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Series 4, Episode 5

In this week's barnstorming brouhaha of balderdash, agricultural singer/songwriter Farmer Collins goes more beserker than ever before. There's an exclusive wait as part of our detective serial which I've forgotten the title of, and Kojak tries to get out of Birmingham in his own inimitable style. Despite this, Leighton Buzzard shines forth once again, but do bring a puncture-repair kit just in case.


Series 3, Episode 2

To the lilting strains of your friendly neighbourhood fuzz duck, we gather another episode while we may. In tonight's barnstorming bonanza of balderdash, Farmer Collins is on hand with a new yet unimproved agricultural song, and Terry Medford has trouble with his slippers. Plus, in Part Two, you can hear both Parts Three and Four for a limited time only. In fact, the limited time is now up, which shows you just how limited time can be.


Series 2, Episode 6

And lo, we find ourselves at the end of another season of nutty audio raves from John Dredge and his heavily-coerced team of Richard Cray, Anna Emerson, Greg Haiste and James Shakeshaft until such a time as they are prepared to go 'boing' in the same room as each other once again. But never fear, odd listener, for they go out in fine style with an appearance from the latest in extra-terrestrial specimens - and all for the price of a single Green Shield stamp! Now, there's value, value...


Series 2, Episode 2

In this week's edition, sideboards rule the roost and there's cubes a-plenty when Reigate comes into the picture - yet all is not as it seems (observe the conundrum as our theme tune is marched straight out of the studio). Pop personalities and phone-ins galore are also very much in short supply tonight, so grab your armchairs and await further instructions / know-how. Plus Trip Advisor's Peter Pilbeam tells you where to go. But not why, sadly. With John Dredge, Richard Cray, Anna Emerson,...


Series 1, Episode 5

On this week's programme, there's a very special interview which we can't tell you too much about because we've forgotten who it's with. Acclaimed non-Frinton-based actress Anna Emerson will also be saying several words, and guest star Reg Chimpolomew will be doing very little. There's also the ongoing adventures of Basil the Cylinder, the answers to last week's holdall-based quiz, and a whole host of other fabulous things which we've also forgotten about.


Series 1, Episode 3

In today's edition of t'Nowt to do Wi' Owt Show, why not join in with our agricultural singalong? There's also the sound of a tree falling over, and spaceships for all the family. This week's show is presented by John Dredge, who not only presents the show this week, but every week in fact. So put your feet up, sit back and deactivatatronalize for another load of audio fun and plinths.


Series 1, Episode 2

This week's long-range programme comes to you from a burgon dispensing plant in Frinton, and includes fabulous adventures concerning artichokes and a special mention of New Malden for fans of New Malden. There's an unedited interview with a slightly odd person, an unusual quiz about sideboards, and one of Britain's oldest actors makes a special appearance inside a fish tank. Come, listen hither to our green inflatable audio extravaganza presented by John 'Radios' Dredge, fifth in line to...