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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.

Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.
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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.






282: The Killing of a Listener's Ear

Special guest neighbor's vacuum cleaner joins us this week for a look at the Alicia Silverstone masterpiece, The Killing of a Sacred Deer! Get out your Bingos Lanthimos cards because this one flips the script! Sick T.J. Eckleburg reference, bro! Play Bingos Lanthimos along with us at home with your very own card! Celebrate guilty pleasure movies with Kal on Craft Disservices!...


281: Just Enough Trope 2: The Painted Veil

Our bodies are destroyed but our brains are OK this week as we take a look at the strangest superheroes of them all, the Doom Patrol! Plus, we're cleaning out the nerd news closets with stories of Waterships Down, "Hey, brother . . . can you spare a lens flare?", and a Prince documentary from the director of The Inhumans . . . er, The Eternals . . . uh, The New Gods! We want more "sci" with our "fi"! Treat yourself to the Silver Age adventures of the Doom Patrol! Play...


280: Lupin the Turd

We get thrown for a loup this week as we look for the silver lining in a pack of werewolf films! We get started with the 1941 classic The Wolf Man, then we chase down 1981's The Howling, and we wrap it all up with the 1987 cult classic, The Monster Squad! Plus, our "Yorgos, I Hardly Lanthimos" series continues with a look at the *real* movie about people becoming animals, The Lobster! What's on your fetish shirt? Play Bingos Lanthimos along with us at home with your very own card!...


279: Renfield Begins

Don't go steaking our umms this week because the SPOOOOKYNESS continues as we unearth a sepulcher's worth of classic vampire films! We start all the way at the beginning with the silent chiller Nosferatu, then sail to England for Tod Browning's Dracula, then take the train to Budapest for Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dragcooleyeagh, then drive right off a cliff into Shadow of the Vampire! Remember: the true measure of a Dracula adaptation is in the way that it utilizes Renfield! True...


278: Frankenbeings

The SPOOOOKYNESS starts in earnest this week as we begin a series of episodes looking at the classic monsters of early Hollywood and the influence they've had on modern horror! First up, it's the legend of Frankenstein and his misunderstood monster. We look at the novel that started it all, the 1931 classic film directed by James Whale, and the 1998 film Gods and Monsters which looks at the phenomenon of Shelly's monster through the lens of queer cinema. And, we return to the SPOOOOKIEST...


277: The Venn-om Diagram

Feel the rush with us this week as we kickfilp over the most XXTREME film that could have come straight from the '90s: Venom! We've got a spoiler-filled review of Sony's latest superhero monsterpiece that surely would have starred Jerry O'Connell if it hadn't fallen through that time warp. Plus, we've got updates from this year's New York City Comic-Con, a review of the new Doctor Who, and we go beach balls to the wall with the new Aquaman trailer! #Twired! Celebrate guilty pleasure movies...


276: A Spoonful of Bullets

Pull a hat out of a rabbit with us this week as we perform a good scrubbin' of the news bin, with stories about Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey film, new movie release dates, a review of the new Transformers and X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailers, Mika negs Macbeth, Kal defends Leto's Joker, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is writing the Veronica Mars revival? Plus, we take the boom tube to New Genesis for a review of Tom King and Mitch Gerads's Mister Miracle! Stay off the 405, it's packed!...


275: Cool Pilgrims

We polish up our late night monologues this week as we respond to the controversy over Batman's . . . uh, his . . . look, it's his dick, ok? Yes, we review the new Netflix series Maniac. Yes, we talk about the new issue of Fantastic Four. But, it all comes back to the Batawang. Later, we switch comic companies and genders as we talk about the Captain Marvel trailer, we try to finally put this whole "smile" thing to bed, we share our favorite women heroes from sci-fi and fantasy, and Mika...


274: We tried.

Stand in Superman's grave with us this week as we try to figure out what makes the Justice League the Justice League and how the film Justice League could have gone so wrong! Plus, we examine our strange power over the news, we recoil in horror over whatever Henry Cavill thinks he's doing, we look for Fan Bingbing, contemplate the McAvoy Redemption, and we tell Brie Larson to smile more! (ironically) And, we begin a look at the films of Yorgos Lanthimos with his 2009 masterpiece, Dogtooth!...


273: Straw(berry ice cream)man Argument

Inna gadda your vita with us this week as we explore films and TV shows about serial killers and the tortured men who hunt them! Like . . . well, Manhunter, I guess. And Se7en, True Detective, and Mindhunter. Do Manhunter and Mindhunter ever get each other's mail? Plus, we've got news of the doom of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, we posit a Henry Cavill "Peggy Sue" scenario, we tour the Hall of Cinematic Lectors, ask why serial killers' apartments always so spacious, and we bid farewell to Burt...


272: Unnatural Women

Put on your best satin cape with us this week as we talk with Melissa F. Olson, author of the Old World horror universe! Do vampires poop? Can werewolves swim? How can you rule an undead empire when you have to spend all day in a coffin? We get all of our supernatural questions answered in this turkey dinner of an interview, with a little Cloris Leachman on the side. Plus, we've got greatly exaggerated news of the death of the movie business, tributes to Aretha Franklin and Marie Severin, a...


271: The Gift of the Bad-gi

Tune in, turn on, and pod out with us this week as we trip through a collection of psychedelic films! Sort of . . . that was the plan, but the whole enterprise ends up being something of a "The Story of the Story" kind of thing. You'll see. We're looking at Night is Young, Walk On Girl, Mindgame, and Devilman Crybaby, by Yuasa Masaaki, and Enter the Void by Gaspar Noe, plus a whole extra host of films and shows with non-linear storytelling and trippy visuals! Plus, we've got news of Brendan...


270: Hazy Niche Caucasians

This week, we're off to Singapore to witness the good, the bad, and the crazy of this week's smash release Crazy Rich Asians! Plus, we've got news of James Gunn, Watchmen, and Amazon in the theater business and a review of the new Fantastic Four #1! Then, we share some of our favorite works of Asian culture, Kal goes to bat for the journalistic chops of Teen Vogue, and Mika names ghee the Devil's Butter! LOVELY!!! News 9:57 Fantastic Four #1 review 24:19 Asians representation and our...


269: Analyze Bat

Dig your way out of your own grave this week as we present a double-sized show all about Grant Morrison's tribute to the Caped Crusader's Silver Age adventures: Batman R.I.P.! It's a "whoops, all Batman" look at the first half of Morrison's reinvention of the Dark Knight, plus we've got news about Batwoman, why feeding meth to your enemy is not advisable, and whether or not James Bond should switch to Tanqueray! #chugginthatpolyjuice Get started on your Batman odyssey with The Grant Morrison...


268: Rage Against the Kathleen

Get out your plastic lightsaber and don't forget your crippling sense of entitlement, because this week we're examining the aftermath of the cultural victory of Nerdom and the legacy of impotent rage and allegedly molested childhoods it's left us with. We do our best not to poo where we chew as we hear the feeble cries of the army of bloggers, personalities, and "fans" whose voices constitute "The People vs. George Lucas". Genius or fraud, God or Devil, man or flannel mannequin . . . we're...


267: Jumping the Uncanny Valley

It's time to get UPBEAT with us as we review Teen Titans Go To The Movies! Plus, we take a look back at the Timm/Diniverse DCAU films, and we've got an interview with the man that set the DCAU to music: CONvergence 2017 Guest of Honor, Kristopher Carter! Also, we've got news about the DC Universe Network lineup, the Disney/Fox deal, and Alita: Battle Angel! Crack an egg on it! News 11:17 Teen Titans Go To The Movies review 34:47 Kristopher Carter interview 54:16 DCAU Timm/Diniverse films...


266: Hawk to the Hand

Soar with us this week, as we present a flight of interviews from CONvergence 2018! We talk with author Satish Jayaraj about fantasy world-building, Bollywood cinema, and his book, The Secret of the Zipacna Dragons! Plus, we discuss CONvergence history and finding your own role-playing niche with CVG 2018 Guest of Honor Victor Raymond! Also, we've got news updates from San Diego Comic Con, reviews of the latest Doctor Who, Aquaman, and Shazam trailers, we share our RPG horror stories, and we...


265.5: The Bond Inventory

Catch Part 2 of our look at Bond as we talk about a trio of undeserved Bond films: The Living Daylights, The World Is Not Enough, and Quantum Of Solace! Celebrate "bad" films with Kal on Craft Disservices! Have red wine with fish with us on Facebook and Twitter! Buy us a few martinis on Patreon!


265: The Bond Identity

Get stirred and maybe a little bit shaken this week, as we bring you another pair of interviews from CONvergence 2018! We talk with film buff Matt Gamble about the horror renaissance, the role of women in horror's resurgence, and dolphin music videos! Plus, we talk with CVG 2018 Guest of Honor Paul Cornell about the evergreen world of James Bond, goin' rogue (again), sending Bond back to space, and our hopes for the new Doctor Who! Also, we've got the nerd news of the week, we vent our Comic...


CONvergence 2018 Wrap-up Show!

The toast is all eaten and the costumes are back in the closet, but we've got the definitive retrospective on the con that was #CVG2018! Join us for a look at our last year in Bloomington and for a look ahead to 2019! Plus, we present this week's news of the nerd, we talk with con-goers about Thanos's plan in a Geek on the Street segment, and we're joined on the show by CONvergence 2018 Guest of Honor, Dr. James Kalalios! Think about the future! News 08:38 James Kakalios interview 33:45 Geek...