not technology is going to either better the world or end it. So that brings up a brief Child's Play discussion, and how this version of Chucky can be a frightening foreshadowing of today's society dependency of technology. Along with technology, Nessa brings up which social networking/media we grew up to. It's definitely a change of pace, but worth listening to. Tune in and...


The realN3SS Podcast Ep 3: Growing Up Blasian ft. Shania & Natalie

Today, I had the pleasure of having my beautiful nieces as my guests. In this episode, we discuss what it's like growing up blasian in this day and age They also let us in on the struggles of being a "military brat", making new friends, what their future is looking like, and even shared some tear jerking See what they had to say to make me ALMOST shed a thug tear. Enjoy!


Episode 162: Black Men Don't Cheat? feat. Dauche & Olivia

In the midst of the madness that is called "hoe season" (others call it "act up summer" or "hot girl summer". We took the time to dive into the nuances of the phrase "Black Men Don't Cheat". There were intense moments in this show, but it just means that we were all passionate about getting our respective points across. So sit back, enjoy the show, and feel free to chime in our social handles too.


The realN3SS Podcast Ep. 2: Interracial Love ft Nam Da Bomb

Today's guest is a long time (social media) friend of mine named Nam. In this episode, we discuss cultural differences being in an interracial marriage. Was Nam's family, an Asian family, as accepting as his wife's African-American family, of their relationship? Find out his experience on this episode.


The realN3SS Podcast Ep. 1: One Time For The Naturalistas feat. Brittany

Welcome to the first OFFICIAL episode! Today's guest is a friend of mine and her name is Brittany. In this episode we discuss hair: the different curl patterns, hair textures, and the trials and tribulations we deal with during our natural hair journeys. Enjoy!


Episode 161: Kings, Queens, and Political Pawns feat. Heyyy Queen

In this episode we had the pleasure of our Guest Brittney aka Heyyy Queen of Living Millenials Podcast join us to Express her Feelings on the Netflix 4 part series "When They See Us". We also talk about how the DR is in trouble and why you should stay away from visiting, A starving artist runs up on 50 cent? and Ms. Nessa's NSA regarding the Homie code. Enjoy the show


Episode 160: Heaux, Hoe, Ho

This episode was a unique one because we actually had a long time listener of the show stop by to record with us. In this podcasting game, it's always gratifying to meet the people who you have an impact on. Anyways, in this episode, we talked about one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing. Then we really get into it the infamous ho season. Don't fret there's a lot of in between topics as well. Just press play!


Episode 159: The Humorist feat. Walter Ford

If you're looking for an episode that can make you laugh from start to finish, then you're in luck. We had the honor of having comedian/podcaster Walter Ford (@therealwalterford) of The Activated Podcast to discuss the NBA Finals matchup, Memorial Day, dating, the current state of comedy, also sharing his story from where he came from to where he is headed. Trust me, you want to tune in for this one.


Episode 158: O.P.P. (Other People's Pregnancy)

In this episode, we discuss our views on the recent ruling in Georgia about abortion being banned as well in other states. Do you think it is necessary? we also go in on the last episode of Game Of Thrones as well as Nessa's NSA regarding her reading favorite erotic books. Enjoy the show. We promise we'll have bonus content for Patreon very soon. If you're not into pledging on Patreon and sending a one-time donation is your thing. Well feel free to send a...


Episode 157: Still Got It

In this episode we give our love to all the mothers out there for mother's day, recap Nessa's trip to LA for the Whoreible Decisions Live Show, The most recent Episode of Game Of Thrones SPOILERS, Nessa's NSA regarding Ayesha Curry craving attention from other men, and we end the show with trying to figure out if is true that San Diego has the laziest dating community, Why millennials are more interested in staying home? Hear what we have to say right here! Enjoy the show. The breakdown:...


Episode 156: "Unsullied" Clout Chasers

Welcome back, Unfortunately, M-Eezi was unable to join us this time, but the show must go on. So in this episode, we go in on shared riders with ulterior motives (3:30), Facebook banning Farrakhan (20:37), idiotic clout chasing (24:28), and of course Ms. Nessa's NSA: Is it okay for a Man to Treat out His significant other AND her best friend (28:38)? Hear our responses to it as well as our rapid fire topics (1:15:20). Enjoy the show! We promise we'll have bonus content for Patreon very soon....


Episode 155: Wholesome Strokes

In this Episode we talk about Avengers Endgame, Game Of Thrones, Mortal Kombat 11, The NBA Playoffs as well as The NFL Draft, We show love to the late and great John Singleton and Nessa ends it off with her NSA regarding if men like women approaching them or Shooting their Shot first and Why it is good/ or bad for the dating culture. Enjoy the show! The breakdown: Nothing Is Safe (1:42) Bun B's Home Invasion (2:00) Marco's Story (4:30) Mayonnaise Media Spins (14:00) Endgame spoilers get...


Episode 154: Shooter Mentality

In this episode we go in on our favorite movie sex scenes That we would masturbate to growing up As well as Nessa's NSA Who talk about women shooting their shot It is 2019 ladies it is time to shoot your shot no more waiting for the guy to make the first impression first approach first step because you may be missing out on a real chance at Love. plus your success rating is much higher than a guy's rating lol enjoy the show....


Episode 153: Ni**as In Winterfell

It was a guys night out kinda vibe with Nessa's absence. We navigated through an array of topics in true Jig Is Up fashion. The passing of Nipsey is still a tough pill to swallow, but we share our thoughts in regards to his epic memorial service. Whether or not Nick Bosa's old tweets will have an effect on his draft stock. Tiger Woods winning the Masters along with talks of the NBA playoffs. Of course, we had to share our thoughts on the first episode of the season finale of Game of Thrones....


Episode 152: Expeditious 11:11

We started off the episode on a fun note by choosing between being in the purge (The Purge Movie Franchise) or deal with the tethered uprising (Us). Of course, that led to us further discussing the movie and sharing our thought's on Jordan Peele's latest work. Later on, we touched on how we deal with haters, and if that's indicative to success, as well as, updates on Nipsey Hussle. Nessa's NSA was a powerful one as we bare ourselves about healing after heartbreak, and wondering if people...