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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.

Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.
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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.






265: The Bond Identity

Get stirred and maybe a little bit shaken this week, as we bring you another pair of interviews from CONvergence 2018! We talk with film buff Matt Gamble about the horror renaissance, the role of women in horror's resurgence, and dolphin music videos! Plus, we talk with CVG 2018 Guest of Honor Paul Cornell about the evergreen world of James Bond, goin' rogue (again), sending Bond back to space, and our hopes for the new Doctor Who! Also, we've got the nerd news of the week, we vent our Comic...


CONvergence 2018 Wrap-up Show!

The toast is all eaten and the costumes are back in the closet, but we've got the definitive retrospective on the con that was #CVG2018! Join us for a look at our last year in Bloomington and for a look ahead to 2019! Plus, we present this week's news of the nerd, we talk with con-goers about Thanos's plan in a Geek on the Street segment, and we're joined on the show by CONvergence 2018 Guest of Honor, Dr. James Kalalios! Think about the future! News 08:38 James Kakalios interview 33:45...


CONvergence 2018 Day 4

The fourth and last CONvergence


CONvergence 2018 Day 3

It's the third day of CONvergence!


CONvergence 2018 Day 2

The second day of CONvergence 2018!


CONvergence 2018: Day 1

We break down breaking down the first day of CONvergence 2018!


263: The Sleeper Awakes

Stay away from the owkwa this week as we mine the season finales of The Expanse and WestWORLD! Plus, we bring you the news of the nerd, like Fandom powered by Wikia (TM) and Leto the Living Vampire! And finally, we examine the tropes of metanarrative and roleplay with the prescient Cronenberg classic, eXistenZ! Seriously tho, guys. Death to the demoness Allegra Geller, amirite? News 17:18 The Expanse Season 3 finale discussion (spoilers) 33:10 Westworld Season 2 finale discussion...


262: Boyfights: Raccoon Rage

Mask up with us this week as we take a look at the news of the nerd and review The Incredibles 2, the greatest film superhero film to start with an apology, contain baby-on-raccoon violence, and encourage flagrant disregard for helmet laws! Welcome to Jurassic World! /sarcasm News 16:27 The Incredibles 2 review 42:12 The Incredibles 2 review (spoilers) 1:04:20 Pre-order Incredibles 2 in Amazon! Tell us we inspired you on Facebook and Twitter!...


261: Problem Addicts

Put down the mutant heroin and get out the double-sided tape this week as we review both the comic and the Freeform show starring Cloak and Dagger! Plus, it's a different kind of C&D as we announce the reactivation of Craft Disservices, the "bad" movie show on the Just Enough Trope network! Then, we talk all the horrible news this week in the world of nerdy entertainment, but leave you with a smile as Dan Gearino of joins the show to talk about his new book, Comic...


260: Pick of the Litter

It's boobs, butts, and bras all the way down this week as we take a look at the history of Catwoman! Plus, we blast through a News Rally, including stories about E3, DCVertigo, and a look at the latest movie trailers! We keep the hot hot and the cool cool like a McDLT! News 9:53 Trailer Talk 26:43 The History of Catwoman 40:11 Pick up the purrfect Ed Brubaker's Catwoman! Bump into us on Facebook and Twitter!


City of God

We're nearly to the propane factory this week as we bring you all the news that's fit to cast from the world of nerdy entertainment! Plus, we try recasting the (dead again) Crow reboot, check the 18-49 demo on the hot new Emily Dickenson sitcom, we attempt an ill-advised remake of Gilda, and we go to war with City of God! Because we can not stop, stop for us! News 11:49 Gilda review 40:27 City of God review (no spoilers) 54:26 City of God (spoilers) 01:09:37 Ride with us to the propane...


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Get ready to round down your Kessel Run distance as we review the new Star Wars moive, Solo! Plus, movie news and a look at the first Volume of Deadly Class, soon to be a SyFy series! (and soon to be cancelled!) Kid with the lightsaber! Down in front! News 07:00 Solo Review (no spoilers) 26:54 Solo Review (spoilers) 42:22 Deadly Class 01:07:27 Sip fruit punch Mio with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Deadpool 2

The Merc With the Mouth is back and we're here to review his latest cineMETAic masterpiece! Plus, news of the nerd and good news about The Expanse! What, no zamboni joke?! News 12:30 Deadpool Review (no spoilers) 42:24 Deadpool Review (spoilers) 56:00 Beat a dead horse with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Avengers: Infinity War

It's here. We've seen it. You've (hopefully) seen it. Let's talk Avengers: Infinity War. We've got Lady Steppenwolf. We've got Burt Macklin. And of course, the Dink. Seriously . . . we're going to spoil it pretty good. Plus, Wonder Woman and Star Wars news! No, really . . . you should watch it. Ok! Your choice. I HOPE THEY REMEMBER YOU Here's to the Millie the Model movie! Assemble with us on Facebook and Twitter! Help the show on Patreon! (we need it, believe me)


The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 3

This is it! The big thing before the next big thing! We're in the final phase of our recap of every phase of the MCU with Phase 3! Join us for a look at the weird, wild final installment (to date) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come for the avengin', stay for the eerie Return of the Jedi parallels! Plus, Mika provides serenity through Avengers Haiku, and we've got our increasingly esoteric Blue Laser Count! These will be long shows but look at it this way: you *could* listen to some...


The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 2

The march continues as we enter Phase 2 of our Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch! Join us for a look at the Empire Strikes Back era of Marvel films, where each entry is better than the last! Well, until Age of Ultron, I suppose. We bring you all the heroes, villains, MacGuffins, and Stan Lee cameos ad we cover the middle chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus, Mika keeps dunking on Avengers Haiku, and we've got our ongoing Blue Laser Count! These will be long shows but look at it...


The Merry Marvel Watchin' Society Phase 1

Even Rex Manning is running scared this week as we prepare for the coming of the Mad Titan by reviewing every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date! This week, we begin with a series of beginnings, talking through the six films of Marvel's Phase 1! Along the way, we look at the introductions of the characters who would become the Avengers as they debut in their own film series, looking at the hiccups of the early movies as well as the amazing amount of things they got right. Plus,...


Ghostin' the Feast

We come for the king this week as we talk about the work of "Best" director Guillermo del Toro and give a review of Crimson Peak! Plus, we bring you the nerd news (as uze), give a wrap up of Minicon 53, announce our Avenger Initiative, and take stock of the modern horror film. En Esperanto, ĝui la spektaklon!! Follow the path to Infinity War with us on Facebook and Twitter! Check out some streaming action on...


Black Panther PARTY!

We've got a review of Black Panther and a look at some Black Panther comics!


249: Project New Book

Push the old year down the stairs with us as we celebrate the coming of 2018 with a look at our favorite films, shows, and comics of 2017! Then, take a trip with us back to The Year 2000(tm) as we ask Y2K? with I Die At Midnight for Comic Book Club! Plus, we announce an exciting new chapter for the Just Enough Trope podcast, and Kaliban tells us not to worry about aliens! They're probably super chill! Rot in Hell, 2017! Pick up I Die At Midnight on Amazon! Resolve to...